We Tested 100 Drugstore Foundations To Find Our Top 5 | Beauty | Refinery29

We Tested 100 Drugstore Foundations To Find Our Top 5 | Beauty | Refinery29

Hi guys! I’m Lexy Lebsack. I’m a Senior Beauty Editor at Refinery29 and we’re here with a lot of foundation and celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg. What’s up Refinery? Woo! We’re here testing out over 100 different foundations from 16 mass brands and we’ve challenged Jamie here to test every single one of them and basically tell us what the best drugstore foundations are. Jamie narrowed it down to five foundations. So let’s do it. Drum roll. Drum roll, please! So the first one was by Almay. It’s a four-in-one blemish eraser. This is a coverer. It clears, it calms, and controls. Oh, great. I love a multitasker. It doesn’t smell bad, which is a plus. Yeah. It has barely any scent at all. This is good for somebody with oily skin, someone who has a lot of acne. You can see this is the first layer of coverage and it’s pretty amazing. It’s a lot of pigment. It has a nice glow to it but there is something mattifying about it as well. It’s not drying. Actually I heard you maybe commenting earlier about how you felt like you were getting a breakout. Yes, I do feel like I’m about to breakout. So we’re just going to prevent that. We’re preventing it and we’re going to buff it on. Now your neck is a little lighter than your face, which most people have that. Because our face gets exposed to everything and our neck doesn’t. I’m just bringing this down. That’s what I love about a buffer is you can really seamlessly bring this area down. You too now can have a clear complexion with Almay. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. Maybelline’s Dream Cushion. Dreamy! So dreamy. This is for your combination friend. This goes on super smooth and even. It’s really, really pigmented. And when it dries, it has this nice dewy, but not too dewy and not too dry. Please clean these. Okay? Just use a little soap. Clean them every…at least once a week, okay? Does anyone else want their makeup done? Nia. I like to call her Nia Knowles because she looks like the missing Knowles sisters, you know Beyoncé and Solange? And Nia! Hi! So we’re going to work with the Dream Cushion on you because quite honestly, you’re a dream. And what kind of skin do you have? I feel like I have normal to oily skin. So what’s nice about this is you can apply the foundation and you’re skin is already glowing. This gives a nice glow. And then what you can do throughout the day, you can take kind of the cleaner parts and then press in the areas that tend to get a little more oily and kind of take down the oil. I’m feeling it. You are a dream and I’m presenting you with the Dream Cushion Award. L’Oreal Paris 24 Hour Infallible Pro Matte. Oh, I love the voice too. Thank you. So this is great for really oily skin. I hate to say it but sometimes too matte accentuates issues. So let’s try it. I mean it literally looks just like skin you’re getting. Great pigment. Really buildable. And you can see it’s not as shiny as the previous. Anyone else? Valentine! So a lot of times, in the winter we’re a little lighter and in the summer we’re a little darker, right? So you can buy two foundations and you can custom blend your own colors depending on your color at that time. Being in the moment is what I like to say. What I like about this is it tells you on the back that it is a semi-matte. It’s medium coverage and it’s air light, the texture. It kind of looks like you have combination skin. Yes. So maybe a little bit oily in the T-zone and a little dry on the cheeks. So this is perfect for you. Number Four is the NYX Total Control. I have to admit I’ve been very excited to try this one because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. You can add this to your moisturizer. You can add it to a serum. You can really add it to anything. You can add it to your ice cream sundae. Just kidding, don’t do that. What I like about this, this is great for normal to dry skin. It’s super moisturizing, beautiful slip, it’s about a light coverage, but you can add more for medium. It builds nicely. This is the Catrice All Matt Plus. Shine control makeup. It’s great for anyone who needs a light coverage. This formula is almost kind of like a tinted moisturizer, with a kick. So it comes out, you can see it comes out kind of thick, but then when you spread it on, it really does feels like a tinted moisturizer. Catrice. Also new brand. New brand. New brand alert. New brand alert. It doesn’t smell. It’s beautiful. I think it’s great. And a lot of people that maybe don’t wear foundation that are like, “I want to start wearing foundation,” this is a great first one. This is like your training bra of foundations. Alright guys, we just narrowed it down to our top 5 drugstore foundations. Thank you to Jamie Greenberg Makeup. You could find me on every social network
@JamieMakeup. That’s J-A-M-I-E-Makeup, don’t get it twisted. Thanks for watching Refinery29. For more videos like this, click here And to subscribe, click here.


  • Pretty Pistol says:

    I feel like this was a paid ad.. Why don't they show the labels on any of the products on the table but sell the "top 5" like they're on the shopping channel. Maybe it's just the way they talk about everything but it all seems so forced…

  • Levi Parks says:

    Hey lovelies! My name is Levi, i just posted my FIRST video on youtube… it would mean the world if you gave it a watch 🙂 thank you!!!!

