What Exactly Does The Sun Do To Your Skin?

What Exactly Does The Sun Do To Your Skin?

The sun is slowly killing you, and so are
those UV beds you lay on to darken your skin tone before Prom. What can you do about it?! You’ve probably seen this viral video in all
the dark corners of the web this week, showing what the sun has done to seemingly beautiful
skin. It’s shocking, but let’s add a little context to this random “scientific” video.
Ultraviolet light damages all human skin, dark, fair, and all the colors in-between;
the reason we even HAVE skin color is an evolutionary response to sunlight damaging human skin. First, what you’re seeing in this video is
the reflection of UV light. Ultraviolet light works the same as any other light. It’s either
absorbed or reflected — darker colors absorb more than lighter. What the camera is showing
us, is where the skin is absorbing or reflecting more UV light. The dark spots are where the
UV light isn’t bouncing back at the camera. UV light is part of the light spectrum, and
though it’s just outside the visible spectrum for humans, if aliens were to show up tomorrow,
they might see us the way this camera does! Some of those freckles, blemishes and spots
revealed by the camera are pockets there because the skin is under attack. When UV light hits the skin it can be reflected
by our outermost layer of skin, the stratum corneum. It that doesn’t catch the radiation,
the rays hit the inner layer of skin, the epidermis where it encounters that melanin
packaged within melanosomes. When skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight,
it darkens, or tans. All skin regardless of color, tans. More melanin scatters more of
the damaging UV rays. Melanin in the skin is produced by melanocytes located in the
epidermis. And it comes in the form of two pigments the brown eumelanin and a yellow
and red phaeomelanin! Dark-skinned humans produce melanin all the time, while lighter-skinned
people produce it as needed.The melanin is evolution’s way of scattering the rays of
UV light before they can harm your DNA, since we no longer have dark body hair to protect
us. If our skin didn’t do this, the UV radiation
would get through, corrupt our DNA, and cause cancer before we could reach breeding age.
There were probably human ancestors that didn’t tan — and thus they weren’t able to pass
on their genes as efficiently. Sunburns are radiation burns from overexposure to ultraviolet
radiation. It turns red because your body is trying to heal the damage and sending blood
to the area. The burn isn’t going to protect you from anything, neither will a tan, really.
In the end, ALL sun exposure results in UV light impacting your skin. It is never ending.
If it’s cloudy, there’s UV. When it’s snowy the UV can reflect off the snow and cause
even MORE problems. When you’re in a pool or ocean? Yep. UV. Light-skinned people are most susceptible
to skin cancers because they have to make up for not having the melanin in the first
place. Darker skinned people scatter more of the UV rays naturally, and therefore have
significantly lower incidences of skin cancer, according to the CDC[a]. Obviously, you can
use sunscreen, which contains organic and inorganic chemicals to block the UV rays that
cause cancers. Some of the molecules absorb the rays and release the energy as heat. However,
a new study from the American Chemical Society found an overabundance of sunscreen in the
oceans frequented by beachgoers. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in the
creams and lotions were reacting with UV rays and creating hydrogen peroxide toxins that
kill algae and phytoplankton — the lifebloods of ocean ecosystems. It’s a lose-lose. Though
it’s better to wear it to protect yourself. Maybe we should just go to a movie. In the end, this viral video does NOT show
us where people will be getting cancer. It’s revealing bits of our skin’s protective layer
which absorb or reflect light. It’s stuff we don’t normally see, but it’s always there. How does it make you feel to know every moment
you spend in sunlight is hurting your body? Warm up the comments with your own sunshiney
opinions and thanks for stopping by DNews. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and subscribe
for more videos seven days a week!


  • Original Woman says:


  • Chetna Rikhari says:

    Pls tell me what can I do to make up n cure the sun damage already done to my skin 😞

  • TinderSticks says:

    is so sad😢😢 that this video is only for white. dark skin need sun light what so ever.it needs it. it attacks the white people not the black but I only wanted more info it has of dark and white skin.. not all what this guy says is

  • Ricky Leger says:

    However, seeing sunlight and being in nature can improve someone's mood. We're basically forest animals; sun for moments are fine and necessary, but should be limited, as everything.

  • ScorpiOFF II says:

    0:00 – 0:02 KILL THE SUN!

