World Psoriasis Day – Swimming for Psoriasis – 28.10.2014

World Psoriasis Day – Swimming for Psoriasis – 28.10.2014

All participants, all swimmers and all sportsmen and women are invited to go the back of the swimming pool.Some are ready yet. We have great swimming
champions and we are very happy today to participate in this World Psoriasis Day. Two…one…go! I wish first that information may be spread because I have understood that some patients affected by this condition struggle to go to a swimming pool because they can be looked down. Information is therefore crucial to know that psoriasis is not contagious, swimming is possible and that patients should not be pointed at. It is very important. I wish that through this initiative, we will be joined next year by other swimming pools in Brussels area to make this event regional. What I especially wish for them is that they never have to be embarrassed for anything. By the way, it’s something that many people have, even if they are not aware of it. So just, nicely, that they can swim with us. Without being embarrassed. It is generally thought that psoriasis is contagious but it is not. It is scientifically proven. Therefore, I would like to stress that people can have psoriasis and there is no problem with that! That is why I am here! I wish the associations that they become bigger and that their cause be defended by more and more people. It is true that we are usually not aware of the disease and we are still afraid of people with psoriasis. That’s nonsense because we can swim with them or touch them. There is no problem! In addition to the burden of psoriasis, it would be better for patients if others could stop giving scared or disgusted looks or rejecting them!

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