Yoga For Self Discipline | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Self Discipline  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I am Adriene and this is Benji and today we have
yoga for self discipline. A juicy one. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends, welcome. Let’s begin in a nice
comfortable seat with the legs crossed, Sukhasana. Take your time getting in. This is our first video of the
new year that’s not part of our TRUE series. So if you’re new to the
Yoga With Adriene family, welcome. If you’re not doing this in real
time and you’re doing this in the future, welcome. Let’s get started by
dropping our pin right here, right now, whoever you are,
wherever you are with whatever you’re
coming to the mat with. So we’re just
gonna take our time. Sitting up nice and
tall as you’re ready and as you’re willing beginning
to relax the shoulders. Maybe close the eyes,
starting to notice your breath. I’d like to acknowledge that
sometimes it really does take a lot kind of get to this point so
just take a moment here to have a little gratitude, (laughs) for yourself for
getting to this point. From here on out for the
duration of our practice we’ll set an intention to really
choose to just be in the moment, best we can here,
and to lean in. Today’s focus is
on self discipline. We often search elsewhere for
people to hold us accountable but what if we could cultivate
that accountability from within? And then the exterior can be
supportive of that but it’s coming from a real place. We’re gonna build a little
heat today and when you come up against something
that feels hot and heavy, (clicks tongue repeatedly) see if you can take a
deep breath in and lean in. Something becomes uncomfortable,
see if you can relax your shoulders, take a
deep breath and lean in. Remember that the invitation
is really just to show up whatever else happens
on the mat you’re just gonna allow for it
to happen. Don’t fight it. Then when you’re ready
we’ll draw the hands together, just kind of allowing the energy
to settle and the dust to fall. The glitter, the magic. And we’ll come into this moment
together as we press the palms right at the heart center. So you’re gonna bring your
thumbs right to your sternum and then lift your
sternum up to your thumbs. And this should allow
you to elongate up the spine, just lengthen through
the neck a little more. And then take a solid
inhale in, here we go. And a long breath out. Here we go again, big inhale. And a long exhale. Here we go all together, think
of how many people are breathing in sync at
this moment together. Big inhale. And long extended exhale. And on this last one go
ahead and close your eyes, breathe deep, big inhale. Empty it all out, long exhale. Great, continue to listen
to the sound of your breath. Slowly allowing your
breath to become longer, fuller, deeper
connection to that song. Then we’ll take a moment here
before we really get moving to just invite ourselves and each
other to set a little intention for something particular
that you’d like to focus on. That you’d like to be
more disciplined about. This can be really specific or it can be a
broader idea or feeling. I’m going to suggest as your
humble yoga guide and friend that you go with
whatever comes up first. Go with your gut. What is something that you’d
like to be more disciplined about in the month to come? Tight, then bring the thumbs
up to your third eye point, your third eye center. Take a deep breath in,
confirm your intention. Consider it already done,
already so and then exhale, release the hands. You’re gonna bring them gently
fingertips to the earth to the sides and we’re just gonna take
our nose and we’re gonna draw small circles with the nose. One way and then the other. One way and then the other. And see if you can keep your
heart lifted here and start to activate through
the upper back body. So draw the shoulder blades
together and lift your chest. Cool, take two
more breaths here, just work out any
kinks in the neck. Awesome, then we’re gonna
come forward onto all fours. Find your Tabletop Position. Right away,
moving with the breath. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. And then exhale, round through. Chin to chest,
naval draws up, up, up. Inhale, drop the belly, spread the fingertips
on the earth. Exhale, rounding through. Start with the
tailbone and round up. Drawing the navel
up towards the sky. Once more like this, inhale. Drop the belly, open the chest. Look forward or up
towards that third eye point. And exhale rounding through. Really press into
your fingertips here. Lift up from your armpit chest. Great, then inhale
come to Tabletop Position. You’re gonna bump the hips to
the left and turn to look past your right shoulder.
