Types of Minoxidil and how to apply minoxidil | HairMD, Pune

Types of Minoxidil and how to apply minoxidil | HairMD, Pune

Hello I am doctor Dhananjay Chavan Dermatologist
and hair transplant surgeon Clearskin and HairMD Pune Dear friends lot of people are
asking me how to apply minoxidil which are the different forms of minoxidil which are
available for applications especially over in male pattern baldness cases especially
over scalp commonly use minoxidil forms or minoxidil which is available in various form
1 is lotion form this is the lotion form purposefully i have rapped with paper because I don’t want
to promote any companies in a specific minoxidil I am going to say everything on generic basis
because it is ethical that I should not promote any brand or I should not do any companies
advertise it is against my ethics so I have purposefully kept solution is available like
this usually Minoxidil lotion is available in 60 ml it is this type of lotion it is available
with either dropper that means you can take 1 ml of minoxidil in the morning and 1 ml
at night going to apply all over the scalp especially top of the scalp or from where
you are saying Your thinning of hair or baldness should dropper is available I will suggest
this droppers 0. 5 ml 0.5 ml in 2 times you can take 0.5 0.5
and you can make it 1 minoxidil again majority of Minoxidil lotion their coming with spray
also those people who wants to use it with spray they can use it with spray those who
want to use it with dropper they can use with dropper whatever things suites to you you
can use i will show you how minoxidil is applied with the help of dropper dropper 0. 5 ml usually I advise my patient to take 0.5
ml say here if I take it is 1 ml instead of that I usually advise my patient to take it
0.5ml so this is mark where 0.5 ml is there and start applying minoxidil from Crown area
if you are having thinning on crown area if you are having thinning only in front area
then you can start from front. But if you are having excessive baldness then
start with Crown area take this 0. 5 ml then apply this usually you can put the
drops just make hair to the side put one drop another drop third Drop fourth Drop usually
15 to 20 drops are there in 1 ml or up to Max 25 so you can apply this lotion why I
am telling you to apply half ml for sometimes if we can’t control movement of our Thumb
and index finger then you may push more minoxidil and wastage of minoxidil can occur because
this is in lotion form dribble it can come down if you apply in front while applying
on Front area if it comes excessive then it may dribble like this especially this problem
comes in female if it dribble like this then usually chances of getting hypertrichosis
or excess hair on side of your cheek or especially in male around eyes or cheek will be there
so this is drawback of lotion then again after applying half of the scalp 0.5 ml again you
can take another 0.5ml again you measure it 0.5 ml and then you can apply it and slowly
you can rub it to the scalp instead of applying to the hair you should apply on the scalp
skin so maximum absorption of minoxidil will occur this is simple you have to apply drop
just rub it what are the prerequisites especially in the morning after taking bath make it dry
if we apply on wet scalp absorption will be diluted because some water and all these things
they made diluted so instead of that make your scalp dry with the towel and then you
can apply and at night time before going for bed one hour before that you can apply again
you can take 0.5 0.5 apply it and finish it then some people want to use it with spray
instead dropper you can apply spray usually one spray contents 0. 2 ml of minoxidil so if you apply 5 spray
then it will be approximately 1 m at usually on every Minoxidil bottle that cartoon they
have given you how to apply or inside also there is one sheet pictorial presentation
is there and you can apply minoxidil according to that but majority of patients ask us how
demonstrate there are lot of questions that’s why i am explaining otherwise pictorial form
is there then after putting this spray you just keep it away around 10 to 12 CM or around
10 cm make this centre and give one spray just like this you can see OK then rub it
rub it to the scalp second spray you can apply it in this area third this area so one spray
here once spray to the mids scalp this side another spray to mids scalp this side total
1 2 3 spray then fourth spray you can apply just take away this hair apply like this in
this area then taken in left hand you apply it finish total 5 spray you can rub it to
the skin of scalp leave it immediately go wash your hands usually it is more than sufficient
suppose if you are hair becomes little bit sticky or whitish then just again just wet
hand only just dribble out excess water and just clean your hair just wet hand or wet
tissue or wet handkerchief and leave it everything will be fine so this is use of minoxidil lotion
either with dropper or second important thing with spray now another commonly use form available
it is foam form this I think this made available or FDA approved form form in 2006 1988 1888
lotion was approved for treating male pattern baldness in 2006 around foam was approved
and now very good formulation of foam has come it is having some advantage over lotion
it doesn’t dribble second important things in few study or experience or patient experience
in some patients foam works better than lotion this are the observation so nowadays foam
it is used with very good and reputed company stable foam forms are available then how to
take it usually this full cup you don’t have to take you have to take half cup they have
given written on that bottle half cup is 1 ml then just shake the bottle well nossel
down up right and slowly you can take it this is half cup again dry scalp in the morning
then you can put your finger apply it to the scalp rub it in couple of times application
will come to know where to apply how to apply how much area you can finish in one fingertip
and third important things you can just rub it like this instead of rubbing on hair try
to rub on Scalp in couple of days you become comfortable and you can apply wherever extra
foam is there you can so in couple of days and usually you have to go in front of mirror
and then apply then you can see whether it is dribbling every area is comfortably covered
everything so this is foam it is having advantage it doesn’t dribble so usually the chances
of wastage are less again in lotion form usually propylene glycol is the main ingredient base
along with minoxidil and that propylene glycol may irritate your scalp may your scalp dry
red that’s why in few patients around 5% patient we see there is irritation with lotion form
but only 1 to 2% patients there is discomfort with foam so we prefer nowadays foam form
in few patients third important formulation is available that is in gel so gel whenever
there is limited hair loss and you want now days these are the days of gel or application
of gel on hair and all this things but this is not hair gel this has to be applied again
on scalp you have to take it out take the gel again one tube is usually 30 gram tube
like 60 gram tube 30 30gram tube they are available in one pack first you finish this
30 gram tube in 15 days take again 1 gram out take it on fingertip apply try to apply
first on Crown area then frontal area and then mid scalp like that morning and night
you have to apply everything has got its own advantages lotion when large area you have
to cover again it is years together it is use it is much more stable form foam if it
is too much heat is there temperature is high then foam might not remain stable so you have
to use carefully foam especially in summer time but it is having surely advantages over
lotion form or gel form is there or limited area is there or alopecia areata or another
indication there you can use gel form when Limited amount of minoxidil if you want to
apply you have to try i try to explain you what are the practical points you can read
theory and everything on my website also or a website www.hairmdindia.com you can visit
that there you will get detail information lot of information is available scientific
information you can go and trying to cover maximum practical point which are the day
to day point what patient ask us while consultation or on this forum also so I’m trying to explain
still if you get any type of difficulty query especially it is written on cartoon also that
is package also of minoxidil lotion still if you get any difficulty you can ask me on
this forum or just below you can write it we will try to answer you as early as possible
or visit my website or subscribe this channel so that you will be updated every time with
whatever latest information and whatever important information we want to give to your practical
what we can do try to subscribe this and we will be happy to answer your majority of question
I tried to cover majority of topics but still you got any problem will try to answer in
next video thank you thank you very much


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