What is the 10 pass ozone treatment?

What is the 10 pass ozone treatment?

Hi everyone, here is Paola. If you started looking into ozone therapy,
you have probably come across a type of ozone treatment which is commonly known as the 10
Pass. So you may be wondering what it is, how it
works, and what it does. And if it could be the right treatment for you, and also if it
can fix the ozone hole over the North Pole. Well, in that case you may look no further.
Cause I got all the good stuff right here for you. Later, I will also talk about how much the
10 pass treatments cost, where you can get them done, and how the hell I know all of
this stuff. So stay tuned till the bitter end. But first, an announcement: if you do not
feel like listening to me, which I can totally understand, because sometimes
I can’t even understand myself, so if you don’t want to go through this
auditory torture, just go to the description below the video where you will find links
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below. Thank you! So let’s begin. What is the 10 Pass exactly and why is it
called the 10 Pass? Well, the real name of this ozone application
is not the 10 Pass, but Lahodny I. I know, this may come as a shock to some of you, but
trust me, I’m not a doctor, and yes there are also Lahodny II and Lahodny III, but they’re
still under development. Lahodny is the name of the former Austrian
gynecologist and surgeon who invented the 10 pass around 3 to 4 years ago. After retiring,
Dr. Johann Lahodny, instead of roaming the Alps or collecting pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger or whatever retired people in Austria do,
decided that his contribution to medicine wasn’t quite done yet. He used his hyperbaric
ozone generator and started experimenting on himself. … doesn’t sound right … But yes, he was administering ever greater
ozone amounts on himself and was continuously pushing the known limits of ozone therapy. He finally arrived at a procedure which had 
the following strictly defined parameters: 200 ml of a patient’s blood were drawn with
the help of a vacuum, then combined under pressure with 200 ml of ozone/oxygen gas at
a concentration of 70 mcg/ml. At the same time 20,000 units of heparin were
added. The blood and ozone were mixed and then re-infused into the patient’s arm at
a hyperbaric pressure of up to 0.8 bar. This was then repeated 10 times within around
1 to 2 hours. And that’s where the colloquial name comes
from: because the blood has to be drawn and treated 10 times it results in TEN PASSES. Get it? 10 times – ten passes? So in total this led to a volume of 2,000
ml of ozone/oxygen and a staggering 140,000 mcg of ozone. Dr. Lahodny was adamant that this procedure
had to be performed in this manner and only in this manner. Anything less and the effects would not be
the same and it would not be a true 10 pass. Since then though, those parameters have been
loosened up a bit. So instead of 20,000 units of heparin, now
Dr. Lahodny advocates the use of only 7,500 units. But instead of using 200 ml of ozone/oxygen
gas with each pass, now often 300 ml are used. Which increases the total volume of ozone/oxygen
to a combined 3,000 ml and the ozone dosage to 210,000 mcg. And that’s for a single 10 pass.
If you think that’s crazy, then consider the fact that during the last seminar in summer
of 2018 Dr. Lahodny announced that he started doing 20 passes. Even 30 passes have been successfully completed. Talk about being an ozone junkie, eh? So, yes, the good doctor surely likes his
ozone. In order to perform the 10 or 20 Pass, or
500 Pass or wherever the number stands at now, in a timely manner and to get the whole
benefit of the procedure, a hyperbaric ozone generator is used. That type of machine is
able to create both positive and negative pressure. Currently, there is just one main manufacturer
of hyperbaric ozone generators, and that’s the German manufacturer Herrmann Apparatebau.
Besides that there is also a in my opinion strange back-office type of boutique shop
which offers what I consider an outdated hyperbaric ozone solution. That’s the Zotzmann. The Herrmann company, known for their state
of the art green 10 Pass machine, is a market leader essentially in every country, except
in the United States. There, the Zotzmann appears to be more popular.
And the reason for this seems to be because of the unrelenting and highly misleading smear
campaign of a single individual. Or at least that’s the personal conclusion I arrived
at after investigating this issue in depth. I’m planning to make another video on this
topic soon. Which, judging from the speed with which I’ve
been making videos so far, means that it should come out by the time Dwayne Johnson will be
the next US president. So stay tuned. So how does the 10 pass work? There are several claims which Dr. Lahodny
