Where In The World Have I Been?!

hello YouTube how are you
and hello fiber community um this is only the second time I’ve gone live so
um live on YouTube that is so a little excited and a little nervous so just
bear with me in my nerves I’m coming to you today from my phone I hope I have a
good signal and I just want to share with you all the exciting things that
I’ve been doing in the past couple of months well they’re exciting for me
especially for a person that has been living with fibromyalgia for 20-plus
years so it’s exciting for me to share with you everything that I’ve learned in
the past couple of months everything that I’ve been doing and I’m just so
super excited to share that with you so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see
comments on my phone and like I said this is the second time I’ve gone live
on YouTube so I’m still learning oh there’s Monica Miller hello how are
you hello um so excited to be here Monica I hope you’re doing well um and
if I don’t see a comment come through please know that I’m still adjusting to
everything so let me know you’re here shout out hi joy how are you
I’m glad you’re here yay people are here I was so nervous I was like oh people
gonna come or people do good people gonna show up what’s gonna happen so I’m
glad you’re here thanks hi Jeanette 7’o have you yeah oh thank you
I hope yeah well I’m glad you’re enjoying them thank you so much for your
support I really do appreciate that I have been doing a lot in the past couple
of months and I know I’ve been kind of you know m.i.a
and I’ve had some people ask me like you know where where have you been are you
okay and I want you to know I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart I
appreciate that that strangers that I’ve never met check
on me and I can’t tell you how important that is to me so thank you so much I
greatly appreciate it so I thought today I just had this thought bubble go live
on YouTube talk about where you’ve been what you’ve been doing
you’re up Shore downs you know where you’ve tweaked where you’ve adjusted
things what’s still working what’s not working for me that is and anything that
I talk about medically here or any supplements I talk
about or anything that I’m doing in my regimen I want you to know that it’s my
regimen and I strongly encourage you to find a doctor that’s willing to listen
to you and the plan that you want to take in your fight against this illness
on your war against this illness so if your current doctors not listening
fire him move on him her fire them move on find someone who is wanting to listen
and help you in your journey now you’re gonna have to please excuse me because
I’ve made notes because my brain fog has been a little iffy the past several
months and I’ll try to remember to tell you why and you’ll understand why I’m
saying that of course so what have I been up to well let’s see I decided to
go to England kind of on a whim right around January and when it came to
August I I knew that my trip was coming up in a
month I had been really focusing on from February to August YouTube channel my
support group on Facebook and just been you know thinking about writing a book
and looking into all that and so I was really busy busy I had a lot of balls in
the air and come August first I thought Jessica you have to prepare your body to
go 4,000 miles five hours ahead of where you are currently and that
began to intimidate me and I thought oh gosh okay one I’ve never ever traveled
alone ever ever by myself I’ll be 42 years old at the end of this month
and well 42 years young at the end of this month and I’ve never done that I’ve
always traveled with family or my kids or husband or friends I’ve never jet set
it by myself well my best friend lives in England shout out to Karen Richards
she lives in England we met on my support group and it’s just
crazy anyway so it’s not as if I just jump on a plane and go meet some
stranger anyway I had a great time so I flew to England September 8th and the
month prior bulked up on my yoga bulked up on my meditating started going to the
chiropractor three times a week making sure that I was eating correctly
hydrating correctly because I knew that my body going up in the air is it was
going to produce a lot of inflammation inflammation equals pain pain equals and
you know it changes a person so I wanted to make sure that I gave myself self
love and self care so I really just focused on me for that whole month of
August so I anyway I took my trip whit had a great time the first night I slept
really really well it was amazing and it wasn’t like a jetlag sleep well it was
just like whoo I’m sleepy and I fell asleep I had really no pain when I
landed at all and I was I was just you know exhausted from the trip but I
stayed awake the rest of the day and I fell asleep that night normal time woke
up the next day feeling great as that day went on I began to decline and my
vagus nerve decided to go all wacky back crazy and I had
some anxiety attacks massive panic attacks I was throwing up I had diarrhea
I was very very sick and I scared my poor best friend to death
so not literally but you get my meaning so I was dealing with that vagus nerve
pretty much the whole first part of the week and we had had so much planned to
do so many exciting things to do and I was bound to determine do not Jessica
let this hold you down or get you back and the good thing about the vagus nerve
is it loves to attack you the first thing in the morning when the Sun is
