Why I Stopped Using Rodan+Fields Lash Boost

Why I Stopped Using Rodan+Fields Lash Boost

In Lash Boost, the ingredient is listed as isopropyl cloprostenate.


  • susan Palomeque says:

    Thank you for making this

  • Virginia Byrne says:

    Thanks for sharing! I tried this as a recommendation and I’ve only been using about a week and my right eye is super swollen and painful.. it’s been hard to get straight answers. I found a few other articles explaining prostaglandins and the effects of synthetic versions of it. Thanks for helping to warn people! I hope your eyes get back to normal

  • Alzie p says:

    I unfortunately ended up with four tubes. The sales rep said great sale plus free eye cream. I got 2 originally and then on automatic that she didn't cancel for me. I have 4 and and I think it ended up about 600$. Yes omg. I thought I was splurging and it was going to be great. Have very short lashes. Used it over two months and Not one change at all. Didn't work for me. The thing is lately my eyes are always feeling blurry. Coincidence? now not so sure and though I always seemed to have the droopy eyes they are so much worse and I thought it was age. I am 54. NOW I am thinking it was not age. So now what do I do with 3 full tubes that are brand new. even when I tried at the time to return they couldn't even find me. Apparently my email was incorrect. Thank you for your review. Wish I had seen it before I wasted so much money and got nothing out of it

  • Heather Craig LaPlante says:

    She can't even pronounce the brand name!!!! New York Times wrote about Lash Boost 10/17 because it's that good!!! NY Times did their research and wouldn't write about it if it wasn't legit.

  • LadyNR08 , says:

    Hi Kayla! I just got a similar product for my bithday, is not Lash Boost but "Hair plus". Anyway I checked the ingredients and Isopropyl cloprostenate is on the list. I was hoping to try this serum on my lashes and brows , but after hearing your experience I'm definitely not gonna use it, at least not on my eyelashes. You see, I already have a "mild" ptosis on one of my eyes that I developed years ago, completely out of nowhere. At first it was more noticeable, but as the years went by, it got better and it's not really that pronounced anymore, in fact nobody notices, although I still can see it 😉 However the experience was pretty distressing and I'm not willing to take any risks, therefore I'm not using this product on my lashes, but I was wondering, do you think it's safe to use it on the brows? Thanks in advance, and btw I'm glad to know that your eye went back to normal!

  • Courtney Paige says:

    Thank god I saw this and you had the courage to say something, as I was seriously considering purchasing it! Did you ever find any chemical-free alternative (or any alternative?) My lashes are long but not very full.

  • Nathalie Wilson says:

    Thank you!

  • rn hen says:

    Lash Boost class action https://www.consumerclassactionlawyers.com/lash-boost-class-action-lawsuit-investigation.html

  • mariel campos says:

    Ew! I hope no one bought it from you! Anything that goes on your eyes shouldn’t be shared 😳 My friend has amazing results with the product. I think I will still try it.

  • Becca Becca says:

    If the droopy lid issue comes and goes or gets better and worse… please look into MYASTHENIA GRAVIS. Symptoms of this rare autoimmune disease include ptosis (and the droop in your lip that others have commented about).

  • Candice Klein says:

    Hey!!! Did it ever go back to normal????

  • Marie Medina says:

    One of my friends had a droopy eye too. She thought it was just a reaction to her new mascara & it turned out that she had actually had a mild stroke. Always, Always ALWAYS GO TO THE DOCTOR BEFORE ASSUMING IT'S A SIDE EFFECT. 😯

  • Sidney Boyle says:

    Kudos for making this video. I was given Rodan & Fields lash boost from a friend as a gift. I didn't use it religiously but when I did consistently for a time, I noticed it really made my eyelashes grow longer. I thought the effect was unnatural and didn't need it anymore so I stopped. After stopping abrupty, my eyelashes fell out and broke off and now I have gaps or spaces where my lashes used to be evenly spaced. This stuff is dangerous for many reasons. I should've never tried it without researching more fully. Now, I'm trying to grow back my lashes naturally using castor oil. Preach all you want as the word needs to get out. Other people should come forward with similar complaints.

  • Tina White says:

    Well there is a class action law suit now.. You should call the lawyers!

