Vitamina D – Por uma outra terapia

In the end of 2009, I was diagnosed with
a degenerative and untreatable disease. Months later, I was
gifted by the discovery of a treatment that has provided many patients
a life without a trace of the disease. This film aims at disseminating the
existence of this treatment. What should we expect? We are to expect that
within six months after the beginning of your treatment, the disease will be in remission. We expect no more relapses and with time, some brain lesions might
indeed disappear from your MRI scan. Vitamin D
For an alternative therapy I was 20 years old. One day I was walking around and my
right foot started to drag. Came out of nowhere as usually
happens with any other patient One day I woke up with a weird
sensation in my left arm, I thought it could be something related to a
recent physical activity during surfing. I had horrible dizziness. I couldn’t get up from my bed.
The roof seemed to be spinning really fast. It was horrible. I started having trouble walking straight;
problems to climb stairs… And it was slowly getting worse. It’s very complicated.
No family is prepared to deal with a chronic and progressive
sickness affecting a beloved member. In addition, specially in Brazil, people
don’t know much about multiple sclerosis. In multiple sclerosis, the
nervous system is attacked by the immune system – The
brain and the spinal cord. Therefore, the patients might present virtually
any neurologic symptoms. It is estimated that there
might be up to 50 thousand people affected in Brazil.
Mostly young people. The disease may lead to
blindness, paraplegia, being stuck to a wheelchair – very often
evolve to a situation like that – from
an early stage of life. Until the final diagnosis
I had been through 6 months of exams, medical monitoring and
multiple corticoid therapies. Diagnosed in 2009, began the vitamin D
treatment a few months after that. I was only able to identify that, effectively,
it was a paralyzing disease. Following the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, he spent
many years using corticoids, which caused
a series of permanent side-effects. He’s
been using the vitamin D treatment for two years. It was a really big shock.
I didn’t want to believe that I had it, specially since I didn’t know anything
about the disease or its treatment. Diagnosed in 2006, began
the vitamin D treatment in 2009. Then I started reading about the
disease, and realized that the perspective for a reasonable quality
of life was small. Chances are that you
are going to get worse. It’s true anguish. You think the worst. You feel
that there is no hope, and you’re scared that that
things will continue to get worse soon, and you don’t
know how to deal with it. Multiple Sclerosis is usually treated
with injected substances called interferons, that help to control
the disease manifestations. Several pharmaceutical companies compete
in the market offering treatment with
interferon and similar substances. The monthly cost of the treatment with
these drugs may reach over 5,000 US dollars per patient, being provided free of charge
by the Brazilian health care system. Interferon therapy reduces
disease relapses by 30%, meaning that patients under that therapy
still experience 70% of the relapses, and has major side-effects
that lower the patient’s quality of life. It was a painful injection; it gave me headaches, indisposition; it was disturbing to think
that every day you would eat breakfast and
take another injection. I took my first dose on June 3rd, 2003.
It was unforgettable, horrible; a huge suffering. Had the first symptoms of the disease in 1977,
but was diagnosed only in 2003. She’s been
under high-dose vitamin D treatment since 2006. I could feel each drop of
that injection getting into each cell of my body…
the whole night. Actually, I became far worse
when I started taking interferon. Diagnosed in 2006, her neurological disabilities
progressed until 2010, when she was
about to be confined to a wheelchair. She’s
been under vitamin D treatment for 5 months. I couldn’t particularly stand the
pain of the injections. At night time, I had to inject myself while
in bed, because I couldn’t move anymore afterwards. Then the frequency of injections
increased to 3 times per week. Then I had no more rest…every other
day I had to take another injection. And I was getting persistently worse; I was
about to use crutches, the left
side of my body was compromised. I endured this treatment for 3 months.
Then I gave up saying that I would rather let the disease take
its course than having such treatment. As far as I know, many people take the
conventional treatment and keep getting worse. Maybe slowly, but worse.
