Use Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo Daily? | Dandruff shampoo myths busted

Use Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo Daily?  | Dandruff shampoo myths busted

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name’s Lexi. My name is Juliette. Hi. I’m Saj. Hi. I’m Jon. Hi. I’m Max. Hi. I’m Tom. Shampoo is important and cleaning my
hair is important to my daily routine. Fairly important. More than I think. If it wasn’t there, I think I’d miss it. I do a lot of traveling, so I have to
put up with having really dirty hair. So when I can wash my hair, I really
like having really clean hair. I use a lot of product on my
hair and I need that shampoo. So I just want it to
be clean without using too many hefty products
to dry out my hair. I get psoriasis all over
the top of my scalp. So I look for something
that’s ideally unfragranced. Very very, gentle on my skin. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I’m not making this up. My hair was much, much softer. It smelt quite nice and
left my hair quite soft. Absolutely loving it. Hair looked and felt and amazing. My hair is definitely softer. I had a really positive
experience using the shampoo. There’s been a definitely kind of
improvement in the health of my hair and definitely in the
health of my scalp as well. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s much more luxurious than I thought. Yeah. I am surprised. Actually, I had no idea. I thought it would be a
[? top line ?] conditioner. It doesn’t smell like something that
should be able to fix your scalp. Got a lot of the grease out of
my hair from the product I use. So it was very positive results. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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