  • Lpg 8 says:

    Wow, thanks for your video, I was about to purchase this based on another youtuber's review.  I hope your eye gets better.

  • Julia Morris says:

    I have been using the product since the beginning of December after the "Black Friday Sale" -I did notice my lashes growing longer & even went on to purchase a second tube. Even during the last few weeks my daughter was even complimenting me on how amazing my lashes looked but just recently they have been falling out & are quite thin. I have also noticed the dark circles under my eyes over the last several months (which I have never had before but figured I wansn't getting enough sleep! scary!)I have decided to return my current tube after the research I have done today. This is not worth it.

  • Charlotte ru says:

    That happens to me my eyes get really red and swollen and also sometimes my face will get really dry, red, and it also cracks and burns but I use the unblemished kit my R+F

  • Cammi S says:

    I have the same issue after use it for a week! It’s that going to recover when you stop using it??!

  • ASMR Crystal says:

    I hope my mom soon finds out but when she saw the title she walked away cause she is actually an consultant for R+F products. She has being using for months now but it had no affects to her eyes except awesome lashes so I think yours has a malfunction

  • ShawN shawN says:

    man that sucks 🙁

  • ShawN shawN says:

    man that sucks 🙁

  • Saudade73 says:

    So. Let me get this straight.
    More people than the actual study was even done on, have left comments about it having the exact same effect on them. AND….there is a class action lawsuit against R+F for this very thing….but consultants are on here diagnosing you with brain tumors and bell's palsy?
    What in the super hell is happening?
    Am I to assume that R+F consultants can't understand simple cause and effect??

  • Reviwer M says:

    OMG – thank you for this video, I have been using it for 10 days and I looked at myself in the mirror and one eye drooping 🙁 I hope this goes away.

  • Andrea Tetelboin says:

    The same thing happened to me but i was unsure why. I will say I used Lattise for years and never had this issue. I switched over to Lash Boost, and after a couple month my family stated commenting on my droopy eyelid. I had no idea what was going on. Good post!

  • Zaina Haddad says:

    So what is the outcome of this? WIll your eyelid stay droopy? Do you have to get surgery?

  • EclecticEsoterix says:

    LoL! Google University research 😂🤣

  • Kelsey Wages says:

    Everyone is different and may or may not have side affects just like any other product.

  • blasian says:

    My eyes turned red and stayed red for a few days after using it

  • kikichibee says:

    I’m glad I found this. I was wondering why the description was so vague on the product. I put it on for the first time then I went online and saw all this stuff and rubbed it off with soap and water then put some lotion on. Does anyone think it’ll effect me if I only used it for 6 mins??? I’m super paranoid :c I’m sorry you got wronged by the company

  • Gina Robinson says:

    You are absolutely correct about that ingredient and side effects

  • Amanda Bleck says:

    Hi Kayla, Thanks so much for posting this video. I am now going through this as well. My eye has been swollen and droopy for 2 days now. How long did it take for your eye to get back to normal? If it ever did?

  • LB Johnson says:

    Thank you for warning people. I got two styes under my eyes, which I've never had in 60 years. 4 months later they still haven't gone away and I'm wearing sunglasses out in public instead of eye makeup. If I knew this ingredient was in the product I NEVER would have bought it.

  • steven brown says:

    Just saw this. My wife just ordered it. Cn this problem go away? Or is it permanent??

  • claudia ayllon says:

    when i used it my lashes fell off!! I had lots of bold spots. When I stopped using it my lashes took forever to grow!!

  • Amy Rodriguez says:

    Did your droopy eye resolve? I am going through this now.

  • Pamela Davis says:

    Hi just like all the other people I experienced the same side affect and I’m freaking out!!! I glad to hear it’s gets back to normal in time.. I’m so mad at myself I risk taking this just for longer lashes like everyone else I did get longer lashes but horrible side effects. Call Erika Kerch who’s involved in the Class Action Law Suit against Rodan And Fields Lash Boost 800 766 6044 or email [email protected] for more information

  • Danielle M Rubio says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing. This is terrifying. I bought the product, was excited to open up and trying, but found no instructions. So I went online and googled the product name, and I found all this news about lawsuits and then your video. Thankfully R+D responded to me and will let me return it for a refund (minus shipping), but they did NOT mention anything about risks using the product. So shady…

  • Kathleen LeMaire says:

    Avon has one now and it does not include the harmful ingredient.

