We Saved Thousands of Dollars Eating This Way | Marc Ramirez Part 2 | Plant Power Stories

In my opinion, food is medicine,
food is what healed me. And it’s when I changed the foods … that I was able to eliminate
all of my medications. Never underestimate
the body’s ability to heal itself … if we just fuel it with the right foods. So, before my wife and I
adopted a plant-based lifestyle, I was a fast-food junkie, I used to run through the fast food once
and sometimes multiple times a day, whereas … now it’s all whole-food, plant-based, it’s the four main food groups,
which are all the fruits, all the vegetables, all the grains, and all the legumes. We eliminated, like I said,
all of the fast food, and that’s the lifestyle,
that’s the food we eat now. We are going to start making
veggie sandwiches. And it’s really simple, you just use
whatever veggies you have in the house. Today we are using … mushrooms, bell peppers, onion,
and we are also using … some pre-packaged
salad that we got at Whole Foods. And instead of using mayonnaise or cheese,
we are using avocado as a condiment. I like to use mushrooms
because they are meaty, they sort of have a texture similar to meat. So they make the sandwich feel more filling. And because they are kind of bland,
they soak up the flavors around them. They kind of go with anything. I used to eat a meal, I would go to a burger joint, but within half an hour to an hour I’m crashing, my body is struggling to try and digest
all these foods. Whereas, now when I eat – and I eat a lot of food –
it’s all whole-food, plant-based, but I eat a lot of food,
and now I don’t get those symptoms anymore. I’m energized, I’m ready, my tummy feels full, but I don’t feel like
I have a rock inside of my belly. And next we are going to slice up an onion. So the onion… It will make it a little bit savory. But purple onions or red onions,
they’re more mild than … white or yellow. It tastes great to eat them raw.
Some of the other ones are too pungent. And next we are going to scoop out avocado … and put that on our pita bread. This is like a base for the sandwich … or pita. You could use bread, whatever kind you like. We like these pitas because it’s very pure,
it has just four ingredients, it’s whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water. We do not spend more,
we actually spend about a third less on groceries. But that’s because we buy whole foods
that are reasonably priced. Things like brown rice
and dried beans and pasta, potatoes, things like that. And then if you consider the money we’ve saved
with medications and doctor bills, we’ve saved thousands and thousands
of dollars by eating this way, so it’s definitely not more expensive. Those colorful bell peppers add a lot of nice crunch,
the onions adding some savory flavors to it, and then this is a pre-packaged
salad we got at Whole Foods. So we’re just going to put
some of that on top. And you can use whatever veggies
you happen to have at home. It’s also great
for a cleaning-out-the-fridge meal. And that’s how you make
a quick veggie sandwich. My dream one day would be … to not have anybody see the suffering … that has happened to my family happen to yours. You could change that by simply
changing the foods you eat. I would love one day if all the people
on this planet would eat plant-based. Not only would we be helping our health,
we would be helping the environment … and we wouldn’t be causing all the pain
and suffering to these poor animals … that committed no crime other than being born. Find what motivates you if you want to try this, and use that to inspire you. You know,
originally for us it was for health issues, and that’s what gave us the prompt to dive in. For other people it might be
environmental issues or things like that, so find what motivates you and explore it. It’s not as hard as you might think. I hear a lot,
“It’s impossible, I can’t do that.” What I need you to do is cut that impossible word
after the first two letters: “I’m” and then “possible”. If I can do this, if this big meat-eating
macho man, football player can do it, and I’m nobody special,
you can do it as well.

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