Use Your Mitochondria To Prevent Disease

Use Your Mitochondria To Prevent Disease


  • RenuAutoAppearance says:

    Amazing info!

  • ANIL NAIR says:

    Great info doctor

  • David Coon says:

    Is sesame seed oil a good oil to use?

  • ct070383 says:

    Yes I subscribed because of the dental info

  • Jake Romero says:

    Doc, you are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to explain those metabolic pathways happening in the cell.

  • James Bradley says:

    great vid, you are an awesome guy, thanks brother😎👍

  • Grace Lockhart says:

    Great video.

  • na' ah mean? says:

    thanks doc

  • Metaorange says:

    Why can’t Drs like this be the norm?! True doctors teach us nutrition and healing modalities and are not forcing feeding pill-pushers and needle-pushers and perhaps unnecessary or stupid or foreign-material cut & burn & staple back together. I wish we had “alternative” medicine hospitals so that if we did need surgery we had good surgeries with no dangerous artificial drugs, antibiotics or permanent foreign materials by diligent surgeons and knowledgeable nurses and surgery techs!

  • CaringHeart says:

    YouTube and Google support the mainstream agenda. I no longer use Google switched over to duckduckgo

  • Ralph Reece says:


  • Carpe Diem says:

    Re "frozen shoulder". I had it years ago after an injury. A therapist did various exercises with me, she gradually stretched my arm to extend my range of motion, and she also used heat treatments. I don't remember how many visits it took – maybe 10 or 12. I was overseas at the time, so it wasn't very expensive. Nowadays exercises to fix it are available online.

  • Sugilite Gel says:

    Any good doctors like you in Seattle?

  • Mad Mamma says:

    I'm going to look back in your vids for info on muscle testing. Been trying to recover daughter from autism for 12 yrs. There has been many successes with other issues, but not the autism.
    Also begining to use more keto style foods.
    Thanks for your channel. You help alot. They have blocked me from viewing live stream so sucks I can't ask you questions.

  • Mark Hunstone says:

    Thanks for the info! It's appreciated!

  • May M says:

    Myalgic encephalomyelitis… ME/ CFS

  • May M says:

    Ubiquinol is more bioavailable than ubiquinone

  • Vai W says:

    Thank you so much for giving your time Doc. I appreciate your help!

  • soupper soulger says:

    ……and don't forgot to take your BioPQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis.

  • Kasch says:

    Von Herzen vielen Dank für diesen wichtigen Vortrag. Greetings from Germany.

  • Miky Binns says:

    Hi Darren

    Love your stuff.. you got me into the keto thing over 3 years ago after trying to read Dr Mercola's book. I'm constantly trying variations and modifications to improve my individual N of 1.

    Low protein, veganism, juicing etc. Works well short term to detox, but dosent rebuild your tissues and In my case led to hair loss, low libido, joint problems severe muscle loss and general bad health plus depression etc.

    Im from the UK I don't care when you release vids I'll watch them later.😎

    Keep up the good work😊
    But try not to put a target on your back😇

  • anon mouse says:

    Get Dr. Seyfried(sp?) from Boston College on. He's the king of saying cancer is caused by mitochondrial failure.

  • Russell Millard says:

    You are the most genuine guy on utube thanks for your great imfo

  • joe bob says:

    Doesnt just about every person have some sort of chronic virus?

  • A P says:


    I was waiting to hear why the cheater regular red meat gave you a racing heart? Whereas organic grass fed beef didn’t?…. whydo you think so, what causes the heart to race?

  • abc123 * says:

    Work well…..

  • abc123 * says:

    Russian Roulette w the shots . Roundup. The govt is trying to find savant! Most aren't.

  • abc123 * says:

    Cook through your meat??? That oven cooked steak…. Ugh

  • j w says:

    Kale can be a big cause of gout due to the high amounts of oxalates

  • abc123 * says:

    YT Corp are thieves!!! The numbers, aren't real. They are chging the algorism on everyone who doesn't support their ideology.

  • Jorens Fibigs says:

    Thanks for the analogy 👍
    Great, the time change was a good idea, we in Europe enjoy your videos a lot.

  • Daniel Danube says:


  • irene e. says:

    All this knowledge is making me an outcast. Lol!
    I try to get the word out but it's tough when everyone is so jazzed by conventional wisdom.

  • Rosie R says:

    You are an awesome doctor! Thank you for your videos. I think you would be able to reach more people if your videos were a little shorter.

  • Violeta Vester says:

    How can I cure from hypoglycemia? I don’t have diabetes, I’m 29 years old. I tried eating low carb,, but if my sugar really drops I feel terrible, shaky, dizzy, weak, hungry. I am eating a lot of protein and healthy fats.

  • Gail Leblanc says:

    Can you explain Cataplex-G using ascorbic acid as vitamin C?

  • Eric Shubert says:

    Where can I get the poster?

