Tu cuerpo habla – Enric Corbera

Tu cuerpo habla – Enric Corbera

Nobody introduced me… Nobody introduced me,
so I’ll do it myself. Or perhaps no introduction
is needed. So, good afternoon. First of all, thank you
for joining me. It’s always a pleasure
to be joined and to see familiar faces
in the front row. He’s a supporter,
let’s call you a supporter. OK, first of all… I feel like this conference
is a Christmas present. OK? And what I’ve just said
nobody knows. I am saying it for the first time. It was a thought
I had this afternoon, while I was
going over the conference. For which, by the way,
I thank my whole team who have prepared this conference, and made it possible. There are some ideas,
but they dress them up, with spectacular slides. Something I don’t have time to do
or have thought about doing. Why is it a Christmas present? Look, one of my biggest worries, to put it one way, is, how to lead people… An understanding that leads them
to a state of awareness that everything is perfectly joined, everything is related and that we must wake up
to this truth. It’s not something that I discovered, because, Lao-Tse, more than 4,000 years ago,
4,500 or so, already said it,
and 2,500 years ago Buddha said it: everything is related. but all this sounds very nice
and like “yes, very nice”… But, in truth, life is life and outside life is quite “heavy” And there are a lot of bastards and “it’s so dangerous” and “I’m so scared”, etc. And after all these years,
I’ve realised… I’ve become aware, I already realised
a while back, so aware, that people are not full. Well, not fully aware, we can never even imagine to what point our thoughts… But, I don’t know
to what “exact point”, our thoughts are constantly creating our reality. I’ve talked about it many times and you know my speech etc., but the Enric Corbera Institute came to a point
where it has developed a method that we want to be
pocket size, that doesn’t have… It’s a method for life, that shouldn’t be applied
at one specific time. It’s like:
“Oh!, problem, method”, no. Not like that. It’s not like:
“Headache, painkiller”, no. Is that clear? It’s a way of seeing
and understanding life. For a very simple reason, not because you’re good
or better, no. Because of mental economy
and physical health. Our thoughts and our feelings are creating shape, reality, constantly. But it’s not just this it’s, more, self-fulfilled proficiency. If you believe and you’re
scared things might happen, “alea jacta est”, they will happen. “It’s impossible”,
says a course of Miracles, “that things happen to a son of God
that he has not asked for”. Sure, the next question is:
“And when did I ask for this?” And he says… I am saying it, eh? “Screwed up, that’s the problem, that you have no idea
that you’re creating it”. And here we are. Here we are. Well, one question you could ask me: “How?”, the question of the dual, the how, when and in what way,
this is the famous question of the thing that sits to the
right of you head, what I call the “famous asshole” and I won’t not say it, because
kids in South America love it. They laugh. They come to me and they say: “Asshole”, so yeah. So it doesn’t traumatise
them at all, no? And also, the word “ass”
as it’s a bit taboo and if someone says it,
freely, it’s like a shock. But it’s done with
premeditation and malice. OK? Good. Back to the subject. Awareness…, the question is: How does it work? Well I think that
this awareness of unity is a path to the inverse. We start from a dual awareness,
we think everything is separate. We experience being separate and we have a… something certain,
our bodies are separate. So we believe
that we are separate. This is an illusion,
as it’s not certain. The mystics said it ,
the great spiritual masters, and today science says it. So, we are not saying anything
that isn’t already known. Good. So we have gone on a path,
from duality, from the belief in duality,
to developing awareness of unity and understanding that
not only are we not separate, but that we are information, of that there is no doubt, that this information is working 24 hours a day, in minutes and seconds. Whatever it is, if it’s sleeping,
it is always working. And this load of information, the majority of it,
is in our subconscious. To which point,
that the conscious part some say is between 5% and 7% of our psyche, everything else is subconscious. And this subconscious,
far from not showing itself, not only doesn’t show itself, it is what governs our whole life. The sooner we realise this, the sooner we will reach
the so desired emotional freedom. Or the feeling we all have that there’s something inside of me
possessing me and I don’t know why
these things happen, why I repeat
certain experiences, etc. Does this ring a bell?
Or are you from another planet too? I’ve got the wrong planet,
I’m not on Earth. Do you follow
what I’m explaining? Perfect. We’ve, developed this method… We’ve managed to reach
this awareness of unity we have seen how these laws work and above all, how I can apply them to my dual awareness. Has anyone not understood? I’ll repeat. I start from a non-dual awareness… Sorry, dual,
where I think I’m separate, it leads me to beliefs, a way of
seeing and understanding life. There’s a fear,
a belief in separation. There’s a belief in scarcity, because I’m playing the blame game. I believe that projecting blame
on to others frees me from my problems
and I justify myself to others. To this point I justify myself as an addict to justifying myself. Any doubts? No. I can do it more… Lower myself… I can, eh? Very well. We are aware that this… I doubt that all this energy
and intelligence that we are for this part, pardon
the expression, “life’s shit”. There must be more. Understand? Something we can’t see. You understand, right? And so, we begin
to develop awareness of unity, a quantum awareness, unity. We understand that
it is all interrelated, That everything echoes,
is complementary, everything is polarised… It’s not complicated, in terms of physics, chemistry and
biology. When we become aware
of unity, comes the next step. This is a way
of seeing and understanding life. I devised a method… to bring it here, where we are. And I can assure you… That the divine laws, of the subconscious,
of the quantum field, of universal intelligence, don’t directly rule
the world in which we live, but are reflected
in everything around us. That’s why it’s written:
without an innocent mind, you shall not enter the Kingdom
of Heaven, a child’s mind. And our belief in separation, our belief in beliefs and in thinking that
there is a way of seeing life, not only does not open our eyes, but closes them even more. OK? Am I making sense? Good. Today… we can say that we’ve set down some guidelines… I won’t say it’s the right way, but some useful guidelines… for everyone to apply in their lives if they want, of course. Yes? But, at least, there is
one thing that will be clear. you cannot say
that they haven’t told you. Because what I will say,
explain, I am telling you now. Please, don’t believe it. It’s not an act of faith. It’s an experience. It’s an experience. And in this experience, there are some signs… that you can use
to know how you’re doing. OK? This introduction wasn’t prepared,
but here it is. It comes from my heart. Understand? Good. First of all,
to avoid misunderstandings, if I go… Next, perfect.
