What Is Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone Therapy

As you know in an Integrative Practice such as ours, we take technologies and protocols from all areas of Medicine all over the world and bring the best here for the benefit of the patient. Ozone therapy is one of those. Now we all know about ozone up in the atmosphere and we know that there’s ozone generated by the ocean as well and that ozone is a natural component of our environment. As a matter of fact, as a natural element in our environment ozone is hands-down the most powerful potentiator of human physiology that there is. Ozone really stimulates all sorts of physiological activity and really good kind of activity. So the question is… How do we get ozone? Launch a balloon and pluck it out of the atmosphere? Send out a submarine into the ocean and get it there? No, we actually generate it in our office. A medical grade high purity of ozone and we do that with this apparatus right here. As you can see this is medical grade oxygen. I’m going to turn it on so I’m going to show you how we do this. This device right here is a generator of ozone. The oxygen will flow into this right here and ozone will come out at very specific concentrations. It’ll be a mixture of pure oxygen with ozone. Now remember, oxygen is 02, two oxygen molecules bound together. Ozone is 03, three molecules bound together. I’m going to generate some of that for you and show you how we collect it. Here’s a syringe. I’m going to turn on this machine right here and get it all started up. You can hear, that’s the arcing. When there is a thunderstorm out there thunder and lightning in the atmosphere also creates ozone and that’s why you get that wonderful aroma from a thunderstorm of that fresh air that’s ozone that you’re smelling by the way.That’s also that wonderful aroma and sensation you get by the ocean. We’re
now generating that right here. I’m going to go ahead and turn that on and right out of here now ozone is coming out at a particular concentration, let me see, ahh, ozone. I’ll just put that syringe on there and watch it inflate. There you go. It’s now filling with ozone. Now, this ozone. There are a number of different ways of getting it into the body where we need it in order for it to have its massive therapeutic effect. For instance, in my case, I was due for a total knee replacement last year but instead of doing that we decided, well, let’s use our own ozone therapy as Dr. Pien and I learned and trained in Europe, let’s apply that to my knee. Using syringes like this, this ozone generated right here went into this knee. We did a series of these ozone injections and lo and behold, my knee regrew its articular cartilage and I’m running around without a limp without any pain now for over a year. Ozone injections are amazingly helpful, even curative, for just about every joint in our bodies. Elbows, like tennis elbow, or knees and hips. Shoulders like rotator cuffs Ankles and fingers if you have arthritis. Your spine, all sorts of spinal issues from the top to the bottom. Wrists, like for carpal tunnel syndrome, and of course cartilage and tendons all over. Just about every spot on your body that’s hurting can benefit from ozone injections. That’s one way to get it into your body with injections. Another way to get it into your body is through the blood. We remove some of the blood, just like you’re giving blood at the Red Cross. We inject the ozone into the blood. It does it’s marvelous magic within the bag and you hang that blood up here and then we drip the blood right back into you. You get every drop that we take out, we just put right back in, you don’t lose a drop, but it’s infused with the ozone. The real powerful and therapeutic outcomes of ozone can kind of be segregated into two different areas. One is the powerful immune boosting and the other is its powerful stimulation of healthy tissue regeneration. Get a load of all these things that ozone
is good for. Bacterial infections, even chronic ones, such as Lyme disease, chronic candidiasis and fungal infections. Neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and even neuropathy from diabetes. Virus infections such as herpes, Epstein’s bar, HIV and hepatitis. All sorts of tissue degenerative conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and lupus. And of course cancer. Now when it comes to heart disease and stroke it’s not only good for those who have had heart disease or stroke but it’s also really good for preventing heart disease and strokes. This ozone is quite miraculous and the miracle is how it interacts with your physiology and empowers your physiology to do what it was designed to do and do it even better. Ozone, good stuff!


  • Kristine Bailey says:

    My husband goes in for regular ozone iv treatments to help with his LYME disease. He swears by it. Says it makes him feel much better and much less fatigued.

  • Douglas R Jones says:

    Hello I'm in Conn, the mouth of the CT river.. Does anyone have any suggestions to help us find access here..?Thank you,

  • Trish Schmidt says:

    One of my friends said she took her mom to an ozone therapy place, they only took cash, give no receipts and they didn't have a machine but an oxygen tank that they used to fill a syringe and needle. Then they injected it into her mother's arm. This situation sounds scary!

  • Ricard Siagian says:

    can oxone can regenerate damage nerves? what about hair?

  • Abdul Hadi says:

    Hello all, i always heard that air bubbles in blood streams is dangerous, my guess is they inject the ozone into the muscle directly, is that correct?

  • Andrew Sansberry says:

    were are the treatment centers located? Is it only in CA.

  • Joe Gamble says:


  • Tim says:

    I'd be worried about the first method causing a n embolism

  • NextDoor Sando says:

    Very helpful and complete! Thanks!!

  • Susan Fudge says:

    Is this beneficial for autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimotos? Where can I go in GA/FL/AL for treatment? Are there procedures/machines for home use?

