What Is Candida Brain Fog?

What Is Candida Brain Fog?

Thank you for checking out this video. What
is Candida brain fog? I often get asked by people. Why is my brain feel like cotton wool
and more foggy up there? I’ve got mental confusion. I can’t think clearly. I seem to be in a world
of my own. I feel stoned or spaced out. Eric, help me out. I’m a bit worried here. Brain
fog is a term that’s used by people when there’s a certain element of mental confusion where
they can’t really think clearly or rationally. They don’t know what the heck’s going on.
There are many reasons why you could be feeling like this that may not be Candida related.
We could be looking at heavy metal toxicity. Mercury, for example, in higher amounts can
cause brain fog and it commonly does. The term “mad as a hatter” came from years ago
when people used to use mercury for putting felt inside hats, and hat makers used to go
crazy because the mercury would cause neuro toxicity. If you’ve got brain fog, a hair analysis is
probably quite a good idea to determine what your level of mercury is or cadmium or arsenic
or lead, one of those four sulfhydryl metals is very important to determine if you’ve got
heavy metal toxicity. High calcium levels, low potassium and low zinc levels are often
found in a hair analysis as well. This will give you an indication also if you’ve
got a copper imbalance. A copper imbalance is something that is commonly found, too.
Zinc to copper ratios can be pretty screwed up in people with bad mental confusion. The other thing with brain fog, probably much
more common that I see in the clinic, is bowel toxemia or toxins in the bowel, so bad bacteria
producing indoles and skatoles and cadaverine and various types of chemicals that get liberated
in the blood stream by these bacteria that get into the brain. Lack of beneficial bacteria
is the number one cause of brain fog, I can tell you now. It’s not Candida. It’s the lack
of beneficial bacteria. How do I know this? Well, I’ve completed many,
many, many hundreds of stool tests over the years, over 1,000 stool tests on Candida patients,
and in most cases, when the patient had severe brain fog, I found NG or null growth on the
lacto bacillus species, no growth, none. We couldn’t detect any on culture. The people
with the lowest beneficial bacteria levels had the worst brain fog of all.
Some of these people didn’t even have Candida. We couldn’t culture it in these people, but
because they had such low beneficial bacteria, it allowed the bad bacteria to go crazy. It’s
a little bit like the police or the military presence isn’t there and these ISIS militants
or these crazy terrorists just get out of control and start dropping bombs and chopping
people up. The bad bacteria in your bowel can do a similar
thing. They create a lot of gases and by products that can make you feel all spaced out in the
presence of low beneficial bacteria. You really need to get the beneficial bacteria up when
you’ve got brain fog. And sometimes, it’s not just a matter of taking probiotics because
probiotics can make some people much worse. You may be one of those people watching this
video now with brain fog. You took a probiotic and got 10 times worse. This is where you
need to get expert help from somebody to really determine what’s going on in the bowel, what
level of beneficial bacteria you’ve got and commensals, which are what we call transitional
bacteria going from good or bad and the bad guys you’ve got. This needs to be determined
first before we can decide what we’re going to do. I can tell you now. Brain fog can be cured
100 percent. I’ve helped many hundreds of patients get rid of their brain fog. I’ve
got really, really grateful patients as a result. Because you can’t work, you can’t
even drive a car sometimes when your brain fog is that bad. Let’s just recap on that. Check for heavy
metals. Urinalysis is probably a good thing to do if you’ve got brain fog. Check for gut
dysbiosis. Make sure that you do a stool test and a hair test if you’ve got severe brain
fog. These are two very clever things to do to give you an indication on what’s going
on. There’s no doubt 20 other reasons why people have brain fog, but what I just mentioned
in this video is a very good explanation of some of the prime causes of brain fog and
what you can do about it. I hope that answers your question.


  • aight bitfish says:

    Great Video on a critical topic!

  • Seckam fpv says:

    ive got a bad jock itch and have had it for about 6 years and couldnt get rid of it with the doctors help so im goin my own way about it by adding coconut oil, pau d arco, garlic tabs, probiotics and staying off the sugur i feel much better since taking these but its only day 2 and i was wondering about mercury fillingd because i have two of them and would this effect my recovery? thank you for the videos

    liam 🙂

  • nikki j says:

    I started an anti-fungal diet about 4 months ago, and just recently started candicidal forte (an antifungal). I started with one pill and wipl slowly work up to 4 pills per day. I have had a previous history of ocd/anxiety/depression. It has seemed MUCH worse since starting the antifungal. Can candida die off cause these symptoms to be amplified? Also, I feel super spaced out, like im living in a dream.

  • Hasslemof says:

    How do you get the Beneficial Bacteria up safely?

  • Sir_PrizeTV says:

    You're right about not even being able to work or drive a car with brain fog. Driving a car is the worst with my brain fog. I would like to try adding probiotics as you say but who do I call/ set an appointment with to see the best kind for me? WIll this be expensive? I am only 18 and can't get a job at the moment.

    Also, how do I go about getting a hair test for heavy metals? I doubt this is the case but I would like to test everything because this brain fog is ruining my life. 

    Thanks for the help.

  • Sir_PrizeTV says:

    I got a stool test and blood work to see if I have a bacteria overgrowth, parasites, or thyroid issues that may be causing my severe brain fog. The results all came back normal. How do I know from the stool test which probiotic to take? The doctor I visited did not understand brain fog, which is very frustratnig and I really need help. I tested myself for iodine deficiency and tested that I am deficient so I am shopping for Iodine supplements. So the two things I am going to try are a probiotic and iodine supplement, but am not sure about probiotics.
    Thanks a lot for your videos again.

  • Darrin Smith says:

    Will prebiotics like green banana powder feed the bad bacteria? I've done plenty of probiotic supplementation with no change to the brain fog.

  • Plant Mama says:

    Can using a enema with apple cider vinegar or probiotics help get rid of it in large intestine? Is that ok to do?

  • Candida Crusher says:

    Check my range of candida supplements here: http://www.canxida.com/

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