What Foods Cause Leaky Gut

What Foods Cause Leaky Gut

Hello I’m Dr. Janine Krause in today we are
going to talk about what foods cause leaky gut? First thing I want to show you though
is, what the heck is going on in the digestive system lining in here we are from my whiteboard
so I can explain it a little bit better. What I’ve drawn for you here is the digestive system
lining. We have all of our cells nice and tight together that’s normal. There’s all
these little humps in the lining these are called villi. Now what you’92ll notice is
that we have an artery coming and that’s red to here. Then you’ve got a vein going out
that’s blue to there. What’s supposed to be happening on any given day is when you go
and you eat we’re supposed to have lots of blood flow to the digestive system so that
we can rest and digest and that oxygen can come to our tissues nourish them and then
we can take molecules away from the digestive system and put them to other places, in particular
you can see to the liver so we can process those molecules, but in the case of leaky
gut we have a lot of other things happening. So, for example, one of the most common foods
that causes irritation to the digestive system lining is a genetically modified organism.
A GMO type of food. Potatoes, tomatoes huge in that department so is corn, soy and wheat,
and so that’s why wheat really has the bad rap that it does. It’s not because wheat in
itself is this devil grain. It’s really that it is genetically modified so much so that
our digestive system linings don’t know what to do with it. So let me show you what happens
when you eat things like that. Let’s say that this is a little molecule of gluten. It looks
kinda like a little monster. Let’s give them a little face, there, there we go. All right,
so this is your molecule of gluten and let’s say you know, you have pizza, right? All right,
so let’s put another little molecule here this fluffy one. We’92ll make that one our
tomato. This is our tomato and this is gluten a.k.a. the sticky part of the wheat. These
guys come down and we ate them and they come down and sit on the digestive system lining.
When they said there our receptors on the cells don’t know what to do with them. The
longer they sit there the more damage starts to happen on our digestive system lining because
our body doesn’t know what to do with them. So it comes down and now we have it just sitting
here and one sits there and sits there it the erodes the lining. How does that happen.
It doesn’t happen magically. It’92s an immune system response. Some of our good white blood
cells come in and start to attack those cells. It’92s a immune system attack happening right
on the digestive system lining so as that happens here and we have our good guys, so
I like to draw them much like Pac-Man. this is our immune system. Those guys are coming
in and they’re going to try to gobble up these molecules but in all that process we end up
with holes in between our cells. Those holes in between the cells allow for molecules to
come across much like we’ve got, let me change my color, much like we’ve got this fluffy
tomato molecule it’s across, its past the cell gets in the bloodstream. Those molecules
shouldn’t be in the bloodstream. In that case, they should be broken down further into nutrients
that we can actually use in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, but in this case we get
a larger molecule across the cells into the bloodstream. Once that gets into the bloodstream
now our pack commands are immune system have to figure out what to do. That didn’t work
out so well there we go these guys have to figure out what to do with those tomato molecules.
So here’s that tomato molecule, and so eventually they can end up gobbling them, they gobble
them, and gobble them and create an immune system reaction antibodies to that molecule
so then we end up with a memory in our immune system of the tomato molecules so next time
leave them you get a stomachache you don’t feel so good this is the common reaction with
the leaky got but also with multiple food sensitivities because that is technically
where a lot of those molecules feed food sensitivities come from. So your number one foods that cause
leaky gut are genetically modified organisms. Those are your potatoes, tomatoes, corn, soy
and wheat, and I’ve just demonstrated a little bit about how that happens. Watch my next
video for other foods that cause leaky gut. I’m Dr. Janine Krause, thanks for watching!


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    Amazing video well done are organic oats ok to eat please reply thanks

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