What is Phimosis | Foreskin Problems in Men | Essential Phimosis Information

What is Phimosis | Foreskin Problems in Men | Essential Phimosis Information

hello everyone welcome from dr. Vijayant
govinda and govinda healthcare and today we’re going to talk about what is
phimosis what is foreskin and what are foreskin problems I have planned these
videos as very short very concise and very to-the-point videos to answer all
your questions and your doubts about foreskin and about phimosis hi I’m dr.
vijayant govinda Gupta I am a consultant urologist in New Delhi India and andrologist. andrologist is a men’s health expert A dr surgeon who handles
physical problems of men by his use of surgery why should you listen to me. well
I am an MCH urology that is a post graduation degree in the field of
kidneys prostate and male sexual disorders from PGI Chandigarh a premier
Institute in India besides doing my Master’s from Maulana Azad Medical College
again among top three colleges in India apart from these I have also
trained across the world especially in China and Korea to provide the
best care for you in Delhi India today we will speak about five important
concepts regarding foreskin and the phimosis first we will understand what
is a prepuce then we will go on to understand what is the normal way that
the prepuce should function then we will talk about harms of phimosis we will understand what phimosis or how phimosis can harm you and finally
what is the cure available for this problem of the phimosis what is a prepuce
prepuce or foreskin is a skin as a thin skin covering the glans or the distal
most or the the pointed part of the male penis if you are a Muslim or belong to a
culture in which circumcision is practiced at birth then most probably
you do not have a prepuce or a foreskin how does the normal produce look and
function or normal produces thin compliant
is of the same color as your skin and usually will move back easily in both
the flaccid and the erect state this is how normal preview should function and
the prepuce is usually connected to the penis by a thin ligament or a thin
connective structure which is called as a frenulum that connects the skin to the penis at what
is phimosis phimosis is when the prepuce or the foreskin becomes narrow that is
either it is too long or the tip does not open which does not allow the skin
to move back completely as in normal this can cause a number of harms to the
man 1 it can cause painful erections making sex difficult or impossible then
this gives rise to a lot of Hygiene problems because since the prepuce does
not move back there is collection of smegma and this can give rise to
infection UTI is burning and other problems and this wet contaminated dirty
environment can be a breeding ground for STDs and for developing cancer later in
age so then what is the cure for phimosis there are three scientific
cures for phimosis if the patient is young and the phimosis is not too severe
then application of steroid creams or stretching sizes can maybe cure it in
some patients otherwise you would have to undergo a
surgical procedure which could be either/or circumcision which is again of
many types or it could be a preputioplasty so I hope that I have
gotten across to you and have been able to help you understand what is phimosis
and maybe make you help you make a decision to get care or treatment for
that you can catch more of my videos on this particular topic or this particular
surgery on my youtube channel to which you can subscribe or on our website
which is drvijayantgovinda.com you but also whatsapp me on my number or email
to me or write to me on this address and I would like to or and I will try to get
back to you as soon as possible on the issue if you are in Delhi or plan
to visit India and it is in Delhi then you can always take an appointment
with me at my clinic thank you for your time and listening so patiently thank


  • A. Protasov says:

    Another option: you can use rings for phimosis http://foreskin.usite.pro/

  • K Jeet says:

    Sir kitna kharcha aaega set krne mai

  • A cup of bleach says:

    I dony live in india but i have an question. Can i cure it with oil, water or by putting some liquid under the skin or do i have to stretch it for a while?

  • Three Two says:

    I can pull back my foreskin but my problem is that it hurts still and also i realised that i have a red line under the foreskin which goes down to the balls

    I dont know what to do and what i actually have

  • Aks Rana says:

    wo skin piche kaise hogi wha toh ek nas h jo use piche nhi hone deti sir plz tell something

  • Ala Surya says:

    i have large skin at penis fore side some times iam getting pain due to urine storage.plz tell me how to cure

  • Aman Kumar says:

    hlo dr.
    how much money spend in this and
    how many days it is complete
    or pain kitna hota hai
    and last que;- bina iske kam ni ho sakta

  • AMAN KUMAR says:

    Dr. Mere penis me ganth si hai or isme peep bhi aaya hai or boold bhi to kya yeh cancer hai Or agar mai kuch din or circigmcisson na karu to koi dikkat to nahi hogi 6month ke bad kra lunga

  • baon kang says:

    lol the music paired with the subject of the video makes it very amusing

  • JS hard works says:

    Sir pls tell me normal prepuce solution

  • Abhishek Garg says:

    Sir, there is a thin skin bridge between glans nd inner foreskin. I have tried betamesthone but nothing happened, what shall I do?


    Sir I am 17 year old and I'm having this problem, my foreskin goes back and come forward when in normal form of penis but when the penis is erected it does not go down the glands… Please help me please sir.

  • alloi annan says:

    there is a thin connection on top of my penis whis causes the foreskin not to move back what should i do

  • Braveheart says:

    Hello, I'm not sure whether I have phimosis or not. I think it might be some very mild type of it. I can fully retract foreskin and uncover the whole glans both when flaccid and erect but it causes minor discomfort when the tip of the foreskin passes over the corona. Strangely enough, this discomfort seems to disappear when I'm very sexually aroused (probably because the glans is not dry at that time) so it doesn't bother me. If I'm not fully aroused I can feel slight discomfort. What could this be?

