What Can Cause Itching of the Anus?

What Can Cause Itching of the Anus?

anus now before you even start your answer he’s gonna say oh I just take a fiber supplement I don’t remember have to wipe and it’s never itched oh yeah mr. perfect so if we go ahead and give me your spiel I’ll give you the spiel someone comes to my office then they say my butt itches the first thing I say is welcome to the club and I’m the president and owner of you know issues dr. Ordon this my hate is super rich yeah okay now the main reason so many other problems on that will just not that one thank God because I won’t wish it on my worst enemy it is a nightmare and I’ve been dealing with it since 2000 and it’s multifactorial but the number one thing is stool consistency and even if when the stools are perfect it’s a great day and if you’re wiping a little bit more it’s a bad day because the stool will seep out like toothpaste and a little bit of stool right on your skin irritates the skin and if you start licking your lips your skin gets irritated because saliva in the mouth is no problem just like stool in the anus is no problem when the stool hits the skin just like your mouth gets red and irritated from saliva which doesn’t belong there so does the anus and it gets itchy and when you scratch forget it that’s like taking a shot of heroin as you scratch if you have a toothpaste stool you still need to clean the toothpaste up in piles oh yeah so don’t have a toothpaste ooh some people no matter how hard they try right I’ve heard some people that’s why some people are more prone to just this consistency in their stools do hemorrhoids play a role well stool you should probably eat more fiber correct solidify it so psyllium all the time and if it comes out perfect you go the perfect poop and you wipe once and it’s clean and you don’t even and you’re like wow this is great your day is great what about topicals you guys recommend if someone has an itchy anus this is that’s a great question go I know I was just thinking when you talked about that somebody should come up with like anal lipstick yeah saying seems like chapstick but just don’t know listen I recommend anything that has aloe if you’re going to use some of the wipes that have a low as opposed to nothing that contains alcohol because it’s going to burn it more but I think you were also alluding to the fact that things like hemorrhoids can cause itching if you have if you’re a child or a younger person anybody really and it itches all the time especially at night when you’re asleep you got to think of pinworms so a lot of other things and if you’re older you’d also I have to at least put on the differential anal cancer if you have chronic itching that no matter what was going on to your stools right right so and I mean this in all seriousness you have taken away so much of the ashame or the shame you know if you aren’t sure what’s going on go see a proctologist or a gastroenterologist and say hey Doc can you just take a look down there and make sure everything’s okay so real quick hemorrhoids play a role this is so interesting so years ago when I was working in a group of proctologist I had my hemorrhoids treated and like that the symptoms are gone and your head is thinking well if that works while you just remove my hemorrhoids and I’ll never have itching and it doesn’t work that way because hemorrhoids secrete mucus and cause part of the problem and again it’s multifactorial there’s so many things going and going on that removing hemorrhoids won’t do it or I’ve been doing hemorrhoid surgery all day and if I can come up with a cure for itching I can retire in one year one infomercial and that would be it is there probably about 10 million to 15 you imagine that infomercial at 3:00 a.m. let’s go ahead and script it right now try this you


  • Zinedine Mourice says:

    Wash your ASSHOLE or wipe with wet disposables.

  • Nameless says:

    I'm here because my anus is itching right now.

  • k odu says:

    Unless you wash it, it is not clean.

  • Margaret Worth says:

    TRUMP !!

  • Austin Raftery says:

    After scratching your butt hole, don't forget to sniff your finger, for that delicate, musky fragrance

  • Tosin Moses says:

    I need help, I'm neither diabetic nor has high blood sugar but whenever I smell something horrible, my leg itches. Whenever I use random detergent to clean my toilet bowl, same thing happens. I also noticed whenever I'm kinda in a hot area and feeling uncomfortable, my leg itches. Finally, I changed my body cream too and I was allergic. I never experienced any allergic reaction before moving abroad 2years ago. Is it the weather, food or my hidden allergies are just showing up?

  • May'ib19 says:

    The reason why we have so many gays is because white people made it public and welcoming…its their culture.

  • Philip Robertson III says:

    The bitch with the fake hair lying….her anus probably itches 24/7.

