Tullio Simoncini’s interview (+subs)

Tullio Simoncini’s interview (+subs)

The real cause of the illnesses is the
environment, stress, psychological problems, diet might very very very little.
Because of the diet these days all stupidity in all over the world.
Fungus doesn’t care about a sugar, meat, dairy. No!
This is just a stupid tale that runs all over the world. Have you ever thought of
cancer as a fungus? neither did I until 10 years ago when patients at the
integrative cancer treatment clinic I was working told me about a
controversial doctor in Italy who was treating cancer as a fungus – dr. Tullio
Simoncini. People were being healed. Since then several other professional
specialists studied seeing and treating cancer as a fungus with different
approaches and promising results. One of them is mms when I met dr. Simoncini
last year was recording this interview we connected very quickly because our
common Italian heritage. Today I had the pleasure to show you an uncensored
footage of dr. Simoncini right before the formal interview. The real dr.
Simoncini talking with friends about important things in his life. You are not
going to see this footage anywhere. Dr. Simoncini claims that cancer is caused
by the fungus Candida albicans. He will talk about why he believes in such a
claim; why fungus is such a strong entity that
tries to take control and destroy our bodies; and the most important part of
the interview his simple and effective solution he firmly believes on. A very
warm welcome to the healing cancer in the century to dr. Tulio Simoncini.
Because they know me all the word that I’m persecuted, that’s why
they called me. We’re gonna go to the phone now we have a president of Italy
on the phone the Prime Minister yeah yeah what do you have to say. Yeah! I can
show you there is a there is a video that runs in the USSR, a
patient with the pancreatic cancer with the metastases in the liver, followed my
prescription online he healed completely. And the television the television
transmitted that. Oh! there is a big noise all over the USSR, they know me! Let me ask you something. Does it work with leukimia? Yes!
Because you can do it! They wanted to open a clinic in Kazakhstan because the
two people with leukemia, there they were relatives of relative of
politicians that I worked (with) I was there I Bum I’m not bullied. I love every people
because I have a friends all over the world, but Italian are more artistic so
they don’t they don’t like the rules that’s why, I studied a lot, I have two
diploma (of) philosophy, medical doctor, oncologist, internal medicine
specialist: but I don’t like to see people die. This but all “you have to do
because this is the protocol” protocol of the cemetery, the protocols of the mass
cemetery! mamma mia! You know one time I was, I tell you that then we go. I
was making a shot into the prostate cancer of a guy from Phoenix Arizona.
Very good, very clever guy. So I was running because I had another
appointment. He told me: – Tullio but you are running too much! – Listen you know
that I was banned, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a doctor! He looked at me and said:
– That’s why you can you can heal people. The system is so oppressive, so false now,
so pressive, so false, it is like an army they are like an army they are bandits!
Completely! Not the poor doctors, did not understand anything.
The girl did they just obey. They are taught to do to only
prescription, but the top-level scientists they are dishonest, because
they know, yeah! You know what happened with this interview? A tune in the
television of Moscow? They asked the chief of oncologists in Moscow in USSR
in Soviet Union. He said: – I am skeptical. But you did the the CT scan and everything
they showed. – But you know there are at least 10 million false diagnoses
every year. – But what are you saying? We are doing statistic with what kind
of our data? Dishonest! ok? Dishonest! Anyway let’s try to help people me and
you. First of all there are many types of Candida. We can say that all the
fungi that invade the human body are candida. When we say aspergillum, fumigatus,
parapsilosis. They are they differ for to 2-3%,
every fungus is basically candida, so we say candida because usually the fungus
makes white colonies. This is the first observation. Secondly we don’t need to
have Candida in the body. When people say Candida stays in the body and
then starts overgrowing, now this is not true! Candida has to be out of our
body. This is not true! Because it’s a killer!
This is the the most powerful predator in the world! Because fungi
and Candida can parasite every living being. This is the connection point
that lacked to Darwin in the evolutionary theory, he didn’t know what
is between the cells and the animals. Fungi are the another raign and it is the
connecting point. It starts like cells and it wants to become an animal.
Then when I was in the oncological words I was following alternative doctor carer
thing, people that thought differently. And I was used to cure psoriasis with
the iodine tincture, because I figured out that it was a fungus. So in a moment
of desperation I thought – Psoriasis unknown incurable illness – it’s
a fungus! Maybe I can cure it, I can fix it. Maybe another illness cancer – unknown
incurable illness is a fungus. I made the syllogism and I started right away to
cure people when I was at the University. A patient, a young