Before starting… This is a warning,
so don’t have any misinterpretations. That is, life has shown me I can say on thing but you can
understand it however you want. And that’s not the problem,
it’s that they think it’s true. So, we’ve already screwed up. So, I’ll clear it up. The causes that motivate
the appearance of a symptom, respond to multiple factors. Is that clear? Yes? Good. Bioneuoroemotion focuses on the emotional factor. Why? Because we know in any story in any illness, in any situation in any symptom,
the emotional factor is common. Understand? It’s always there. To a greater or lesser extent. To a greater extent,
because I feel an emotion and live it, understand? And to a lesser extent, as I’m not
aware that my subconscious shows an emotion
that I don’t understand is showing. There is always an emotional factor. To this point we can
experience a symptom without being aware
of the emotion that I feel, but it is a reaction of my
subconscious, which always reacts, and so I am not aware. It’s not a game of words,
I’m going to develop it. I hope nobody’s getting nervous. Well, what I can tell you is that I love this conference. I feel proud of my team to have made it possible. Maybe there’s an easier way. But we don’t know how to do it
more easily right now, but… we’re working on it. Now, we are even showing a real consultation… a bit, little bits, that we give to students
on the bioneuroemotion Post-grad, Online, so that they can see
how they are learning and can analyse how it’s done. OK? And you are going to see it too. OK? Obviously, the people
here have given permission. Bioneuoroemotion
focuses on the emotional factor, in environments that provoke stress,
remember the word “environment”. In the person and which
directly affect the body. The aim is to reduce this stress,
by a change of awareness. But, as we speak about the body, a question to be asked is, which isn’t necessary,
I’m going to explain it. It is: all this information
that you’re giving and that is showing in my psyche in a practically subconscious way, and a very small conscious part. And if these laws are there,
even though I am not aware of it, and they are reflected in all parts, is there a way of knowing it? Of identifying it? Good. Yes? Yes. Two ways. I’m sure there are more, but with these two ways
I have more than enough. One: the world around me. The people around me. The situation I am living, the experience I have, yes? And the other,
the most used: the body. OK? This is why
Dr. David R. Hawkins tells us: “The valuable quality of the body is
its ability to communicate. “It is a fear of transmitting
Information and sharing awareness”. Good. It won’t be difficult if I asked what this reflects… this bodily image of two people. It speaks for itself. There’s nothing here
that doesn’t express feeling. An emotion. It’s a message. Yes? They don’t speak. So then, I want you to know
one thing, I know you know it, but we are going to become aware. Our bodies talk more
without words than with them and I’ll tell you why. Because the body
is controlling for the subconscious. And this knows that the asshole
is a natural liar. It’s a liar,
we’re always lying to ourselves. But we are, well, addicted to lying. How do we do it? Well… We are always justifying ourselves. Always, something
happens, and I justify it. But the subconscious is never fooled. The subconscious is so innocent… It has a pristine innocence. Rather, it judges absolutely nothing
as good or bad. The conscious mind falls into a trap. The trap of duality. And, careful, ladies and gentlemen. Something you should bear in mind
and that conditions your life. What I’m going to say
absolutely conditions your lives. And it is that we see the world and we qualify it as good or bad. And we have screwed up. We’re falling on entry here. At the moment when I decide that one thing is good
and another is bad, I leave paradise. Understand? I am leaving paradise. That’s why, I am able to understand that I cannot know that I’m a man if I don’t know there are women if I don’t know sadness
thanks to happiness, if I don’t know that positive exists
thanks to negative, I can’t fight against a polarity. When I try to fight
against a polarity, I am leaving the Kingdom of Heaven and I enter full of pain, into suffering, sacrifice, illness, into the belief that I am separate,
into scarcity and into fear of death. We are not mind, we are not body, we are awareness. An awareness trapped in a duality,
by a judgement that was made, which is original sin. This is good, this is bad. And, from this point,
we have created our universe. So, one of the things
that we will understand first, is that things
are not good and are not bad, but depend on the lenses
of the glasses I’m wearing. They depend on my beliefs, which are those
that condition my world. And those which make
me have experiences, Because I am not aware
that my conscious is constantly creating my reality, thanks to my ability to observe. Because I am made in
the image and likeness of my Creator and I am creating in the same way. Image, remove “image”
and put “thought”. I am creating with my thoughts,
the problem is my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, they are conditioned by my beliefs. And the first belief,
the original sin, is to believe that
there are good and bad ones. And so I was expelled
from the Garden of Eden because I ate
from the tree of knowledge or from the tree of wisdom. Our bodies never lie. Therefore, our bodies can never lie. Therefore,
we are going to focus on the body. It’s called “non-verbal language”. You can lie to me,
you can tell me what you want, but your body
will always tell me the truth. And we have developed
and we teach our students to perceive changes in the body, to know if the person
is telling the truth or lying. The symptoms have a message for you. All of the symptoms have a message. What are we used to doing?
Shutting off the symptom. Nobody is telling you that
you can’t take a painkiller if something hurts. Take it, but think: Where was I? In which scenario?
What was the stress? What was my opinion? My perception? It’s called self-indignation. Being sincere with oneself. You won’t allow for one second for your mind to justify that, sure, this happened, because the traffic…
because it was cold, because you told me,
because I expected. Does this ring a bell? We are mentally ill,
we are in Zombieland. The sooner you recognise this,
the better. Nobody can come out of a paradigm, if they think that it is true. Therefore, the healthiest thing the healthiest thing
for the mind, above all, is to question
your values and beliefs. He who is able to
question his values and beliefs, will never die and never kill
for either of them. Powerful, no? Well,
it’s a Christmas present, right? What did you expect?
A bit of a party, yes? ¿OK? Good. A symptom is a biological process,
that’s a fact, which allows us to identify
our incoherences and evolve. Our bodies cannot get
ill on their own. The mind is not
detached from the body. There are people
who still believe this. But it is more than proven that our minds and our emotion are constantly
interrelated to our bodies. We’ll talk about Dr. Boukaram,
I’ll talk about him now. When he speaks of anticancer
emotions he tells us that our thoughts and our feelings communicate with our bodies
through resonance. Remember this word: resonance, We are constantly resounding
with other people. With the people who
match us or not, we react. When I feel attraction I match.