  • Kiara says:

    she is reviewing it on the spot no prior testing

  • freethinker9406 says:

    Why is it that a lot of make up girls don't wear make up very well… like blush for days. And their foundation isn't even blended. Make up lines…

  • Miss Ish says:

    This wasn't done well at all.
    What a waste of a hundred foundations.

  • ForevaLaTrelle says:

    Revlon colorstay is good too for combo/ oily skin.

  • Siouxbb says:

    REVLON cough Revlon is amazing and they have foundation for dry skin, combination and oily skin.. Revlon is fantastic on my high red acne, especially mixing it with Olay facial lotion gives it such a airbrushed beautiful dewey look. How did it not end up in top 5 ??

  • K says:

    Why would we listen to someone about foundation who chose the wrong tone of foundation for themselves…

  • brittney rae bell says:

    Lol @ them picking almay as #1 when they have beige, off white, and egg as their only shades

  • LadyV says:

    What about foundations with non toxic ingredients from companies that actually care about the environment…so disappointing

  • art deco says:

    this is helpful because i basically buy foundation at a drugstore XD

  • T Mustafa says:

    can there be a brown girl version for this

  • Molly Stern says:

    You're a makeup artist but you pronounce NYX like N. Y. X??

  • Healthista says:

    Now that is a lot of time saved to find some foundations worth buying. Thank you Refinery29

    Healthista TV

  • Rosabelle DuBois says:

    they obviously didn't take enough shade variety into consideration. almost all of those don't go pale enough or deep enough 🙁

  • Freya says:

    I Am allergic to most catrice products. I think it's the perfume in them but the brand has been around for years

  • Emma Z says:


  • Liz Torres says:

    I'm surprised Revlon Colorstay didn't make the cut. That foundation looks GREAT, not dry, not dewy, doesn't accentuate texture and lasts all day even through working out. I wish it was full coverage and came in more colors, but it's a great medium coverage foundation for most skin types except very dry. I like applying it with fingers, it makes brushes stiff

  • erika says:

    surprised there wasnt fit me foundation or wet n wild photo focus

  • Lorelai Mercy says:

    The women look no different after application of these foundations. Those demos are pointless.

  • Hannah McGuire says:

    JAMIE 💜

  • Jam Xan Ly says:

    I'm shocked to see catrice on top 5. I have never heard anybody use catrice except me of course and it's just so amazing. I had hard times finding the right foundation for me until I found catrice.

  • Hailey T says:

    Almay is always so slept on but I've been loving them for YEARS. Them and Neutrogena.

  • Abby Quezada says:

    Anyone watch many drugstore foundation videos but still have no idea what to purchase because you have trust issues and believe in too many conspiracy theories

  • rainytotoro says:

    the way she holds the cushion puff

  • Kate-Lin Barnes says:

    I looooooooove Jamie's lipstick!!! I wonder what it is 🙂

  • Neyla Niara says:

    Well, Catrice is not really a new brand. It is from Germany… 😀

  • Ceez says:

    hahahahahh Catrice is not a new brand. Just because it's just now available in de US didn't make it non-existent before. A lot of make-up brands that are talked about on youtube aren't available in Europe (or at least in the Netherlands), that doesn't mean they're non-existent. Sometimes all of this is just funny to me hahahahaha

  • becky in the sky says:

    Yes! I've been swearing by that Catrice foundation for years (it's not a new brand in Europe) and I just love it! It gets overlooked super often because it's light coverage but I think it's perfect for everyday. It goes on and blends like a dream 😀

  • Tania says:

    As a make-up lover…. i wanna have all of those so badly!!! But real talk half of those foundations don't even have my shade 😒 step up drugstore!

  • user name says:

    I need to know their subscriber count😭

  • Ananya Gupta says:

    I have the l'real foundation but quite seriously, it photographs horribly. Kind of makes your face look ashen and doesn't really cover spots unless you use a lot. I'd rather use Australis.

  • Warrendoe says:

    No Revlon Colorstay in top 5?

