‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Stassi Schroeder’s Painful Skin Condition

– I’m Stassi Schroeder from
Bravo’s Vanderpump’s Rules. (camera flashing) (cheering) Someone’s going to end up in jail. (yells) – Group hug. – You don’t give a (beep)
about anyone but yourself. (laughs) My life might look glam on the outside, but my skin condition, more often than not, makes me want to hide. (soft music) – Stassi from Bravo’s reality
show Vanderpump Rules, joins us now. – Welcome. (crowd cheering) Are you having fun or what? – Thank you. So much fun. – It looks like it. – Oh yeah. – Well we’ve seen clips
of your show before, and it seems like you all, if I can say rebel rousers, a lot of activity going on. But I’m glad you’re here today because well, and psoriasis affects seven
and a half million people. It’s very common.
– Seven and a half million people. Yeah. It’s a very common, chronic autoimmune skin disease. And what it does it is actually speeding
up the cell turnover and the cycling of your cells. So you get this red, scaly, itchy, burning plaque. And I think it can be super
frustrating for my patients, and obviously it sound like
it’s very frustrating for you. Because there’s no cure for it. – See that’s the thing. Because I’ve been to so
many different doctors, and I feel like I’m, I’m told different things all of the time. And there isn’t one answer. – There isn’t one answer because there is a whole
armamentarium of tools that we use. But the thing I always try to tell people is we can maintain this. We can make it better. We can handle the itching, we can handle the redness, we can make you feel much better than it sounds like you’re feeling. So tell me, what have you tried? What therapies have you used. – Mainly the steroid creams, because I had it all on my back, having it on my face was the worst. That is super, not fun. So especially, and that’s not even when
it was at its worst. And I’ve noticed that it
gets bad when I’m stressed. And that’s something I actually
wanted to ask you about. – Mhmm. Well you’re right. So stress definitely makes psoriasis and many skin conditions worse. And there are other things
too like dietary influences, I know you had asked
previously about red wine. – Yeah. I keep telling you, every time I have red wine at night, I wake up the next morning and I feel like a flare
up is going to come. – Maybe have you switch to white. (crowd laughs) – It sounds like, especially because sometimes it’s hard to get steroid creams into the scalp it can be messy, it can be really inconvenient. There are definitely newer treatments. There’s a pill called Otezla that doesn’t suppress your immune system, that’s very effective in terms of controlling the plaques of psoriasis. There are injectable
medicines that work very well, if you’re comfortable with that, they tend to have more side effects. They can suppress your immune system. We think about vitamin D both topically, it really does help
stabilize the cell turnover. And if you’re someone
who really doesn’t want to take a lot of medications, there’s even UV light therapy. – Something like that I
would be very interested in. – Mhmm. And so it just takes a commitment. It’s one of those things that
if you do it consistently, several times a week, or two to three times a week, it can really cut down
on the inflammation. So it controls the symptoms, but also for you cuts medically, gets rid of some of the
redness in the skin. – Amazing. – So many conditions in medicine, that don’t have a cure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage it. And it doesn’t have to dominate your life. And I imagine, even being on a reality show where you’re on TV all the time that doubles the anxiety surrounding it. – Last year was the worst. Because I just felt like it
was a really hard summer, it was like a rock bottom moment for me. And it came out on my face, and I’m like how am I going to film this? How am I going to film this? Because it’s like, you feel, you feel really ugly. You wake up and you
feel very unattractive. – You know it is hard. And I think sometimes when
people hear about skin conditions they do just think, oh it’s a very superficial thing and you’re being vain if it concerns you, but they have a tremendous
impact on quality of life. They absolutely affect your self-esteem. And it’s not a small thing, to wake up and you don’t
feel comfortable going out and showing yourself. – Given that there’s no cure, you should look at all of the options and figure out which
option works best for you in terms of keeping it at bay and fits your lifestyle. – And as a patient who’s
gone to Dr. Boucher’s office, I have to give it two thumbs up. I think you guys should have
some more conversations. (crowd applause) – Me too. – That’s my humble take on this. – Yes. – Stassi, thanks so much for sharing this with us. – Thank you. Thank you. – Best of luck to you. We’ll be right back everyone.

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