Repulsion: I am not matched. But I react. Understand? So, observe your reactions
of attraction and repulsion. Or rather, remember
repulsion, you learn more. Remember these. And this ends up showing
in our bodies. When I most resist self-observation of this physical symptom
that is showing, that my stomach aches when I see
my beloved mother-in-law… and I don’t know why. When I stop here
and look what there is, what I’m projecting,
what perception I have… and that this symptom
is not a coincidence. When I understand
that when I am in a country my digestion works perfectly
and when I’m in another, I doesn’t, the answer is that they are
two different countries, what crap! I’ve done a couple of tours
to all the countries in the Americas and the truth is that the north,
the south, whatever, I’ve realised that
it not working, is not the country. Understand? It’s not the food. It’s how I am eating. What stress do I have? What worries? This is what affects my food. Yes? Do you understand?
Yes, right? Good. And as I told you, the symptoms are linked
to our perception and beliefs. But, above all to our beliefs. So, we teach something fundamental. If we change emotions
according to a reality, because we perceive it
in another way, for this perception to change
and change my emotions, it’s necessary to change my beliefs. To change them, I must
realise that my perception makes me see things
in a way, when I know that I am never seeing
what I am seeing, because it is pure interpretation
and is a lie. Only when there’s an innocent
perception, that doesn’t judge, is when you see things as they are. And this is something
that one must learn to develop. It’s not a tough path,
but it is slow, but sure. Each person lives it
in a different way. There is a symbolic sense,
it is important. Something that must be clear is that, in the same situation,
the same situation, nobody reacts exactly the same
on a biological level. If there is a fire, we’ll get out
crapping ourselves, but… Some will step over each other
and others will be more calm. This also depends on the person. But this is important. My physical pains, my physical symptoms, are in direct correlation with symbolism,
that is, how I live this. And not everyone lives it
in the same way. What’s more, the symbolic sense
of the experience, determines the biological sense
of the physical sensation. We’re going to develop it. Good, let’s go on. Carl Gustav Jung
in “Man and his Symbols” says… He references this. A patient that faces
an intolerable situation can have a spasm when swallowing. “I can’t swallow”. In analogue situations
of psychological tension, in the same experience, another patient has an asthma attack,
“I can’t breathe ”. A third suffers paralysis
in the legs, so “I can’t walk any more”. A fourth, vomits what they eat, “I can’t digest”
or something unpleasant. He goes on: these physical reactions are just a way
in which problems that worry us, can express themselves
subconsciously. How does stress affect our bodies? According to the medical association
of the United States, 75% of health problems
are caused by emotions, stress being the number one enemy
of health. The Integrative Oncology Department.
Oxford University Press. Let’s go on: Christian Boukaram,
who I said would come up. Chronic stress causes an increase
in the secretion of adrenaline, generates a pernicious cellular
environment that stimulates negative cells and frees inflammatory factors,
weakens the immune system and creates epigenetic alterations
in the DNA. I must say that
the inflammatory factors, when our bodies become inflamed… In fact, we know one of the causes
of a degenerative process, the first phase or the pre-eminent,
is the information. Because if you avoid
your body from swelling, you are… as long as the body
is inflamed, it is an emergency. And this means
that we are in stress. Is this clear? That’s why, when you notice
that your stomach is swollen… “What did I eat to be so swollen?” “If I ate the same as always”,
but you’ve eaten with someone… Or you have been eating and on the television you’ve seen a politician
that you can’t stand and… And the icons…
No, don’t laugh, it’s true. Lately, for physical health, we used to turn on the TV, now when I eat
it’s like a bloody monastery. Even the flies are there. I hear them. No, I’m joking. Be careful when you eat,
above all when you eat. Eat alone. And if not, with someone
who has positive conditioning. Because if it happens, who knows, you could even choke
on the finest fish. Glory turns to
crap in a matter of seconds. But not here. I’m warning you. Be aware, let’s go on. Here I see myself, no,
let them put the slide up, now. Depressed patients show higher levels
of proinflammatory cytokines and this mood can also influence the development
or knowledge of illnesses. Medical Oncology Service, Hospital General Universitario
de Valencia. Yes? Everyone starts to understand that all doctors
want optimistic patients. They’ve realised
that it’s more beneficial. Even though you give
them the medication they need, they’ve realised that medication given to
someone who’s screwed up, works slower. Sure, it has more work,
they’re more swollen. OK? Good. Here we have a film where we
usually find the origin of our stress. I think it lasts a few minutes. It’s subtitled. I hope… There are some screens,
and, if not, I see that there are, OK. Good. 75 years. Scanners… They split in two groups. One from Harvard and another
from a poor area of Boston. Those from Boston didn’t
understand why they said this, but they realised that, regardless of whether you have
a favourable environment and an unfavourable one, ultimately
they reached the conclusion that they didn’t depend
on the environment, but on the relationships
of quality, not quantity, quality. Understand? 75 years,
that’s the longest study done. In the end, these gentlemen say: “Here the only important things are
quality relationships”, that’s it. And this is where we work
in bioneuroemotion. Our reference framework, our great reference
framework to understand ourselves and to know how to reach
this emotional state that leads us
to the desired state of health, are those
interpersonal relationships. So, there’s something else
to remember, don’t divide the world
into good and bad, don’t go to the Himalayas
to look for a master, because the best master there is,
is the one you’re having sex with. You can laugh if you want,
hell, it doesn’t matter. You sleep with him. You sleep with him, at your side. The quantum field is very clever,
it won’t put a master 3,000km away. This is the bloody ego. Spirituality, the further away
and harder, the better. No sir, he’s at your side. He’s at your side at work,
he sleeps with you, you find him every day… Your mother, your father. What surrounds you,
you don’t need to go anywhere. Don’t waste your money
on a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey, at home. In your area. At work. In your interpersonal relationships. Because you never forget: You are always with yourself. And the attraction and repulsion
that you have for someone, a situation, etc. is linked to your information. The result of the studies
that I have shown here, conclusions… The people who feel most isolated, report less happiness, are more susceptible
to relapses in health. Cerebral functions
relapse more quickly and don’t live as long. Today you can make predictions. As well as the quality of your life and your relationships at 50, we will know how they will be at 80. People who have had
quality relationships, until the ages of 50, 60, don’t have problems with
growing old or loss etc., they don’t have
any age related illness. This is great hoax,
it doesn’t work like that. There is an entropy,
but there is a quality relationship, this doesn’t happen, this is proven. What I’m saying is not paranoia,
it is proven. The subjects with most satisfaction