  • W J says:

    Listening to Drumpf, Huckabee, and the severely inbred Conway will create anal itching and all round discomfort…

  • rachel george says:

    Use water lik us indians..i cnt imagine jst wiping with a toilet paper

  • TO THREE says:

    use baby wipes/ Flushable wipes. 😂😂

  • Shankovitch says:

    Wy is this in my recommendation

  • BengiAndSnuggles says:


  • CachorritaDeLa3aEdad says:

    So far 2.5K people who put a like in this topic… right after they scratched their butt with the same finger🤔😄

  • CachorritaDeLa3aEdad says:

    I am 50, I never been married. I just discovered the wet wipes to clean my butt. I wish I would had this sanitary items the first 5 decades of my life.🙄

  • orlando perez says:

    use wipes

  • cgasucks says:

    It's those pinworms laying eggs around the anus, just wash your asshole as often as you can and take some supplements to get rid of the parasite.

  • Ray Adams says:


  • Diane Sapp says:

    Wtf YouTube is this on my timeline!

  • W M says:

    Baby wipes. All day. Will fix it instantly, itchy ass? Grab a baby wipe do it quick, throw it in the trash and wash your hands. End o story.

  • Douglas Chitwood says:

    Well ain't that something pulled out of the ads hat.

  • magnoliamagnolias says:

    Shower after u poo

  • Luke Clayton says:

    Scratching your ass is like doing a shot of heroin??!! 😂😂🤣🤣 tf??

  • Luke Clayton says:

    Some people just got that ol’ swamp butt 😂

  • peter yeung says:

    Don't laugh, why do you think I finished watching the whole video.

  • Dwain Wilson says:

    Doc in white jacket has guts!

  • Jeremy Trent says:

    Really try wiping fat ass. Or take a bath.

  • nuber10 says:

    Wipe your ass better!
    You nasty fucking docs!

  • Grandma K says:

    Anus fissures hurts

  • tbyjb says:

    I have always used alcohol. I don’t have that gross brown mark in my butt crack.

  • leaderofnow says:

    Americans don't use water. Stop using tissue alone, wash it with water after cleaning

  • Allen Lichner says:

    Wipe your ass. you need to go to medical school to learn that. Scratching your ass is like a shot of heroin. No wonder people are sick all the time. This guy needs a severe beating. Starting with his ass

  • Twins Dad says:

    My wife works as a provider for this old lady and she is very kind to her she gets boxes of wipes and other stuff and gives half of everything to wife and we always have wipes in our restroom. No problems at all

  • Visionary Star says:

    She's lying

  • Forrest Gump says:

    Oh my God before the video is on there is a advertisements all about hemorrhoids!


  • Forrest Gump says:

    Take a shower you son of a bitch Americans used toilet paper make sure you use wet wipes and then take a shower after that your ass will be so clean and your entire body will be clean your hands with soap I'm really sick I myself can use toilet paper only strictly only toilet paper, but my ass will be dry my ass will feel itchy with common sense you guys will know that day paper can remove poop butts it makes your but extremely dry and your skin will hurts and the result will be anal itching pain take a shower fuck man

  • Connie Cea says:

    Itch because of parasites period.

  • Reen H says:

    My ex scratched his anus when he was in sleep one time then he scratched his balls and tried to touch me. I got so disgusted. That was the first time i ever seen someone scratch their anus…ewww

  • Some 1poisoned the water hole says:

    Warm water,wipes,and trim,cut,or ligntly shave the hair around your butt crack/ exit.. freshly clean. Happy day

  • Raymond Hogue lll says:

    I always take a shower right after no need to wipe😳

  • Amma B says:

    How about you nasty bastards take a shower and wash your ass with soap and water after you poop.

  • Lucy Patterson says:

    I haven’t had dinner. Why am I watching this? 🤮

  • spookerr says:


  • Sakina Maryam Karim says:

    Could be because yall Dry Wiping!

  • Navy gurl says:

    Just here for the comments👀😂😂😂

  • Thoreau says:

    More than 600 million people in India alone, do not have access to toilets. Same problem in Middle East and China. So don't give me this bullshit about how you clean yourself with water.

  • Thy Nguyen says:

    My anus starts to itch watching this

  • Nicole Mantip says:

    Are these guys professionals or they just fucking around ?? I am from italy and next to my toilet i have of course paper rolls but also in italy we have the "bidet" (french word) it is a sink for the ass, were you can wash your anus with soap … never had a itchy ass

  • fireose Aone says:

    They talk all at the same time. Are they doctors? Seemed they're just talkers….nothing more

  • Venger says:

    Itchy Anus.

