World’s Best Hair Extensions: No damaging glues, waxes, weaves, or tape.

World’s Best Hair Extensions: No damaging glues, waxes, weaves, or tape.

It is a truth universally known.
We women have a love-hate relationship with our hair.
Good hair days are great! Bad hair days, not so much.
This morning, we’ve got some wonderful options when it comes
to glamming up our own crowning glory.
Joining me is Kat Lewis, an educator for DreamCatchers Hair
Extensions and our stunning model Kim Billick, who is here
to help demonstrate the process. Thank you both for coming in
today. Yeah, thank you for having us.
Now, I saw some amazing transformations going on in the
green room. We won’t get to that right now.
First of all, I just wanted to talk to you Kat, are all hair
extensions created equal? Unfortunately not.
One thing you really will see with extensions is the fact that
you hear the horror stories of them damaging your natural hair,
or pulling, or being so expensive, or looking unnatural,
that it’s great now that DreamCatchers has come out, that
you can really get a beautiful look without damaging your
natural hair, and you can reuse it, month after month, and even
some cases year after year. That’s amazing, and one thing
from my days in L.A. and on Entertainment Tonight, I
can tell you, almost every star uses hair extensions, and
they’re not just for the red carpet or the spotlight.
They’re really affordable, for everyday use.
Oh, absolutely. Most of my clients that I
actually have personally, as well as all the other stylists
around the country, all of their clients really are working women
between the ages of 30 and 45, that just want to give their
that extra pep in the step. Take me through a little bit of
the process of what you did with Kim.
We took her hair, which was relatively short, a little bit
thinner. We added in the DreamCatchers
and gave her length, volume, as well as some extra bit of color
without actually chemically processing her hair.
It feels like your natural hair. It moves like your natural hair,
and it all comes pretipped right at the top, with a rubber
tipping, so when it goes into the actual bond that holds it
together, it doesn’t damage your natural hair and it doesn’t
slide out. That’s great, and it comes in,
well this is fun… but you have length options,
color options, all kinds of things, right?
Absolutely. We’ve got different wave
patterns. Different colors.
Different lengths to match exactly what you’re looking for.
Now, tell me, you actually you actually, you do yoga, you’re
running around. Tell me about how they work for
you, Kim. Honestly, they’ve changed my
life. It makes my days a lot easier.
I’m a full-time occupational therapist.
I teach yoga. I’m in the yoga studio everyday.
I do hot yoga, and it’s so versatile.
I just throw my hair up. It’s changed your life, you
said. That’s amazing.
Yeah, it definitely has. The can actually improve your
own hair when you have them in. Tell me about that.
Tell me about that. Absolutely.
If we were to color our natural hair, maybe Kim’s hair for
example, her hair is a little bit darker, and to become this
little bit lighter, she would have to process her natural,
whereas when she wears the dreamcatchers, it’s less
processing because we’re putting in her highlights using the
extensions. She only has to do a little bit
of color on the top, and the rest is all colored with these.
That’s so great. Were you going to put this in
Kim’s hair? Oh yeah, I can show you how to
do these. The way that we attach these is
there is no heat, no glue, no sewing, no braiding, no
chemicals of any kind. It’s all put in with a small
cylinder just like this, and they come color coded just to
match the base tone of whatever your hair is.
That way, it just looks like it’s growing out naturally with
your own hair. You grab a section of the
natural hair and you bring it through the loop.
You slide the cylinder up and then you just pull.
Then, you take the extension, pop it into the cylinder, and
crimp it. That’s it.
Wow! That’s amazing!
And where can viewers go to find DreamCatchers?
Well, one thing that’s great is that we do certify stylists all
over the country, and we have classes going on year round.
Now, if you are looking for a stylist in your area, we have an
855 number, it’s actually 855-thesalon, and when you give
it a call, it’s going to redirect your call to the
closest DreamCatcher stylist, so that way you can come in for a
consultation, match up your hair, order what you want, and
within two days, you can have brand new hair.
That is amazing! Star style for sure.
Yes, absolutely. So great to have you guys in the
studio today. Yeah.
It was great to be here. Yeah.
You look fantastic. Thank you.
Alright, and if you’d like to discover more about this and
other beauty tips, visit us at, or get a
little bit social, log in and share your thoughts about all
things beauty at


  • anne marie says:

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  • Katia CC says:

    Can't get them in the UK!!!

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    30 to 45 ! why

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  • Debbie bea says:

    When you brush your hair it feels like you're pulling your hair out

  • Debbie bea says:

    Why does it pull your hair out

  • GetReady4LiftOff says:

    One video said if your hair is fine the metal will break your hair when it squeezed closed

  • steinchen willma says:

    These are eurolocks…..nothing new to it.
    I'm doing it at myself for years now….

  • Tatiana Neva says:

    Not true. Those extensions ruined my hair in a record time. Will never get them again… they ripped my own hair out … very dissatisfied

  • melissa robinson says:

    Hahaha this is individual bead extensions. No joke it thins out your hair and there’s tons of breakage.

  • Adriana Ifergane says:

    Thanks for the video
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  • Rachel Marcoux says:

    Bullssssshhhhiiiiitttttt I had these and had to get them taken out in 2 weeks cause it kept ripping chunks out of my own hair and ones that didn’t rip, slid out within days. My hair is so fucked now cause of ripping out so much of my own hair and breaking it off. Maybe if you have extremely thick and strong hair you’d be a good candidate but I have fine hair and my god what a waste of 1200$

  • Sea_ Nettles says:

    Dear Asians and Africans – when you dye your hair light brown, red, blond – you're culturally appropriate native Europeans coloring and hair. Just a heads up. Yes, Oceania does have some blond there– of a different gene– but equally interesting. Yes, albinos in Africa also have light hair.

  • Amanda Mccoll says:

    I had this done and it wripped my hair out! now I've lost half a head of hair! Please do not get these done!

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