makes which he says are responsible for the sometimes remarkable results of the 10 pass:
Claim number 1: Stem cell stimulation. Dr. Lahodny is convinced
that once a patient’s blood has been treated with the amounts of ozone at the ozone concentration
he so specifically determined, the body starts to produce increased amounts of stem cells
which spur unprecedented healing abilities. The problem is that so far this could not
be supported by any laboratory tests. But that has not discouraged Dr. Lahodny from continuing
to claim that that’s what happens. So he keeps on looking for those elusive stem cells. Because as he says “it’s the only logical
explanation for the observed effects”. Claim Number 2: 
Hyperbarics. Another claim that doctors who offer the 10 pass make is that the hyperbaric
aspect, so the fact that ozone is mixed with the blood under pressure, results in a higher
saturation of the blood and that more of the beneficial ozone byproducts are created. Which
is, so they say, what contributes to the extraordinary powers of that treatment. Claim Number 3. 
Being part of ozone therapy, the 10 Pass has all the benefits of conventional ozone treatments.
And that means It’s immune system boosting and immune system modulating
energy increasing detoxifying
metabolism stimulating pain reducing
anti-inflammatory antibacterial
antiviral improves blood circulation
improves your marriage reduces your taxes
brings peace to the Middle East Wait what? 
I don’t think this is right. Could somebody check this? Claim Number 4. 
Heparin: A very important factor is also the anticoagulant. Whenever you draw blood out
of a patient’s body, you need an anticoagulant otherwise the blood will start to clot and
it will be impossible to perform the procedure. This is especially true for the 10 pass where
liters of blood are drawn. The anticoagulant of choice here is heparin. Which is generally
very well tolerated. But there are exceptions, as with everything. Dr. Lahodny is convinced that the heparin
adds another therapeutic and rejuvenating aspect to the treatment because of its blood
thinning properties. So when is it indicated to do the 10 pass?
Which health problems respond the best to the treatment? In general, the 10 pass can be applied in
all the areas where ozone therapy has been typically used for the past over 100 years. These can include:
Chronic wounds which do not respond to conventional treatments like antibiotics or even surgery. Dr. Lahodny presents an impressive collection
of before and after pictures which attest to that. Low immune system, and conditions with chronic
inflammation like arthritis, or psoriasis. Ozone therapy of all forms is really good with those.
Lyme disease: There are a number of reports of people having successfully treated Lyme
or have at least improved their symptoms considerably. Also viral infections like Herpes simplex,
Herpes zoster, and Epstein Barr can respond favorably to ozone therapy, or it can even
lead to a complete elimination of the problem. Another area is chronic fatigue syndrome or
depression where the 10 pass may be indicated. According to my observations, most patients
report improvements of varying degrees, rarely complete resolutions though. Those often require a multi-factor approach
which may include metal chelation, dietary changes, fecal matter transplants, structural
adjustments, removal of breast implants, or getting a new pink couch. Don’t laugh. Pink deficiency – that’s
a real thing. Look it up. Dr. Lahodny is also convinced that the 10
pass is a great preventive measure. He suggests to do 2 treatment courses per year as a protection
against physical degeneration and general decrepitude. Yeah, I probably should do some
of those then. Next question:
What’s the damage? How much does a 10 Pass cost? In the US and Canada prices for a 10 Pass
vary between $400 and $1,200. Finding someone who offers it for $400 in North America, seems
to be extremely rare and a lucky find. The procedure is much cheaper in Europe. There
you can find practitioners who offer 10 Pass treatments for as little as Euro 120. Dr.
Lahodny himself currently asks for between 120 and 170. So it may be cheaper to fly to Europe, stay
at a nice airbnb or on a beautiful Mediterranean island and go in for a whole month worth of
10 Passes. Imagine lying on the beach, enjoying the sun,
slurping Greek yoghurt, eating goat burgers, I think they eat goat meat on Cyprus. Well, whatever they do, I hope they’re not
vegan, because being vegan sucks. I will tell you all about it in my new video,
entitled “Why the vegan diet is the most unethical there is”. I know, it sounds so – obvious. And by the way: for every hateful comment
by the vegan mob I promise to eat a whole chicken. Hahaahaaa!! 
Where can you find a 10 Pass practitioner? One thing you can do is join the Facebook
group The Ozone Group. We have compiled a list of known 10 Pass ozone doctors all around