    Band member: "I've figured out our new name."

  • godstomper says:

    Poor hygiene. People need to wash their anus with hot water and soap. Diet as well. If you eat alot of acidic stuff like meat, sugar, flour your stool is highly acidic

  • sillypuffer says:


  • Edward Sheridan says:

    Go to bed with itching butt wake up with stinky fingers

  • Becky Bohot says:

    Thanks for the info

  • Gary Pennyman says:

    Just wash your azz!

  • kb 2003 says:

    Wash yo ass!!!

  • Angel's World 17 says:

    The things they allow on tv now, TMI!

  • Sheila Ann says:


  • C W says:

    Lol wash yo azz…🤣

  • Full Tilt Boogie says:

    A dirty ass causes it duhh….

  • James Dunn says:

    Can you say Uranus.

  • jpeg says:

    Estan rosados

  • Jenifer Jaradat says:

    Buy a bidet.. Does wonders ..How people dont wash with water after the poo or pee is disgusting.. Wipes dont work you need to use water ..duh

  • Samantha Shine says:

    OMG>>>How about those handy dandy wet wipes of TP for your bunghole!!!

  • sharon bartley says:

    If I go but can't shower after for whatever reason, I use antibacterial soap on a wad of wet toilet paper. Several times. Then with plain water on more wads of toilet paper. When I pee, I use water on wads of toilet paper. I go through tons of toilet paper.

  • Panic! At Twenty Øne says:

    I'm never eating ass EVER AGAIN!

  • Joe Pegasus says:

    Ever heard of a bidet? You filthy assholes!

  • Colin Torres says:

    Who else is watching this vid while itching their anus 😂😂

  • Loslan Knight says:

    You guys dun cleanup your ass with water..

  • 4 ever says:

    Pringles can cause itchy anus. Don't eat too many @ one time.

  • Addalune says:

    Pinworms can cause your anus to itch.

  • cracker182 says:

    I love when my ass smells like shit

  • t oppo says:


  • ionebp says:

    Confucius Say: Man who go to bed with itchy anus, wakes up with stinky fingers…

  • Braxton Rhodes says:

    When ever i scratch my butt cheeks it bleeds why?

  • Dropdoc says:

    Rubbing alcohol on some tissue and a good wipe. 5 seconds of eye watering pain then instant long term relief.

  • BrieIhateMenLarson says:

    love scratching an itchy asshole and sniffing my finger

  • Scoox says:

    Itchy anus = dirty anus. I used to use toilet paper during my childhood, as that's what I had been taught at home. But after an Arab friend told me in his country they used water, now I don't even need to use paper anymore, I just wash with water directly, and there's no way I'm going back to paper. In places where it's not possible to use water, I just take toilet tissue to the nearest sink and wet it—not ideal but better than dry paper. Funny that many underdeveloped countries know more about hygiene than most first world countries. I guess it's all about tradition. There must have been a lot of itchy anuses in Europe during the Middle Ages…

  • Ginger Ninja says:

    Sudocreme. Trust me, once you’ve ensured your personal hygiene is good, Sudocreme works miracles in small quantities.

  • wendeln92 says:

    These idiots rarely help answer any of my questions. I had anal itching and hemorrhoids that were so painful that I dreaded any time I had to have a BM. The pain and itching was so bad I would lose sleep and if I went out I usually had to hurry home to apply meds like Preparation H or Cortisone cream. I was also using baby wipes. My primary physician ordered cortisone suppositories and cream but, as usual, this only alleviated the symptoms briefly. I Went to a specialist who ordered a compound ointment that cost $40 (not covered by insurance) that was basically useless – between the ointment and my copay this mistake cost me around $80!!!!  The hemorrhoids were so PAINFUL I almost went home from work a few times. At one time I was buying several packs of suppositories, several tubes of Preparation H and several tubes of cortisone ointment (prescription and OTC). All these things stopped providing relief after a while of constant use. I tried another colo-rectal surgeon and he said 1) stop the with the wipes (some have irritating chemicals), 2) stop the prepH and cortisone 3) increase fiber (Benefiber and increase veggies/fruits) and 4) use Balneol lotion when wiping and after wiping. I also installed a hand-held bidet to cut down on the wiping. After over two months of hell I finally had relief within a few days. These morons on the "Doctors" say there is no relief for the itching – WRONG, there definitely is with the Balneol. My regular pharmacy had to special order it but I didn't want to wait and found it at another pharmacy and it is available on-line. A 3 oz. bottle costs around $16-18 dollars but is worth it. It works and after things calm down you don't really need it all the time, but I do keep a bottle home and one for work. I only use the baby wipes when at work but not a lot. I truly believe the bidet was a very important part of the relief. I cannot understand why we in the USA do not use these things more often. The first time I used one was when I was in Europe (England and France ) in the late 80s. As far as I'm concerned everyone should have one in some form. They should be part of the basic plumbing of a house. All the money we spend on toilet paper and the amount of irritation and waste it causes and it really doesn't work that well. Think about how much toilet paper is used and it is expensive! A few weeks ago I even heard a Canadian radio personality complain about the amount of trees that are cut down because Americans use so much toilet paper. Anyway all the above is true and hope it is of some help to someone.

