Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. So today I’m going to be talking a little bit about psoriasis, but really any skin condition or even any autoimmune condition in general. I get a lot of questions between YouTube and Instagram asking what to do if you’re doing everything right in terms of diet and supplements, but Your psoriasis is not getting better. So what can you do to really start clearing up that rash? My big tip is to look towards diet. If you’re doing proper liver and kidney drainage and Colon drainage and your’re doing Candida cleanses and all the right stuff But just not clearing as quickly as you like, number one, It could just be you have a lot more toxicity than you thought and it might take some time to clear! So be patient. But my second thing is really look towards diet. It’s very common that you might be eliminating all the foods like sugar and bad meats and eggs and nightshades but still not seeing improvement and it might not be that you’re eating unhealthy foods, but it could be that you’re not eating enough alkaline foods! So even though you’re not eating eggs and nightshades and gluten and that kind of stuff, you could still be eating too much acidic foods. Maybe too much protein maybe too many fats but not enough green vegetables and alkalizing fruits. Which could mean that your body’s just too acidic and your rash physically won’t clear If your body’s acidic. You have to be kind of more alkaline. So what I recommend is if you’re doing everything right and you’re not getting improvement look at your diet. Try to do green veggies at every single meal. But then on top of that try to do chlorophyll to alkalize, but lots of easy to digest vegetables as well. So I always recommend a green smoothie. Spinach or kale with some celery and you can throw in lemon or grapefruit and some apple and try to drink that one or two times a day if you can handle raw food. Otherwise, steam all your vegetables, but just do lots and lots of greens. You can steam zucchini and even apple and stuff first and then puree it in a smoothie if you like. I like smoothies because your body won’t have to strain to break down the fiber in the vegetables and fruit. You’ll just get a lot of the nutrients from it. So smoothies are always my my way to go You don’t have to do something a smoothie though, you could do a soup as well. But just overall, do try to do greens at every meal whether it’s steamed or raw and then try to do some smoothies that are really Alkalizing. Blueberries, strawberries and then either steamed zucchini and some steamed apples or something or you can do raw if you can handle raw. But I think that’s a big issue that people kind of miss is they’re like, well, “I’m not eating nightshades, I’m not eating egg or red meat or gluten or sugar. So why am I not getting better?” So then I asked I kind of look into their diet and I say “What are you eating?” and they’re like “I do protein at every meal and I’ll do like some avocado with it or something”. But unfortunately, protein is really acidic and even healthy fats are usually acidic. So you do want to make sure you’re getting Actual green vegetables and lots of berries. Once you start doing that and you give your body a chance to become alkaline, you’ll notice your skin will start to clear up and your rashes will start to flatten. Your skin overall will start to look healthier and you’ll get better. Give it time! I just want to share that tip with you because I get a lot of people asking so I figured you could all benefit if I just put it into a video. So definitely look into that also more alkalizing things like hot lemon water and you can also do lots of herbal teas. I love peppermint, ginger, matcha lattes, golden milk or turmeric lattes. Those are all alkaline! So if you’re consuming those kind of things you’re going to push your body into the alkaline state a bit quicker. The whole idea is that if you have too many toxins, which you do if you have psoriasis or autoimmune conditions, then it means that your body is too acidic because of all that inflammation. So alkalizing it takes time and effort and Unfortunately just diet is not enough. So liquid chlorophyll, lemon water, herbal teas, are another way to just kind of boost you into the alkaline side. So I really hope that this video helped! It’s just a short video I wanted to get up for you guys. I’ve been so swamped this week with work that I haven’t been able to pump out as many videos that I liked. So hope this is okay and It’ll hold you over until I get some more content out. I have a lot of good stuff that I just need to edit and upload. So stay tuned! But I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch it I love you all and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye!


  • Happy Holistic Life says:

    Do you consume veggies at every meal? and are they GREEN veggies? 🙂

  • omraz 786 says:

    Would u recommend taking triphala 4 detox and digestion?

  • Michael Putnam says:


  • Someone xx says:

    What if u hardly eat during the whole day? Like in the morning il have a green apple and almonds then in the evening a small piece of fish and a small amount of broccoli. I just don’t get hungry, is this okay tho for Candida and psoriasis?

  • Kauser Khan says:

    This makes so much sense ! Thanks for the reminder ! Alkalizing your body is the key!

  • Ponto Jo says:

    I don't know what you mean by all your drainage references. Do you have a link that explains this?

  • Ponto Jo says:

    Very interesting about the acidity

  • Ponto Jo says:

    Do you think urticaria is related to acid diet?

  • arnbassbaritone says:

    Do you have any knowledge on steroids? I cant lose weight because of sleep schedule from work. I wanted to use winstrol or clenbuterol.

  • TheGreennblue says:

    Exactly what are the green veggies?

  • Sali Gal says:

    Hi Marla,
    I just tried to use your code for the bone broth and collagen and it’s saying “unable to find a valid discount matching the code you entered”

  • monopolizeme says:

    Thank you so so much for this video. I need to start having green smoothies again to get more alkaline; I think that will really help me. My diet is so clean but I’m missing out on those greens in every meal. Thank you!

  • Loukes says:

    I have psoriasis on my calves and arms for so long now and you just made me realize I rarely eat any vegetables, at all. Damn, that might explain some other health conditions too! Thank you!!

  • rockallday13 says:

    Could wheatgrass juice powder be a substitute for liquid chlorophyll ?

  • French Viking says:

    What kind of water do you drink on a daily basis?

  • Soothed By Rain says:

    What are your thoughts on oxalates?

  • Alaa Wasfi says:

    Thank you for all your efforts⚘
    Please i need your help, i feel so frustrated

    Before 2 years i was diagnosed of hpolyri and i took the therapy so now i have no more hpolyri, but then i started to feel bloated all the time and have a skin and hair problems
    I have also gained 30 kg in one year even i haven't changed my lifestyle in food, in addition every time i play any sport i get bloated

    What would it be?
    Please help me
    the doctors in my country were not enough helpful😭

    And please guys try to help me out if you had the same problem

  • Carpe Diem says:

    i live in country where there is no place for organic , please help me what can i do?also i keep getting sick every week

  • Carpe Diem says:

    something else, i know i have sibo because i had helco bacter infection 2 years ago , it went away now the question if i juice my veggies is it okay instead of blending them?

  • kenz says:

    girl i just wanted to say THANK YOU a thousand times over because your videos have educated me vastly on the root causes of psoriasis and i have been following the leaky gut diet for about two weeks and my skin has cleared up drastically! it truly all begins with diet. it’s crazy that we’re told by doctors that it’s incurable but i’m so grateful for your videos that have lead me to become proof of the opposite!

  • LaSani says:

    👍 Post! Lesson learned, get those ignored /hated veggies back on the plate!!

  • mark lambert says:

    Hello M. video idea- over the counter and prescription drugs that can cause skin issues. Thanks for everything. xiexie

  • M T says:

    Thank you beautiful woman for you videos and help.

  • Diana says:

    Are oranges and strawberries bad for psoriasis?

  • Sun Waves says:

    totally agree. greens with every meal

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