What Causes Plaque Psoriasis

What Causes Plaque Psoriasis

He my friend, health guru Mike here with a
short video on what causes plaque psoriasis now I used to have psoriasis myself
pretty badly and so and if you’re suffering from it as well I can relate sorry if that’s the case but let me
assure you sir Isis is curable it’s not terrible though if you rely on
drugs and most of the treatments that conventional physicians and the United
States typically offer but it is curable what causes plaque psoriasis is
essentially disease inside the body it’s not caused by your skin
malfunctioning it’s not caused by your genetics genetics may make certain
people a bit more susceptible to psoriasis but it doesn’t cause plaque surprises
that’s the important thing to understand so don’t think that because you had
psoriasis for a while that you’re doomed to suffer from it forever that’s not the
case essentially in most cases of plaque psoriasis what’s going on is that toxins
from inside the body whether it be toxins that are naturally produced from
the body’s own processes or toxins that you’re taking in the food or air or
water essentially toxins inside the body are not being expelled efficiently via
the the bodies preferred methods of detoxification such as sending toxins
out via the urine and bowel movements so instead these toxins build up in your
joints or as a last resort your body dumps these toxins out being
your skin causing plaques on this and this is actually very credible
some of the keys are cleaning up your diet you can’t be eating junk food and
drinking sodas and expecting to be cured of psoriasis typically people with psoriasis have
been eating either junk food such as sugary stuff for sugary beverages or
eating foods made from flour or drinking a good deal of alcohol essentially you generally need to clean
up your diet eat plenty of you know fresh vegetables and fruits and plenty
of fiber and you can take certain supplements such as probiotics and
omega-3 fatty acid supplements and i’ll put links and further info on those in
the description box underneath this video and just so you know to help you a
bit more than I can in this short video I created a course on how to cure this
rice is naturally which I make available for free you don’t have to pay anything and you
should see an icon in the upper corner of this video right about now that you
can click to join and participate in that course or also put info on it in
the description box underneath this video so essentially again what causes plaque
psoriasis is toxicity that’s built up inside the body that then comes out the
your skin as plaques or asus and you can clean that up by
cleaning up your diet and using other measures and also candida or type of
yeast that may / grow in your intestines that can also lead to play exercises by
dumping a lot of toxins into your body and taking those probiotics i mentioned
can help replace those candida yeast with the beneficial bacteria that belong
in your column and that way all those toxins are not being dumped out your
being your skin causing plaque psoriasis if you want we’re info on what I’ve
talked about this video just checked out the description box underneath this
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  • Vicko Seno Saden says:

    Rice is my daily food in here, I'm ate a lot of rice recently.

    then suddenly my psoriasis got worst, don't you think the reason is actually carbohydrate food ?

  • Pikeman50 says:

    I thought P.P. is an autoimmune condition.  Anyways My Humira pens are clearing it up.

  • SteelCity1981 says:

    plaque psoriasis is treatable through a good diet and exercise. prescription drugs just mask the problem. normally people that do get plaque psoriasis are people that are over 30, overweight and have a bad diet. plague psoriasis is becoming more and more common due to more and more people becoming overweight due to a bad diet. having a good diet and excercise will erase the symptoms of plague psoriasis, but in order to keep plaque psoriasis from coming back you must continue to have a good diet and exercise .

  • Ava bean says:

    I have Plaque Psoriasis and my dad has exama. But my twin does not have either. But P.P is an autoimmune dease and I have noticed the more grain or gluten I have the worse it gets but sun lights definitely helps me.

  • A New Creation says:

    would keifer be good since it has live & active cultures and vitamin D?

  • Peyton H. says:

    If you are underweight and you want to gain wait but you still want to get rid of your psoriasis, what do you eat? I also have heard that stress can affect it too. Is this true? If so, how do I relieve my stress.

  • VapeKing says:

    I hear gluten intolerence causes this is that true? If so I could just go gluten free. Also heard 1000mg. L-glutamine before meals can help get rid of it.

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