supposed to be rising and the first thing at dusk when the Sun is setting so
you’ll start to get those symptoms and you’ll start to recognize them for me I
get like this warm sensation in my stomach start to feel a little bit of
anxiety and flutter in my body and I can just fill restlessness and and I don’t
like it I can also become nauseous I can wake up nauseous I can wake up with
anxiety wake up with panic wake up with a cough so wake up not being able to
breathe very well that’s your vagus nerve talking to you and you need to
learn how to stimulate that so anyway I spent that whole first part of the week
kind of not feeling very well but still went out had a great time second part of
the week I really got acclimated acclimatized to the weather over there
and had a great time came back and the jetlag was worse when I came back then
when I went over there and I was there for two weeks
y’all I’m gonna flip my camera and see if I can see oh okay okay so if you’re
commenting y’all I can’t see any comments so anyway alright so uh yeah
had a great time came back got really really sick for the first week that I
was back it took me six days to recoup from my
trip ordinarily a person with fibromyalgia or autoimmune
takes days upon days upon days to feel better to feel somewhat back to what we
would consider our normal so but I was very shocked and proud of myself it only
took six days and it says in in Wikipedia or whatever and even my
chiropractor said it’s usually one day of jetlag per one hour you go ahead in
time so you know go forward in time so six days wasn’t bad
I was excited so I came back it got really sick from jetlag decided that you
know things still weren’t going the way that I really wanted them to go and I
wasn’t feeling the way that I really wanted to feel so I began to focus more
on yoga and meditating and then I started thinking you know what my body
is feeling somewhat like crazy enough I’ve lost the next trip total I’ve lost
47 pounds that’s 47 pounds and I started out I started out my journey at 187 is
that 47 pounds 187 point what Evers and I’m now 140 4.5 so whatever that equals
to that’s what I’ve lost um and I could not be more proud of
myself and that’s because I’m I did it my way I decided not to listen to these
medical professionals telling me that I needed this medication that medication
in this medication and then I decided you know screw that it’s not working
their way is not working and I began in this past month all of September and
October really focusing on getting me healthy to pass on the information to
you because it’s working and I know that there’s lots of channels out there for
fibro and chronic paying that say it’s working it’s
working it’s working if you’ve watched my videos you can clearly see the
differences even in my body shape my body posture my confidence level the my
facial features my eye you know everything is just heightened and it’s
because I’ve listened to me this time not what everybody else wanted me to do
I listened to what I wanted to do I wanted to feel better I wanted my life
back I wanted to say even more of a better example for my children I wanted
to get back to work I wanted to feel what life was supposed to feel like life
isn’t supposed to feel like pain and anguish life isn’t supposed to feel like
depression life isn’t supposed to feel like isolation it’s not supposed to be
loneliness it’s supposed to be freedom and no matter where you are freedom and
love and support and care and honesty and I’m just learn I have learned in the
past couple of months just to continue to listen to me because I no longer have
fibromyalgia pain I don’t I have neck pain that I address I have
some back issues still not much because I’ve been going to the chiropractor
ritually I’m sleeping I am dealing with this vagus nerve near Rafi crap and I’m
learning more and more about it every day and I’m researching every day and
I’ve joined support groups for that to learn more I have asked a major fluent a
fluent doctor here in Georgia to take me on as an employee as a partner basically
I want to work with him and be you know help his chronic pain patients to feel
better about themselves so that they can begin
to address the rest of them where is their pain coming from where is the
stress coming from where is this inflammation coming from not just
healing the physical body okay not just healing your vessel okay but healing
your soul down deep inside and healing this and when you do that your body just
falls into line and I’ve just learned that and you know what I hear and
something ago I would not have said to you oh you’re gonna call me a yogi one
day ever ever ever would that be in my vocabulary not because there’s something
wrong with Yogi’s because there’s not because now I call myself a yogi and I’m
happy for him because it’s gotten me out of pain it’s
um made me happier it’s made me lighter it’s made me see things in a different
way I’m stretchier I’m bindi Ron Moore and I’m gaining muscle again and
although it doesn’t look like it you know I am you know I’m gaining that and
uh oh and you can see I’m excited about it and this excitement is not coming
from some prescription bottle or some anxiety medication this anxiety and this
this a this excitement is coming from pure self-love and not listening to
mainstream media or medical professionals telling me that I can’t
get better if you think that fibro can’t be healed you haven’t watched all my