  • Paul Hang says:

    Can pagets disease of the vulva be treated with ozone therapy?

  • King A - says:

    Hello i have a question so it great ,thats good but your injecting a toxic gas which is ozone into the body arent you concerned about embolism? and wikipedia dosent rate this highly.thanks

  • M Andriod says:

    Esteban Antonio's Fantastic results after just one Ozone Treatment for COPD, what do people think? https://youtu.be/HuBVC1rBtvM

  • Remington Preece says:

    please help! can ozone help with herniated discs causing nerve problems? such as l4 S1?

  • garlicdawg says:

    nice work…

  • surplusdriller1 says:

    dont realy know how to tell how it works just say its really good and add some good graphics. THIS is dangerus BS

  • Galo Atiaga says:

    Is there any literature to support it?

  • Hermes Gacutan says:

    it cures HIV as far as I know

  • Ariel Llerena says:

    Can ozone help heal my herniated disc, it's not hitting a nerve all the pain is in my back, I heard ozone can reduce the size of the disc but I'm not really concerned about that I have no pain down my leg

  • lego mego says:

    Hey ive got a question , im on the brink of getting melanoma sadly to say on my genitals what would be the best way of preventing this condition getting anyworse blood therapy ? the ozone air thearpy or both ? thx i hope you respond >< !

  • elite cure says:

    i got knee meniscus grade 3 tear can it heal if i take ozone injection if so how to contact you where are you located sir

  • Kris Nordberg says:

    How many injections for you knee to regrow cartilage? I have bone on bone on my hip, how helpful would that be for me?

  • jahid hussain says:

    kya slip disc treatment ozone therepe se ho skata h or kam kaz kar sakte h

  • tombobbie1 says:

    From all the literature that was shown on YouTube on Ozone Therapy, it said it is very dangerous to inhale Ozone. Why did you just do it in the beginning of your video? I am interested to use this on Liver Cancer. Do you apply this treatment for liver cancer? If not, can you instruct me on where I am go. It is for my husband and we need this asap please? 🙂 Thank you!

  • Community Acupuncture West says:

    injection of air directly into the body can kill you.

  • MrHwil RRR MGTOW says:

    Ah wow!! :0

  • Christopher Turner says:

    Room air in a artery will cure every disease….. Permanently…… For eternity!…..

  • Adam Turley says:

    Love this video. For the fourth year in a row I've shared it with my year 12 chemistry class after teaching them about the dangers associated with the generation of ozone in photochemical smog…

  • Monica D. says:

    Omg I wish to all that is good that this is really true. Both my parents are HIV positive my father infected my mother. My father died from it last year and now all I can do is heartbreakingly see my mother suffer with this I prey that this is really true and that my mother can smile the way she use too. I wish people could understand how much this treatment is truely nneedd.

  • Mahmoud al-ashkar says:

    Hello everyone … im a bodybuilder ive been in pain for a lot of years ( elbows ) tried wave shocks prp physical therapy chortisone shots hill therapy … name it i tried almost every thing with no benefits … left gym lost my gains and every time i feel well as soon as i come back to gym the pain comes back with me … its like i must not train 🙂 so i will try this ozone shot and see if it can be any benefit !!

  • chris livingstone says:

    can ozone therapy can cure my advace psoriatic arthrtitis

  • aaron fr says:

    what is the difference between medical ozone and normal ozone generator

  • Huni Buni says:

    Ozone is great but the way they are injecting it looks like an embulism waiting to happen LOL

  • Dhar 29 says:

    Can ozone therapy help desiccated disk in lumbar l4-l5, plus little bulge in l5-s1 ?

  • Carmelita Santiago says:

    I believe ozone therapy, esp. the RHP ,or Recirculatory HemoPerfusion is the answer for dengue virus infection. I hope the good doctor will confirm this for the benefit of the unbelieving victims from Asia and third world countries.

  • Amateur Tech says:

    I’m sorry but did I just hear that your spine can benefit from ozone injections? Sounds like how to get paralysed 101 to me. Seriously why would you inject yourself with a gas in the first place and a toxic highly reactive one that destroys organic matter at that.

  • Maria S. Rodriguez says:

    Alguien me podría desoír donde yo consigo este tratamiento si me ayudará con mi altritis soy de PR

  • AcousticSoul87 says:

    Can this help a torn ACL?

  • God's Grace says:

    can ozone therapy cure muscular dystrophy?

  • Hariharan Mohanakrishnan says:

    Shall you give me Ozone therapy treatment?

  • Dinora Lucas says:

    Dr .Frank how often do I aplay ozone  for stage 3 cancer

  • Paracelsus says:

    Tons of my clients use ozone therapy . I'm not in the white pages for a reason, same with other effective professional services . Cures and solutions are kept secretive . Sad but true.

    Seen a woman go from ALS diagnosis to more concerned with getting a fake ID and leaving the country after she was treated . Strange times .