  • Jelly Tot says:

    What would you reccomend for someone with dry skin ? Dont want anything too oily because i can get shiny by the emd of the day. I want long wearing and at least solid medium coverage. I have sensitive skin and i have problems with foundations sinking into lines on my forehead sometimes. Im very pale also so the foundation range has to go pale enough. Since my skin is also very sensitive also i prefer no fragrance. I want a foundation that makes my skin look flawless i have quite large pores and foundations can look textured on my skin even though i use benefits porefessional. Would also prefer a cruelty free brand? With all of these things i don't think ill ever find my perfect foundation that does everything i want it to 😭 especially when i live somewhere there arent half as many brands available to me 💔

  • Ellena Landara says:

    Um…As far as I know, Catrice is not such a new brand. At least it has been on the drugstore shelves in my country(latvia) for a minimum of five years, if I remember correctly, maybe even longer. And I have used some of their things. Some work, other things do not really, just like with every other brand.

  • Fabienne Vreugdewater says:

    "new brand alert"?? catrice has been around for a loooong time girlies

  • Jayarie says:

    It would have been better if a woman of (darker) color did this to talk about color range and undertones as well

  • Patricia says:

    The Catrice one was like one of my first foundations when I was 12… nostalgic

  • Inna Nasledova says:

    Hi. Jamie, what's the name of the polish and lipstick you are wearing? Thanks.

  • Paula Hillier says:

    That's some serious blush.

  • Angie Zaloga says:

    Personally I love Revlon colorstay. That works best for me. I hate the Loreal Infallible matte. It's so cakey and looks awful. Just my opinion.

  • Missing Pieces says:

    She's full of shit. They were probably paid to say that. Dream cushion is awful and almay is just a horrible brand altogether. Everything they make sucks.

  • Kpop dummy says:

    Even though I have dry-ish skin, maybelline fit me matte and L'Oréal true match are my fav foundations from the drugstore (although true match does oxidize pretty bad so finding the right shade is hard)

  • Estelle Boo says:

    ….did the celebrity makeup artist just call NYX enwhyex? And say catrice was new….?

  • Ginny L says:

    Catrice isn't a new brand though! It's been in Europe for quite somw years. I can really reccomend their lipsticks (they have stains, mattes, gloss, ect.), their Nailpolish, eyebrow powder kit and their color beslissing powder (it sets the face but doesn't look too matt and never cakey) 🙂

  • Eva Sofie Edrén Trasborg says:

    Omg the blush

  • Manisha Doran says:

    Need more Jamie! Love her personality. Too funny.

  • ANGEL says:

    Do this video for dry or super dry skin

  • Virtual Soul says:

    That Maybelline broke me out like crazy. Months of Derma went to waste

  • Mireya Martinez says:

    I clicked on this because I thought it was Trevor Moran 😂😂 omg

  • Selina B.Robinson says:

    Almost does nothing for dark skin tones. Like, nothing.

  • Pratima Varma says:

    I am surprised Revlon Colorstay dint make the cut

  • Brianna Irene says:

    I looove the almay clear complexion. I have combo/dry skin and its great! I dont notice less breakouts bc of it but it helps that it doesnt cause any!

  • Patricia Alastre says:

    I actually don't feel that big about the l'oreal pro matte it breaks apart if I don't bake it.

  • Naomi Kenney says:

    I was hoping for a dry skin option

  • VS M says:

    No way in hell did that makeup artist actually test 100 foundations. This is based on reading the packages and trying them on hands.

  • Sherry Little says:

    when u put it on your face and wear it for hours for a week or more-make a video, this was worthless

  • isabella welk says:

    Did anyone else notice they had duplicates on the table of the same foundation? I don't know if they actually tested 100 but there were multiple of some of the foundations on the table(probably to make it look like there were more there)

  • makeupplusedie • says:

    Why the girl on the left look like uma kompton?

  • Mskatira Katmeraz says:

    So who did the blonde girl's make-up cause her blush doesn't look great on her?!

  • Simply Nisha says:

    Why does the lady on the left look like Melissa from aldc ?lol

  • lysez santos says:

    my favorite top five drugstore foundation/concealer are the loreal infallible foundation, maybelline fit me, maybelline dream satin/velvet, la girl pro conceal, fit me concealer, and THEY ARE ALL GREAT PRODS I SUGGEST

  • Check Chetta Out says:

    Why do I feel like when she was putting the foundation on the girl's faces. There faces were not fresh.

  • Lovoison says:

    the nyx total control drops didnt even work for me. i have oily/combination skin and it just accentuated any problem areas i had. not to mention the fucking flashback i had from it. i had the lightest shade and it flashed back SO much. it wasnt the powder or anything i put on top of it. terrible

  • maria r says:

    When she asks that girl "what kind of skin you have?" The answer is literally perfect! Like she did not need anything on that skin holly shit

  • Chelsea Guidroz says:

    They didn't even mention Maybelline fit me? That's a really good one for oily skin. And L'Oreal lumi is beautiful for dry

  • Emyleepafford says:

    Honestly I have the L'Oreal 24hr foundation and I love it. I also have MAC foundation (not sure which one) but I loved it at 1st , but it didn't give me that "full cover" look. It may be different for other people tho

  • Emyleepafford says:

    I haven't personally tried the NYX drop foundation , but I've seen videos and it looks very water down . Just a tip before you buy.