videos to watch the progression if you think that autoimmune can’t be healed
why do you think that way because you’ve been told that because you know that for
sure are you 100% sure I I know 100% that you can heal your body
and it’s taken me over a year to get to this point and let me just tell you
something I know my gut is healing because the amount of sugar I just got
through eating this past weekend on our family vacation should have been enough
to put me in a huge flare no pain no weight gain no bloating no exhaustion
from the sugar I know I shouldn’t have had the sugar because sugar is not good
for us but I wanted to share a s’more with mine my nine-year-old niece and
that’s what I did and I had a great time doing it and I made memories at the same
time and you know so yeah I’ve been working on that so I’ve also been
getting back to my hiking went last weekend
not this good but the past weekend went hiking went back to the homestead and
just walked around and went to the falls and this weekend my whole family my
sister’s family my family my mom we all took off to the Blue Ridge Mountains in
Georgia and did a lot of walking there I did a lot of reflecting there and just
was just took in the moment um my vagus nerve decided to act up the second night
I was there just like it did in England I was very very sick um that second
night I woke up vomiting and had anxiety and just did not feel well at all and so
I decided that I needed to come on home a day early so I should have been coming
home today but I came home last night and it’s okay because I look at it this
way the house is quiet my family doesn’t have to worry whether I’m gonna wake up
in the middle night and vomit all over the place so they’ve had a great night
of sleep and I’ve had a great night of sleep and you know what a year ago I
would have never thought this was possible honestly I really honestly
would have told do that a year ago I think I probably
what I told you that I might not be here in a year’s time and now I’m here to say
I’m gonna be here past a hundred if I keep doing this and I’m happy to do that
because I’m learning that life is exciting and it can be exciting it takes
a lot of work it takes a lot of willpower it takes a lot of education
and research dedication commitment to loving yourself enough to get rid of the
negativity that’s in your life to get rid of your stress and I know you’re
probably thinking easier said than done look I know it’s not easy I know it’s
not because I’ve done it and it hurts and it’s a process that one must go
through to be happier and less stressed so I worked through those processes in
the past couple of months I’ve worked through those relationships that didn’t
work out I’ve worked through those negative moments and asked myself why
was that negative and why are you stressed why do you have a heaviness on
your shoulders right now and I guess you could say that pain chronic pain chronic
inflammation chronic illness has taught me all of these things that I’m sharing
with you now because I don’t want to live that way I want to run with my
grandkids one day I want to show the world that one person can change many by
an act of kindness by spreading the word paying it forward sharing energy love
light whatever you want to call it but I can honestly tell you right now that
whatever you’re going through I want you to
stop and tell yourself that you’re enough say I am enough whoever you are
right now whatever you’re going through whatever pain you’re experiencing
whatever it may be close your eyes and say I am enough because you are it
doesn’t matter what other people tell you what matters is what you tell you
and you need to tell yourself every day that you are enough that you
have always been enough that you will always be enough that whatever life
throws your way you can handle um give yourself
permission to love yourself give yourself permission to go to the yoga
mat or the yoga chair and love yourself give yourself permission to take time
out of your day to meditate and breathe and remember who you are you are not
your connick pain you are not your illness you are not what doctors tell
you you are so special and so much more than you ever know and I want you to
know that I’m here for you and that’s why I’m live today because if anything
know that someone in the world knows what you’re going through and that I’ve
walked the path and I continue to walk the path and the path keeps getting
better and better and better and better and I could not be more proud of myself
and you need to be proud of yourself for where you’re at in your life no matter
where you are because you’re here you got to today you you are here and
you didn’t get here by happenchance you you’re here because you took the journey
um and I want to do that with you so that’s what I’ve been doing in the
past couple of months I’m also kind of adjusted a little bit of my regimen as
far as my supplements I still obviously take my bovine colostrum LD from
sovereign laboratories twice a day you can find that information at WWE at or
is calm and let me see if I could spell that correctly s o ve r e I G in
laboratories calm and you can also go to WWF on Health Initiatives org and learn
more about it there so I’m still doing my colostrum twice a day I have really
tried hard to get as much caffeine out of my system as possible for about a
month I had caffeine completely out of my system for about a month I fasted I
did the inter intermittent fasting so I was going anywhere from 16 to 18 hours