in personal relationships at 50, were those who enjoyed
better health in their 80’s. Therefore,
do you want to be healthy? And this man says… The studies have shown something
that will annoy some of you, but if it does, deal with it. And you’ll need something
to do that, which is: Better a good divorce than to put up with an asshole
that you can’t stand. “Pendejo” is a word
from Mexico that I like, it means “asshole”,
but I like it better. OK? This is one of the conclusions, don’t put up
with the “asshole” beside you. Learn, what can I learn
from this “asshole”? This “asshole” of a woman? Perfect. Thank you. And you save yourself problems. Without resentment, without anger. Because this study proves it, that putting up with,
“the father of my kids”, or the Blessed Lady of Charity, I don’t care what. These are excuses
for maintaining toxic relationships that are screwing up your life,
your health, that are screwing up your happiness
and you reach 80 and ask: “What was I doing putting up
with that “asshole”? I say it with more emphasis, but you live it. This guy, “Well, have good relationships”, refers to better a good divorce
than to put up with… a relationship in which you are
constantly stressed and asking yourself
why am I taking this crap. I am emphasising here,
I don’t know if you realise. When it comes from my heart
I treat it like a child. Good, then… The secret is in the environment. Bruce Lipton, in his book
“The Biology of Belief” -look at the title- tells us…, he had an epiphany. That was to realise that the brain
of the cell is not the nucleus, it’s the membrane. And I saw why it was the membrane: because it captures the environment. When it captures the environment,
it sends receptors to the nucleus and the nucleus makes the necessary proteins
to adapt to the environment. Is that clear? Now, we are going to touch on an important subject. It’ll go onto the third. If anyone is taking notes,
because I’m improvising. It’s this: look after the emotional environment. Has anyone not understood? Emotional environment. You cannot imagine to what point
the emotional environment is slowly destroying your lives. This discussion with the husband, The same discussion with the wife. The same discussion, understand?
Doesn’t kill anybody. Understand? It doesn’t kill. But it screws things up… You cannot imagine.
“Well, they’re bad times”. But the bad times
that repeat themselves… The mother-in-law, at home. -“How long has she been at home?”
-“25 years, never left”. There is an important point
that people have not understood. And forgive me
for not explaining it well. When we speak of distance,
it isn’t a physical distance. It is an emotional distance,
which is then physical or not. If it can be…,
I don’t know if I’m explaining it. Some people put a physical distance,
but not an emotional one. And it leads the dead cat here,
to the mind. Every day: “Oh! How is my cat”,
and the cat is here. People think that
putting up 1,000 km of distance is like separating myself
from the problem, crap! The problem goes with you, because for the subconscious
distance doesn’t exist, only emotional distance exists. And to put up an emotional distance, the best path is
understanding what’s in front, understanding
your theoretical torturer, who makes you suffer, to understand
that he isn’t doing anything, but you are doing it to yourself,
through him. Another thing you must learn. I hope that you’re taking notes. It’s this: When you have to speak about others, it should only be to
use them as a mirror. Never to project our blame onto them. Never forget one thing: what goes around comes around. The quality of what you give
is what you will receive. This is 100%. When you speak about others,
speak as though they are a mirror. Why do I have this relationship? What can I learn from it?
And not hoping it changes. National sport: delegation. Does this ring a bell? Because my husband,
my wife, my son, my daughter… It’s important to remember
how a cell works, to understand
how an organism works. For our cells,
the body is the surroundings. For our psyche, our surroundings,
our emotional environment, affects our whole biology. This is why it’s so important
to not reject our surroundings. However bad they are. Instead, if I am in this situation, what is it that I must learn from it. Let’s go on. A new perception
is a neurological change that broadens our awareness. This is scientific. Scientific evidence shows that
by modifying our thoughts, we are modifying our biology. Careful. Another big secret
for you to put into practice. Pay attention
to the thoughts we have. So, we, in bioneuroemotion, teach people to understand, that their perception
of a situation can change. But not because
you can change it just because, but because it isn’t true. This is a projection
of subconscious programs I have, which I project
because I think that what happens is nothing to do with me. And Ken Wilber tells us that the more we
project ourselves and deny that what we see is to do with me, I create a vacuum in my psyche that shows up as a physical symptom. Therefore, the physical symptom
is in direct correlation with my perception,
that is the child of the projection. And the projection
is linked to my beliefs, which make me perceive
and live an experience in a certain way,
thanks to these beliefs. And one of the things
that we can change are beliefs. It is also one of the things
that we don’t want to change. Good, let’s go on. Let’s look at the case,
it’s dissecting… In total there are 4 parts,
they last around 5 minutes. I thank my team,
Victor, who’s the one… the teacher who is giving it
and the young lady… who volunteered. For a person to be able to come out
here, like this, in a video… What do you want me to say?
It’s an act of love. At the very least an act of love. Understand? At the very least. Let’s go. First I’ll explain how it works. There are four points, always. We choose… I don’t know if this works,
better not touch it too much. One: we chose a symptom
or a difficulty. Two: we look for
the scenario of the stress. Do you understand? Three. We look for resonances with other
moments at a chronological age. And four: the resonances
of our ancestors. Is that clear? Yes? The first is the first
and also the second. Three and four can alternate. This depends
on the moment of the indignation. But it is basically this. So, the first point is: a woman of 26 with an infection
in her left fallopian tube. Symptoms of heavy
menstruation and excessive pain, appeared 2 months prior. Scenario: let’s look for
this scenario of stress and we collect all
generic and objective data, to place the patient
in the time and space. I’ll make one thing clear: for the subconscious
time doesn’t exist. When you remember something that happened 5 years ago,
for example. And you put it in your mind
-OK?- it is present. Understand? It’s always present
and this is very lucky, because if it is present
and I have a scenario, and I change my emotion
and my feelings in relation to what I’m perceiving, I am doing what’s called
“the miracle of the method”, which is: I am re-writing my story. And I am re-writing it
because I am changing my emotions, as I am changing my perceptions. Because I am understanding that
this person is not as I thought. Who, also, had an intention
and that the woman or whoever didn’t know any better, and he was also conditioned
by the information from his parents. Is it clear? Very well. 25 years, she’s been living
with her parents, she is a sales rep
at a temping company and she’s single. Let’s go, I think it’s there, yes. What stress have you
had in the last 2 months? Rather, your situation,
your emotional environment. “Well, I am doing something that, really, I hate, Well, I don’t like it. What does I don’t like it mean? What does doing something that
you don’t like mean? The tasks I do, I’m very sales based. -At work?