Take a deep breath in. Feel that stretch in
the left side body and then exhale come
back through center. Bump the hips to the right. Take your gaze just
past your left shoulder. Take a deep breath in, feel the
stretch in the right side body. And then exhale,
come back to center. Bring the knees as
wide as your yoga mat. Big toes to touch. Inhale, look forward,
drop the belly. Feel that stretch
through the front body. Exhale, round through the spine. Chin to chest. Now continue the journey back
as you send the sits bones towards your heels and you’re
gonna reach your fingertips forward, forward, forward,
Child’s Pose. Melt your heart to the earth. Aw, Benji-tito,
forehead comes to the ground. And you’re gonna
amp up your breath here. We’re bringing a
focus inward today. Knowing that the exploration and
the work we do on our mat translates to the exploration and the work we
navigate off the mat. So again when the line
goes kind of monkey brain or when you want
to come out of something, see if you can lean in
and stick with it, stick with me,
stick with the practice. Honor where you’re at today. We’ll take three
quiet cycles of breath here. You got this. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Then slowly begin to rock your
forehead a little side to side. Massaging your third eye center
and just the brow bone also quite nice if you’re
suffering from any allergies or congestion. And then take this
time that you tuned in. Take this beat with
you on into the next thing. So careful not to jerk your
body up and into Downward Dog. We’re gonna slowly carve a line
with the nose to look forward. Draw the navel up. Mindful movement if you’ve
been doing 30 Days of TRUE, the 30 day journey, you can take
all of your new vocabulary into the practices we
share this year together. Integrating breath
with movement, finding the softness,
just trusting the yoga. Eventually you’re
gonna peel your way up to Downward Facing Dog. Breathe a little deeper,
more fully. Lots of awareness and discipline
in how you place the hands. How you place the feet,
your foundation. And then a
moment to peddle it out. Find what feels good. Let go of the day thus far. Bring your focus inward. Use the breath as a
tool to do just that. Epic power tool of the breath so
when things start to spiral out of control or
you feel apathetic, can’t move your
body off the mat, can always
start with the breath. As you’re ready find a moment of
stillness in your Downward Dog, maybe slight bend in the knees
so you can lift your hip creases high up towards the sky. Upper arm bones rotate out. Inner thighs kind of rotate in and towards the
back edge of your mat. Then all that center
work we’ve been working on, hug the little ribs in. Claw through the fingertips to
take pressure out of the wrists. Now is the point where
I’d take you out of the pose. We’re gonna stay here
for two cycles of breath. You got this, lean in. Practice building that tapas,
that heat and that focus, that discipline. Nice, then bend the knees. Bring your belly to
the tops of the thighs, look forward. And you’re gonna step up
the right foot all the way up followed by the
left foot, ragdoll. Feet hip width apart, clasp the
elbows and you’re gonna allow the weight of the head to drop
down as you gently shake the head a little bit yes. Then balance it out,
a little bit no. Nodding the head yes and no
here feeling that deep stretch through the backs of the legs,
notice how that’s connected to the lower back
as the spine hangs. Does anybody ever,
oh that’s too morbid. But sometimes because I’ve
had a dog pass away in my life sometimes I wonder,
“Is Benji breathing?” He’s alive.
Alive and well. To all the loves we’ve lost,
we bow to you. Alright, take one
more breath in here letting the blood
flow opposite direction. Start to dig a little awareness
and weight into your heels and into the ball joint of your big
toes and then the ball joint of your pinky toes. So a lot of
awareness through the feet. That Bada Banda,
that foot to earth connection. Sweet, then release the
arms if you haven’t already. Bend the knees. You’re gonna drop your center
and your bum down in space as you tuck the chin and
slowly begin to roll it up. Take your time. Stack up through the spine and
for this first Mountain Pose, take what you need here. Fix your pantaloons,
lick you lips, fix your hair, shake it out. Work out anything
that feels a little tight. Maybe you interlace
the fingertips behind. Anything at all
because from here on out, just for the sake of our
exploration of this tapas today, we’re gonna politely, lovingly,
invite ourselves and each other to drop the
fidgeting in Mountain Pose. So take what you need here and
then here on after we’ll see do we really need this?