the world. Check it out. Don’t forget to answer ALL THREE questions, otherwise you
won’t be approved. Besides that, you can google ozone therapy
in your area. If the doctor’s website does not explicitly mention the 10 Pass, they may
offer it anyway. Just call them up and ask. Now before you go in for some 10 Passes, I
think it’s good to keep the following things in mind:
Number 1: keep your expectations at a realistic level, do not buy into the hype. When you
talk to a practitioner, it’s good to be cautious about any proclamations of success
rates which will be impossible to verify for you anyway. 
Yes, the treatment can yield great results, but I think some things get often overblown
and used as a justification for the exaggerated prices. Number 2: As with every treatment: there is
no guarantee that a series of 10 Passes will help you. If it does – great! If it doesn’t,
look into other areas. Number 3: Not everyone has the right veins. 
Good, strong veins are necessary for the 10 Pass. Make sure your doctor has inspected
your arms properly before selling you onto a 10 Pass. Number 4: There are a few other contraindications
like transplanted organs, overactive thyroid, special heart conditions, and a few other
things. Your doctor should ask you about them. Number 5: keep in mind that the effect of
the 10 pass may not be permanent and that you may need to repeat the treatment. Which
means spending a lot of money more than once. Number 6: Don’t forget to inform yourself
about the possible risks. All forms of ozone therapy are very safe, that does not mean
they’re completely without risks. With the 10 Pass this may mean adverse reactions to
heparin. In order to learn what those are, please check out the article I have written
on the topic. Number 7: Be careful if your doctor combines
the ozone treatments with things like glutathione or intravenous chelation. Those things have CONSIDERABLE SERIOUS risks.
Yes, many people benefit from them greatly. And many people get hurt by them tremendously.
Some remain with horrendous nerve pain, migraines, crushing fatigue, dizziness, inability to
walk or talk. And no, this is not one of my bad jokes. This
is real. Intravenous chelation can mess you up – badly.  Don’t take my word for it,
just check any metal detox group. Number 8: You may not need the 10 Pass. Regular
ozone treatments may do the trick for you without bankrupting you. Think about it. So, Paola, how come you know all this stuff
about the 10 Pass? Huh? Well, here is the deal: I have attended two
seminars with Dr. Lahodny himself. Both seminars were dealing specifically with the 10 Pass. I have also two additional certificates which
attest to me having completed one course and one instruction in the application of hyperbaric
ozone. So I attended a total of 4 courses, seminars,
and workshops which were all dealing with the hyperbaric ozone therapy. I also own a hyperbaric Zotzmann machine and
have performed a number of multi-passes. Additionally, I have visited both manufacturers: Herrmann
Apparatebau and Zotzmann at their respective headquarters in Germany. So, I know my shit, y’all. Well, actually the more I know the more I
realize how little I know. That was deep, I know. Not quite as deep as the ozone hole above
the North Pole. But you can fix that if you do 300 passes on the Herrmann, easy. And yes, this was a joke.
Not a good one, but it was a joke. So please, do not write to me asking if ozone
therapy can fix the fucking ozone layer, ok!! Here is what I definitely know: is that you
should not take anything I say as expert advice. I’m just a crazy lady on the internet. You
know like there are crazy cat ladies, I’m the crazy ozone lady.
And don’t forget: if you have too much money on your hands, you can totally count on me,
I’ll help you out. Just send donations to my paypal account [email protected]
Help me buy a new pink couch. I think I’m already bored with the one I have. So take care, keep it pink, and go eat a damn
steak. See ya! Please, keep in mind that nothing I say here
should be misunderstood as medical advice. If you’re sick, go see a doctor, don’t
watch Youtube videos of a crazy cat … uh I mean ozone lady.


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    You might remember me, G from NJ, long time Lyme sufferer? We have spoken over the phone.

    Yup, I'm still sick, but I've decided to try an extended water fast to see what results I get, that's how desperate I've become.

    I'm familiar with 10 pass, and would love to try it, but as you are clearly aware, here in the States health is a big "for profit" industry, where only the rich can afford treatments such as this.

    What a truly sad reality that is, huh?

    Still, I do plan on one day scraping up enough $$$ to give this a try, in the hope that 1 treatment 'could' have a profound effect.

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