-Yes. Where you’ve been
for a year and a half? Good. And, really,
I don’t want to be in sales, I want to work in human resources or something related to psychology. How long have you felt like this? -For a year…
-So it’s not that. -There must be another stress, OK?
-OK. Well, I remember the day before
the pain started, just. I was on the phone to my colleague and I told her
that I didn’t like my life. That I couldn’t see
the point in my life. This is unspecific, do you see? I want something concrete,
I want a specific stress. That is, what’s happening
in your life? I want the emotional environment
at home, at work maybe, but if you tell me that nothing
has changed for a while… -Has something changed at work?
-Yes. Yes? Tell me. All my colleagues, constantly, or those I’m closes to, tell me that it’s clear
that I don’t want to be there. And my boss has brought it
to my attention, telling me, if I don’t want
to be here, then don’t waste my time. OK, we have a projection at work of people telling you something. That people notice
that you don’t want to be there. And your boss tells you don’t waste your time here
if you want to go. We’re go i ng to move onto
an important aspect, your family. What does this have to do
with your family life? I am living with my parents
and I don’t want to. Exactly. OK, do you see?
This is called “projection”. If life tells us this externally, it is something that we feel, but what is hardest to change,
is work, sorry, the family, where it is
hardest to make decisions, we extrapolate it with
environments like work. We think that the problem is there
and the problem is standard, OK? You’ve given me a clue to take home. Have you realised? They always lie. Everybody lies. Everybody, when you ask them,
tells a lie. The story being told. Understand? And, quickly,
you’ve seen how Victor… Also, we are unspecific. We don’t say anything. Take note of one thing. That, sure, you must know. It’s gone from work to the family. Why? Because the subconscious
cannot differentiate family… and family from work. The subconscious
doesn’t differentiate. For the subconscious, family is
what you relate to each day. Do you understand? It doesn’t differentiate:
“Oh! Work”. No. So, it makes a projection. Another thing, your perception says:
“We are going to use a projection”. It doesn’t say it, but it thinks it. A person wakes up… If the mirror, the world says: “Hey, you don’t look well here”. “Why don’t you leave
and stop wasting time?” Understand? This is a projection. The quantum field
doesn’t tell you coincidently, but you carry this information. And this information is,
I hasten to add… In the family… if you don’t want to be at home… Leave! Do you understand? You’re pulling a face… We’re dissecting. Go! The quantum field tells you
in another family, in the projection. But wisdom is
applying it to your life. He say: “You have invited me
to go to the family”. So, the first story is never true and sometimes the second,
the third, and even the twenty-fifth. And there are 10 of us
in a group session, the others laugh, on their turn and they tell the same
story, they make the same error. And if it was
the 25,324,432nd as well. OK, don’t worry everyone does it. It’s a psychological defence
mechanism. The story we tell ourselves
hides the truth. The subconscious doesn’t split
work family from the biological one. Good, so, the perception
of others is a treasure. So, it’s not important
what perception I have of others, but what perception
I am receiving from others. This is a treasure. Not because they are right,
which is always an interpretation, because it is giving you information. In the case that we saw it is clear. The work family, who are closer tell her: “It’s obvious
that you don’t want to be here”. They tell her: The boss comes,
who is an authority, and says… that, also, she is a woman, that, even in this,
the quantum field is finite, it doesn’t send a man, no. It sends a woman,
as your story is about a woman. It doesn’t make any mistakes. It does differentiate gender. Masculine and feminine
it sees clearly. Everything else no, this yes. OK? OK, so… They are opportunities to learn
to integrate one’s aspects. I want to know
what is the stress at home. Something that happened 2 months ago. Or 2 and a half,
There must have been… The death of my aunt. -Good.
-Perhaps. -But this in itself…
-Yes, because… I want you to tell me
its significance, what happens. The death of my aunt… She’s, well, my mum’s aunt really. But we’ve always called her aunty. So, she was like a mother to my mum. And, from her death… -My mum is really bad.
-Perfect. We now have a good connection. So, I am deducing that this… Correct me at any point
if I interpret things wrongly. I deduce that
there is a theme of maternity, of care… And that at the time
of the mother’s death, who becomes mother to your mum… -Me.
-Exactly. It’s not something you want. You see, eh? He tells her, if your
mum’s mum dies, you become… Your mum’s mother, so, “touché”. It wasn’t difficult,
when we have our client, we already know what we expect. Now, it happens alone. They jump over barriers. Why? Because the information
that this girl is receiving is… There is a lack of a mother,
or, her mother’s mother didn’t have the effect of her mother,
it was an aunt who was mother. Understand? Not only this, but the mother, This girl’s mother had to be
her mother’s mother. That’s why, when her mother
is pregnant with her, she is receiving this information. “You must be my mother”. The subconscious doesn’t get this,
you must tell it in words. But we receive this emotional impact. “I must look after my mother”. And you’ll see, I won’t tell you. You will see why the boss said:
“Don’t waste your time and go”. Interesting, right? Let’s look for a resonance
in other moments. To say that here
the scene is not set to be -it shows in the session-
which was stressful: “I get home from work late
and it’s dark, and I hear my mum crying”. What was mum doing
crying at 12 at night? I will tell you,
waiting for her mother to arrive. Understand? And then, when she sees
her mother crying, she is aware it shows in the session that she says
up to her “ovaries” of putting up with it,
her subconscious reveals it. This person becomes aware
and, the next day, swelling. Understand? So quickly,
the subconscious is very reactive. It really becomes congruent “I am doing something that
I don’t want to do, I have to do it”. These, I hasten to add,
are irrational beliefs. As the great authors show,
when two irrational beliefs collide, there is a symptom. OK? Famous beliefs. Famous beliefs, let’s go on. I see myself in a scene
when I was… I’m about 5. OK, you’re 5,
describe the scene to me. OK, I’m playing with
my friends, in the street. Yes. And, well, we’re on bikes. Going really fast
over open spaces, etc. -And I fall.
