White Eyelashes Treatment

What Is the Treatment for White Eyelashes? White eyelashes can be treated with semi-permanent
forms of dye. These products can be purchased in local cosmetic stores and are easy enough
for users to apply themselves at home. They cannot change the pigmentation of the
eyelashes permanently, and must be reapplied regularly. This condition can occur as a side effect
of a potentially more serious medical condition. Eyelashes, similar to all hair and skin cells
on the body, are tinted by melanin cells, which act to determine the exact shade of
a person’s skin and hair. When they cease to function properly, hair
becomes translucent, often appearing white or gray in appearance. This typically happens as a side effect of
aging, however, it is unusual for eyelashes to turn white during this transition. Some
individuals are born with light blonde hair that may cause their eyelashes to appear white
or clear. Vitiligo and blepharitis are the two most
common medical reasons for white eyelashes. Vitiligo is a disorder in which patches of
skin and hair across the body begin to lose their melanin cells. Skin and hair both appear white over a period
of time, and remain permanently discolored. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids
that occurs as a result of a build up in oil in the glands nearest the eyelashes. Eyelashes can turn white and grow in different
directions as a result, and eyelids tend to be red and itchy. A variety of treatments exist for vitiligo,
however, they are designed to alter skin cell pigmentation and tend not to work on white
eyelashes. These treatments include topical cream applications
which encourages skin cells to begin reproducing melanin, as well as sensitizing skin and exposing
it to small amounts of UV lights. Blepharitis can be treated by cleaning the
lids of the eyes, using lubricants such as artificial tears, and applying topical creams
in a doctor’s office. As the inflammation and potential infection
begin to subside, eyelash color should return to normal. Those who suffer from vitiligo or who were
born with permanently light colored hair may prefer to dye their white eyelashes. Eyelashes continue to grow in length regularly,
and also fall out and are replaced by new lashes. Dye must be reapplied on a semi-regular
basis to maintain a continuous color, and can be purchased to last between one day and
one month. Daily lash tint, or mascara, is a cosmetic
product that can be purchased in any shade, ranging from brown to black to blue, gray,
teal, and magenta. It is applied to the lash area using a curved
wand which resembles a finely bristled brush. The brush is dipped into the tinting liquid
and spread through the lashes in an upward direction. Users should avoid placing this too closely
to the root of the lashes to avoid getting the product directly into the eye. Monthly lash dye is less widely available
than mascara, however, it can be found in some specialty cosmetic shops and through
online ordering. This product is not available in as wide a
variety of colors as mascara, but can be found in standard brown, black, and some gray tints. Users can apply this product at home using
an applicator kit, which typically involves mixing two types of dying products together
just prior to applying them to the lash area. The applicator wand is similar to a mascara
brush, and should be brushed up through the lashes and away from the roots. Visit the website. Click below

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