Waxing Legs | Normal Wax Legs | Hot Waxing Legs | Cocoon Salon

Waxing Legs | Normal Wax Legs  | Hot Waxing Legs | Cocoon Salon

Waxing legs video with normal wax / hot wax / honey wax video Normal wax heater take the wax and heat the wax in the normal wax heater Model: Lakshmi Beautician: Swaroopa Offer the client a gown to cover the skin and clothes if any from hot and sticky wax Subscribe to Cocoon Salon Apply normal powder to the legs. When waxing legs with normal wax, make sure the leg is clean and dry and the talcum powder makes the leg dry and forms a base for good waxing legs check the wax with a spatula if its ready for waxing legs Use wax strip to remove the hair from the leg Always check with the client if the wax is not too hot to bear. apply the wax on the leg as a thin layer covering all the hair spread the was thoroughly and quicky use the wax strip on the legs to remove hair. hold the end of the wax strip and pull quicker in the opposite direction of the hair growth. if client feels more pain, use the other hand to press the leg after removing the wax strip repeat the waxing procedure and always check if the client feels ok when waxing, always press the wax strip gently 3-4 times so it pulls the hair properly take a damp cloth and clean the waxed leg gently. pat dry the waxed leg apple any gentle moisturiser to the waxed leg. While waxing leg with normal wax for any reason if it stuck to the skin and doesn’t come off, then stop the procedure and use warm water to take the wax off and also use astringent. Also, use aloe vera gel.


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