patient 11 years old in coma since 15 days. And I was doing history with (a)
mother, where I was writing this or with the mother. She told me: – Doctor
I will pay everything to speak with my son before he dies, I know that he has
to die. I prescribed sodium bicarbonate 50% solution at 11:30 o’clock 11 to 11:30 and when i got back in the afternoon at 7:00 7:30 all the ward
was crying because this guy was speaking with her her mother. So I immediately
understood that was one of the first cases. So the syllogism –
psoriasis is the fungus, is the same as the tumor is fungus. This is the connection that
led me to the truth and then I started curing people and since 30 years,
more (than) 30 years. Yes, because when it is it decides, it’s like a mouse, like a dog
into the body of a patient how can you get rid of it?!
It’s very powerful because it is like a biological glue, he can he can take roots
everywhere (and in) everyone so it is very very very powerful. But we have the chance
that the sodium bicarbonate can disaggregate it. And when the
animal, let’s say the animal, starts disaggregating the human cells, the white
cell of the immune system of the human body, can grab and kill the separated
cells of the cancer, dot. This is the secret! If you put in touch sodium
bicarbonate with the fungus usually in a few days you can
get rid of it. I remember I was in Istanbul, I was called by a politician,
one of the the secretary of the two main parties. And the
first time that I went to the hospital everybody looked at me like a dog,
because there were professors, doctors, oncologist. Who is this new man
that comes from Rome. So we started doing treatment in the colon, is the one that I
showed in a in the conference, we started, I started to treat it in the column with
the colonoscopy, the tumor was about 6-7 centimeters, 8 maybe 10, big tumor.
The day after when I went to the hospital the hospital everybody was
doing like Allah. What happened? Because they made a colonoscopy
before I was going before I went there, because they want to demonstrate
that I was a fake. – “So this is what is doing, what is he doing?” but at that
moment (that) they the God beat them very strongly, because when they did
the colonoscopy the tumor in one day shrank like that! It was maybe one 1/4
1/5 of the previous size. So sodium bicarbonate is very effective.
There are cancers that you can reach directly, you can get rid of
them in a few weeks, 2 weeks, 3 weeks. Let’s say breast cancer, neck uterus
cancer and the bladder cancer, I say the many people that had to be, many patients
and that had be cut off of the bladder. And for the
skin cancer you can use iodine tincture as I did for the
psoriasis. Then you have tumors, a very difficult tumors like the mesothelioma
or pleural metastasis that you usually have zero percent
survival in conventional oncology. I get rid of
them in a couple of weeks, almost totally because they cannot escape in the
pleural space. There are other tumors that are difficult to cure, bone
has no circulation, very difficult to reach. Esophagus, esophageal cancer is
very difficult: pleura metastasize tumors are very difficult to treat,
even though I could fix even, if you keep a small amount of these cases but it is
better to start as soon as it is possible. But usually anyway sodium
bicarbonate helps because the is a very big poison against the fungi. Because I thought that psoriasis,
I could cure psoriasis with the iodine tincture but this is an external
treatment, so I thought about what can I do with the fungus when it is
inside?! But since I was working and I had my diploma in the oncology, pediatric
oncology ward, we were used to give the sodium bicarbonate to eliminate the
thrush of the baby. You see the babies went suck the the boob, the breast, sorry,
when they suck the breast they can get thrush and if you apply so do bicarbonate in
three, four, five days it disappears. So I thought maybe if I apply so the
bicarbonate inside I can get rid of the cancer. And I started with the one of the
first patient with the localization of the lymphoma in the brain, the one that
woke up after seven, is seven hours, eight hours from the coma. So I figure out to
use sodium bicarbonate because I used it against fungi at the
university. So and I immediately perceived, it was the right way. You know one friend of mine doctor told
me: – maybe you will have a three Nobel Prizes, because usually when a new
revolutionary theory is fought so, so hard, and it always happens for any discovery,
such as penicillin, vaccine, vitamin C, the last is Barry Marshall that discovered
the helicobacter pylori, was banned at the 10 years. This is a rule – if
somebody has a good idea, a real revolutionary true idea, (he) is cut off, hang.
This is a certificate of my matured, this is. So it’s
normal and usually Western countries are more corrupted than the Eastern or poor
countries. But everywhere there are, where there are the Medical
Association are it’s very difficult to say new things, new theories, because
there is the power. So the Medical Association are like the Santa Fitzu,
you know what the Santa Fitzu? It is the the tribunal of the Jesuits against the
other religions. The Jesuits where the priests that burned Giordano Bruno,
you remember Giordano Bruno?! is a philosopher, priest, philosopher that
said maybe there are other worlds in
the in the universe, maybe we can reach God by ourselves.
Oh, they cut him off because he was thinking by himself. We are worse