  • Bikram Purty says:

    Sir, mera phymosis hua hai. Bataiye mujhe

  • Inder Preet says:

    sir what can i do i think i am suffering for thid

  • Gerardo Perez says:

    If you tear your your foreskin a little and makes a small hole inside the foreskin where it attaches to the head (not the frenulum) will it cure by itself. What should I do?

  • Явор Бориславов says:

    I think that I have it. But means that I will have cancer?

  • Tapan Kumar Nayak says:

    Sir what is the surgical treatment of phimosis

  • La Barrie Musik says:

    When my penis is hard i cant pull back my foreskin but when its soft and dead i can with ky jelly.i am afraid of circumcision because i dont want to lose my foreskin.What should i do?

  • amaresh nayak says:

    Sir I am 28 years old…bt I have phimosis pro…day to day my pensis length is small..sir without surgery plz recommend what is the treatment….

  • Rishabh Keny says:

    Hello sir, I'm not sure whether i have phimosis. Please help me diagnose it. When im erect the foreskin comes back and small part of penis (the tip) is seen. This tip is reddened and pains if I touch it. And while masturbating also i cannot pull back the foreskin. Please help me. I do not feel any pain while urinating or masturbating but foreskin does not retract easily. Im almost 18 now, should I wait for some time and see if it improves?

  • Vinay Tripathi says:

    Sir after circumsicion operation due to phimosis how much time it's take to recover and come in normal shape ??? Pls sir tell me

  • Munna Michelle says:

    Sir kya over masturbation se normal position par jab penis rehta hai to uska foreskin peeche jaa sakhta hai kya

  • Sinu George says:

    Would you suggest some tropical cream brands?

  • Prasant Behera says:

    Circumcision pe kitina fee lagega

  • Harshit Raikwaar says:

    Gaand phat rahi hai

  • Prodip Prodipkumar says:

    Sir my penis skin before not coming back side now it is in side white colour and some place now coming black colour,sir you have any suggestion?

  • Reverse Fuhrer says:

    My heart breaks. I know I have some type of phimosis. But in Romania, these damn doctors in my city, did not say I have that, even though I know I must have it!

  • prasad88 s says:

    What is the solution for tight frenulum sir ?

  • sebastian idarraga says:

    My foreskin pulls normal when I'm don't have an erection however, my foreskin doesn't pull when I have and erection, do I have phimosis?

  • Ali Ahmad says:

    [13/08, 7:26 PM] aliahmadbaig004: AoA respected sir!
    [13/08, 7:27 PM] aliahmadbaig004: My name is Ali from Pakistan.
    I want to discuss a problem with you
    [13/08, 7:31 PM] aliahmadbaig004: I used Hamdard neobax cream on penis it has damaged skin of my penis shaft and its downward senitve skin . Due to it, penis doesn't get full erection and penis feel pain during erection.
    Plz suggest a medicine which is easily available in Pakistan

  • Pto Reang says:

    Sir I am from north east indian Tripura . My skin not going down. I hope you understand. Sir. Please tall me What to do . Age 24

  • Hated says:

    Im so stupid doctor can u help me when i was 18 they gave me a cream to help with my phimosis i applied and it helped but i am now realizing that it never fully helped my penis retract all the way like the example in the video i think i have paraphimosos because it gets stuck after the head so it doesnt go fully down i just realized this today what should i do? Im 25 now and i thought the cream worked and i didnt know how a healthy penis looked like im so stupid 🙁 please help

  • Hated says:

    I have it to the cream they gave me when i was 18 only helped bring it past the head i didnt know it had to go completley down im so stupid i didnt know that the skin was supposed to go all the way down im now 25 what should i do this is an embarrassing topic

  • Grisel Cherry says:

    I found this in my recommended

  • shivam nikam says:

    Sir im 18 years old my foreskin does not go back its tight , will it go back as per age in future or i should get any treatment now ?! Please guide me sir

  • Sandy Gaming says:

    Uncircumsed penis se sex kr skte hai kya

  • Shihoin Yoruich says:

    I cant retract my prepuce fully over my glans, but i dont have any complaints regarding pain and discomfort. I'm 20 now so what would you recommend for me?

  • Longei Phom says:

    Sir,I av foreskin problem so they av any reason to solve the problem witout going 2 doctor?


    My foreskin goes fully down when unerected…
    But it goes halfway when erected…
    What should i do? I am 20

  • Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta says:

    Govinda Medicenter PLEASE NOTE!!

    OUR TWO NEW INCOMING & WHATS APP NO ARE :+91 9999346178 & +91-9999843478

  • Umang Banthia says:

    Sir last wali problm ka Kya solun hai

  • Utpal Sarkar says:

    Is there any clinic in wb

  • neymar 11 says:

    Im 25 now same prblm my foreskin is not getting back

  • Tushar Sanap says:

    Sir 2 month me meri shadi he.. kya muje operstion krvna chai kya….

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