What is Psoriasis? Explained by Dr. Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

– The question is psoriasis. Well, psoriasis is a disorder
that affects the skin and the joints of the body. So when the skin gets super dry, the immune system sends
out all these immune cells and try to surround that
super dry, itchy skin. And then, what happens is
you get red, puffy skin and we call it swelling or inflammation. Well, because it’s dry and it’s puffy, we get cracks in it. The cracks allow bacteria
in from our environment. When the bacteria gets in the bloodstream through that cracked dry
skin, it then can circulate through the body and the
bacteria ends up in the joints, attacking the cartilage. We now have arthritis and psoriasis, and they’re linked together. If it were me, I would
look for a gel made out of a special liquid that doesn’t
require a prescription that destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast, and I would keep that gel on
that dry skin called psoriasis as often as it takes
to keep the skin moist. It might be once a day, fives times a day, even ten times a day. But the bottom line here is it can destroy the secondary infection,
bacteria getting in through that wound and
into your bloodstream, hoping and helping the rest if your body, even at the level of your joints. Silver gel in an aloe and
in an extra strength form, or My Doctor Suggests best form of something you can use on your skin. What that means is that
if you can take this and it’s safe enough to brush
your teeth with as well, it’s easily safe enough for your arms. Recognizing or destroying
bacteria, viruses, yeast. We’re keeping all the warm,
moist areas of your body so that they don’t grow bacteria, so that they don’t grow yeast, so that the odors don’t come in, so that they don’t cause
wounds to have a problem. With this in mind,
recognize you can use this on feet that have a problem. You can use this anywhere
you want, but most people are going to use it right
here because we know 70% of all germs and all illnesses are transferred by hand contact. What that means to you,
is you have a portable protection system from our silver gel.

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