Can we leave that? That type of
extraneous movement behind. Not because that’s the way we do
it in yoga and that’s right or wrong but this is the
path to a higher awareness. Just this is the path
to awareness period. Right? Could be maybe the
path to your highest self, eh? More on that, I’ll write
a little more about that. But let’s stay
focused on the practice. So take what you need here. Play with your toes. Play with the connection
of your foot to the earth. So just lots of awareness and if
you’re brand new to the practice and you’re like, “What is
this woman talking about?” I got you, it’s all good. Draw energy up from the earth,
whatever that means to you, by standing up nice and tall. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll bring the hands
together at the heart. And begin to focus or
re-focus rather on the breath. Listen to the
sound of your breath as you stand up nice and tall. Lift the kneecaps a little bit. Think about your hip points
shining up towards the sky. Changes your posture here in the way that
you’re carrying yourself. And then here we go,
we’re gonna bend the knees, drop the fingertips down. And then on a big inhale,
reach up towards the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Exhale, bend the elbows,
lift your chest. Open your heart. Great, then inhale,
reach for the sky. Nice, soft, easy movement. Then exhale, palms are gonna
come together and down through the midline today
for the whole practice. All the way down through
the midline with control. Great, Forward Fold. We’ve been here.
Beautiful. On your next inhale,
lift up halfway. Just create a nice
flat back sensation from the crown to the tail. So make sure the
head’s not dipping down here. Find length. And then exhale to fold. And we’ll bend the knees, fingertips are gonna
come to the earth. You’re just gonna step
the left toes back first, left toes. Then yogi’s choice, you can
lower the back knee here if that feels right for your
body or keep it lifted. You’re gonna walk your
right foot out just a bit. Pull the right hip crease back. And then inhale, open the chest. Look forward. Exhale, bring your right
hand over towards your left. Now you’re in a
little Lizard variation with the knee down or up. You can turn the
right toes out a bit. We’re gonna pull the
right hip crease back. Inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Great, then exhale,
bring the right toes in. Freeing your right foot
with your hands once again. And we’re gonna
step it back to Plank. Here we go.
Strong Plank. You can come down to
the knees here right away. We’re gonna work on keeping
that nice straight line from the crown to the tail. So you don’t have to
keep the knees lifted if it means you can keep
the integrity of the spine. You might lower the knees so
you can work on that alignment. Take a deep breath in here.
You got it. Then exhale,
lower all the way down. All the way down to the belly. Benji level, then
press into pubic bone. Press firmly into
the tops of the feet, hug the elbows in
and inhale Baby Cobra. Just a small, gentle Cobra. Now tug the shoulders away from
the ears and draw the shoulder blades together,
really together. Press into the tops
of the feet even more. Then, check it out,
inhale, tuck the chin. Lift the back of the neck
up just a bit as you inhale. And then exhale, slowly release. Curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps. Tone your quads, claw through
the fingertips and inhale, press back up to Plank. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” And then send it up and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Just two dog dogs over here in
the Yoga With Adriene house. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Inhale to look forward,
bend your knees. Exhale, ragdoll,
step it to the top. Here we go, inhale,
halfway lift. Find length. And then exhale
to soften and fold. Bend the knees, inhale,
reach for the sky. Here we go, exhale, hands come
together and down to the heart. Mountain Pose, be still. Try, don’t fidget. Lengthen tailbone down,
lift your heart up, smile just a bit. Nice work, bend the knees. Fingertips are gonna go down
and then you’re gonna inhale to reach for the sky. Once again,
big breath, big stretch. Exhale, bend the elbows. You can kinda bring some energy
to the fingertips here as you lift your chest. Ah! And then inhale, reach back up. Exhale, palms
come back together. Bend the knees and
we take it all the way down through the midline. Namaste. Great, inhale, halfway lift. Just find length.