-Good. Well, a considerable fall. And I scratch my knees badly,
and they’re bleeding. Everybody comes over to help me, at that moment. And the first thing I say is:
“Don’t tell my mum”. Good. Why do you not want them to tell? Because I knew what her reaction
would be to see me. What was it? Upset, worry, upset… You didn’t want her to worry
about you, exactly. What do you see at home so you don’t
want your mum to worry about you? That you don’t want
to be a burden for her. -The relationship with my dad.
-Exactly. Do you know
about your project purpose? My mum had problems getting pregnant. And what was
your mother’s emotional state? Perhaps she was caring for someone. Perhaps? For my father, in some way. Explain this to me. -My…
-Sure. Well, my parent’s relationship… My mum treats my dad
like a small child. Exactly. She was caring for someone,
do you see? Look. Biologically
if your man behaves like a child, you can’t have a child
with this man, you will have two. You feel like you are
a burden at this time. Your mother
did not feel looked after. If your mum has a care vacuum, she will project onto
a child to look after her. She will teach it to look after her. -This is what she has taught you.
-Yes, she tells me. What does she say? That when I leave, to live alone, she will live close by… And if she gets sick,
she doesn’t want a home, I’ll look after her. What an excess? Do you think it’s normal
for a girl of 5 to worry? What does a normal girl of 5 do
in a normal environment, who hurts herself,
who does she want? Mum. But she doesn’t. Imagine the environment,
your purpose project that is… When we speak of a purpose project,
we speak of the emotional environment your mother is living
when she is pregnant with you. Nessa Carey, in her book
“The Epigenetics Revolution”, tells us that the emotional state
of the mother over the first three
months of gestation marks the whole life of the child. Pay attention, eh? Imagine
the emotional state of the mum, having a father who is a big kid. We’ll talk about them later, here’s where emotional
additions are born. These typical additions
between man and woman or between man and man
or woman and woman, whatever. To the subconscious,
although it’s man and man, there is always someone
who is masculine and feminine. And the woman, is the only thing
the subconscious understands. The subconscious doesn’t understand
front or back, no. That doesn’t matter. It doesn’t understand that
love is moving it in and out. It doesn’t understand this,
for it, it’s all emotion. An act of love can be a cuddle. An act of aggression
can be a word, understand? Don’t explain, no…
let’s leave that crap. So, then, what do we see? When we have excesses, here is the hypnosis,
total Zombieland. She is already programmed to be
a mum to her mum at 5 years old. This is terrible. This is the most violent act
that there is, there is nothing worse. We are depriving
our children of a life. Take note of this, please,
I am not saying it lightly. This is the cruellest thing there is. Depriving a child of a life. Do you know how many people
are trapped by their parents? I see them ten a penny. Ten a penny or 100
or 25,000 for 25, 2 , 500, whatever. It’s constant. Well, projection
on the couple from a young age. The woman cares for the man. It wasn’t explained, because
the session lasts half an hour… half an hour,
we have it in half an hour, that the first story that
we heard before starting, said: “Well, this was
because my partner left me”. “As if she were a tissue”. He left me and Victor said: I pulled a face like…:
what are you saying? Also who’s going to leave you?
Nobody can leave you in any case. And the scene where he left her is… She has a boyfriend of 3 years
and lives at home with her parents. She and the boyfriend. What does the man find? Mothers who overprotect males, they make them emotionally immature
And, she is…? Emotionally immature. We always end up like this,
I’ll explain this. Good. The symptom reflects the rejection
of the maternal function. Let’s go on: Let’s look for family resonance,
which is the bloody mother. What happened to the kids
with your grandmothers? Regarding the husband?
How is this information? -On my mother’s side?
-Yes. My grandfather was never home. He worked abroad. -Also, he was unfaithful.
-Good. How long did
your grandmother take it? -Her whole life.
-Her whole life. Your mother saw this from birth. What kind of man does she want?
Did your father travel too? -My father, no. Yes.
-Was he at home? -And was he faithful?
-He doesn’t leave the house. I don’t have that information. But, yeah, I don’t know. -No, whatever you think.
-Yes. From things my mum has said,
or what I assume, yes. Good, perhaps, because look… It’s the polarity
of your grandfather. She looks for a man thinking that if
he is at home and faithful, he is a
man. He may be emotionally immature too. And your other grandmother? My other grandmother,
on my dad’s side… My grandfather spent
all day at home too. Good. My grandmother had
an absent relationship. -They didn’t have a relationship.
-What does that mean? They lived in…
slept in separate beds, always. Look. And they were never affectionate
to each other. Exactly. Do you see?
It’s like a distance, totally. Either travelling or at home
there was a distance. It’s like the man
doesn’t have to form part of this. You look for the same information,
a man doesn’t… form a family, information
says it’s better he’s not there. Better to be alone
or looking after your mother. If he doesn’t participate, women
would feel the burden of their kids. And your mother was already born with
this info, that she was a burden. Do you know anything about this? I know my mum always
compares me to her mother. They have a very
intimate relationship. -She says that we were best friends.
-Do you see? So, if you are
your mum’s best friend, she stops being your mother
and becomes your best friend. Yes? It’s a way
of always being linked. Has your mum felt that your grandma
loved her as she needed? -I think that, deep down, no.
