Winter skin: how to keep it summery smooth!

On screen text: Sunnybrook logo. Title: Winter Skin Care, SunnyView. [Winter wind sound in background] Monica Matys [narrator]: As Jack Frost nips at your nose, your face, and your hands, you’re likely feeling dry, itchy and chapped, all extremely common problems that dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon sees all winter long. This season an also cause flare-ups for pre-existing conditions, like eczema. Dr. Kucy Pon: Prevention is key, and common things are moisturizing, and so use a good, bland, fragrance-free moisturizer twice a day or even up to 3 times a day. One of the best times to moisturize is after getting out of a shower or after a bath cause you kind of lock in the moisture. Monica: Dr. Pon also recommends keeping baths and showers lukewarm and short, using humidifiers at home, wearing non-irritating fabrics like cotton, and using gentle non-soap cleansers, all steps that are more important than hydration. Dr. Pon: People think that if you drink a lot of water, it might help to hydrate the skin, but a lot of studies show that if you drink a lot, it still doesn’t hydrate it well enough, so the best is just to bathe and moisturize. Monica: And pay attention to the label ingredients on the product’s that you buy, especially this time of year. Dr. Pon: You could look for something that has urea in it, because that helps to hydrate the skin, [petraladin] is great if you have very dry skin, glycerin, things like that. Those are very good ingredients to look for to help hydrate the skin. Monica: Because harmful ultraviolet radiation is still a reality in the winter, wear a sunscreen containing an SPF 30 or higher. You’ll need about one teaspoon on your face alone to get enough protection, so often SPF containing makeup won’t do the trick. Reapply often if you’re outdoors, as UV rays can bounce off the snow. Just think of it as your cold practice run for warmer days ahead. With SunnyView, I’m Monica Matys. On screen text: Visit my blog at

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