Why Do i have white spots on my nails | Whitewash – Why do you have white marks in your nails

Why Do i have white spots on my nails | Whitewash –  Why do you have white marks in your nails

Whitewash: why do you have white marks in
your nails? Have you wondered why these white marks appear
in your nails? Warning for plotting: it’s not because of a lack of calcium, as it may
have made you believe. Learn about the different reasons why this happens and how to prevent
it. Leukonia is the official scientific name for
the appearance of white marks in your nails . The whitewash has different species and causes.
However, it has not been proven that it is a deficiency of calcium, as many believe . In this video, we want to tell you everything
about the appearance of white marks in your nails. It is very interesting! The myths around the white marks in your nails: Probably at some point in your life, you looked
at your fingernails and saw little white marks or white lines on them. Our grandmothers and grandparents may have
said that they appeared because we were lying. Perhaps our parents told us that we should
drink more milk because we needed more calcium . But none of these theories is true . That’s why it’s time to clear up things and
find out why it really is. Whitewash can appear at any time and disappear
equally suddenly . It can be distinguished in four types: 1. Spotted whitewash:
These are small marks across the surface of your nail. They usually appear in childhood.
They are due to a small recurrent nail injury . 2. Striped whitewash:
It includes the appearance of parallel transverse lines. It is more common among women. It is
due to injury from aggressive manicures . It can also be due to chemotherapy . 3. Partial whitewash:
Appears on a specific part of the nail. It usually occurs at the tip of the nails . 4. Total whitewash: This is the case in which the whole claw has
a white appearance. This is a rare condition . It may be present at birth or appear at
an early age. In most cases, it is inherited. Lack of zinc and scars in your nails:
These white marks are NOT due to the lack of calcium . However, there is a lack of another
nutrient. White lines and white marks appear at the
root of the nail . They are shifted towards the tip of the nail as it grows. Lack of zinc may be the cause of the problem
. Where there is rupture of the nail’s uterus, a white mark appears. Leukemia may also be due to an illness or
a health problem. For example: Psoriasis .
Stomach ulcers. Ulcerative colitis.
Nephritis. Also the lack of certain nutrients makes white
spots more likely. This is due to the fact that nutrients contribute to the development
of nails. Some of these are: Vitamin B6.
Vitamin A. Iron .
Zinc. The lack of these nutrients leads to the appearance
of white spots because they are involved in the formation of nails, which in this case
become weak and brittle . As a result, they are more vulnerable to injuries that leave
scars. Other causes for white marks on your nails: These marks are not dangerous but they do
not look good. This is especially true for women. However, they may have another cause: they
may be due to inflammation and injury to the nail uterus , which causes different and abnormal
keratinization. We must keep in mind that claws grow three
and a half millimeters a month . Because of this, when we see a sign in the middle of
our nail we know about when it first appeared. The injury occurred two to three months earlier. We do not see the sign earlier because it
is very close to the nostrum. Of course there are some daily habits and
practices that can lead to lewdness . Among these are: Draw your fingernails and nails .
Make manicures that are too aggressive (using chemicals, for example).
Some handicrafts. Cut your nails excessively .
You type with excessive force. Beat your fingernails on the table.
Use strong cleaning chemicals without wearing gloves.
Always deny your nails . How can you avoid white marks on your nails?
There is currently no cure for whitewash . There is only one way to get rid of white marks
in your nails. You have to wait until they grow up enough to be able to cut them off
and stuff them . While you wait, if you can not stand to see
lines in your nails, you can either paint them or wear gloves. It is worth noting that sometimes you have
to see a dermatologist. This is true if you notice signs everywhere in your nails or if
your nails become too thin and dull . This may be due to a permanent problem with
the nail matrix. If you do not want to see all these “bubbles
in your nails”, you have to do the following: Observe good hygiene and keep your fingernails
hydrated. Avoid nail polish and aggressive therapies.
Let your fingernails rest after each varnish (leave at least one day before putting them
back). Use gloves when cleaning your home (dishes,
floors, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Caring for the nails you , and not only their
edges. Above all, you should take care of their nannies and roots.
Eat foods rich in zinc, such as nuts and wheat germ.
Consume vitamin A on a daily basis. You can find it in carrots, pumpkin and peaches.


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    Started taking calcium and they dissappeared!

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    I have it because I keep slamming my hands into stuff

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