What activities should be avoided after a rhinoplasty?

After a rhinoplasty, you will have a cast
on your nose for the first seven days. During this time, you will definitely feel a bit
of pressure, a bit of blockage in the nasal cavity, a bit of pressure in the face. So,
I always recommend that in the first seven days, take it easy, relax, do a bit of cooling
just to reduce this pressure feelings and the swelling. When the cast is removed on
day seven post-surgery, I still recommend that you reduce your facial expressions to
a minimum just not to stretch the scar too much. You should not wear glasses for the
first three to four weeks especially heavy sunglasses can create a bit of irregularities
in the nasal dorsum and also pain. You should definitely not do anything in hot environments.
For example, steam baths or saunas. No Sun bathing and just if you go out into the sun,
make sure that you wear a really good sun protection cream. I recommend an SPF at least
30 if not 50. You should not fly in the first three weeks post-surgery just not to
risk any bleedings and regarding sports, I always recommend not to do sports for the
first five to six weeks even like mild sport for example yoga should be avoided because
you have a lot of head down positions that can increase the risk of bleeding. Any sport
with the risk of nasal trauma or contact sport should not be done within the first three
months post-surgery.

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