Whitney, Y’all Did THAT! | Melanin Hair Care Product Review | Black Owned | SoDazzling

Whitney, Y’all Did THAT! | Melanin Hair Care Product Review | Black Owned | SoDazzling

Hey y’all, welcome back to my channel or welcome
to my channel if this is your first time here. My name is LaTayia B and today’s video y’all,
I am so pumped for it. If you have been following me on Instagram
you already know what products I’m going to be reviewing today. If you’re not following me on Instagram then
be sure to do that now, my name on there is SoDazzling just like my YouTube Channel. It’s super easy to find , it’s spelled the
exact same way so yes, go ahead and follow me on there now so that you can stay up-to-date
with things that I don’t necessarily post to YouTube. So for today’s, if in the event you are not
following me on Instagram and do not know what products I’m talking about, I’m going
to be reviewing products from Melanin Hair Care. So if you do not know who Whitney is, she
goes by Naptural85 here on YouTube and on Instagram. Her and her sister launched this company together
but Whitney is, I guess you could say, the face of the company. And I was really excited because I’ve been
following her and her journey for so long. I’ve seen her progress from, you know, when
her hair was shorter than it is now to the length that it is now so I was super excited
to find out that she was launching her own product line. So I made sure to get my pre-order in during
Black-Fridayish time last year and I just received my products because of course they
were taking pre-orders so they are shipping out all of the pre-orders now so I’m super
happy that I got mine. And y’all it was so cute in the box. It comes with these two cards. The first one looks like this and it basically
just tells you, uhm, that it says “we’re suckers for you”, get it because they have a sucker. And then it just tells you to make sure that
you tag them on Instagram. Then this card right here, look at Whitney,
she is so pretty and her hair oh my gosh. I’m just waiting for the day that I get my
hair to look like this ’cause her hair is freaking amazing. This card is basically just a thank you card
and again making sure that you tag them on Instagram. So I purchased three items this go ’round. The first item is the multi-use pure oil blend,
which is this one right here. This is what it looks like. And y’all I really just like the modern packaging
that they chose to do for this brand. Some of the oils that are in included in here
are sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil. baobab seed oil, sage oil and vitamin E. Y’all
I love hair oils. I do not know why but I have like four hair
oils in my collection right now so I think this is probably going to be the last that
I purchase for awhile. The next thing that I purchased is the twist
elongating style cream with shea butter and natural oils. And this is it right here and again I just
love the packaging. It’s just super sleek and super modern. It claims to give you long lasting definition. So yeah, I’m excited, very excited to use
this today. The last thing that I purchased is the head
wrap and I just thought this was really cute because it says melanin on it and then it
says n85 for Naptural85. So that’s what this looks like and y’all this
is just half, this is it folded in half so just imagine me when I unfold this thing all
the way. I’ll be sure to take a picture of it and post
it on my Instagram, so again, make sure you’re following me on Instagram. So you can see just how big this head wrap
is. So you’re probably like, “girl why is your
hair like that”, well, I decided that I wanted to do a style that I have not done for awhile
which is flat twists with perm rods on the ends. So I think I have a tutorial on this on my
channel already so for that reason I’m not really going to go step-by-step on how I flat
twist but if in the event that I don’t have that type of video on my channel and that’s
something that you are interested in seeing, seeing just like a step-by-step tutorial on
how to do flat-twists then definitely let me know down in the comment section. Other than that y’all let’s go ahead and get
into this. I actually haven’t even opened any of the
products yet so I don’t know how they smell, I don’t know the consistency, but for the
style cream it does say that you are supposed to use as little or as much as needed, massage
style cream into wet or dry hair, one section at a time. Style as desired. You can use this with your favorite leave-in
conditioner. Now some of the ingredients that I think are
key ingredients that are in here are water is the first ingredient in here which is always
good. That means it’ll help to moisturize your hair. Also it has shea butter, mango seed butter,
cocoa seed butter. It has sesame seed oil, kokum seed butter. Some seed butter that I can’t correctly pronounce,
cupuacu, I don’t know, somebody correct me on that. Aloe vera leaf juice, castor seed oil, avocado
oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and I’m thinking
that this is a rose fruit extract or some kind of fruit extract, which is the last ingredient. So yes, this is what it looks like just straight
in the container. It looks like it’s going to be a super thick,
creamy consistency. For the smell, I really smell the shea butter,
I don’t really smell any other fragrance, which is good because that means it’s not
heavily loaded with fragrances. And for the texture, ooh, y’all, look at this. This is so thick. Super creamy. Oh yeah, I think my hair is going to absolutely
love this. My hair is freshly washed and conditioned
and it is a little dry but that’s okay because I’m hoping that, I’m going to test this cream
on dry hair since this section of my hair has just been sitting out and it is dry now. And if it doesn’t work well then I’ll go ahead
a spray my hair with some water but let me stop rambling and just go ahead and get into
this. So going on it doesn’t have a ton of slip
at first. But the more you work it into your hair it
definitely like, I can feel that the slip is there. So I’m just going to take a little bit more. And when you do any style, you really want
to make sure that you get all the way to the roots of your hair, not necessarily getting
product on your scalp but just making sure that every little piece of hair, every little
hair strand is nice and coated. Oh wow. This, oh yeah. Hold up, let me give y’all a little close
up. Yeah I feel like my hair is going to come
out so nice in the morning. While I do feel like the cream worked very
well on its own, especially with getting that slip and moisturized feeling into my hair,
I do want to test it out on damp hair so I’m going to go ahead and do the next section
and spray my hair with water first. Okay y’all, so this has a ton of slip when
my hair is wet. I feel like I didn’t have to use a ton of
product either. yeah, this on wet hair, is much better, for
me anyway, than it is on dry hair. Okay you guys, so I have finished twisting
my hair so now I’m just going to take a scarf and wrap my hair up. Honestly y’all, I think I already love the
style cream. Like the consistency is perfect and I felt
like it was really easy to work into my strands. Sometimes with certain products my hair has
a hard time absorbing it our allowing it to penetrate my strands but with this, after
I sprayed it with the water and really massaged it into my hair I feel like it was perfect
and honestly I feel like my definition is going to be perfect as well. So with that being said, I will see y’all
when my hair is fully dry and we’ll see what the results are. The next day I went ahead took out the perm
rods and I could already tell from this first one that the definition was going to be on
point. I then went in with the hair oil and y’all,
I absolutely love the way this bottle is created I love that there’s a screw top to prevent
any oil from spilling out when you store it. So I went ahead and took a little bit of the
oil into my hands and gently smoothed it onto my hair. After I smoothed the oil on my hair I gently
untwisted all of the twists and I made sure to just take my time to prevent any frizz
from happening. Unfortunately all of my twists didn’t get
a chance to dry but I had somewhere to go so I kind of just had to work with it but
you can see here that the definition is definitely on point. I went in with just a little more oil to separate
those sections that were really big and I used my pick to make sure that I was able
to fluff out my hair and also get rid of those harsh lines that were created from the parts. Overall, I have to say that I absolutely love
this styling cream. I love that it gave my hair great definition,
it left my hair feeling really moisturized, and I really like that it doesn’t have a strong
scent. If you plan on trying any of the Melanin Hair
Care products, definitely let me know down in the comment section. I have to say thank you Whitney for these
products they are amazing. I cannot wait to create other styles with
it. And with that y’all do not forget to hit that
subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up and I will see you in my next video.


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