What Is Leaky Gut and Is It Real?

What Is Leaky Gut and Is It Real?

– Autoimmune diseases
and digestive disorders are more common than ever before. Now there are several
theories as to why this is. But a new condition
called leaky gut syndrome is the most popular. This video is a sales-free
look at what we currently understand about leaky gut syndrome. (xylophone bells) Leaky gut syndrome, or
leaky gut for short, is a condition characterized
by damage to the lining of the intestines or gut. Now, leaky gut is not a
legitimate medical term. However, a leaking gut is
a real thing in medicine. It’s best described as a
loss in intestinal barrier function combined with increased
intestinal permeability. Put simply, the lining of
your intestine controls what materials may pass from the
gut into the bloodstream. An increase in permeability
means large unwanted particles can more easily
leak into the bloodstream. Hence, the term permeate. So medical conditions are
strongly linked with increased intestinal permeability. Those include irritable
bowel disease, particularly Crohn’s disease, but also celiac disease. However, most gastro experts
believe that increased intestinal permeability
and therefore leaky gut is actually a symptom of these conditions rather than a cause. There’s been no research
to show that leaky gut is a cause of any disease
state or illness. Additionally, a certain
degree of intestinal leakiness is natural in order to
allow fluids and nutrients to pass through, and
increased permeability could actually improve water and
nutrient absorption as well as activating the immune system. For this reason, researchers
are not certain of what the implications are for
increased permeability. It appears some is good,
but too much is not, especially in the context
of certain diseases. For this reason, I’m skeptical
of anyone selling the idea that leaky gut is the absolute
cause or driving factor of many of today’s autoimmune diseases and digestive disorders. So it’s definitely real,
most likely a symptom of disease, but there’s so many
more pieces of the puzzle that researchers don’t yet understand. To me it seems that leaky gut
is more of a marketing term that can be used as a blanket
condition to explain a range of health problems. And by going mainstream, it creates a new market for leaky gut supplements and associated products. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video,
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  • WikiPeoples says:

    Another great non-biased, and informative video!

  • Jessica Pascale says:

    I cannot eat without diarrhea or vomiting within minutes. I have extremely low functioning thyroid. I had taken armour thyroid for 10 years and all was well. They changed formulation and it stopped working. I have seen 3 very expensive NYC and CT specialists. Many alternatives that were not bio identical such as levothyroxine have been prescribed and amended relentlessly. I'm still tired and I still can't lose weight. I grew up fit, thin and healthy. I can't get real answers even for $500 per visit. More blood tests… Is my thyroid causing the leaky gut. I'm so sick of being sick and it has reeked havoc on my hair, skin and nails. Also I've become depressed and don't know how much is from this medically and how much is caused by the stress of it all.
    Any insight would be helpful, I realize it is not a medical diagnosis. I just need some opinion from someone who has felt this ill.

  • Jessica Pascale says:

    yes. I have been and went off all gluten with extreme prejudice for a month with no change

  • Manik Pokhetra says:

    i am having different bacterial infections one after another. Can leaky gut be d cause.

  • Kristian Pavic - razz says:

    Whats the cure

  • Mathis Arnell says:

    Dude you are spot on! I swear you cannot find a leaky gut video on youtube that doesn't somehow lead you to someone's website where they sell ebooks and products and sorts of other stuff. I just want to know if leaky gut is completely made up or if I'm suffering from it or not. I have a lot of the symptoms. But I know there's many doctors out there that claim it's not even a real thing.

  • Jayath Vidanage says:

    I get that everyone is trying to say it's a bad term that hasn't been tested but no one is putting the effort in the find a cure

  • Peter Strous says:

    Hi Joe, a comment on "a certain degree of intestinal leakiness is natural in order to allow fluids and nutrients to pas through".
    Sure, but only if the food is broken down first. Only if the intestinal wall can filter out not properly broken down food and especially proteins.
    Your Sydney colleague Clint Paddison has great experiences changing diet with his Rheumathoid Arthritis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BgvnVUbx_w
    McDougall explains auto immune diseases as a two stage process: 1. leaky gut allows not fully digested proteins through 2. parts of these proteins trigger the auto immune reaction. To me that makes great sense.
    Perhaps you have an interest in these notes: http://users.tpg.com.au/freestro/ms.pdf

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