What are the Benefits of Beef Liver? Why You Should Take Nature’s Best Superfood – Thomas DeLauer

What are the Benefits of Beef Liver? Why You Should Take Nature’s Best Superfood – Thomas DeLauer

Normally when we think of super foods, we
think of broccoli, we think of collard greens, we think of all our fruits and veggies, we
don’t typically think of liver. But the crazy thing is is that liver is quite
honestly probably one of the most powerful super foods that you could consume. It doesn’t just have your vitamins and minerals,
but it also contains one particular fat soluble antioxidant that is extremely, extremely,
extremely important to not only your eye sight but just about every other hormonal function
in your body as well. So the first and foremost, the coolest thing
we have to look at with beef liver, is the fact that it’s a very high quality protein. Normally when you’re looking at a 100 gram
serving of beef liver, you’re gonna have between 25 and 30 grams of protein and only three
to four grams of fat. So a very very lean, high quality, source
of protein. But you’re also getting all nine essential
amino acids that you would ultimately need to build muscle. See, people typically think that if they’re
gonna consume an organ meat, that they’re not gonna get the full muscle building potential,
or the amino acid profile that they would normally get from consuming skeletal muscle
meat. The reality is, you actually get all that
and then some. You see, in that same 100 grams serving of
liver, you’re also gonna have 1176% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. So vitamin B12 is critical when it comes down
to creating red blood cells and actually delivering energy. Then you’re also gonna have 634% of your daily
value of vitamin A in it’s preformed form. And I’ll explain that in a second ’cause that
is extremely important. You’re also gonna have 714% of your daily
intake of copper. This is not something you would normally get,
it’s hard to get copper. I know people that go and spend a lot of money
on copper supplements, simply because they’re not getting copper from their diet. Now copper plays a big role in balancing iron
out, and balancing other minerals in your body, making it so that your body can actually
produce testosterone. There’s a huge link between copper and zinc
in the actual formation of testosterone in the body. But let’s stop for a second, let’s focus on
that vitamin A for a second. So you remember how I mentioned that it’s
preformed vitamin A? You see they have two different kinds of vitamin
A that we can be ingesting. We can ingest preform vitamin A, which is
gonna come from fish, and some meat sources, and mainly organ meats like liver. But then we also have plant based vitamin
A, and these are the ones that are marketed a lot. We’re talking about the beta carotene, and
these are usually provitamin A carotenoids. What that means is they turn into vitamin
A eventually but the body has to go through an entire metabolism process before those
ever really become a bioavailable, usable, vitamin A. You see, in the case of beef liver,
you’re actually talking about a preformed vitamin A. It’s already been synthesized,
it’s already been created as vitamin A. So when you consume it, it goes straight to
the source. Which means that it creates retinol, retinal,
and retinyl esthers. So that means that your body can actually
have better eye sight. You think about your retinas in your eye,
and then you think about the word retinal coming from vitamin A, you can do the math. It kind of makes sense, right? I used to feed my old dog carrots because
I thought the beta keratin in carrots would actually help the eye sight. I know a lot of people that do that, they
give their dogs carrots because the vitamin A’s supposed to be good for their eyes. When in reality, if they just gave them all
cuts of meat, it would work out a lot better. But I’m going off on a tangent, the point
is, is that you want preformed vitamin A. You don’t want the vitamin A from the plant
sources because by the time it actually gets down to the root of what it’s doing in your
body, it’s not doing much good. Now vitamin A also plays a critical role in
a lot of hormonal functions. It’s a powerful, fat based, antioxidant. Which means it neutralizes free radicals throughout
the hormonal system, but also throughout our body in it’s entirety. Very, very important if you’re training hard,
of if you’re just trying to live a long life. Now one of the other things I wanted to point
out that’s very very important when it comes down to liver, and beef liver to be specific,
is the amount of selenium that’s in it. You see, normally we’re trying to get selenium
from things like brazil nuts or other high calorie foods that would normally have selenium. Or we’re getting it from some kind of supplement
where it’s been somewhat synthesized and it may not be really having a positive affect
in our body. Selenium is very important for thyroid function,
we need selenium for the thyroid to function at it’s best. Which means that it’s going to allow our metabolism
to speed up a little bit. Healthy thyroid, healthy metabolism. That’s what we’re after. You get such a good amount of selenium in
a true bio available form from beef liver that you’d be hard pressed to find anything
else that’s gonna give you the same kind of quality. Now when it comes down to getting a true value
with your beef liver, you can’t always just go to the butcher shop and order a fresh liver. It’s not always practical to eat that every
night. The reality is, our ancestors were probably
eating these kind of organ meats all the time. This day in age, it’s just hard to do. And it’s not always palatable. That’s exactly why Antler Farms has created
their beef liver capsules. They’ve actually dehydrated beef liver and
put it into a form where you get a concentrated amount in just a couple of capsules. So that’s exactly why Antler Farms created
this product. They saw a need, and they inserted a perfect
product into the market so that people that weren’t always able to get their hands on
good quality, organic beef liver, could actually get it in a capsule form. So make sure you check them out, and make
sure you’re getting your organ meat in one way or another. I’ll see you soon.

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    I ate a beef liver, I simply cooked it like I would a medium cooked steak and oh it tasted horrible. Anyone know why?

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