Why I Have REALLY Bad Dandruff

random people at the store don’t know
that, random people watch our video doesn’t know that Ready Set … Go! Lonnie do you want one of these breakfast bars before you go to
school? There you go buddy. Good morning
LANDing Crew. So this morning got off to a great start because Child Find called
me for Lex’s educational assessment to get him in services through like the
Pre-K and stuff here so that’s gonna be October 7th so that’s just like it’s
about two weeks away which isn’t too bad you ready I apparently need coffee because I went
to go call Lonnie to ask him to bring me home a Diet Pepsi cuz we’re out of diet
Pepsi’s and then I realized that Lonnie has already came home. Well
Liam’s ABA therapy is done. What are you doing sir? No you don’t get sissy’s
bottle. Here there. So Early Steps called me. Early Steps is the early intervention
program here in Florida. Liam according to his assessment cuz he scored pretty
low He’s supposed to be getting it twice a
week but he’s only been getting it once a week I had to move it to make a room for ABA
therapy. Apparently she can’t even do once a month so I am back on the waiting
list for Early Steps. It took them a while to find the person that was coming
so I don’t know. I don’t know when we’ll get that, I guess at least we have ABA. ABA
said he did really good and he did recognize his name once in the 2 hour
therapy period. Right now they’re really just trying to build a relationship
rapport with Liam but they’re also working on his name recognition and just
helping him know how to play appropriately because he really lacks
that and he usually just like walks around the house. That’s why most the
footage you see is him just walking around the house or walking around the playroom
because that’s basically what he does. So they’ve been working on that. Liam just
was not in a good mood. He woke up even before they got here he was just
stimming and just not having- not having a good day so we’re hoping that he gets
some sleep today tonight and tomorrow will be a better therapy session because
that was really- really hard for my mama heart. Was that good food? How did you eat
all that already? Look at this mess Mommy’s got to clean up. Out. Watch this
watch this. Ready set go. It’s so cute He’s been doing that for like a week now so I
feel confident in sharing it. I hope it stays Are you gonna play here with Bubby? So we’re gonna take Lex to the park for
just a little bit. Everything’s like all about Liam lately and I went Lex to have
some one-on-one attention so we’re gonna take him to the park cuz he loves the
park. Yea yeah. Cuz everything’s all about you lately isn’t it? And then when I get
back while Lonnie is making dinner I’m gonna take him in his little car. Where are you going? Oh! Oh bathroom. Nope unless you’re going
potty you don’t need to go in there. Help me! So Lonnie had to get gas and then he is
getting me something to drink because we ran out of diet Pepsi’s at home and it
is a catastrophe. I don’t know where Danielle gets her dramatic antics from.
Oh my god. Okay so I’ve got a few questions or a few comments about like my dandruff.
I’ve gotten private messages and everyone’s like so afraid of hurting my
feelings like I’m not aware that I have like the worst dandruff ever. Actually no
I don’t have the worst dandruff ever. I went to go google that and it was kind
of scary but I really do have bad dandruff and a lot of times I don’t
realize it it’s on like my shirt right here and stuff until I’m editing and at
that point like I’m not gonna scrap an entire video because I have dandruff
flakes on my shoulder even though it’s kind of gross. It’s actually not dandruff, it
just looks like dandruff and it’s kind of confusing but I have what is called
psoriasis. What psoriasis is is an autoimmune disorder. Pretty much it’s just
different spots on your skin and it can be in different areas for everyone. It’s
areas that get inflamed, it causes additional skin cells to build up. So it
just constantly builds and builds and builds if you don’t get rid of the
actual source of the inflammation spots through either steroids, medication, topicals what-have-you skin cells just continue
to grow, fall off, grow and fall off. I am thankful that I actually have a mild case of psoriasis but mine is mainly on my face
and my scalp. The issue is is a lot of things that you would normally use for
dandruff don’t work on psoriasis. It doesn’t hurt, it is embarrassing. Like
yeah I can explain it now. Random people at the store don’t know that, random
people who watch our video doesn’t know that. I don’t know if it’s the change of
climate or the weather or the season or what’s going on but lately my psoriasis
has gotten a lot worse, a lot more spots it’s harder to get rid of. I am gonna
have to go back to my dermatologist and kind of figure out a different game plan
I’m probably gonna end up on steroids I’ve been avoiding this forever. I’ve been using topicals since like the beginning of time. I don’t
think I’m gonna be able to use topicals anymore because it’s gotten that bad but
for anyone that’s been watching videos and being like I didn’t want to say
anything but that girl has some really bad dandruff, yeah. It’s not as noticeable
when I wear my hair curly. I started to get psoriasis issues when I was about 14
and it was manageable, like very very tiny spots when I lived in Texas. When I
moved to Florida, oh my god, like it blew up! Lex are you ready to go slide? Yes. He
loves sliding. Everything’s just been all about Liam and that’s fine, like
that’s what needs to happen right now but I want Lex to get out of the house and I
want him to feel special so we’re just going to take him for a little bit. Let’s go. Weee! So Lex found him a little friend. Of
course I’m not gonna show her on camera cuz she’s not my kid but it was really
cute. He was playing with her at the playground then she went on the swings
and he like ran over there. It just makes me so excited for when he starts
school. He was so sweet and gentle with her, I was really surprised. I kept going
like ‘gentle hands gentle hands’ but he did really really good. Are you gonna
climb again Lex? Yes I want to get the candy. Whoa whoa. Yep. Wrong way Lex, wrong way Hey he used to not be able to do this
[laughing] Lex why are you so crazy? He wants to get down by himself You a big boy? What happened to your shoes? Jump!
Good job Oh. Oh my god. This the first time he’s ever
ran out of the car and not try to run down the street. I’ve got to get Liam
together. No Lex, it’s Liam’s turn. There we go. You ready? Are you gonna push Liam? Yes. Alright so the kids are in bed which I
don’t know why we still have cartoons on if the kids are in bed but whatever. I am going
to get our big container of fall stuff and we’re gonna start going through them
because we are ready to get festive for the holidays So this is our fall stuff There we go. Oh my goodness, we did not
protect this thing. I’m gonna have to put some Shout on this thing. Oh these were
things I bought last year that I just never used. Alright so I actually don’t use
Shout, I thought it was Shout but it’s OxiClean. These things is awesome, it has
lasted through all the kids so I’ll put a link in the description. We’re gonna
[spraying] Let’s do that
Am I the only one that decorates different every year? Even when we were
in the same house, we just decorate different every year. I don’t even know
what like half of this stuff is. So guys this is so funny, look what I found
Lex’s Catboy Halloween bucket and he’s gonna be Catboy again this year so this
is perfect. So I started to put out the Halloween stuff or the fall Halloween
stuff and I don’t know what was going on last year that we thought it was a
good idea to get two wreaths. I don’t know where we’re gonna put these. It’s kind of
a mess. I forgot all this stuff we have Like I still have to go through this thing
right here. It’s midnight, I’m tired. I need to take a shower so I am going to
kind of finish this tomorrow. I guess that’s what I can do while Liam is doing
his ABA but this is like an all night job basically. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys
tomorrow. Byyeeee [ending song]

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