VBeam Laser Demonstration

This season is the perfect time for skin rejuvenation
while your sun exposure is limited. One of our most popular treatments is the VBeam Laser,
a pulsed dye laser which targets rosacea, facial veins and redness with minimal downtime
from your daily activities. The VBeam delivers a strong but gentle burst of light into a
targeted area where it is absorbed by blood vessels or pigmentation in the skin without
damaging the surrounding area. Your laser treatment will be customized according to
the condition being treated and your skin type for best results. Most patients compare
the sensation of the laser to a warming or tingling sensation. For your comfort the laser
delivers a cooling mist onto the skin while the pulse is being emitted. Our patient Nancy
has lots of facial redness, especially in her cheeks. VBeam is an excellent treatment
option to reduce the appearance of these vessels and the associated redness. Some patients
may experience redness or mild swelling following the treatment. Sometimes a laser bruise called
“purpura”may occur that disappears in about three to five days to uncover your refreshed,
healthy skin. As always we encourage patients to wear a daily sunblock of SPF 30 or higher,
even on overcast days. If you are interested in learning more about the VBeam or laser
skin rejuvenation, visit us online or call us for your free consultation.

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