-Exactly. Because my mum was like
a mum to my grandmother. But this is called
transgenerational “displacement”. If your grandmother has not
had the role of mother, your mother still needs a mother. And until somebody stops this,
stops looking after others and takes care of herself. you will never be able to
be mothers to your daughters. And when this information
appears at 26, it’s like your body reflects it. It’s a good signal
for you to realise. Now, thanks to this symptom,
you are aware of this information and that the links are
much stronger than you imagine, because they teach you
to be so from a young age. Your brain, your connections,
are prepared to be there. There is a part of you that knows
that it wants a partner, to think in another way
about partners and find yourself as a woman. Good. The session is practically over. She becomes aware. And one thing is clear: how it has really talked about
our neurons is proven, according to a belief
and this is a huge block. Here we enter…
Now she can enter. Or has entered into
this dilemma that is… The strength of the nature
of creating a family and the belief that it stops me
from leaving my mother, because her mother has done one of the worst things
there is, the most subliminal thing, which is to be
a friend to her daughter. These are “emotional ties”,
which stop… You know those dogs that
people take to walk on a lead and…? And then… Always the mother, suddenly, subtly: “Hi darling”. “You haven’t called in a week, eh?” Every time
she hears her mum’s voice… Bing! Hypnosis. Go on, laugh It’s true. I’m giving you a present. The parents, in their house. And you in yours. The purpose of nature is
to move forward, never back. This doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t
see her mum or care for her, but she has been kidnapped. Or was kidnapped. Even the physical symptom
said: enough! It did what needed to be done,
as well as a painkiller. And going to the doctor,
which is very good. What is my body saying about my conscious? Thus, this illness must be treated,
but it must be understood. The two things go hand in hand. Yes? More and more doctors
are studying bioneuroemotion and are understanding it,
and applying it to their patients. Is this clear? Good, let’s go on. Anne Schützenberger gives us
this marvellous quote: “What has not been expressed
with tears nor with words, is expressed with pain”. However, we have been given a lesson in freeing ourselves from repetition, to be born in our own history. Our histories. We repeat the histories
of our parents and ancestors, but not as a divine punishment, but as a divine liberation. If I am able to give a way out to whatever my mum or parents and grandparents couldn’t
or didn’t know or didn’t want to do, I can give this way out
and transform the information. It’s called “compassion”. There is no rejection,
when there is understanding, no… Understanding
is a painful experience, it doesn’t mean that you have
to go to sleep, to eat with your… violator. And by “violator”
I don’t mean a physical violator, your violator can be
your mother, father, OK? It can be anybody,
when you understand this, you are not forced to do anything. Because when this understanding
exists, there is forgiveness. But forgiveness is not an effort,
you don’t have to forgive. Because understanding frees you
of having to forgive. Understand? So, it is really when
you transform your history. Good. This is what I was saying before. Emotional dependency
is emotional immaturity. It always shows
these characteristics. It always gives them. They can vary a little,
but they always work here. They work with emotional additions, It’s basically the following,
and it’s the case we have. Here we have the case… The daughter, our client doesn’t have a negative excess, she has a positive one too,
understand? He mother is in a bad way,
but ultimately, what she is doing is,
is making her into her own mother. She tells her: “When you leave,
I’m coming with you”. “Or I’ll live close by” This is a characteristic of
a toxic mother. The fear is,
when they’re older, losing my child. And if you want, develop it more, go on Google and type in “toxic mothers”
you’ll get bored of reading. And “toxic fathers”,
which also exist. OK? OK, so… Normally, the emotional attachment that the daughter has
with her mother, The daughter ends up being
more of a mother than a wife. OK? It’s called “mamitis”. They find a man, a “little son”,
with a positive excess. Normally it’s a woman
who overprotects her son, because her man is always absent. For the subconscious,
my husband is in jail, he’s with a hooker, he’s in a bar, he’s out on the street or he’s at home
scratching himself… Understand? “My husband is not here”. The subconscious doesn’t judge. If he’s in jail, dead,
pulling an all-nighter or just out drinking. It doesn’t judge, he’s not here. OK? So, mothers
project this partner vacuum onto their sons. And so we have a castrated child. A child who has
a low level of frustration and, so, this child
falls in love with a mother. How many women
have come to me and said: “My husband acts more like
my child than my husband”. In this case we have seen it. “What are your parents like?”
Already laughing. “My mum treats my dad like a child” This is always the case and there are
the emotional additions. They are always here,
we are always looking for the other. Additions with parents
or with the mother, because we hope… Do you know how many times
I’ve heard women say: “I have a love-hate
relationship with my mother”? Translation: “I want my mother
to love me how I want” This cannot happen. Her mum loved her, I don’t doubt it, how she could, how she knew how,
at stressful times, in certain environments
and this is what you carry. Let your mother go, easy. Let’s go on: The origin of our beliefs. Look, it is what we’ve seen. The information from mum,
the information from dad, converge in us. And this information we project onto the screen of life. If I… And what I’m projecting,
are my beliefs, OK? My beliefs,
I’m projecting my beliefs. So, what’s in front of me
I can love or hate. But my like or dislike,
doesn’t depend on what happens. Instead on what I am perceiving, yes? Sure, these beliefs are
so introjected in our lives, they are so introjected,
from a young age, that, as Bruce Lipton says, whatever our parents say
when we are young, we are in a state of theta and delta, or, hypnosis, become commandments. Understand? It’s unquestionable. We’ve learned like that. And we will project it like that, in our lives. So, if we want to know our beliefs, what better than to go where?
