Warts near my Genitals? ★Help★ hpv

Hi friends, in this video we will discuss
about genital warts which comesup near genitals. So must watch this video till the end. It is absolutely normal to have pimples on
almost every part of our body, including the genitals, because we have sweat glands that
secrete fatty oil through our pores. What should you do? The indication is not to thunder them, not
to touch them with dirty hands and not to put on creams or magic remedies that you use
on the face or other sides, since the genitals and pubis are extremely sensitive areas that
do not get along with chemicals that affect their PH, because if the natural bacterial
flora is altered infections can be triggered. time to call your doctor. Ideally, wait until it is removed naturally
in a few days, if the granite does not leave it is time to call your doctor, ask him to
check it to rule out something more serious and you can receive timely treatment. Since it is easy to confuse granite with psoriasis
(rash), a melanoma (tumor), an STI or a pubic skin infection. Now, how do you know what a wart is and not
something you should treat? Some warning signs that it is something different
from a normal wart on the genitals is: – Bad smell in any part of your genitals. – There is pain, itching, burning when urinating,
having intercourse or even at rest. – The “grain” changes color, size, shape or
bleeds too much. – Abundant genital flow, fetid, greenish,
yellowish. – It is not in the skin of your pubis but
in the mucosa of your genitals. And finally what is folliculitis? If you have little that you shaved and the
hairs were trapped inside the follicles (pores) of your skin, the area may swell and granites
come out, it is completely normal and should be treated so that they do not get infected,
the ideal is that wait for the hair to grow out of the pore and then you can carefully
remove it with clean and disinfected tweezers. Do not hesitate to ask your general practitioner,
gynecologist or dermatologist, about any type of grain, spot or rash that worries you. Better safe than sorry.

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