  • krix004 says:

    water kefir flush is fine for sinuses too. besides that, you are doing great work, sir! the metabolic material you provide is superbly explaining and understandable. <3

  • Jim D says:

    Brilliant analogy using dirty currency to explain the intrinsic value and convenience of the energy currency and how if its old oxidized and damaged food sources it is JUNK food that costs us health, energy levels, and damages our micro turbines in mitochondria.

  • LaserFalcon says:

    Love your videos Dr Schmidt 👍

  • Infinity Searcher says:

    Love your stuff – very informative.

  • Green eyes says:

    FaceBook suppressed and manipulated numbers then wouldnt allow me to share my viral video of my dog having a seizure in which I informed people that the rabies vaccine started his seizures and some behavioral/psychological changes when he was 3 years old.

  • alfonso ramirez says:

    The Root Cause video is exactly how I found you! Through YouTube recommendations! Thank God I Did! 🙂

  • Margie Sims says:

    Believe what he says, black cumin forte works for sinus. It did for me, thanks Doc.

  • clemensetz says:

    Imagine a world where this was taught at schools

  • YourSelf Refined says:

    For those who want to do more research or buy the metabolic pathway poster :

  • Mike V says:

    Dr Darrens the best who else can combine metabolic disease information and Banking???

  • Totalwoman10 says:

    Dr. Schmidt, thank you for your insight. What do you think of galactosimia? They stop babies from being breastfed because of it. Is that right?

  • Totalwoman10 says:

    Galactosemia is genetic so the "experts" say.

  • Liam Adams says:

    The Canadian penny ceased in 2013, we will have the same talk about vegans in ~5yrs. They are a dying breed.

  • dlb dlb says:

    Vegans have the healthiest arteries in the world.

  • mrmeach1967 says:

    Do you work with patients with pacemakers? I don't know how much an implanted pacemaker would interfere with the ability of Cataplex B/G or other SP supplements to restore heart health.

    (I also sent this question to your NHCAA website but thought others might want to know this answer.)

  • mrmeach1967 says:

    Does your resident pharmacist at NHCAA advise people how to wean themselves off meds like satins, beta-blockers, and diuretics?

    I wish my dad had never started using any of this junk, but now that he has, we're afraid to just stop taking them cold-turkey and do ketosis and SP supplements.

  • ToolBoxTidBits says:

    I've saved all your YouTube videos in a file "Dr Darren Schmidt."

    Today I went to look for my YouTube file on Dr Darren Schmidt AND ITS GONE FROM MY LIBRARY. Anybody else find there saved Dr Schmidt videos gone?

  • Karen H says:

    Prostate cancer!! Ugh can't do Keto and I assume no fasting that puts you into ketosis?

  • Karen H says:

    Dr Schmidt, will near infrared/red light therapy (have NIR/red light tent – sauna space) help our mitochondria?

    Had MRI that showed I had torn rotator cuff. After 2.5 years of pain, found ChDr who had LLL (low level laser). After 20 – 5 min treatments over 3 mos, NO PAIN, and after 1.5 years still NO PAIN. We are now working on siatica w LLL and adjustments and it is helping hip (unbalanced right side). I'm 55 and just discovering chiropractic, yea.

  • Great News says:

    Dr Darren: “there’s many reasons to go on a carnivore diet”
    Me: what are the many reasons?

  • Danche Y says:

    Awesome analogy, loved it

  • Don Ghiata says:

    Watch Charlotte Gerson on YouTube.

  • Terri Rafiq says:

    Paul Saladino just did a very cool podcast about deuterium and mitochondria, an interesting addition to the puzzle.

  • Karl Hungus says:

    The Energy Blueprint

  • zzcaptain (Mast IV) says:

    i have the poster – albeit much smaller – this is your best explanation yet … ****5****

  • moeder vanbranko says:

    29;35 Dr. Jay Nielsen (on Reluctant Preppers channel) treats /prevents shingles with high doses B12 injections.

  • Bread Sandwich says:

    Hi Darren do you know anything about a beta glucan supplement, and whether or not it will interfere with ketosis?

  • Carpe Diem says:

    Thank your patient for the great advice about using a 250 degree oven to make reverse seared steak! video 27:55 I put the seasoned steaks on a rack on a cookie sheet. Ours were a bit thinner, so I checked the temp at 40 minutes and it was higher than expected! Took them out, let them rest about 5 minutes, then seared each side for 45 seconds, pressing down to make sure all parts of the steak made contact with the extremely hot pan. Excellent! I'm going to make steak this way from now on!

  • M. Jordan says:

    can you do a video on how cigarettes effect the body and brain I say smoking destroy every organ in the body promotes health cell death and it poisons the blood

  • Muhammad Shaikh says:

    Great info. Thanks

  • Sylvano Anselmo says:

    You mean Dr. Nicholson

  • Linda Bragg says:

    What is your take on MK2 and MK7 for artery cleaning? I take the MK7 and was wondering your intake.

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