than (in) the medieval age, so that was 1500 is the beginning of the Renaissance,
we are worse because the weapons, the power of the information that the
ruler have now is incredible! The single man is just a small cat, a small
animal in a world of powerful man. This is the system that’s why the cancer
was not discovered because we have to break to smash down the system. Here we have a medieval system but our mind is in the future so we are like a
prisoner here. The worst things that happen to the medicine since the
beginning of last century is that they remove the philosophy in the medical studies because if you are not not allowed to think by yourself
you are lost! You have just to obey. So maybe we have to look at the patients
and people, at the illnesses, we have to look as a phenomena not like analytical
problems. We cannot continue to analyze in the laboratory, in the in the wards, we
have to see, to look at the life of the people because the real cause of the
illnesses is the environment, stress, psychological problems,
diet might very very very little because of the diet see all stupidity is in
all over the world. Fungus doesn’t care
about the sugar, meat, dairy. No! This is just a stupid tale that runs all
over the world. So we have to focus at the life in other words – how a person, our
patient loses his energy because if you you continue to lose
energy more than you can recall, haha! you you get ill! So you have to balance,
you have to think about your life. When the doctor comes it is too
late many times. 90% of the illnesses cannot be cured by the doctors, so be
careful because the medicine, conventional medicine made a good job
until the 60s, because we needed antibiotics also we need
symptomatic drugs, when somebody has a pain: we need surgeons, traumatology,
anesthesiology, we need everything, but we are stucked off now! Bbecause we
are in the mud now. So we cannot wait one millennium to discover new things
and also we have to say that in the alternative feels there are many people
that repeat repeat repeat repeat them but the only thing they need to do –
to focus the cause of the illnesses. Otherwise we can speak the
diet. Look at the cancer – “sugar feeds the cancer!” “the meat is
is bad for cancer!” But why?! I give to my patients tons of white
sugar. This is the best! Because it gives the energy and the patient doesn’t have
to spend energy! So they say completely like the ara: – Papa! Papa! Papa!
Tthree eras make a rule. This is not true. We don’t have to make
people prisoner(s). They have to think of their own health by ruling day life! Fungus is a predator so the predator has
someone or something to eat. okay? We are predators, Okay, if we eat a chicken, we eat the chicken!
We don’t eat what the chicken eats, we don’t eat grains, worms, something like
that. We eat the chicken! The fungus eats the patient, the tissue of
the patient. It doesn’t eat what the patient eats, it is
a predator. So it doesn’t care what the patient eats. The more patient is
starving (the) more is aggressive it becomes Because when people,
patient don’t eat properly and abundantly they get weaker. At first they
gain somehow health (and) as Martin aptitude but after that they smash
down. When I see people coming from USA especially, they are fanatics,
are there vegan, vegetable, da-da-da-da-dah I say immediately, I saw
few months, a few weeks ago a woman that came to Rome,
she was like that! What are you doing?! I was doing, i don’t say what – Tata Tata
diet. Eat whatever, I told her stop following stupidities. Candida is all over the world. There are
for instance it is there is a big total pollution in the world. I just tell
you something in Japan we have 15 million people with the athlete’s foot
that means this is a fungus. I don’t know maybe more than 50-60% of
women have Candida the thrush on the vagina, so worse than that nothing. So it
is complete there is a big pollution. Since somebody gives you the bread or
the vegetables you know in a bag he has a psoriasis
you take it you touch it yourself, you are lost, you can ingest, it breathe it,
touch it. It is all over the world but usually if the epithelia are healthy
the candida just can’t pass through and she candida cannot attack the epithelium
when it is healthy. When it is not healthy the candida can attack the
epithelium and such as the bronchi, the tongue, the vagina –
there is the some irritation and so on. When the weakness of the organ is more
advanced the candida can take roots otherwise could be expelled immediately.
But when Candida start taking roots and where it goes beyond the
epithelia Canada can form the cancer. Look for instance the breast cancer, the cause
of the breast cancer is the entering of Candida through the nipple, is external
illness. Many times when babies suck the the nipple of the mother they irritate it
if there is a fungus, the fungus enters by the time it becomes cancer. I saw many
many women with the cancer after feeding people. So it is an external
illness. This is the irritation is one case but one of the first
cause of concomitant cause of the cancer are the medicaments –
drugs that make the organism weaker. Drugs for the diabetes, for heart failures
or hypertension, these are the real biggest concomitant cause. This
is the line of the Commerce of the selling of the drugs
since 60 years. This is the line of the increasing of the tumor the parallel
because there is a concomitant they are concomitant causes. So first of all avoid