So I couldn’t see any improvements. Actually the traditional treatment gives you the
impression that something changes in your body, but I couldn’t see any benefit. I got benefit from the
treatment with vitamin D. Studies on the effects
of vitamin D on the immune system began
around 40 years ago. It was when the epidemiologists
wanted to know the geographic distribution of
autoimmune diseases around the globe. They verified that close to the equator
line there was a low prevalence of these diseases, and that the percentage of affected
individuals increases proportionally with
the distance from the equator. Eventually, further research showed that this
finding was related to lower exposure to solar
radiation of people living in higher latitudes, leading to reduced production of vitamin D
in the human skin – the major effect
of solar exposure in our body. My mother searched the internet
and found an interview with Dr. Coimbra. She scheduled an appointment for me. I was
reluctant at first since I was tired of hearing the same things over and over
again… but eventually I decided to attend, and it was the beginning of
the good part of the story… Approximately in 2003 we became aware of the
medical obligation of not leaving those patients
without due correction of vitamin D deficiency. We verified, according to
published literature data, that the recommended daily
dose of 200-600 international units would not correct the level of
deficiency found in these patients. So we started employing more realistic (physiologically
realistic) daily doses – like 10,000 units – an amount easily achieved within
a few minutes of solar exposure in adults. And we noticed a remarkable clinical improvement in
nearly all patients with autoimmune diseases. From this observation we come to
further increase daily doses, trying to
reach the highest level within the reference values, always supported by ancillary lab tests
to ensure that no patient would have side effects, we observed that several of these individuals
found themselves completely free of the
manifestations of these autoimmune diseases. A few months after I started
the Vitamin D treatment, relapses became
a lot less frequent. Before that, I would have on
average one relapse every 15 days. In comparison to how it was
before, the difference is extreme. I feel much, much better; with respect to
my mood, my outlook, hope… First it was the fatigue; I started feeling a disposition
that I had not experienced in years. Then I got the strength to
move better, to write better, to hold a fork and a knife, to
cut a slice of pizza… For instance, before the treatment with vitamin D, when
taking a bath I could not use shampoo to wash my hair, etc. – For how long couldn’t you
do that sort of things? – During the time I was taking
Interferon: from 2004 to 2010. And soon after I started taking vitamin D,
within ten days, I was free of pain. It was really impressive. The pain
was simply taken away from by body. Gradually, within a 2-year period,
all my disabilities disappeared. All the neurological impairment I had on the left side of my body –
particularly that of my left foot – was gone after that time period. I’m a normal person now. I walk normally.
I have no limitations. Nothing at all. Having spent all those
years without hope, And then having this novel treatment,
which is a simple one, inexpensive, provides effective results, and – most
importantly – is free of adverse effects. In contrast, the side effects
of the traditional treatments were as burdensome
as the disease itself. There are quite extensive scientific data
showing that the vitamin D deficiency is related to prostate,
breast and intestinal cancers. These cancers are much more common at higher latitudes.
There are prospective studies regarding this issue. There are thousands of
published studies on the effects of vitamin D on the best known and
most frequent autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus
erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo, type 1 diabetes,
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and several other diseases that remarkably
reduce the quality of life of affected individuals. Vitamin D makes your body react
against the harmful effects of autoimmunity – in his case, rheumatism. Leandro began to suffer from severe pain affecting multiple
body regions in 2006 and went through repeated hospital
admissions. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, he
started treatment with vitamin D in 2011. We were skeptical at first, and yet, very sympathetically,
he said at the end of the interview: ‘Within six months you will forget about the pain.”
We were so moved that both he and I were trying to
hold back the tears. I don’t know if the doctor could
understand why we were so moved. That was because we used to go through enormous suffering
at each relapse of his disease. My wife, my daughter (his sister) and I – the whole family – suffered from his
suffering. It was an unimaginable suffering. During one of the hospitalizations I
was given 12 shots of morphine. After the twelfth shot I went
into respiratory failure. It is the kind of image that remains etched
in one’s memory forever. A son asking: “For God’s sake, father, don’t let
me feel the pain anymore.” Can you imagine walking this
path for 5 years, and not being able to find someone
or something that could make it stop? The treatment with vitamin D in fact relieved
me from pain, made me feel better, and allowed me to
return to normal life. I estimate that after 5 months of
treatment I already felt a lot better. I almost forgot about
some of the problems I had. Today I have a good perspective, I will keep on with my life,
everything will be all right… I want to get married
within two or three years, I’ll have my children. I’ll have
my own home. I’ll take my life. Vitamin D is essentially
produced in the skin, and becomes biologically active by
being transformed into a hormone. Therefore, vitamin D is more
appropriately classified as a pro-hormone. There are two ways of
replenishing vitamin D: either by ingestion (in liquid form or
capsules) or by exposure to sunlight. There are studies of fundamental importance
concerning the vitamin D issue. One of the pioneers in this
matter is Dr. Michael Holick, who discovered the circulating
form of vitamin D suitable for assessment of vitamin D
deficiency – the 25-hydroxyvitamin D3. Even though we have natural sources
for all of the vitamins in general, vitamins are also chemically
synthesized. Vitamin D is not
synthesized in Brazil yet, Vitamin D synthesized in Italy is considered one
of the best, and currently supplies the domestic market. Updated data indicate that vitamin D
deficiency is now a worldwide pandemic. Because vitamin D is essentially produced by sunlight
exposure – which is now quite restricted, specially in modern urban centers – where people
live and work in confined spaces. Current estimates indicate that approximately 50%
of the general population has low levels of vitamin D. I have been surfing for a quite long time.