without eating and then eating a healthy meal and then making sure that I’m
taking my supplements making sure that I’m keeping on top of all that 2 main
things that I’ve added in my regimen and which I absolutely 100% love ok both of
these are very safe to take the first one is called or checks it’s made by
standard process you can find that on amazon.com or checks is bovine liver and
spleen so that is cow liver and spleen and it’s
powdered and put into a capsule you can take up to four of these a day I take
these at night now what this was great for is it does
put iron in your system as well as promotes relaxation and helps your
adrenals to realize that okay you’re all calm everything’s okay
and fighter fly and it just really helps if you have anxiety attacks you can take
one of these twenty minutes later you’re just like okay we’ll relax whoo
so I love or checks it’s safe to take with any medication okay an only
standard process makes this an standard process is a very very well known great
company so they not to do a pun but they have great standards so anyway great
company love that the next thing made by standard herb I mean standard process
but it says at the top Medi herb but that’s because they they bought out
standard probably and vice versa I don’t even remember anyway if you look up
Siberian ginseng okay even though this is spelled and I cannot
pronounce it BRR but it’s Siberian ginseng so look up standard process
Siberian ginseng and it’ll pull up this root this one is safe as well this one
is great for adrenal support for the day and night and let me tell you why
because it’s an adaptogen it’s a fantastic adaptogen herb and one must
get excited about adaptogen herbs because adaptogen means just that it
adapts to so if you wake up in the morning and you’ve had your colostrum
Yatta Yatta Yatta 30 minutes later you’re ready to start your supp you know
take your other supplements if you took Siberian ginseng this is going to give
you a little bit of a boost in energy and stabilize your mood makes you a
happier person and it really supports those adrenals that’s why it increases
the serotonin it’s it’s just fabulous it’s great for brain fog because it is
supporting your adrenals and if your adrenals are fatigued then you are going
to experience brain fog so my brain fog is getting better
after starting this and I’m very thankful for it so then I take this
anywhere from two to four times a day and I usually have been just sticking
with two times afternoon and night because at night when I take it it
adapts to the body saying okay melatonin needs to be processed oppa me and all
that good stuff Sian and all that needs to be processed for us to go to sleep so
then it adapts to the body and then it promotes sleep as well so I take these
at night along with my melatonin plus alpha and I take those at night and it’s
great for the body and it’s natural and you feel like okay I’m putting good
stuff in that’s gonna help support me and heal me instead of just suppressing
those symptoms with the prescription medications
so you know those are just a couple of things that I’ve added into my regimen
and they are working and I couldn’t be more excited to share that with you so
yeah if you have any questions or comments or share with me what you’ve
been doing you know what have you what’s been the most struggle for you for me
the past couple of months has been brain fog and fatigue and I’ve been working on
that and what I’m doing is working and and I just want to share that with you
so that you can feel better as well but yeah if you have any questions or
comments please let me know and thank you so much for subscribing to my
channel and don’t forget to hit the bell so that you’ll get notified if ever I do
go live again or when I do put out new videos and I promise I’m getting back to
them I have more and more and more ideas so they’ll be coming to you a promise
and thank you again for your support thank you for your love thank you for
your comments and you sharing things about your life because I know that’s
not always easy to share things about ourselves but know that you have a
fellow sister out there fighting a good fight with you and for you and we’ll
continue to share these things with you and you too
you know I’m thankful for you to giving us this platform to be able to come on
here and share with so many and I just thank you for watching and I thank you
for commenting and sharing and subscribing above all I thank you um
head on over if you are looking for a support group
I run a support group on Facebook called in spite of fibromyalgia that’s I in
space spiked SP ite of fibromyalgia and I also
have a Facebook page changing the face of fibromyalgia if you want to go on
there but you’ll get tons of benefit in the support group it’s private it’s
closed there are some questions you need to answer in order to get approved but
head on over and we’d love to have you and if you’re already a part of the
group thank you for your support and thank you for coming on here today and
watch me go live so thanks guys y’all go out there and continue to have the good
fight and continue to tell yourself you’re enough continue to listen to your
gut and do what you want to do and be your own advocate and know that there’s
people out there listening and people out there fighting with you and for you
so y’all take care and we’ll see you next time I

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