people have to rule day life. They have to avoid to take too many medicaments and they have to even make gym, sport, to reinforce
themselves, to eat properly not too many fats, too saturated fats and then the
lifestyle is important but when something happened the first thing to do
is to escape from the oncological hospital because they have no idea what
is the cancer. They start to promise what if they have no idea. Understand me. Because they just repeat a litany that is dead, the story of the
cell madness just is a stupidity that at the end of the 800, for last
century was made by the zoologist, and I don’t know who zoologist, biologist. So
it is very sad to see that today, nowadays people continue to say this
stupid theory, unbelievable! It seems to be a
at the time of Galina when there was the black bile, white bile, red bile, yellow bile
and they bleed everything they do massacre ever everybody. Today we are in
the medieval stage. Is it very difficult to get rid of
Candida with the diet because the candida doesn’t care about the diet! It is a false theory! So of course if somebody doesn’t eat
sugar for one year then in one moment start eating sugar it can feel a little
bit discomfortable because the enzymes are not ready. But if somebody starts
drinking, eating sugar he gets used, he can eat one kilo of
sugar per day. You say I was taking now a cafe latte downstairs.
I told: – ‘I can I take sugar?” – yes! There are bags tiny bags that is
difficult to focus I put 30 bags into a big. When I am
in the in the airplane in USA and I am in the airplane
sometimes I am timid, I am a very shy, I tell the the hostes: – may I have one tea
with the sugar? They give me one bag. – Can I have more? another bag. – May I have more?
Oh! sure! So I say no now when I am in the in the companies in USA: – may I have a tea
with the 12 bags of sugar! – 12? – 12, this is my dosage because I don’t want to
make contract, so give me that is finished. There completely, I don’t know,
they are fanatic, they are disturbed in their mind. Make continuous sacrifices, you cannot be
free, no, it’s very very heavy to do what I say
but you have to be free to choose whatever you want, but you have to
balance what you need compared with your life. For instance, if you go dancing
during the night until six o’clock, there is a risk of a brain tumor.
There is no diet, there is no environment, and no psychological problem,
there is just a problem of lack of energy. You have to rule yourself, you
have to sleep, you have to eat properly. Properly means to avoid saturated fats,
these are the enemies in the world, in a diet. Only saturated fats because they
make the glue in the vessel. When the vessel under the circulation
become smaller and closer, so people don’t have the, it is not, are not smart
they have no energy in the brain. So everything looks worse, so it is just
to be harnless with your life. There are many works, official
works, papers, let’s say they speak about acidity. So they are making, now the
top research in them oncology is to fight against the acidity. And I tell you
this is false road but in the meantime they investigate the way the
anti acidic drugs work against cancer. At the end they say the most powerful anti
acidic drug against cancer is the sodium bicarbonate! Why? Because they think to
use sodium bicarbonate as an anti acidic substance but it works because
it’s anti fungal drug, so they don’t know! The next step will be – maybe it was
because it has different property. But they need time
because the intelligence of the big scientist is very slow, very slow, because
they need hundred years to understand one simple thing. Because
there is the power that is, there are the politician, there are the
the dishonesty. You know, human being, I don’t blame them because we are in the
medieval stages. When we be in a paradisiac status we will be better
cancer will be accepted. I am in Rome but I cannot cure people in
Rome because I was banded there. I have the license in Albania now I’m suspended
because another problem with the institution’s but I hope to to get back
in the in Albania. But I have colleagues that do something for me, for
instance, the Selective arteriography in Rome, the catheterization of the cavities.
I cooperate with clinics, for instance, in Serbia, Belgrade. But I can
operate women or men with, for the soft tissue, small breast cancer and
irrigation of the cavities. I can do the catheterization of the artery
of the brain, carotid, that is very it’s risk it is very complicated. In Buenos
Aires, so people come to me and I send them where I can do my procedure. But
everything is secret because, you know, the Medical Association are like you,
know the round of the hell, you know, the Divina Commedia, there are 12 round,
these are the Medical Association.
What are they useful for?! Jjust to imprison doctors they want to be doctors.
They protect only they the class. This is the problem, medievil status. To try always to use sodium bicarbonate
and to start at the beginning. They have to avoid to be destroyed and then to
think differently At first, they have to try sodium
bicarbonate, they can get rid of the tumor very totally and mmm and quickly.
Of course not for all kind of cancers. But maybe it is better to email me and
ask me for advice. Thank you for receiving me here and have an interview
with me so that we can inform people for other ways
to cure cancer, to treat cancer, thank you!