Play here. Tug the shoulders back. And then exhale to fold. Bend your knees. Fingertips come to the earth. This time we’re gonna slide
the right toes all the way back. Now again, you can lower the
right knee here if it feels awesome, maybe even just
for a couple of breaths or keep it lifted. We’re gonna walk
the left foot out, just a little bit. Feel that pulling back
of the left hip crease. That active pull
back of the hip crease. Then if you want, you can
turn the left toes out a bit. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, with control, bring that left hand
over to the right. We come into a little
Lizard variation here. Great, lots of awareness
from the crown to the tail. Loop the shoulders, inhale. Open the chest, look forward. Pull that left hip crease back. Awesome, then bring
the left toes back in. We’ll frame the
left foot with our hands. Take a deep breath in,
smile just a bit. And then exhale,
plant the palms, step the left toes back,
Plank Pose. Beautiful, inhale. Rock forward on to the toes. Exhale, bend the elbows and
lower all the way to your belly. Press into your foundation here. Here we go, inhale, Cobra. Exhale, release. Curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps. Claw through the fingertips,
inhale in. Exhale, power up. Press up, Plank Pose. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” And then with a dedicated
breath make your way to Downward Facing Dog. Find stillness here. Claw through the fingertips and listen to the
sound of your breath. Yeah, yeah. Bend the knees,
inhale, look forward. Exhale, ragdoll,
step to the top. Really nice. Inhale, halfway lift.
No rush. Then exhale, soften and bow. Ground through the feet. Inhale, spread the fingertips,
reach for the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Palms come
together and then exhale, hands to heart. Find stillness,
listen to your breath. Alright, bend the
knees and here we go, big inhale. Big stretch for the sky. This time we’re gonna
bring the palms together, interlace the fingertips,
Steeple Grip. Bump the hips to the left. Slow tilt to the right. Spiral your heart
up towards the sky. Nice and
connected to your center, your core here.
So hug those lower ribs in. Then press into your heels,
bring it all the way back up and we’ll take it to the other side.
Bump the hips to the right. Lean, spiral your
heart up towards the skies. Stay connected to your core. Navel draws in
and up just a hair. And then slowly
come all the way back up. Palms come together in prayer
as you look up towards the sky. Take a deep breath in. Pull the thumbs back,
lift your chest. And then exhale, here we go,
down through the midline. Stay focused on the breath. Inhale, halfway lift. Find that nice,
long beautiful neck. And then exhale to fold. Bend the knees,
plant the palms. Step the right toes back,
then step the left toes back. Now, lots of
awareness in the hands. Lots of awareness
from crown to tail. Rock front, rock back and then
the next time your rock front you’re gonna hug the elbows in. Really lift the front
body up to meet the back body and lower all the way
to the belly for Cobra or lower down halfway and
lift up, Upward Facing Dog. Press into your
foundation either way. Lift your chest. Lift, lift, lift. Inhale, claw
through the fingertips. And then exhale, in your own
time moving with your breath, make your way to
Downward Facing Dog. Alright, once you
get to your Downward Dog get really
settled in the breath. Spread awareness
throughout the whole body. We’re gonna bring
a little more tapas, a little heat on here. It’s not gonna be long, so just one
little standing sequence. So again,
remember as you get tested see if you can stick with it. Breathe longer, fuller,
deeper breaths. Let’s giddy up and go. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift
forward knee to nose. Upper body’s in Plank. So your shoulders just
go over your wrists here. We draw the naval in and up,
squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift. And then inhale, kick it
back up, Three-Legged Dog. Nice. Exhale,
this time cross it over. Right knee to left elbow,
shift forward. Upper body’s in Plank, so make
your neck nice and long now. Beautiful, then
anchor through the left heel and inhale lift
the right leg up high. Last one, you got it. Right knee up and over
towards the right elbow. Look forward on this one,
lift your right heel up towards your right glute.
