What Shampoo Is Good For Skin Rash And Candida Itch?

What Shampoo Is Good For Skin Rash And Candida Itch?

It’s Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New
Zealand. Thank you for coming back. A question I’ve been asked several times from
people is, what is the best type of shampoo I can use for my scalp or for my skin? I’ve got an itchy scalp, I got itchy ears,
I’ve got itchy private parts. I wanna keep my hair fresh and clean, and
what is a good shampoo I can use? Well, my favorite brand is called Thursday
Plantation. You know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And then plantation, as in tea plantation,
tobacco plantation, whatever. So don’t forget those words, Thursday Plantation. You can find them online on Amazon. I really like this company. I’ve been using their products now for probably
over 25 years. I think they’re fantastic. They make a fantastic range of shampoos and
skincare products and soaps and all kinds of things. The guy who started off that company, way
back, there’s a very interesting story about that. I think I may have already completed some
videos on tea tree oil. You can watch, you can hear me talk about
the story of the swamp, and how the guy got the license to start the manufacturing company. And he got it on a Thursday, so he calls it
Thursday Plantation. Their company would, in my opinion, no doubt
make, likely, the highest grade tea tree oil on the planet. So if you want to get the best tea tree oil,
and tea tree oil has been shown now through multiple studies, and particularly a study
they did in a hospital called, I think it’s John Hunter Hospital, conducted this longterm
skin study in Australia and found that tea tree oil was superior over ketoconazole and
various other types of antifungal pharmaceuticals. They found this trumped the lot. And it’s called tea tree oil, Australian tea
tree oil, Melaleuca alternifolia. New Zealand, where I live in, we’ve got tea
tree as well, manuka and kanuka. But these are different types of tea tree
than the Australian. So the Australian tea tree oil has, through
clinical trials and research, found to have probably one of the highest grade anti-fungal
activities of any kind of essential oil. So, if you’re using a product, make sure it’s
got some element of tea tree oil in it, if you’ve got Candida on the scalp. But even if you’ve got any type of a skin
condition on your scalp, I would recommend tea tree oil, because it is so superior. If you don’t like the smell of it, you can
also have a little bit of lavender oil that goes with it. But it works quite well. There are many things you can use on your
skin. Apple cider vinegar, for some people, if you
dilute it, works quite well as well. Jojoba oil, that’s J-O-J-O, or jojoba oil. That can be mixed with a little bit of tea
tree oil and put on skin areas and that. But if you go to Thursday Plantation, have
a look at their shampoo. It’s fantastic. And that’s the one I recommend. Other companies which I like to use are Jason
and Aubrey Organics. Aubrey make really nice products. Not tea tree, but they do make various medicated
kind of scalp tonics and things like that. But yeah, try the tea tree oil. And if you’re starting to use it regularly,
you’ll find that your scalp will become nice and soft. Dandruff will clear up. Fungus will disappear. Particularly if you use it for three months. Just a small amount every day. I think you’ll be quite surprised with the
appearance of your scalp. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the question.


  • Mad Chaos says:

    I went to Thurdays Plantation, WOW you cannot beat these prices. Thank You so much.

  • Debbie Wilson says:

    I just ordered my shampoo and conditioner! Thank you!

  • Krayun says:

    Good video! What do you recommend putting on the scalp if the shampoo doesn't work?

  • Jack K says:

    Can i just put charcoal powder in ANY shampoo?

  • voula poly says:

    I have been trying to get in contact with you for some time now through email but have not heard back. I have been in contact with Dona Collins several times but she is not able to help me. So I will take my chances are write my story here

    I have been dealing with candida overgrowth on my skin and internally for the last 5 months now. I have gone to 5 hospitals 3 dermatologists and a naturalpathic doctor. I have also done 2 biopsy and they said they still don’t know what it is and then I realized no wonder because skin biopsy do not test for candida ! They tested for mrsa as-well that came back negative. They first started on my vaginal area then spread to my boobs now it is on my back, face, stomach, back, chest and my scalp ! soo itchy. It is appearing as malassezia follicultits not rashes. Also some of them get so bad that they become ulcers that take forever to heal. I was prescribed doxycycline and cephalexin which all made it worse because they were treating it as bacterial instead of fungal and the yeast was just feeding of the antibiotic. I have given up on the medical route and now have gone natural. I have changed to a candida diet as well as I have also been doing gut healing, colon cleanse and liver detox. I have taken soo much supplements to try and kill this and it just will not stop here is what I have tried:

    Oil of oregano

    Fish oil



    Caprylic acid

    Vitmain d3/k2

    Vitamin C

    M7+ Digestive enzyme


    Turmeric 1000mg

    Garlic 2000mg


    Pau D’arco

    Other treatments include:










    – Itraconazole

    Body and face washes I have tried:

    -Tea tree oil


    -Zinc Pyrithone

    – Chlorhexidine

    -sulfur/salicylic acid

    I swear I have tried and researched everything and I can’t get rid of this shit. This has completely ruined my life I have scars all over my face and neck. I have not left my house in these 5 months besides to see doctors. It has been so bad that I had to drop out of school and quit my job and been to the hospital 3 times for suicide. I have loss all hope and every day is a struggle to live. This does not only effect me externally but internally as well to the point where my whole body shakes and tingles and my hands and legs go numb to the point I feel paralyzed and can’t move. It has effected my throat and restricts it making it hard to swallow and my heart races like crazy. I just feel this is killing me from the inside out I am soo depressed and truly feel this candida is going to be the end of me. It is so frustrating when no doctor will help you or believe you when you tell them u have candida when you can visually see it in my mouth, vaginal and stool. I don't know what else to do when I have tried everything possible from candida diet to antifungals have all failed me. I really hope you can help me 🙁

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