  • TS says:

    Выдержки из интервью доктора Симончини:

    – Был пациент, с раком поджелудочной железы и метастазами в печени (Владимир Лузай); который самостоятельно следовал мои рецептам, и полностью излечился. И телевиденье это показало. Было много шума в России, многие меня там уже знают!

    – Я вылечил двух людей от лейкемии, родственников политиков в Казахстане.. Даже были планы открытия клиники там;

    – Мы можем сказать, что грибок у человека это всегда кандида, т.к. все другие виды грибка отличаются на 2-3%;

    – Также кандида не является неотъемлемой частью нашего организма, как некоторые полагают. Это не так. Кандида убийца. Самый сильный хищник на земле! Кандида может паразитировать на любом живом существе. Грибок точка соприкосновения, которой не хватало в теории Дарвина; он не знал, что есть что-то между миром клеток и миром животных. Грибок в начале клетка, спора, и стремится стать животным. Когда это происходит, как избавиться от животного внутри вас? Оно очень сильно, потому что оно приклеено биологическим клеем к Вам, оно даёт корни везде, оно очень сильное.
    Но у нас есть шанс, сода может разбить это животное на части достаточно мелкие, чтобы иммунная система человека могла с ними справится; но нужно подвести в прямой контакт соду с грибком.

    – В Стамбуле я лечил пациента, секретаря одной из главных партий. Местные врачи были настроены скептически. Но за один день лечения толстой кишки, от опухоли осталась только её 1/4 или даже 1/5 часть;

    – Тяжело поддаётся лечению в основном рак костей, т.к. в костях почти нет циркуляции, и до них трудно довести соду. Рак пищевода тоже не просто лечить, также и плевральные метастазы. Но в целом гидрокарбонат натрия помогает, т.к. это яд против грибка;

    – В начале я лечил псориаз йодом, т.к. понял что это грибковое заболевание. И подумал, а вдруг другое неизлечимое заболевание, рак, тоже является грибком?! Я сделал эту аналогию;

    – Когда я был в университете, молодой пациент, 11 лет, был в коме 15 дней. И мать попросила только об одном, понимая, что её сын не поправиться; она хотела поговорить с ним перед тем как он умрет; она знала что он должен умереть. Я назначил ему 50%-ый раствор гидрокарбоната в 11-00. И когда я вернулся вечером в 7 часов, всё отделение плакало, так как этот мальчик говорил со своей матерью. С того момента я понял, что точно также как и псориаз; рак, опухоли – это грибок! И так я лечу людей уже более 30 лет;

    – В отделении педиатрии, где я работал, мы лечили сыпь во рту у детей гидрокарбонатом натрия, т.к. ребенок сосет грудь и заражается через сосок грибком. И применяя гидрокарбонат, сыпь исчезает через 3, 4, 5 дней;