You got it. Great, inhale, kick it back up,
Three-Legged Dog. Amazing. Exhale, light step all
the way up into your lunge. Beautiful.
Inhale, open the chest. Keep that opening as
you pivot on the back foot. Then we’re gonna
slowly rise up, Warrior I. So front knee is
bent over front ankle. Be really meticulous
about your alignment here today, lengthen tailbone down. And then as you’re ready
reach the arms all the way up. So stay
connected to your center. You can always adjust by keeping
the hands on the waistline. I’d love for everyone
to check their back foot. We’re gonna use this
throughout all the new practices in the month of February, and
really in all of my practices. So turn your back foot
in so you can really feel that inner thigh spiral. Tailbone lengthens down. Heart lifts up, center engaged,
core engaged as you reach towards the sky. Or hands on the waistline. Then everyone
walk your right foot out just a bit more so
you’re on two wide tracks, rather than two narrows
ones or even one tightrope. And then keep breathing here
as you start to really press into the knife edge
of your back foot to engage your left inner thigh. And then just like we did in
the beginning of this practice, pull your right hip crease back. So now you should feel this
connection between your two feet to the earth. And then we’re just
gonna draw a little energy up from your center. Lean back, maybe
retract a little bit by tucking the
chin into the chest. Alright, take one
more deep breath in. Inhale. And then exhale with control
slowly release the arms down. We’re gonna
come into Eagle Arms. Feel that flesh as you release. Right arm’s gonna
go underneath the left. And if you don’t come into the
double wrap here, no problem. It’s actually kind of nice
to come into this single wrap, maybe hug your shoulders,
give yourself a little hug. Bend that front knee. Lift the elbows if
you’re in this variation or the double wrap,
it’s really the same thing. Just lift the elbows. Now press into the
knife edge of your back foot. Then slowly
press into the ball joint of your left big toe. We’re gonna lift the left heel. So you’re coming
into a high lunge here. Now feel free to peek
at me for this transition. You have two options. One is to bend the front knee
and slowly bring the left leg all the way up into that Eagle. If that seems too
far of a jump for today, you’ll lift the back heel,
come halfway first, catch your breath and
then from there move slowly into your balancing posture. Now this is meant to throw
you off your game, so play. Stay focused, don’t give up,
do your best. Lift the back heel,
slowly and with control wrap the top leg,
now left leg, over the right. Maybe do a double bind here,
maybe not. And we continue to
now lift the elbows up. And once you come into your
version of this pose today, find a strong focus. Keep your knees
bent and drop your center a little lower in space as you squeeze the legs
together, really together. Notice, feel that heat
as it creeps all up and down your beautiful body. And then make sure your breath is strong and supportive here. You’re not
gripping in your toes. Lift the elbows, lift the chest, drop the center a little more. Breathe in. And then exhale, unravel
the legs, unravel the arms and come all the way
to your Mountain Pose, this time with the fingertips
resting at your sides. Now close your eyes
and observe the breath. Try not to fidget here. Find places to lift
and then places to soften. Sweet! And then bend the knees,
inhale, reach for the sky. Bring the palms together,
Steeple Grip. Bump the hips to the left,
tilt to the right and then spiral your
heart up towards the sky. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, slowly
come back to center. Just with your breath,
take it to the other side. Keep breathing. Nice, long, beautiful neck. Strong connection to your core. When you’re ready inhale. And then exhale, come
all the way back to center. Take a deep breath in,
pull the thumbs back and then exhale,
palms go down the midline all the way
down to Forward Fold. Great, inhale halfway lift your version, find length. And then exhale
to soften and bow. Plant the palms, step it back. Strong Plank Pose here. Press away from your yoga mat. Really reach your heels towards
the back edge of your mat. And then inhale to
look forward, shift forward. Hug the elbows
into the side body. Exhale, belly to Cobra
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Find your heart opener
here with your breath. And then use your
exhale to guide your way back to Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in. Exhale out. Alright, lean into this last
dance of structured movement, let the breath really
be alive inside of it. Here we go. Right heel goes down, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Claw through the fingertips. Exhale, squeeze knee to nose,
shift forward. Upper body’s in plank. Beautiful.
Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. Cross it over,
left knee to right elbow. Shift forward and
this time look forward, long, beautiful neck. Really come onto the right toes. Great, then anchor
your right heel down, that’s what sends the
left leg all the way back up. Last one. Think up and over with your
left knee as you shift forward. Claw through the fingertips,
look forward. Try to bring your left heel
up towards your left glute. Yes. And then kick it back up,
Three-Legged Dog. Nice. Slow and steady
step it all the way up into your nice low lunge. Find your breath, tug the
shoulders away from the ears. Way to stick with it. And then when you’re ready
we’ll pivot on the back foot and slowly rise up. Prepping for our strong
and aligned Warrior I. Lengthen tailbone down and
take a nice, wide stance today. Turn the right toes in. So a nice wide
stance is in the width. Give yourself two long tracks. Maybe even a
little more than usual. Pull the left hip crease back. Hands can stay on the waistline, or when you’re ready
we’ll reach all the way up towards the sky. So press into the
knife edge of that back foot so you can really feel
the right inner thigh engaged. Then pull the
left hip crease back. Pull the thumbs back in space. Lift your chest. And breathe. A little deeper and more fully. Then if you’d like
soften your gaze here. Close your eyes on this one. Breathing deep, Warrior I,
Virabhadrasana I. Great. Inhale,
take one more breath. Reach up. And then exhale,
release the arms with control. Again, feel that flesh. Stay present. And then this time the left
arm’s gonna come underneath the right as you
find your Garudasana arms. And again, you don’t have
to do the double bind here, you can just cross at the
elbows and lift the chest. Lift the elbows. And when you’re ready
connect to your center by drawing the navel in and up. We’re gonna slowly
pivot on the back foot. Front knee stays bent,
lift your right heel up. Great, feel that deep stretch. Inhale. Connect to your center. And then exhale,
test it out on the other side. We’ll bend the front knee,
and slowly bring that right leg to cross over the left,
Garudasana, Eagle Pose. So testing, testing you. Life is a series of tests as
one might argue or believe. So how do we handle
the tests or the battles? Can we do it with grace? With control. Versus being out of control. Control of our breath. Find a strong focus here. Lift the elbows up high bend
the knees a little deeper. You got it. Feel the warmth, the heat,
that tapas, that burn. And take one more
breath here. You got it. And then exhale, release. Unravel with control. Legs, arms, Mountain Pose. Find stillness here. Close your eyes if you like. If just fixed my shirt, so. Perfect, I need this practice. Try not to fidget. Lift up through the chest, ground down through
your feet to your heels. Notice where you might be
holding or clenching anything in the ankles, tops of the feet,
forehead, shoulders. Just take a moment to soften. Great.
Bend the knees, last time. Inhale, reach for the sky. Palms come together right away. And then exhale all the
way down through the midline. Great. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and fold. Bend the knees, plant the palms. Step it back.