  • Charlie Peters says:

    I’m in england what is a sun

  • pino says:

    Alv nunca había visto a alguien tan plana

  • pino says:

    Parece trapo

  • Benyamin Yisrael says:

    This video is False , white supremacist propaganda with Homosexual undertones…This is not credible, nor is it unbiased

  • BriansRadioReviews says:

    It's the closest star to earth.

  • liten kanin says:

    Um… but without the sun we die even faster. Without the vitamin D from the sun you get rickets. The only reason someone people are white in the first place is the combination of moving north and eating food without much vitamin D(when we became farmers eating mainly carbohydrates). The early ancestors of Europeans ate food with lots of vitamin D, fish for example, and stayed dark for a long time even in the northern climate.

  • Amor Isreal says:

    Huh, the sun is bad? Life as we know would seise to exist without the sun. The sun hates the so called white/melanin deficiency individuals. Everything in this universe has malanin accept whites leprous skin. As a result, white leprous skin must protect itself with toxic sunscreen, which in essence is killing the food supply in the sea as well as the soil when the plastic is discarded.

  • Parth Nyk says:

    Indian people blammed sun because of their dark skin Lol.

  • Carmen Chaparro says:

    As for me I'm a fair skinned Puerto Rican. Every year in the summer I tan real easily .I haven't gotten skin cancer. The sun is healthy is provides Vitamin D. I could stay all day in the sun. And I look young got my age. Not every one gets skin cancer.

  • Liz O says:

    Don't try to tell black people sun damages all skin

  • whoo else says:

    The sun exposes all truths. It just goes to show white folks that they are in places of the earth that they arent supposed to be. They cannot survive in warm climates naturally. Thats why they buy so much sunscreen & wear shades.

  • ranmashin says:

    Sun doesn't damage black folk or anyone with melanin skin.

  • Robert Jr says:

    God damm slow your roll foo

  • Saosis Kissaki says:

    I should just stay in my cave.

  • Curtis C says:

    How does it feel to know every second in the sun you are also healing your body? This decades-long sun phobia has done absolutely zero to improve anyone's health but it has helped sell billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars of sunscreen. this really isn't that complicated. Some sun exposure is necessary to optimal human health and too much exposure is harmful.

  • Aaron Bear says:

    I always put on sunscreen especially in the summer. I bring a little tube of neutrogena men’s sunscreen that costs $6 to work so I can reapply before going out. I hate tan lines and that’s the main reason why I wear it lol

  • Gods kid says:

    you didn't mention none of the suns benefits tho. like how it naturally produced vitamin D thats good for you

  • mike 616529 says:

    I work en la yarda

  • The revolution We Got Next says:

    the sun killing white ppl not everyone tell the truth..some ppl made from the sun

  • Farhonda Robinson says:

    All Cancers Are Man Made! The Sun Is Not Giving You Cancer! The Skin Products You're Using Is Giving You Cancer! But it will Burn The Hell Out Of You! The Less Melanin You Have! These Parisites Always Making BS Videos To Group Us All Together! When Something Is An Issue/Affects Them! SMH!

  • Brad Taylor says:

    This guy is clueless lmao! The sun is life not death! All people must have the sun! This guys retarded, the sunscreen caused cancer.. Dumbass

  • Stephanie McCullum says:

    Pale people say out the sun it wrinkles you really bad…shoe leather, rode hard and hung up wet…niggas got too many other problems so we not baking in the sun. 😂 😆 😝

  • Grace Mikenly says:

    The sun gives life to all things. Maybe you should stay inside. The rest of the planet is is basking in the sun. Your theory has inaccuracies 🙂

  • Ruine Marie says:

    I work 12 hour shift outside. I am black. The sun is very harmful wear screen protector. My first year at the job. I didn’t care. When winter came in, I could see how damaging and “leather” like my skin looked.

  • Mr Mik says:

    I live in India and i get damaged by sun just few minutes being out what wold be the solution

  • Fortunepsych says:

    I think this TED-Ed video did a much superior job in explaining melanin and it's benefits than the Dx news video Watch "The science of skin color – Angela Koine Flynn" on YouTube

  • Radio 4Men says:

    FUK you and your Fkin BS ass evolution believer garbage

  • big tamir says:

    My skin can't get darker it's a thing that I have and I'm not lying

  • I A says:

    What's with racist psuedo-science comments?

