Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

many genetic and environmental factors can cause tumors to form for instance UV radiation from the Sun can damage DNA and other structures in melanocytes which are the pigment producing cells in the skin chronic damage to melanocytes by UV radiation leads to most cases of melanoma which is a type of skin cancer as melanomas grow they can eventually spread to other sites in the body such as the lungs and liver the cells of the immune system are continuously monitoring our tissues natural killer cells or NK cells sent stress associated molecules on damaged and cancerous cells dendritic cells or dcs activate cytotoxic T cells which can then send tumor associated antigens using their T cell receptor and other Co receptors once activated NK cells and cytotoxic T cells release perforin and granzymes these molecules punch holes in the surface of the chima cells causing them to die by apoptosis helper T cells support these responses they help DC’s to activate cytotoxic T cells and they produce cytokines such as interferon gamma that recruit and activate more NK cells as the tumor evolves genetic changes occur that can give some tumor cells a survival advantage this means tumors are often heterogeneous for instance tumor cells may no longer express the molecules that are sensed by the killer immune cells as the immune system continues to kill the tumor cells it can recognize the cells it can’t sense more prevalent this is immuno editing it leads to the emergence of a tumor that can’t be detected by the immune system some tumor cells actively suppress t-cells by expressing inhibitory molecules such as PDL one PDL one binds to the PD one receptor on t-cells and deactivates them this is an immune checkpoint in addition tumor cells can attract immune cells that suppress the activity of other immune cells thereby supporting tumor growth these immunosuppressive cells include regulatory t-cells and certain types of myeloid cells therefore the tumor microenvironment is like the scene of a battle between two opposing immune responses one side of the immune system is attacking the tumor while the other side is helping it to grow scientists are developing immunotherapies to help strengthen the immune attack one approaches adoptive t-cell transfer cytotoxic t-cells taken from patients with melanoma are selected for their ability to attack tumor cells the best killers are infused back into the patient treating patients with cytokines such as interleukin 2 and interferon alpha can also boost the activity of anti-tumor immune cells an alternative approach is to target the immune checkpoints for instance antibodies that bind to PD one stop this molecule from switching off cytotoxic T cells another immune checkpoint being targeted is ctla-4 blocking this molecule helps DC’s to drive anti tumour t-cell responses not all patients will respond to these immunotherapies and some responses will be delayed combining immunotherapies with chemotherapy or radiotherapy can lead to a better response in some patients immunotherapies can themselves be combined for example PD one and ctla-4 blockade can improve responses when administered in combination activating the immune system has risks some patients develop harmful side effects when their immune system attacks healthy cells nevertheless there have been encouraging results from clinical trials this animation has focused on melanoma but it’s becoming clear that immunotherapies can be used to treat many different types of cancer you


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    Um, but don't the dendritic cells migrate and bring presented antigens to their cognate naive cytotoxic T-cells in the lymph tissues and activate them that way?
    In this video they show the dendritic cells activating cytotoxic T-cells in the skin… ayyy lmao

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    Fascinating video.
    My only comment: someone should actually make that cancer-fighting version of "Space Invaders".

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    so immunotherapy is another treatment alongside dna therapy

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    In other words keep immune system healthy and body in alkaline state to keep cancer killing mechanism at bay. The fastest and safest to achieve that is drink a lot of Kangen 9.5 pH water. If you already have cancer, add Reliv nutrition with Lunarich and get on Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions. Getting body in fighting mode is a job and an investment. Don't play with your health and life by experimenting with toxic drugs

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    dc express mhc-II NOT mhc-I ninny!

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    there is a different type of immunotherapy that. block the cd 47, and uses the macrophages instead of t cell to fight the cancer.

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    cd 47 therapy combined with the available immunotherapy can help more and more people with cancer.

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    Each individual's body reaction to medicine and therapy are different. a patient has to try and find the right medicine or combination for the body.

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    keep looking… keep finding… don't give up hope.

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    It may sound promising, but we still can't stop the tumor from adapting…

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    Great video on the topic. It should be used as a basic learning material for beginners. It's very helpful also for the understanding of immunotherapy, a type of cancer treatment designed to eradicate disseminated cancer by harnessing the potential of the immune system.

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    4life Research have been doing their research on this 50 years ago.

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    Chemotherapy and immunotherapy? really? Chemotherapy suppresses your immune system so what would be the point

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    How is the immune response from the macrophages against the tumoral cells?

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    THE future of cancer treatments alongside TIL. Keep discovering!

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    So if our body has a way to defend itself from cancer cells, why is it that cancer always wins?

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    Cancer Stages mean enlarged territorial invasion or occupancy rate of cancer cells in a particular organ of the body. Stage 4, the highest, means that cancer cells have already metastasized to other areas outside the affected organ e.g. from breast to brain areas or from prostate to lung areas.

    However, there's good news!!! Even in stage 4, the immune system today still has the ability to conquer and win over it!

    The key is to EDUCATE, BOOST AND BALANCE the immune system using Transfer Factor technology as proven in a Natural Killer Study that showed 97% of cancer cells (Leukemic cells K-562 model) were killed in just a 48-hour in-vitro test done by the Institute of Longevity Medicine of California, USA 1992-1999.

    In this test, the NK cells that were 'sleeping' beside the Leukemic cells in a petri dish were 'awakened' by Transfer Factor molecules which increased its killing rate by 437% vs cancer cells effectively wiping out 97% of the leukemic cells in just 2 days!!!

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    I got melanoma once, but I got rid of it because I used my fingernails to get rid of it.

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    Imo immunotherapy, especially the therapies focusing on killer T cells specific to the patients cancer, just may be the silver bullet we've been waiting for in the cure for cancer

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    I hope they truly find a therapy- technique to cure so to rid these B.S. donation scams based on cancer research come to an end

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    Tumors are the perfect example of natural selection at work: which is why it baffles me any can think evolution doesn't happen. To deny evolution is to–by proxy–deny the existence of cancer.

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    thank you for this video. my genetics teacher made things more complicated than they have to be. this video makes visualizing what happens easier.

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    If all medical books were replaced by animations like these, medical studies would be less boring, more easy to understand and remember and more attractive.

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    I consider this—the content a bunch of rubbish. Knowledge you cannot apply and get healing. It is as though this "lesson" has mentioned the technical events of the immune system response against cancer BUT OF COURSE, DOES NOT REVEAL THE NUTRITION NEEDED TO ACT ON THE PROBLEM DOMAIN WHICH CAUSES IMMUNODEFICIENCY.

    After the much learning, patients still die with their immune system in them if not offered chemotherapy which is more lethal than the disease. It seems, the cause of being a physician has escaped this industry and that is to cure the patient.

    Whom among those who have the immunological knowledge have cured a single patient? The immune system was surely put by God in the body with purpose to cure with the intervention of the correct knowledge. In fact those who have the correct knowledge of the nutritional product to use have escaped death though not knowing it acts in concert with the immune system.

    Those who have gathered the knowledge which is so irrelevant in the domain of cures die themselves.

    One must measure knowledge versus the vision. Will this help? Can it heal the patient? The answer is no. It is like knowing all the car parts, the building blocks that are unified to complete the whole and exist in a complex network, the technicalities of the car but you have no fuel to get the car to work. It is useless knowledge.

    Matthew 12:42

    Jesus is a Rose of Sharon

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    is immuno therophy works on brain tumor..that to pilocytic astrocytoma tumor ..my 5yrs child had that tumor..surgery,radio therophy. .chemotherapy all r failed to cure the disease.

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