  • Breauna Scott says:

    My mother cured her friends breast cancer with her ozone oxygen home generator, she also gives me a dose everyday, however I can do it by myself now, but this stuff is amazing and I have no more anxiety, my systematic infection is gone I have not been sick in a year and I have the most every I have ever had! 🤣 I suggest this to everyone! I feel amazing there is no gimmicks about it! This stuff heals whatever sickness you have. My mother has helped so many people, if you have not tried this you should consider making this part of your daily schedule!

  • Sejal Arora says:

    Is this therapy beneficial for rare blood disorder ( Thalassemia) ???

  • Megan Reed says:

    You mispronounced a few disease names in there… it's "Lyme" not "Lymes"

  • Bethany Herr says:

    Are there any patients that would not be good candidates for this procedure? A Dr recommended it as I tested positive for several viruses (Epstein Barre, strep, walking pneumoniae) but my main Health concern is Thoracic endometriosis that causes pneumothorax air blebs and low oxygen when I menstruate. I'm wondering if any of these pre existing conditions would be reason to do or not do the treatment? I guess I'm just concerned about safety w already low O2. Thank you in advance for any advice!

  • Philip Matthews says:

    Air made your knee cap grow back?

  • Philip Matthews says:

    Can you put the ozone in saline and infuse it instead of taking out your blood?

  • Sweta Pandhi says:

    ozon therapy cure in hearing loss,?

  • Suryakant Gaikwad says:

    Kharcha kitna aata hai sir

  • Anony Ninja says:

    i knew somebody that had a friend who's sister's boyfriend's cousin's wife's uncle grew new legs using ozone therapy.

  • FishSticks says:

    ozone is for pussies. I inject chlorinated blood.

  • surya kc says:

    Is this helpful for wrist tfcc chronic pain..?

  • The Eye says:

    Isn't Ozone toxic?

  • John Byrne says:

    How does ozone therapy and its results compare with that of stem cell therapy? I'm asking for the sake of my (liver) cancer-stricken wife who is likely gonna have to re-endure chemotherapy again starting next week. Thanks so much to anyone for your time and detailed feedback!

  • truvision7 says:

    If someone knowledgable on alternate forms of ozone could help me with this question Id be so thankful. I am trying to heal a chronic illness and am currently on several medications of which I would love to get off of. I am a little dissapointed though because I recently purchased an ozone machine but after two uses of rectal insufflation I could tell it was speeding up the rate that my liver was clearing the meds and with the ones Im on I cant have that.IV ozone didnt seem to have this effect but I was looking for something more long term and economical.

    I can see I cant do RI until Im off the meds but was wondering if something like limb bagging,cupping, sinus or EI might be a suitable replacement in the meantime that wouldnt have this effect. I have already talked to my doctor about ozone and he gave the go ahead but doesnt know anything about it.Any guidance is much appreciated!

  • Vex T says:

    First off the human body is a byproduct of Earth which the atmosphere is what sustains life on the surface of the planet for countless ages, so skeptics who claim that injecting ozone air into the human body does no good are plain ignorant of science and simple physics!

    Secondly the human body is composed mostly of water aka H2O, so it makes absolute sense that pure ozone mixed directly with your blood instead of having contaminated air circulate throughout one's body will vastly help alleviate or cure human illnesses by super stimulating the human immune system which uses blood to do most of it's cleansing work.

    Lastly contemporary mainstream medical techniques and practices taught at colleges or universities are mostly orientated with quite harmful pharmaceutical prescriptions or repairing the bodily illnesses with expensive risky surgical means, so if a less invasive alternative cure like ozone therapy is readily available to people for way cheaper price treatments then is it not reasonable that mainstream medical practitioners and their financial supporters don't support ozone therapy because it is not lucrative to their accounting bottom line?! The mainstream medical practitioners and organizations along with their corporate buddies work together to make the most bang for each buck so of course they will defame cheaper to afford ozone therapy or any other patient proven cheap alternative medical practices.

  • SanaMente Liese y Salim says:

    Helloo , how many times in a month do you recommend doing it 😃? Thank you ✨🙏✨

  • Swathi Ramachandran says:

    Hi, , where can Doctors get trained to perform ozone therapy?

  • Awais Zahid says:

    Can it benifit cancer that is spread

  • Daniel Chen says:

    Hello dear !!
    Is ozone helps in case of cll??
    Is the case of ozone influence on cll was investigated ??
    Thanks a lot

  • SanaMente Liese y Salim says:

    Does it kill the good bacteria also?

  • Ahmed Rami says:

    How to get out of your own box

  • BeyondYourImagination says:

    April 7, 2019. 19:33

  • firdaus othman says:

    Can o zone kill bacteria sepsis shock?

  • Adam Turley says:

    seven years in a row! shared your ozone video with my chem class again. ozone in the troposphere

  • RoseAgnes Mbebuh says:

    Where is this hospital or Doctor in the USA?

  • RoseAgnes Mbebuh says:

    Most Hospitals in Africa are practicing the Ozone treatment. It is very common in Europe. Why is this treatment not common in the USA?

  • CreativeGirl says:

    What about neuropathy caused by Lyme disease? How many MAH treatments to get rid of neuropathy caused by Lyme disease?

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