What is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C?

What is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C?

Traditional supplements like tablets,
capsules, powders and even some nutrients from your diet are not processed and absorbed efficiently
by your body and are passed as waste never making it your cells where they’re
needed most. LivOn Labs patented Lypo-Spheric delivery system
maximizes the absorption of nutrients by using liposomes. Liposomes are microscopic liquid-filled spheres made from essential
phospholipids. This structure not only protects the
active nutrient from destruction in the digestive system, but also allows liposomes to
seamlessly deliver nutrients to cells in the body. Within minutes of
ingesting Lypo-Spheric supplements our nutrient-filled liposomes enter the
bloodstream intact and release their active nutrients
directly to the cells. LivOn Labs’ Lypo-Spheric Encapsulation Technology is the most efficient way to deliver
nutrients orally, outperforming all other forms of supplements! The difference is in the delivery. Take
your vitamins and nutrients the Lypo-Spheric way!


  • johnny102marvin says:

    What clinical studies do you have to prove that your liposomol vitamin C actually is absorbed into the blood stream at higher levels.  Have you ever measured Vitamin C blood levels in subjects taking liposomol vitamin C and comparing them to subjects taking only oral vitamin C.  I suggest that you post such information if you want people to believe your video is true.

  • Candice T. & Soren says:

    Once the vital nutrients are delivered into the bloodstream, what happens to the packaging? Do you just have extra phospholipids accumulating in the bloodstream? Have there been studies on the effects of this delivery system? I understand the important role that essential nutrient plays, but what is the trade off for injesting and accumulating the packaging/delivery agent?

  • WisdomTooth says:

    How does this compare to Food-Grade Vitamin C like Camu Camu Powder for Example?

  • Irina Godunko says:

    What is the source of Vit C?

  • Dawn Whitehouse says:

    LivOn Labs Vitamin C is truly the best. For the benefit of South Africans: http://thenutrientwell.co.za/product/livon-labs-lypo-spheric-vitamin-c/

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