  • Kas O'Donnell says:

    3 out of the 5 test on animals. No thanks.

  • mckenna hodges says:

    Elf acne fighting foundation should have been on the top 5 and so should have fit me foundation.

  • Gabrielle Ott says:

    I tried the infallible matte foundation a year ago and it turned orange, made my face the oiliest it's ever been, and broke me out in cystic acne… no thanks

  • Luna Blaire says:

    I hope they know its illegal not to disclose if something is sponsored because this felt heavily sponsored to me.

  • Theresa Lopez says:

    Ty ladies

  • dg9 says:

    This title is misleading and this video is in no way helpful. You talked about 5 foundations and just laid a pile of other foundations on the table without reviewing or demonstrating them. Why were these the top picks? Why weren't the other foundations in the top 5?

  • Liz C says:

    Catrice isn't a new brand, they have been around since 2004. And L'Oreal Infalible has a large amount of alcohol in it, so really isn't good for any skin type. Meh…

  • . says:

    goodbye good skin

  • Slm1111 says:

    Nia has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen 😍

  • Kíra Kőrösi says:

    Maybe Catrice is new for you but we have that brand in Europe for more than 3 years

  • Nightingale21 says:

    please someone teach that blonde girl how to apply blush bc her cheeks were a mess, she looked like a clown

  • naybe says:

    Like is there a good colour range?Ffs

  • Whisper Motion says:

    Alamay doesn't cater to People of colour which is annoying because I see so many people talking about the brand I probably spelt the name wrong but you get what I mean

  • sarah li says:

    Wish I saw this video before I bought my foundation

  • zahina zerin says:

    Why she doesn't tell about maybelline fit me???………. that is the most amazing foundation in drugstore

  • L33DyA JKauR says:

    Catrice is my out to go make up

  • Angela spence says:

    Love love love the lipstick sweater

  • ChloboLambo says:

    they should have in chose the milani conceal and perfect foundation because it’s the best!!!

  • Helios Sky says:


  • Oxygen Isn’t Available Here says:

    I'm sure some one has already said this but it isn't N Y X it's pronounced NYX

  • Stephanie 420 says:

    I always thought it was NYX like ‘nicks’, is it N Y X?

  • DlchMcV says:

    I am shocked that Wet n Wild's PhotoFocus Foundation isn't there. That foundation is gorgeous. It is dewy, but that's ok….for those that like it, leave it like it, for those that don't, a quick powder takes care of it.

  • DlchMcV says:

    I know it's not "drugstore" but it probably beats all these drugstore foundation's prices and is the best foundation I have ever used is The Ordinary Serum foundation. It's light as air, great coverage that is buildable, amazing choices for skin colour and undertone and is less than $7 for a standard 30ml bottle with a lockable pump. It's going to be sold at more websites in the near future so it will be way more available.

  • Mary says:

    She's def my favorite makeup artist who are on these kinds of videos

  • chloe desena says:

    these 100 beauty products videos always help me so much😩 no more spending money on duds

  • rebecca burton says:

    Okay so she knows nothing about makeup 😂, her foundation has got super oily, which celebrity got landed with Her to do their makeup? Not to mention Almay is one of the most racist brands, and that Beyoncé comment wasn’t far off, like wow 🙄she said she was going to cover a breakout on her chin, then put the foundation on her neck and just forgot to actually cover the breakout 😑
    Never posted a negative comment on a video before but this was utter 💩 😅

  • Ceptom MUA says:

    The nyx total drop is not light coverage it’s acctually medium

  • Ash.nk says:

    Cool I don’t like any of those foundations 😂😑

  • Kara Creswell says:

    Very uninformative. Could have been an awesome learning experience.

  • Kettle Cørny says:

    I use the NYX dropper foundation and it oxidizes REALLY badly, It looks good once I apply it but after I get home from school, I’m about three times darker 😭💀

  • DawTpar says:

    Can you do for the shampoo and conditioner??

  • Helen Hines says:

    I love dream cushion but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. I have normal with dry patches and blemishes. That foundation looks so skin like and it’s a dream to apply with a sponge. The applicator is fine to initially apply it and then you can blend it out with a sponge. It’s a barely medium coverage at best but it covers redness. It’s my favorite drugstore foundation. You really have to over apply to get cakey with it. The wet n wild cushion foundation has very similar results for Half the price though. I’d try that one bc cushions have much less product than other liquid foundation.

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