Plank Pose. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Up Dog. Move with your breath. Inhaling to open the chest. And then exhaling
we’re gonna lower the knees and send it back, Child’s Pose. Bring the knees together and
then walk the finger tips way back towards the toes. Allow your forehead
and heart to rest down. Shoulders round
and we start to let go. Right away take
a deep breath in. Inhale, lots of love in. And close your eyes as
you exhale lots of love out. Taking time to be
with yourself on your mat no matter what the topic is. No matter what’s going on
in you brain, your mind, your heart or your body. Together, we’re
committing to regular practice, and that is where the routine or the self discipline
really benefits us. So it’s not about
limiting or conforming. It really is about showing up
for your daily practice for your sadhana. Press into the tops of the feet. Slowly tuck your chin
and begin to rise up. We’ll bring the
hands together in Namaste. (clears throat) Take a deep breath in,
sit up nice and tall, and then exhale,
come all the way back to Tabletop Position. We’re gonna head into
a One-Legged King Pigeon. So to do that,
we’ll curl the toes under, just to stretch the foot
and the top of the foot, a little counter stretch, and then slide
your right toes out. You can create a little sawing
effect here if it feels good, and then when you’re ready,
just slowly reel it in, all the way up and in. Pay a lot of attention
to your back leg here, and then we’ll slowly
maybe walk that shin closer to the
front edge of the mat, but just be really mindful. Thank you buddy, thank you. (laughs) Then when you feel like
you’ve set your foundation, you’re gonna lift up
through the chest, inhale, and then exhale, actually
look past your right shoulder. Press into the top of
your left foot firmly, and then slowly
we’ll bring it back. From here, inhale, palms come
together just for a breath and then exhale,
release all the way down. Forehead comes to the earth,
toward the earth, not to the earth, sorry,
toward the earth. Maybe forearms, maybe
keep it nice and lifted. We’re just gonna allow
your head to slowly drop down, and we take a moment to
bow here, closing the eyes. Stay active in your breath as
well as active in your toes. Then try to soften through
the shoulders and the neck. We’re just gonna listen
to the sound of the breath here for a moment before we
switch sides and then move on, so use this time wisely. Just listen,
allow for it to unfold. (deep breathing) When you want to
come out of the pose, or when you want
to fidget or move, ask yourself do
I really need this or am I just uncomfortable. I’m not in the room with you
so it’s hard for me to tell. I want to make sure
everyone is being really safe, but for the sake of
our exploration today, which is a quite deep
exploration by the way, just notice, do I
really need to do this or am I just uncomfortable? It’s a delicate topic for sure, so I won’t tell you what to do, but rather just to
really listen and to question. Great, root down
through your back foot, slowly press up onto the palms. Take your time as you unravel. Feel the flush of
energy as you lift your chest and your heart up,
and we’ll come back to Tabletop
Position nice and slow. If you want here,
you can take a moment to take a fire
hydrant with your right leg or to draw circles
with the right knee. As you’re ready,
we’ll go ahead and move on to the other
side in your own time. So you’ll curl the toes under,
take some time to stretch that left leg out,
and then when you’re ready, reel it all the way up and in,
and find your One-Legged King Pigeon
on the other side. Strong awareness in the
back foot, alive in the toes. Check in with how
this side is different, and then do go ahead and
look past your left shoulder, to pull that left hip
crease back one last time. Before you come to center, align head, heart, and
pelvis just internally. Bring the palms together,
Namaste, and then here we go. (sighs) Check in on the other side. (deep breathing) Keep returning to
the sound of your breath. Our practice is almost done, so whatever
you’re thinking of now, it can probably wait
a couple more minutes. Give yourself this
time to see what you find when you stay here, stay awhile, and listen to the
sound of your breath. (deep breathing) Soften through the jaw. As you’re ready, slowly
press into the back foot. Begin to rise back up,
press into your palms, feel that flush
of energy as you lift your chest and your heart. Then we’ll press into the palms, come back to that
Tabletop Position. Same thing, you can
take a fire hydrant here or circles, find extension. Balance it out. Then when you’re ready,
we’re gonna curl the toes under, walk the knees
as wide as the mat and actually bring
the hands all the way up coming into a
little Froggy Posture here. Now stay awhile here,
just noticing, maybe you can bring the
hands up towards the heart. Maybe they need to stay down. Just wherever you are,
