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Trichology is the science and the study of hair and scalp maladies or disorders. it is a specialized field that requires practitioners to have a thorough understanding of hair and scalp physiology in addition to knowledge of the body systems and lifestyle factors that may affect hair and scalp as well. It was just a natural progression for me after being in the hair industry for more than two decades. You know, I am living my dream! with Styling hair and offering hair replacement to be given the opportunity to ultimately practice trichology I started training in 2013 and fast forward to now in Addition to my standard practice. I offer follow-up services for physician assisted services and also my location in San Antonio, Texas is a model center that hosts fellow Trichologists nationwide and the hands-on technical portion of their certification training so you know in this industry, it’s imperative in seeking continued education and training, and it’s also important to look for credentialled practitioners when seeking a trichologist Now the initial appointment with me is an extensive one, it’s a consultation. I gather complete client intake medical history Conduct a digital scope of the hair and the scalp, we check the density of the hair, gather urine and saliva for a pH analysis, we evaluate the diet and the lifestyle, we discuss body system deficiencies or even excesses and We eventually I recommend a program and schedule services in varying intervals with follow-up visits until Optimum until we get the desired results Now during this initial Visit many times we can actually identify current diagnosis that is symptomatic of thinning hair or hair loss We like to make sure we work if at all possible with their primary care physician in those cases When it comes to the scalp let me see when it comes to the scalp, I encounter disorders like simple dandruff Which you know is common scaling or flaking and itching of the scalp, but you know dandruff can range it can range from mild to Excessive so we see acne, seborrheic dermatitis which is actually redness, Scaling and itchy and a lot of times you can actually diagnose that by sight We see psoriasis, which is characterized by silvery white scaling or even neuro… neurodermatitis Those are just a few things now each one of these has specific characterizations and therapeutic treatment So when it comes to the hair the most common type of hair loss or alopecia That I encounter is androgenetic alopecia Simply means excessive hair loss and Androgenetic or female and male pattern baldness is actually caused when testosterone Which is a male hormone and an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase produces DHT or dihydrotestosterone So in laymen terms it begins to suffocate the hair follicles, which subsequently can lead to permanent loss Now many women come into my treatment center with diffuse hair thinning throughout their hair or varying types of alopecia So alopecia areata, which is characterized by smooth patches, cicatricial Which is a scarring type of hair loss We see trichotillomania Which is actually a compulsive disorder Which the client pulls their hair out we see a lot of traction alopecia which is caused From trauma or styles that result in too much stress or pulling of the hair. Now, so… for additional questions about the services that I offer or to schedule a consultation The website is TrinityLaceWigs.com and you can also request an appointment conveniently online or email us through the “Contact Us” feature or You can click the link on this video You can also visit me at StephanieLAnderson.com for more information

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