  • Robert F Mk2 says:

    "The sun is a deadly lazer"

  • Mark Meadows says:

    I'll tell you what it does. It fucks you up. I hate the sun and I work outside. I have no choice but to completely cover my skin.

  • Mohamed Ordoni says:

    i'd stop going to the ocean to protect the eco system fk sun screen

  • That Kilted Guy DIY Home Improvement says:

    The sun is NOT slowly killing us. Hiding from the sun has Americans seriously deficient in vitamin d. We need sun, just in moderation. A suntan is our bodies way of protecting us from the suns damage. So I’ll keep my healthy tan, & you can hide from it.

  • LaserHawkFTW says:

    Wow this is so misleading. The reason your skin ages is tolerance + toxic buildup in your body. You need to build up a tolerance in the sun. You can start by 10 minutes on your front and 10 minutes on your back. This will not age you unless your pale white. In that case just do 5 minutes. Your goal is to build up a tolerance. also I highly recommend you change your diet before you go sun bathing, because you will age if you don’t. My point is your body is toxic and the sun pulls those toxins out. Why people sun bath because it feels refreshing ☺️ but those toxins on your skin surface going make you look like total crap 💩 I’m 31 years old and people still mistaken me for 22 sometimes younger! Below I list my routines plus what I take

    I follow the 5 set rule:
    Whole food supplements
    Reducing toxins

    Herbs I take bellow:
    Foti Root
    Stinging nettle root

    My day to day life is pretty much like anyone’s. I workout early morning, take my whole food supplement, drink some herbal tea listed above and I meditate equal to my age in minutes. Then I eat something healthy and head off to my day ☺️ when I get home I relax out back in the evening sun ☀️for about 45 minutes fully Naked. After that the rest of the day is however I want to enjoy it. I might draw, play video games with online friends, read a book or work on my own graphic novel. My stress levels are low and that also plays a big factor, but the sun only ages you of your stressed out, toxic fat body. If you don’t do what I do above then yeah the sun is your enemy, but if your healthy internally and low stress levels plus eating right? Then your golden ☺️ enjoy the sun 🌞

  • TIKI FILMS says:

    Sunlight Is great, it can boost your mood by increasing serotonin, provides vitamin d for bone growth, it can also increase testosterone levels. Have you read about moonlight, it has effects on us aswell. I've read that it can make someone transform into a werewolf, or make you a lunatic. Luna (meaning moon in latin). It can affect your melatonin which can cause sleeping problems. It has also been said that people who have slept under the moonlight would be more aggressive or even gone mad, if they're violent by nature.

  • Zoophilia Consultant says:

    I just like how ppl died not producing melanin and we don't even care

  • K C says:

    THIS VIDEO IS A FUCKING LIE!!!! The sun don’t kill us at all. If you don’t have melanin yes the sun is killing you!!! Melanin is ‘condensed sunlight’. White don’t have it so yes the sun is killing y’all. If that was the case then earth wouldn’t be the planet for us.!!!! Do your research!

  • K C says:

    The sun gives us vita d, but for whites beaded on the fact that the earth is heating up, the sun might damage y’all way worst than it did before. I spend excessive amounts of time in the sun, and have NEVER gotten sunburn.

  • Felix Diaz says:

    See how he keeps including normal black skin in all this nonsense , lack of melanin ( white skin ) is a defect , a bio mistake , especially if you have to live in a SOLAR planet , blacks only get skin cancer in those areas of their bodies that are not protected by their melanin shield like the soles of their feet , palms of their hands , etc , they NEVER get cancer in their protected areas ie : 98% of their bodies .. no wonder the bible calls white skin a curse or leprosy .

  • Wren Dsilva says:

    Does this mean by evolution as global warming increases and ozone layer gets damaged. White people will eventually go extinct

  • PeePee PooPoo says:

    I water ski everyday during summertime. I do apply a large amount of sunscreen, but is that enough to protect my skin? Any tips or suggestions??