  • •sunset•angel• says:

    How did I get here…?

  • Bad Gyal Jordan says:

    I use baby wipes.

  • Sarah Angle says:

    Why is this on my recomendations??😂😂

  • Srinivas Dadi says:

    Sir i am my anus pane coming sir please help me sir

  • Tyler Power says:

    i been itching my anus for 5 years and it getting worse too and I hate this itch so mush I want this to be over i never thought you can itch your anus when i was a kid itchy anus is the worse itch ever

  • Scott Prendergast says:

    Fuck off with this non explanatory study in platitudes / insecurities,

  • Chris Rodriguez says:

    Who's that hot ebony lady?

  • nostrand lulu says:

    Use yogurt, Manila honey and coconut oil

  • Ronald Dre-Gan says:

    Mine itches like omg. But the shit only strikes in horrible moments like at school or work. I wiggle it around because I can’t get to it. Well if you go to bed with a itchy asshole you wake up with a smelly finger. Facts.

  • Fade Damir says:

    I got an ad about this shit

  • wade windham says:

    What’s so fucking funny? These guys are assholes!!!

  • shane parry says:

    Crushed garlic in a glass of water everyday. Eat garlic mushrooms everyday. Stop eating the despicable american diet of fucking CLOWN FOOD. Apple cider vinegar, to rebalance your acidity. Sunshine, Vitamin D. Yeast free bread.

  • Chloe Chloe says:

    I wipe my butt and it doesn’t stop

  • Chloe Chloe says:

    I wipe my butt and it doesn’t stop

  • Bill Dickson says:

    Avoid wheat, flour, biscuits, donuts, pasta etc and your itchy anus will be gone within 7 weeks "forever".


    I cured mine by applying vics

  • Shamel OSMAN says:

    Islam order us to wash anus 5 times a day plus when we go to toilet we must wash/ our profit said (imagine you live next to a river washing yourself 5 times a day, would that leave any trace of (toothpaste?!) he obviously didn’t say toothpaste! But those guys in this video call it toothpaste/ our prophet called it dirt/🥳

  • Jasmin Flowerz says:

    Not true at all, in fact, I had this chronic issue for the first time ever AFTER having become an avid user of the popular and trendy moist "bathroom wipes".

    **Here's a tip for immense, quick relief: In a bottle, mix 100% pure WITCH HAZEL, seven drops of LEMONGRASS OIL, several drops of ORANGE & TEA TREE OIL….AND shake. FULLY saturate 2 cotton rounds and after having thoroughly cleansed the area, compress 1 onto irritated area…apply the second pad directly on opening and leave it there, and sit for awhile while it works its wonders! If you can, I recommend leaving it overnight. You will find instant relief and will remember this.

    How did I come up with this remedy? 🤷‍♀️ I don't know…maybe because witch hazel is a well known anti-inflammatory, that also relieves irritation and redness! It is one of nature's gift to us, providing healing and yet so simple and affordable. The tea tree oil is antibacterial/antifungal and help with the chronic itchiness as well. The citrus is just astringent and provides a pleasant scent.

    Let me know what you think and, or, how it went. Right now, I just did this and am finally feeling like myself again…whewww…wipes sweat off of forehead…👉😅…Now I can sleep like a baby 😴☁️☁️🌓 .

  • Captain Falcon Arhh says:

    I put on a pair of dirty boxers and I have anal itch for 3days now

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