  • machinga says:

    Thankyou so much for making this video people need to know the truth about these chemical products and the harm they are doing..sorry u had to have this experience but i have also had bad experiences from chemicals and use natural organic castor oil on my lashes..u are awesome..thankyou 😊

  • Mamasabe1 W says:

    Wow go to the doctor. That ain’t right. Maybe you did…

  • ericka trejo says:

    If you want naturally long eyelashes use 100% cold pressed organic Castor oil 🙂

  • Paola Tavakoli says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was putting the product on one of my eyebrows mainly, and it caused some drooping too 🙁

  • Julie Sisouphanh says:

    I was using Latisse and noticed my left eye did the same thing – but didn't connect the dots! I since stopped and my eyes went back to normal. Thanks for posting!!!

  • Lyn Ann says:

    Hi I was wondering if your eye went back to normal? Or is it permanent?

  • rzum81 says:

    If you aren’t allergic to coconut just use coconut oil. I’ve heard that works well and it’s so cheap and natural.

  • freyaandco says:

    In case you haven’t heard…https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/rodan-fields-hit-with-suit-over-lash-boost-eyelash-enhancer/

  • Lil Yeet says:

    Well shit. This could HELP with my hooded eyes! WIN WIN 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Shauna Angelo says:

    Did it ever go back to normal? I used this for one day and then right after I saw your video I returned it.

  • Justine Rivera says:

    Haha yall are thanking her for making thus video for all the information she is giving. Even though she knows the side effects she trying to sell her lash boost to yall that's been used on her eyes already…. she no better than the sellers if she going to say that it's not good for you than tries to get you to buy her tube half price smh

  • Druitt Ciel says:

    OMG it happened to me too ! Unfortunately , I used Latisse when it first came out around 2004 and it made my right eye lid super saggy/droopy and till this very day it got worst and it's permanent. I'm very depressed about my both my eyelids being permanently saggy and I deeply regret ever using Latisse. I wish I could've sued them, but I threw away proof of purchase.

  • 415hispfemale says:

    As a means of validating your findings, this video should absolutely include a “before” picture. Most people do not have perfect symmetry in the faces. Other than taking a stranger’s word for it, how is anyone to know if this is true? After all, you did rightfully acknowledge in your video that the word of 41 people in a study conducted by the product company shouldn’t be enough to stake a claim of no side effects.

  • jang gut says:

    thank you for going in depth with clinical diagnosis. PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS. u r right, cosmetics without clinically safe regulations bound to have side effects. im sorry you had to go through this, your video helps A LOT. thank you fir your honest review

  • L T says:

    Omg! I'm definitely NOT going to but this product now. Thank God for your honesty!!!!

  • SerenaPlusSelket says:

    Dr. Rodan is one of my dermatologists. If I go back in in the near future, I can ask about this.

  • Deanna Grimes says:

    Ahhh, I’ve been using this for about a week now! Kinda freaked out, stopping immediately! It has definitely made my eyes around them very red. I thought it was just from washing my face. Thank you for your video

  • Laurie Bishop says:

    Thanks for sharing! I really wished I had seen your video before I purchased this $150 product. I have used other R&F products which I really like. The lash boost however turned my eyes very red, watery & burned. I tired it a couple of times thinking the 1st time maybe I used too much but that was definitely not the case as the 2nd time I used very little product. Again, bam…red, burning, watery eyes. I was too shy to return since my consultant (at the time) kept raving about it to everyone & all over Facebook.

  • nystagmus says:

    What if i just want to put this on my brows. I just want thicker eyebrows

  • Emily A says:


    They’re being sued. Be warned

  • Obey[vegan]propaganda says:

    Did your eyelid return to normal?

  • Taylor Leigh says:

    Would love to know if your eye got better over time

  • Amy T. says:

    Thank you for making this video. I tried their serum and I got severe darkening and irritation around my entire eye area. I immediately stopped use before anything got serious or permanent.