Surfing has become the major driving force of my life. You see that, within ten years
from the initial manifestations of MS, most people become handicapped to the point of
not being able to deal with their domestic activities. That being so, what about surfing, a sport
demanding strength, balance, physical resistance? I realized that I had little time left to continue
surfing, and that was quite anguishing. That was indeed the worst feeling – the feeling from knowing that
maybe I would be alive, young, but unable to surf or practice sports. The doctor told me to avoid sunlight
exposure and physical activity. Gosh! I wanted to surf, right, dude? But then, how
could I possibly do that or even go to the beach? Then I went to see Dr.
Coimbra and he said: “No, dude. You’ll have a normal life. Go to the beach, you
need sunlight… Vitamin D comes from sunlight. Go and live your life like a normal
person…that is what you are.” These words coming from a specialist plus the early benefits from
this new treatment… …you get back to live. Replenishing vitamin D in doses sufficient
to achieve these benefits implies restoring a natural mechanism, causing these patients
to resume a normal life. It’s a mechanism that nature
took millions of years to develop, and even if the pharmaceutical companies come to
spend like four hundred years working on this issue, they will not get even close to one percent of the
benefit that this prohormone can provide to these patients, returning them to a normal life
without the risk of blindness or paraplegia. I’ve been working on spreading this idea:
let’s get sunshine to have vitamin D. Vitamin D brings an enormous benefit to
everyone, and doctors seem to have forgotten to advise people,
for whatever reason, that vitamin D is a
natural resource that enables the reaction of our organism
against a wide range of disorders. If you take into consideration the lack of
undesirable symptoms, wouldn’t it be better to prescribe it as
the first choice? In my opinion, vitamin D has been the
solution available at least for the moment, there maybe be even better treatments for MS
available in the future, but I cannot tell about the future. It’s healthy, painless and makes sense
under the scientific point of view because it is based on scientific data, and the doses are set
according to the results of regular lab tests with benefits proven by the results of
repeated MRIs (resonances) to which I am subjected. Recent MRIs show improvement
when compared with previous scans. When talking to my brother the other day
I was surprised with my own words. I was talking about a subject that I don’t recall precisely, but I do
remember that I said: Ah, in the time that I had multiple sclerosis… My brother said: “Hey, look at
what you just said!” I was surprised, I caught myself saying
that I don’t have the disease anymore. That says it all. I don’t have
MS anymore. I feel cured. And even if I was offered
another type of treatment, I wouldn’t do it, because this
one is perfect for me right now. My life would have been
completely different if I had had access to the treatment based on
vitamin D from the onset of multiple sclerosis. Having gone through all that suffering myself I have
become sensitive towards other people’s pain I know this suffering too well. The sooner people start treatment with
vitamin D, the better the results achieved. What you feel like doing is going around asking for any patient with multiple sclerosis to let them know about this treatment. Once the doctors remain usually silent about the
benefits of vitamin D, we feel compelled to tell people about it. We have the living proof that
it works, so we say: “Go to the doctor, but ask
about this subject. Tell your doctor you would like to try vitamin D” Your doctor probably will not take the initiative to talk
about it, so you have to search for to find more about this. Inquire about vitamin D because it works, it really does. Seeing MS patients getting
back to a normal life, young people no longer at risk of going
blind or paraplegic – Such experience gives great satisfaction to the doctor who has them
under his/her care. It’s been very gratifying. These results have been for me a source
of great gratification never achieved so far – even after the passing of so
many years of medical practice. I felt if the doctor had put
my life in a small box and was returning it to me,
as someone offering a gift. Like saying: “Go on with your life. It’s a new beginning”. I can’t even explain the huge difference
between the results from both treatments. I felt like I was dying every day when I
was taking the injections commonly prescribed… ..and now I feel alive. Having suffered from multiple
sclerosis for many years, this is what I have to say to those
patients who may be watching: Wouldn’t be worth trying this new therapy? Regardless of anything else,
try and see what happens. If you don’t feel any better, dismiss this information
and resume therapies currently in use. However, if you see that it does work
well for you, grab your opportunity. You, young people, who have the
chance to reverse the disease, do it. It is just like I said as it was a joke, but indeed
forecasts what may happen in the future: You may be in the same condition in which
I find myself now in a period of thirty years. That’s what may happen if
you don’t give it a try. The daily doses of vitamin D should be adjusted
individually according to a variety of parameters and, therefore, the treatment must be carried out
under the supervision of a trained physician. Any hormone taken in doses higher than those
individually adjusted and / or without due precautions may cause adverse reactions, and
vitamin D is no exception to this rule. If not taken with due precautions,
doses higher than 10,000 units (IU) may cause irreversible damage to the
kidneys, among other complications. Some Brazilian physicians have
already adopted Dr. Coimbra’s treatment for autoimmune diseases. Ask your doctor to get
informed about the benefits of vitamin D as a treatment
of autoimmune disorders. He/She is expected to keep updated
on novel therapies in his/her field of expertise. To my parents. Tradução e legendas: [email protected]

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