    – Настоящая причина заболевания – это неблагоприятная окружающая среда, стресс, психологические проблемы, прием лекарств. Многие считаю причиною неправильную диету, но это не так, это глупость! Грибку всё равно что вы едите: сахар, мясо, молочные продукты и т.д.
    – Если вы из-за диеты будете продолжать терять энергию – вы заболеете;

    – Я даю своим пациентам тонны сахара! Потому что сахар даёт энергию, чтобы пациент не тратил свою;

    – Грибок это хищник, как, кстати, и человек. Когда мы едим курицу – мы едим курицу. Мы не едим, то что ест курица – зёрна, червяки, и т.д. Грибок ест пациента, плоть пациента. Он не ест, то что ест пациент, он хищник. Чем больше пациент доводит себя до истощения, тем более агрессивным становится грибок;

    – Кандида повсюду на земле. В Японии 15 млн. людей болеют грибком стопы, это тот же самый грибок – кандида. Примерно 50-60% женщин болеют молочницей, это вагинальный кандидоз. Так что источники заражения повсюду. Вы берете хлеб или овощи у человека с псориазом, потом прикасаетесь к себе, или вы можете съесть этот хлеб, и вот уже вы подвержены риску заражения. Обычно, если эпителий в порядке, кандида не может пройти сквозь него. Если же он не в порядке, кандида может атаковать его, а также бронхи, язык, влагалище и т.д. Если человек более серьёзно болен, то кандида может отрастить корни и сформировать рак.

    – Но самый частый случай заражения – это лекарства, которые ослабляют организм. Лекарства от диабета, инфаркта или повышенного давления – самый частые причины заражения. Чем больше люди стали принимать лекарств, тем больше стало случаев появления опухолей;

    – Люди должны избегать приёмы большого количества лекарств; должны ходить в тренажерные залы, заниматься спортом, поддерживать здоровый образ жизни, правильно питаться, избегать насыщенных жиров и т.д. Но если вдруг что-то случиться, самое главное держаться подальше от онкологической больницы, т.к. они понятия не имеют что такое рак;

    – Неконтролируемое деление клеток это глупость, придуманная в прошлом столетии биологом или зоологом;

    – Нужно регулировать свой образ жизни. Например, если вы ходите на танцы до 6 утра, есть риск получить опухоль мозга; не из-за неправильного питания, не из-за неблагоприятной окружающей среды, не из-за психологических проблем, а только из-за нехватки сил, энергии. Нужно давать организму отдыхать, есть вовремя и т.д.

  • Rosa Maria Closas says:

    No me canso de escucharlo!

  • techsir azhar says:

    Sir give me Dr simunshini.
    How to use sodium bicarbonate for mouth cancer,toung cancer.

  • Manuel Guill says:

    Hola nesesecito ayuda tengo un sarcoma en la aurícula derecha de él corazón me dicen que mi caso es único ayúdeme por favor doctor bendiciones

  • Covert Geopolitics says:

    I can confirm that baking soda solution is very useful. In fact, we're using it to substitute shampoo, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste, underarm spray, and treat acidity internally. But for viral infection, its molecular size may not be that effective. That's why we prefer the Virutron Antiviral System as a substitute to vaccinations. With both in our arsenal, we have avoided going back to the drugstore for the last 10 years now. The hardest part is to overcome the intergenerational brainwashing. Thank you very much, Dr. Simoncini and TS. Mabuhay!

  • Serial Jazzer says:

    What an incredible doctor – If I had cancer, I would do whatever it takes to get treated by him.

  • Ralf Jäger says:

    fungus eats anything

  • Ralf Jäger says:

    for me it's unbelievable. i see people getting cancer and i also had a friend whose father i would have liked to recommend the treatment of simoncini…. but i wasn't able to convince him. so sadly if i told him he would think about disrespect of mine … like " how can you tell me such a crap… nobody can heal cancer! " …. and so it was more respectful to let him die. that's the pour part and i couldnt do anything…

  • Rosalind Baker says:

    What a wonderful man , he beams with positive energy he has helped my dear Friends partner & now im using for luv , Thank you Dr. Simoncini

  • Tanny Mine says:

    Thank you for shareing ur knowledge with us…..beautiful soul…God bless🙏🏻

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