  • Emily Fuessle says:

    This happened to me and I found your video. Please let me know if you'd like to use my story as well. I am also curious if this ever went away?

  • Helen Pierce-Lamoureux says:

    Thank you for posting this warning. Very responsible and generous of you to do so! Is their a remedy for you? Is this side effect permanent? IF so, I don't know this will help you feel any better, but I would not have noticed the difference of your eyelid drooping. 🙁 Are you going to litigate? I'm behind you if you do. this is 2019! These corporations need to GET and REMAIN on the up & up. Again, Grateful for your video! Sending BEST vibes, hopes and wishes.

  • autumn Stone says:

    @Kayla Ann just curious if your eyelid ever returned to normal? I used this produce for 3 DAYS and am having the same issues. I stopped as soon as i noticed it! Thank
    you for the video.

  • . jacqueline says:

    Rip me finding this video now bc I would have bought the half used boost for a discounted price LOL

  • sxynica29 says:

    Are you sure this is from the product? Not a sales rep, I'm actually looking to purchase my 3rd tube and I've never experienced any negative side effects.

  • tracey oneill says:

    It's an AWESOME video. YES this happened to me and I was worried I might have a tumor or something. THANK YOU!!

  • Mishy Meow Meow says:

    The same thing happened to me! Thanks for posting. Just threw it out.

  • Caroline Bingham says:

    It’s been awhile since you’ve posted this, but how are you going now? Is your eyelid still drooping? Did you have any pain later on in your eye area?

  • Cheryl Leavitt says:

    I used it for two weeks but ever since I have had red bloodshot eyes and that was three months ago…Do not use this product

  • avery crenshaw says:

    I’m sorry this happened to you , some people are just allergic to some products!! I have been using lash boost for about two years and I love,love,love it!!

  • Fertility Queen says:

    Actually both your eyes are affected one eye is drooping from ptosis and the other eye has orbital fat loss on the upper lid

  • Islander says:

    I am sorry this happened to you. I am not sure if you have seen this class action lawsuit against Rodan and Fields for exactly this matter. https://www.krcomplexlit.com/currentcases/rodan-fields-lash-boost-litigation/

  • Chelsea Burnett says:

    What did you do for treatment??

  • Rachel Welch says:

    I had same thing happen to me after using Rodan+Fields lash serum. Also, painful and red eyes. I used it properly. Horrible product.

  • Janelle Sikora says:

    I have this!!! And now everything irritates my eye and I have severe dry lips. I couldn’t make out what was causing the droopage since I was using so many of there
    products. Please tell me: did your droopage go away over time???

  • Elenice A. Solís says:

    Hmmm how strange. I guess everyone is different. I’ve had to stop using mine because I didn’t want my lashes to grow anymore, this was two years ago. My lashes are still perfectly intact, I don’t regret buying this product at ALL ❤️

  • alia mohamed says:

    Did you get better?

  • Pamela Davis says:

    Hi I saw your video and I experienced the same effect and I year later it got a little better but not 100% back to normal. Did your eye get back to normal if so please tell what you did. Thank You hope to hear from you soon.

  • Tim Lee says:

    You should sue their pants off….lab coats too

  • Kimberly Bowsher says:

    Yes, this happened to me too. I wasn't sure what was happening, but you just told me. Thank you so much!!

  • Hannah Jones says:

    Hi Kayla! I wanted to ask if your eye has returned to normal? So sorry this happened to you.

  • Lori Gamble says:

    Hi Kayla, I know you posted this video a couple years ago but I’ve been in ophthalmology for over 10 years and it looks to my like you’re issue is not a droopy lid but something called Silent Sinus Syndrome. Just a little advice if you’re still dealing with the problem is demand an MRI from your doctor to rule it out. If it is SSS it could eventually effect your vision.

  • Lori Gamble says:

    Actually CT scan before an MRI

  • Tiffany J says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! So sorry this happened to you. Any update on your eye lid?

  • blueshoes915 says:

    Thank you! Lashes aren’t everything ladies. Heed this warning. You can always wear false lashes or just good ol’ mascara.