stay a while. Don’t think about
what’s coming next. ♪ Stay awhile let me hold you ♪ ♪ Stay awhile ♪ (humming) If you know that song,
let me know in the comments down below because that
would be awesome if you did. Stay here. Oh, the feet are talking,
the dogs are talking. So right, we often
in the vinyasa classes, even as teachers, we want
to keep the students engaged so we’re like, here we
go into the next thing, into the next thing,
let me capture your attention, the next thing. So the idea is,
we kick off our month with this new practice. Oh my gosh, all the
practices after this are gonna be so easy breezy. Just stay here, one more breath. Great, then maybe we
bring the palms together, if they aren’t already, for
one moment just to see, whoa. Then from here,
we’re gonna slowly bring the palms
down to the earth. We’re gonna turn
just a little bit, the pinky out just a
hair on the left side, and the pinky out on
the right side, just a hair. Then you’re gonna drag
the hands all the way back, and then slowly, we’re
gonna keep the knees wide, lift the hips up,
send the gaze forward, pull the shoulders
away from the ears. You’re just gonna pause here, and I’m drawing everything
up in my center, my core. Naval draws in and up,
pelvic floor lifted. Then maybe from here,
I keep my foundation strong, knees are squeezing, lifting
up towards my armpit chest. Maybe from here,
I’m gonna create a rainbow effect in my spine,
but gaze forward. Maybe I begin to
rock a little forward. Keep your toes on the
ground and then rock back. Then rock forward and rock back, and then maybe one day with
regular showing up on the mat, you might lift one
toe and bring it down. I meant one day when we keep
regularly showing up on the mat, maybe one day we lift
both toes from the ground, claw through the fingertips,
and we squeeze and lift up into this posture we
call Bakasana, Crow Pose. So here’s a
little chance to play. If it’s not your thing,
your can chill in Froggy or you can meet us in
a nice, comfortable seat, but the poses are
fun in that they help us by offering us shapes
and structures and tools to play within. So while it’s not
about coming into this shape or hitting this posture, I want to make
sure everyone knows that there is
wonderful things to gain from the discipline that it
takes to get to that shape. Regularly coming to
the mat, showing up. Give it one more go if you’re
playing here in Bakasana. Breathing deep, strong focus. Also, these
balancing postures don’t lie. You have to kind of
be in the moment, right. Then, when you feel
like you’ve had your fill, go ahead and slowly
release and come to a nice, comfortable seat, cross-legged, sitting up nice and tall. (deep breathing) Close your eyes and find
stillness here in Sukhasana. Maybe lean back a little,
head over heart, heart over pelvis. Then bring your right
hand to your lower belly and your left hand
right to your heart center, your heart space. Breathe into your hands, feel
the warmth of your hands here. Then spiral back to that
thing that you thought of at the top of our practice. Whatever it is you
are hoping to get out of your yoga practice, whatever
it is you desire in life, this at home yoga practice tool really offers you a
place to land, to show up. You don’t have to know
what to do or how to do it, or even be able to fly in Crow. Just show up. When you’re ready, open you’re
eyes and release your hands, we’re gonna bring them together. Finishing off our tapas
practice with a little tapas. So, tapas has a couple
of different definitions, and I’ll do a
little blog on those, I think I need a
little blog on tapas, but we’re gonna end by
creating a little energy, a little heat, so don’t
be shy now, you hear? Bring your palms together. Please don’t watch
me do this at home. Let’s do it together,
come on now. We’re gonna get nice and tall
and long through the spine. Sit up really tall,
whatever just happened, it could have been
really frustrating. This practice is probably
gonna stir up a lot of stuff, so let’s go ahead
and rinse it away, burn it all away by
creating friction here. We’re gonna burn everything down so that we can
plant new seeds and grow. ‘Tis life, ’tis the cycle. We learn so much
from just listening. Keep it going here for five,
go a little faster, a little harder,
a little stronger, three, two, and one, release. (breathes out)
Open the palms, lift your chest,
start to lift up through the
corners of the mouth. Notice how you feel,
take a deep breath in, then exhale,
relax your shoulders out. Down, relax your shoulders down. Let’s do that one
more time, inhale in. I was feeling it, and exhale, relax your shoulders
down as you breathe out. Good, beautiful,
bring the palms together. We’re gonna bring them
right up to that third eye. Here we go. The light in me
honors the light in you. Thank you so much for sharing
your time and your energy. Have an awesome day. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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