Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.
Today’s video is going to be a weekly vlog starting with today, I’m inside of Macy’s Union Square, one of my favorite stores here in San Francisco. It’s
like 8 stories of fun and today we’re talking out STORY which is like a
new retail concept, it’s a store within a store of a highly curated selection of
product around a certain theme. The theme they’re launching today and for the next two
months is outdoors, and it’s about bringing the outdoors in and fun little
like creature comforts and gift ideas. I’m going to show you guys a little bit
at the display today and a couple things I’m planning on picking up. I’ve always
wanted to try weekly vlogging and this is a great way for me to show you a
little bits and pieces of my job, if you’re interested in becoming a blogger
or just want to know more about what this world’s all about, what we do, what a
typical day is like, even though there are no such thing as typical days in
anybody’s job. So yeah, this is like the best way to show you guys bits and
pieces of my day, kind of like I do on Instagram stories but better, because
it’s not all choppy and I get to film it on a better camera! All right, I have made to Mill Valley.
I’m at a private residence for a private party with Derma E. You guys
know, I love Derma E, if you just go to my channel and search Derma E you’ll find tons of stuff. Some of my favorites have to be the Psorzema Cream, which
is great for eczema, it’s super gentle on the skin, fragrance free, it’s vegan. I
love their Scar Gel and I also love their Charcoal Mask, if you have oily
skin, clogged pores, that stuff will suck all the stuff out. So I’ll link some of my
favorites down below, and I’m going to show you guys some more the event today. We’re going to be meeting with a dermatologist and also getting some
massages. The face shaving portion is now over and
now we’re gonna finish it off with a mask and I heard it’s like a very
detoxifying mask? It’s an enzyme activated mask, it’s gonna make your
skin tighter, close up all your pores. I already look like more even, that’s
crazy! People this treatment might not be suitable for are people with active
eczema or psoriasis, if you have active acne or cystic acne, we just don’t want to
like further irritate the skin but other than that, a lot of people are suitable
for this treatment and already I look a lot more radiant and smooth, so I’m
really excited. See the line my neck. And here is my skin afterwards, oh my god, it doesn’t gonna feel like my own skin. It’s so smooth and it goes all the way
down, we lightly did the neck, behind the ears way up like pretty much to the
hairline, stuff that I can’t do on my own because you can’t really it’s hard
to see you know side of your face, but look at that! OK next stop is lunch, getting some pho.
This is the rare beef flank steak and all the accoutrements, and we have some
more stuff coming too. All right so now I’m finally sitting
down to catch up on some emails but I wanted to show you guys my skin after the
dermaplaning. I can’t believe how smooth and radiant it is, like it doesn’t even
feel like my own skin, like it feels so fresh and buttery smooth. We took the scalpel all the way down the neck and like just did it really gently
down here and I’ve never done that before because you know that skin is really
delicate but Jamieson did a great job and we did all around my ears and up the
temples. If you see this right here we just we did a little top up of my
Dysport today and I have a little bit of eczema on my eyelid. The fun continues, we’re at Vintage Wine Merchants at Santana Row tasting a lot of great wines tonight, so first we have these like little French pastries that are stuffed with meat and cheese.

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