  • Jorge Chable says:

    Guys help how do I remove sun on my forehead and make it bright

  • Harley Thorson says:

    The Sun grows you and feeds your body in ways nothing else can! This guy is a fraud and a shmuck. Sunlight gives you Energy, dark rooms all day make you faint and weak over time.

  • James Antonio says:

    Dark skin male here In my early 50s, i got my first sun burn ever on my first trip to the Bahamas. I've always lived in the "seasonal change" north in America. It freaked me out…i have can come to conclusions on a number of things of what happened. No. 1…my skin is aging, there for my skin is becoming weaker. No. 2… "white" DNA from slavery ("Whites" raped "Black" female) No. 3… I was closer to the sun ever before, being near the equator. You've heard it first hand from a once "sunburned" "Dark skinned" man. I will use sun blocker, when prolong stays in the sun, plus you never know what the evil greedy "white" man is doing to the ozone layer (bursting earths protective layering with rocket ships every chance they get) (putting pollution in the air, destroying the earths UV layer). I stand witness to the wickedness of the "white" race greed, wrongful control and wrongful power.

  • DoubleTrouble says:

    BS info to sell sun protector

  • priyanka kesharwani says:

    I don't agree with this video without the sun no life exists, sunlight is the best source of vitamin D which help us to absorb calcium and other vitamins
    It's true that it also contains harmful UV rays during its peak hours so avoid sun in the noontime
    Best time is the morning sunlight which comes with lot of positivity

  • Hillary for President says:

    The more sun you get on your skin the quicker you will die.
    Sun accelerates aging.
    Harmful UV radiation from the sun is the major cause of premature ageing, sunburn, eye damage, and skin damage leading to skin cancer.
    Countries who get the most sun on their skin live the shortest.
    People live in a hot sunny climate in general have shortest lifespans, extreme poverty and full of diseases.
    For example: Haiti, Bangladesh,Sudan, Congo, Papua New Guinea,Sri Lanka, Cambodia, East Timor Madagascar, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Angola, Cameroon, , Equatorial Guinea Gabon Zambia Malawi Mauritius Mayotte Mozambique Reunion Rwanda Seychelles Somalia Tanzania Uganda Senegal Sierra Leone Togo Solomon Islands.

  • vincbestia says:

    what are positives of sun exposure?

  • Infinite cash flow says:

    This should be individual information instead of general. Like. “White people your skin can’t handle sun. Black people you are good👌🏿”

  • Take The Red Pill says:

    what are the best alternatives for getting Vit D?

  • Roo Baba says:

    Sunscreen has been around for how long? People have been around for far longer and skin cancer was unheard of. The sun does not cause cancer. This bullshit is spread to keep people sick. The sun strengthens the body. It is far beyond vitamin D. Vitamin D from sun exposure was discovered by accident. No one knows the true potential of sunlight on our health. By the way UV rays account for less than 4% of the total solar energy reaching earth. Around 54% is infrared and 42% visible light. Infrared protects against UV damage. Don't believe these agents of Satan who make you fear the sun.

    Skin cancer is a modern concern and is more connected to sunscreens, consumption of modern industrial foods which negatively affect skin health and application of cosmetic industry concoctions (lotions, shampoos, soaps, makeup, deodorants etc).

  • Sherife Wright says:

    F I'm born black it's not a tan a tan is something that happens to you when you skin changes my skin never had the change I was born like this

  • Sherife Wright says:

    M yes you're peens are more 6 up the will to sunburn then most races on the planet that is fat and true African people on born in regions where is hot usually and because of that we have adapted to the Sun we are one of the most amazing people on the planet if not the most we can go anywhere in the universe on any planet and as long as that planet has a son we can adapt to that planet that's how great it is to have I will melanin

  • Santos Cortes says:

    I'm native so I'm good

  • Kapilthev Kenway says:

    Kill the "melanin"

  • Minnie says:

    some one done told you wrong you need to research melanin ..I absorb the sun. the sun loves me .

  • John the surfer says:

    Totally an idiot. The sun is VITAL for physical and emotional health

  • Jay Smith says:

    Sun only affects white people stupid as white man!

  • ArmaunR77 says:

    I dont think Caucasians belong in this world if they gettin burnt by the sun😂💯

  • Eva Vazquez says:

    This is why black don’t crack. They don’t absorb as much harmful UV rays and therefore are less damaged than fair skinned people. No wonder my dad looks so old already.

