What is the best treatment for ITP? – Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Low Platelet Count

What is the best treatment for ITP? – Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Low Platelet Count

Hello Mr. Sunil Hello Sir I welcome you both in Planet Ayurveda centre. Thank you, Sir And Sir what’s your name? Sushil Are you from Dehradun? And you have been suffering from ITP and your treatment is going on with Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Yes Sir Please tell us when was your disease diagnosed and from where did you consult for the treatment of ITP? Basically I belong to Dehradun and I took treatment from there itself. I had suffered from ITP in January 2018 and I went to a big hospital, where it’s been diagnosed, the platelet count was 15000, bleeding occurred and platelet transfusion had been done, they increased in some constant and when I discharged from that hospital my platelet level was around 1.5 Lac. Then in between one week I did the test twice and level was started decreasing to 60000. The level reduced again? Then I realized that my condition will going to be deteriorate so I consulted the doctor once again, he said it’s totally fine because it’s ITP so the fluctuations will be there because it hasn’t any permanent cure. And what were the opinions of Allopathic doctors? What were they saying? They said to keep on taking medicines. You have to take medicines for life long. Yes they said the same, and then I realized that it is quite difficult to cure. After then I got to know about here (Planet Ayurveda). How did you get to know about Planet Ayurveda? Firstly, one of my known person stays in Chandigarh and Secondly I saw your YouTube Videos. So I came here. When I visited the first time my platelet count was around 1.85 lacs. When did you approach here and consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan? In April 2018 Alright During that time I was already on steroids so my platelet level was around 1 lac. How much mg of steroid you used to take? It’s been very long so I don’t remember exactly but I guess it was of 20mg but the level kept on reducing as it has been reducing below 1 Lac, after taking steroids they fluctuate periodically. When I came here my level of platelet was around 1 lac. Okay And when I started taking medicine from here (Planet Ayurveda) it came up to 1.85 lac in first month but the fluctuation was there and is normal. Yes the fluctuation would be there in the initial period. It kept on fluctuating and it goes up to 1.8 lacs or 1.9 lacs but when I tested on last month…Sorry…on last march the value was 2.07 lacs. Okay sir! This month its 2.32 lacs and last month I was down with fever so I was thinking that it might be reduced due to my fever but it didn’t happen anything like this, I am very happy that the level is 2.32 lacs. I used to think that it came down around 1.5 Lac as the platelets generally came down during fever but it didn’t happened. Alright and what did you change in your diet during the time of the treatment? They gave me a diet chart and I followed the same as well, when in last march Dr. Chauhan has told me to make some changes in my diet. I could take some spices and I have eaten it too but still, it didn’t affect my condition. I would like to show your Prescription and diet chart to our viewers, these are your medicines which you have been prescribed to take and this is your diet chart given to you by Doctor Sahab (Sir) which has been followed by you. We actually made some changes in our diet chart. Please show the updated diet chart to our viewers. This is a new diet chart in which some minor changes have been done. Has this diet chart given to you today only? Yes. What would you like to convey to our viewers? First of all I would say to the Allopathic Doctors that they tell their patients for taking medicine for life time which they shouldn’t say this thing besides this they should encourage patients for approaching Ayurveda because some sort of diseases cannot be cured in allopathic and they shouldn’t deny the fact. And besides this according to me, Ayurveda is capable to cure any disease because when I came here I was very disheartened and lost all my hope that I would ever be able to get a cure. Because you have been told that there’s no cure for such disease in the modern medical system. I went to MAX (Hospital) and I’ve been told that it can be anything, you can have cancer as well while seeing symptoms of mine. It’s a life-threatening disease and difficult to get treatment for the same. In Allopathic they scared me by saying that you could have cancer as well as there might be any chance to get cured, the vaccination would cost 1.5 lac. The treatment for ITP is very expensive in Allopathic system of medicine. Yes too expensive but I would like to say that do visit to Planet Ayurveda. Dr. Chauhan is not less than God to me because I lost my hope that I would ever be getting any cure but now I am totally fit and do physical activities as well. Sir we have already made your one more video before this when your treatment was going on. So did you face any problem till then? No, I didn’t face any problem as I already told in the initial month there were some kinds of fluctuations but when it exceeded, it crossed 2 Lac (Platelets) and now I am also physically active. So do you feel yourself physically totally fit? Yes. I play cricket. And when we talk about your reports, it’s also normal, your platelet count is normal and there’s no bleeding? No not at all. I am totally fit and fine. And there’s no issue if this medicine will extend to a couple of months more. Yes, yes but you have to be fit. Even we’re so happy that you are totally healthy again. Well thank you so much that you have given your time for sharing such useful information with our viewers. But still I would say to all that please do visit to Planet Ayurveda, Thank you. Thank you, sir.


  • Sanjeet Kumar says:

    sir mere pet k upper part mein Jalan or halka dard hota rehta hai jyada mirch masala v nhi kha sakta main scan karwaya usmein kush nhi Aya grm cheej khane pet mein burning jaisa mehsoos hota hai kya mujhe ulser hai

  • Kuvarsinh Jadeja says:

    Ayurved me kitme time ilaj chala apka ? Abhi davay le rahe he ayurved se ya bandh kar di he ? Kya ITP ka permanent solution he ? Pls thoda bataye ..

  • Anand Kumar says:

    Abdominal cocoon syndrome is a rare disease and is difficult to diagnose. Here, we report our experience with 2 patients complaining of mechanical intestinal obstruction signs. Recognition of this entity and awareness of the typical radiological findings may aid in proper management.

  • Raushan Ali says:

    Sir Mughe bhi ITP hai body ache rahata hai sometimes whole body or back muscles pain suggest treatment

  • veer shekhawat says:

    Sir my father is facing ITP problem. Doctors say take contineous mdcines. Please do help us. What can we do.

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