  • Song Byrrd says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I was considering buying this serum but I already have an eyelid that has dropped due to age. I’m so sorry that you have experienced this so young. Would you update us on your recovery? Hopefully your eye will be able to resume its former appearance over time! 💕

  • Debbie Sheegog says:

    If this is real and true you definitely should have hopefully by now had an M. D., medical doctor, help you and also qualify the side effects/reactions you had. Thank you for putting this out there! This product should not be on the market. Also you should file against the company, contact governmental departments filing a complaint as that is the only way a product can be challenged or even removed from the market! Keep up the reviewing, though, because you have had alot of people here getting the news. Interesting that I see your YouTube trying to buffer, like it won't come up. Did you pull it? I cannot see it – sorry yes I am watching it now! I have been reading all the comments here & your replies from a year ago. Shocking. It was about a year ago when I was considering using this product because a friend who was using it recommended it. Either she didn't have a reaction nor find reviews online prior to buying it, or perhaps she did not ever use it. I am about to call her as I have not been in touch with her in ages or she would have warned me. I would have been pro-active against a product after asking my own local dermatologist/M. D. Now I realize it's what you are saying that would prevent him from doing it- it's the same product, Latisse, sold in his plastic surgery and dermatology successful and highly regarded office!?! Wonder if he still condones it? Good luck to you and thank you again for doing this. Please continue warning others at least, and if you can, speaking out to authorities because it will possibly get a lot of negative attention! I just wrote a new reply to you, hope you get that one as well. Also now reading what you have done w/ contacting FDA etc. Why am I not surprised?

  • Superkara Edits says:

    no. this is what happens when you apply too much serum each night, apply one swipe for each eye and you will be fine

  • Connie says:

    Wow, thanks for the heads up; I had no idea! Saved me some money. I'm sorry about your eye and I hope the effects reversed!

  • Arizona Sky says:

    Thank you so much. I keep getting people trying to sell this to me on Facebook and I can’t even afford it or the side effects! Screw long eyelashes!! So not worth it

  • Vivianna Rocha says:

    Hi have you seen any difference? I just found out what caused my eye lid to droop so bad ugh this sucks!!

  • kathie adkins says:

    I got pinkeye in both eyes after using this product

  • Ashley Dobbs says:

    Thank you for your video. Saved me money.

  • Betina R says:

    Where did you buy your lash boost? If you tried to get it from any other place other then directly from a distributor you couod have had a fake. Never buy from Amazon , or eBay . Only directly from the company or a distributor. She doesn't mention where she got it from

  • Rachel Newhouse says:

    Rodan & Fields Lash Boost ruined my eyelashes. I used it for 3 months and my eye lashes did get super long, but the serum clogged the tiny tear ducts that line the eyelid so I was not producing an lubrication for my eyes.
    I went to the Dr bc my eye balls felt like I had scraped them with sand paper, he said on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the best and 10 the worst, mine were at a 9 as far as being horribly dry and not producing lubricant/tears.
    I stopped using Lash Boost and followed my Dr’s treatment plan and eventually my eyes have gotten almost back to normal. I really want to be able to use this product bc I love what it did to my lashes! And I had just gotten a brand new bottle right at the time my Dr made me stop using it.
    So the other day I decided to put it on. The next morning I woke up and when I rinsed my face with water a bunch of my lashes fell out! I’ve been losing about 10 lashes per eye each day for the last 2 days. I’m scared I’m going lose all my lashes! 😢😢. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Michael Guy says:

    God bless you for having guts.

  • Kendra Nystrom says:

    I’ve had similar problems…I’m so disappointed that they can get away with selling this product without warning of side effects. My eyes haven’t been the same since I used the lash serum. They should be ashamed of the misleading false sense of safety marketing the lash serum as safe. Profit came effortlessly at the expense of our eyesight. big business wins again FDA absolutely failed!!

  • Kendra Nystrom says:

    I’ve had similar problems…I’m so disappointed that they can get away with selling this product without warning of side effects. My eyes haven’t been the same since I used the lash serum. They should be ashamed of the misleading false sense of safety marketing the lash serum as safe. Profit came effortlessly at the expense of our eyesight. big business wins again FDA absolutely failed!!

  • Candy Eubanks says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have the same droopy effect and did not know it was related to the lash product. I use latisse.

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