What Causes Eczema?

What Causes Eczema?

The reason why our patients have this disease
is an area of active research. There are two leading hypotheses or theories. One is called the outside-in hypothesis the
other one is the inside-out hypothesis. So you can see this is a sort of chicken or
egg sort of discussion. In the outside-in hypothesis, researchers
believe that changes in that skin barrier lead to the various immune abnormalities that
we see in our patients. Conversely in the inside-out hypothesis researchers
believe that immune system abnormalities lead to that damaged skin barrier. We’ve come to recognize that about half of
our patients with more moderate severe persistent atopic dermatitis are missing a key building
block protein in their skin. That protein is called Filaggrin or Filaggrin,
and it contributes not only to that topmost layer of protective skin but it also helps
by when it breaks down into its individual components to the hydration of the skin to
keep the skin from drying out and cracking. And it also contributes to the pH or acidity
of the skin which is important in protecting us against various microbial organisms that
would like to colonize the skin.


  • お菓子ジェシカ says:

    Dear National Jewish health physician Mark Boguniewicz. Will we ever find a cure for people with Atopic dermatitis? Please answer. 🙁

  • Damion Batter says:

    I've tried to treat my eczema for a long time, and luckily uncovered a way. It worked for me, my buddies & you, too. Let me know if you want to know.

  • RJ ellis says:

    I have had atopic dermatitis for over 50 years been through good and bad days now there's white spots breaking my skin color down why?

  • Blue Cross says:

    I've had a skin infection it was dry and when I eat chicken or eggs it grows small swolling bumps which are itchy a d then the skin peels of and it seems like a stuck layer of dead skin is that still eczema? I just got this yesterday

  • Lol K says:

    I have aczema buy betnifate cream it helps so much

  • Antler says:

    I have a rash on my arm and it’s red a bumpy, I’m pretty sure it’s from eczema but I didn’t know how it happened, I’m trying to go to the doctors to see if I’m allergic to anything. Should I use eczema lotion for this? I’m scared it will burn, but I’ve been using itching cream.

  • I like Sloths says:

    Every time I had dry skin I would use lotion, but I got warts and I must have been told that moisture I guess helps warts? Something like that.. so I stopped using the lotion and now I have eczema, it makes a lot of sense.

  • Weird Memes kpop and English says:

    People who have eczema please DONT eat sea food

  • Xx_emilia_Xx Snowing says:

    I have eczema and it hurts sometimes also I have it for 7 years now

  • Xfoxloverx says:

    I’ve had eczema since a baby. Do people with eczema get little bubbles with a clear liquid inside them. They aren’t pimples? So I think there caused by my eczema and I have no idea what the clear liquid is.I’ve seen doctors they don’t know what it is either.
    I just want to see if anybody else has this problem

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