  • AYWapex says:

    Im African never heard of cancer now you telling me😂😂😂 in Africa I spent more time out side cuz we didnt have air condition inside Fam

  • Matthew Slivar says:

    It depends of your genetics some people will get it some dont in my entire family history nobody got skin cancer and they all were spending alot of times on sun with no suncream no protection. If it is in your gens youre fucked

  • SayitAintSo Tv says:

    Another way to keep people in the house although it was a few facts in this vid

  • Google User says:

    How can stop annoying music in background. Dislike for now

  • Jyotir Aditya Maloo says:

    How the heck do I get rid of a tan?

  • Kay Gigny says:

    Please just tell about the skin colour you are in. The Sun never hurt or damage any of my family members who live in the sun all they life more lies by liars.

  • Nevergrim says:

    It's OK to tan.

  • Sane Sanny says:

    Came here trying to know why sun is good for our skin, & now guess what…………

  • 666 says:

    Too funny all skin,lol

  • Listen you bitch says:

    I stayed in the sunlight for 1 hour.. is it dangerous?

  • Myji says:

    This guy is a moron

  • Jimmy Harris says:

    Damn lie white folks have that problem the sun gives me vitiam. C

  • King Yah'Rushalum says:

    This is false & propaganda. All skin & huemans don't get sunburn. Sunburn is not normal nor natural when the Sun ☀ is a natural element. If U get sunburn ur not natural to this earth, period!

  • . says:

    But we still need vitamine d so wearing always high sunscream can be bad for you

  • Safar Abbas says:


  • IamLimitless75 says:

    As a dark brown guy I see my skin as solar cells absorbing and storing the light and nutrients of sun and later converting it to ENERGY…. Sound familiar?

  • Christian Pojoni says:

    I can stay in the midday sun for hours without getting burned. The reason I'm able to do that is that I'm following a clean vegan diet and eat plenty of fresh ripe fruits.

    Sunscreen is carcinogenic as well as the absence of the sun. It has been proven that construction workers have less skin cancer than office workers.

  • Eh Cams says:

    Lol they think people believe this still!!!

  • Raziel thesniper says:

    Olive skin ( natural tan ) masterrace

  • nikhil pawar says:

    The only reason sun light is causing harm to human body because of ozone layer depletion.

  • Stephanie Duncan says:

    🗣️The BLACK skin wasn't affected. So please stop lying. The 🌞 recognized the black healthy skin ✊🏽✊🏽

  • Morgan Marshall says:

    Sucks to be white, I'm sun gazing right now

  • WoodUlike2No says:

    Thought i was blessed with melanin. Then watched will smith host a documentary called "one strange rock"

  • Patrick Smith says:

    So in other word Game Over White People are Killing Everything is this what you are saying??? Wow!!!

  • Suli Alshataf says:

    Great now i never wanna go out 😑

  • Lukson says:

    ok i came to a conclusion
    lighter skin = vampire

  • szililolabu says:

    hmm i think the sun is good for you. humans have evolved over millions of years to deal with more sun exposure than we modern people deal with.
    the sun can also prevent cancers.

    is water bad for me too?

  • gowtham vetri says:

    Fake news publishing

  • Goddess of The Light says:

    I think the sun give us beauty and youth , you should stop this sun hatting?? Sun is love and life

  • Phil Simms says:

    I'm 43 years old white man and I sunbathe all the time how many years now and my skin looks great I also look a lot younger than my age the sun is not harmful to your skin in fact it's just the opposite

  • plumeria66 says:

    White people especially white Americans don’t take care of their skin. They think being wrinkly, leathery, patchy, growing moles and freckled all over is attractive. Asian women have better skin knowledge.

  • Its me Amith says:

    Every animal get sunlight…..why not humans????
    When your body says dont go outside….its too hot. Or it is hot outside…..dont go.

    And…..when the sunlight has no heat….i think you should go outside and get some sunlight. At morning and evening….
    Skin may get a shade darker…..but not every white humans are successful and live upto 100. Right.?

  • Moon Rise says:

    That's why white women want black babies now?

  • Zxcv Vcxz says:

    evolution is one of the biggest lies

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