The cinema. Of life, I mean. Who’s in front of me… Because ultimately,
remember one thing: Our subconscious
doesn’t differentiate if what is in front of me is a film or if it is real. It doesn’t differentiate
something “real” and something “virtual”. For the subconscious,
everything is real. So, what I see
or think that I see is the same. If I think that my husband is
cheating, he’s cheating, even though
he’s a saint. Good, let’s go on. And irreconcilable beliefs influence our organism
and reflect alterations in our body. I remember the case of a lady who had problems
with menstruation, very painful, well, it was awful, no? And when she had relations with men, she became blocked. So we find out that in the family many woman had been raped
lived through the rape in marriage. OK? And she carried
double information. A sexual freedom for women. And the other,
that men are dangerous. Understand? Irreconcilable affection. So: she wanted to have sex, but when she had it with a man,
she had a lot of hormonal, menstrual problems etc. When she didn’t want to,
she menstruated fine. She fell: “Is it because I have
sexual relations”. “What’s going on here” and then
she understood the information. Do you understand? When you truly understand this, your history,
you don’t have to do anything. The next time she finds herself
with a boy she likes, and she wants something to happen,
she will remember me. At the very least
she will remember me. She’ll say: “I’ll take this
with fries and to go”. It doesn’t matter. OK? Let’s go on. All irreconcilable beliefs
are fed by two words. It’s called the tyranny
of “I should” and “I must”. “I should”, “I must”. Do what you want in your lives, but don’t force yourselves to do
what you don’t want. When I force myself
to do something I don’t want, there is a belief
that I am forcing myself. You must look for
the belief that blocks you. Yes? Very well. The aim of the method is
to detect these dogmatic beliefs and change the erroneous inferences. These produce blocks
in your well-being. Which, really, is where
the cornerstone of it all lies. There are beliefs,
that are seized, seized. The information -what I’m explaining-
can’t be destroyed, it can only be transformed,
as I’ve explained. So, bioneuroemotion works
with perception, OK? Good. Bruce Lipton: “Perception doesn’t just
control behaviour, it also controls genetic activity”. Attention. “We are organisms capable
of learning that we can incorporate experiences lived in our genomes and to pass them on
to our descendants, who, in turn, incorporate their
life experiences to their genome to continue human evolution”. The science that studies this
is called “epigenetics”. Let’s go on, we’re already
on the final thoughts. I am “on time”, aren’t I doing well. Final thoughts. A recap of everything we’ve covered, which is: Be aware of the importance
of perceptions. Is that clear? What you see,
if it turns your stomach, calms your spirit, calms your mind, take three deep breaths if you can, and make yourself a list: “What
annoys me about what I am seeing?” Don’t justify it. It’s written. The straw in another’s eye,
is “look at the beam in mine”. And the sin I see in another, is the sin of which I am guilty. It’s that simple. As simple as that. It’s the greatest act of love that one can make for oneself: not to project justifications, not to project blame. and to understand that I’m always
in front of myself, which can be perfectly complementary or a mirror image, am I making sense? It always works like that. These are the law of nature. They always show themselves
at one pole or the other. And so, if you are a man
and you’re emotionally immature, you will look for
an emotionally immature woman and it’ll be a “mamitis”
looking for a “sonitis”. Obviously, we can’t stop perceiving. And there are situations in our lives
that we can’t change. But we can choose how to live them. You have a relationship. Like all relationships, it starts
and, like all relationships, it ends. A relationship that lasts 50 years
is not better than one week. Is that clear? This is a belief. The best relationship
can last just one hour. Full stop, because all relationships
make sense, have a reason. “My relationships don’t last long”,
how long is long? A week? “No, three years”. Enough to have kids, etc. I’ve seen those who every 6 years
change their partner. Every 6 years,
what do you think I asked them? What happened to your mother when you were 6? And they say: “She got divorced”. Every 6 years, boom! I need to change partner! Instead of enjoying it, you suffer. No, no way. I say: “Relax,
You’ll find someone else”. I could spend days talking to you
about stories. I am telling small bits of… What I’m saying now,
they tell me where it happened, who they were with
and I say this happened. I could tell everything, because it repeats
more than garlic soup. They’re always the same. Polarity, polarity, polarity. Here is here, so here. What Victor said: “If your parents,
grandparents were like that, your father must always be at home.
“He never moves”. He stays by my mother’s side. I remember a lady
who had a heart problem, she came to see me with arrhythmias. I asked her: “Since when?” Now you mention it
I hadn’t even thought about it. -“A few months ago”.
-And what happened? -What happened?
-What changed? Well, really
nothing changed, Ah, yes! My husband retired. I say: And what happened? She says: “My husband had a job
and he was always there”. “I had got used to it”. “And suddenly,
I find this guy at home”. I can’t get rid of him,
before I used to… I was here, I was there. Without having to explain myself
and suddenly, this guy… Understand? And the arrhythmias started, because she was
breaking the rhythm of her life. I say: “ándele”. She was Mexican. “Ándele”. “This asshole let me do what I want my whole life,
which was hard to get used to, and now he won’t leave me alone”. I say: “Well, so, one of two things, either you sell him,
or your change him, or do what you want, I don’t care”. But I think it got better, when she became aware. And I want something very important,
that I mustn’t forget. I told my son, we haven’t
put it in, but I haven’t forgotten. Listen to what I am about to say,
it is very important. Don’t think that the symptoms
that you have are always… There must be a conscious stress. The majority of symptoms are produced
by a subconscious reaction and it is subconscious because
the “asshole” doesn’t realise. For example, it’s my wife, she’s talking with her mother
about her things. And she says to me:
“Look, when you came in…” We were talking and I was OK,
and then I felt bad. I was dizzy. And I wanted to throw up, I didn’t know whether to throw up
or eat something. It’s a symptom of low sugar levels. Sugar. It was digestion, she wanted to… She didn’t know whether
to eat or throw up. In the end she calmed down, she ate
some liquorice, which in itself… And she was OK and it passed. But of course,
she is my wife for a reason. She sat down to dinner and asked me: “Ask me the questions.” Sure. Ask me the questions, no? So, I say: “So, I came up
and when I came up…” Nothing, ten minutes,
I grabbed a coffee and I went. I was doing a Miracles course online, I took ten minutes,
got a coffee and some chocolate. I took… And I said,
“There, I’ll leave you”. You were both OK.
“Yes, talking about our things“. My mother-in-law is 94 and it’s
better to just let the woman go. They’re talking
with a friend and I ask her: -What did you talk about?
-Nothing, we’re all OK. It’s typical, this is normal.
“Nothing”. -What did you talk about?
-“Nothing, really”. What did you talk about? When you insist and say:
“I’m sick of leading this”. She says: “Yes” “Now you mention it”. Well, now that I asked you
some time ago. I say: We were talking about the Civil War. About how dad had to…
And a friend, etc. Had to go to France. And they were telling us
about the punishments, the hunger and the cold they suffered. And the subconscious,
that carries her father’s information and his suffering, what did it do? bing! Just as real is the same as virtual, she lived the experience of hunger and cold, she lived it… Her, and she had a sugar low,
and she felt sick. Understand? A symptom
although she wasn’t stressed. A symptom that although they were
talking, she wasn’t aware of. And suddenly
the subconscious reacted, so you can see to what point
one must be alert. I don’t know if I’m making sense
in what I mean. Because she was OK,
and, her sugar level dropped, and there were some chocolates
and I’m sure she ate some, so her sugar didn’t drop, but
the subconscious doesn’t know this, it makes you live the experience, you relive it and it shows. It was becoming aware of this
when we were at home and her face was like… She just did this. I say: “That’s it”. End of story. She says: “You’re so subtle”.
I say: “You can’t even imagine”. You cannot imagine. This is why you must be alert. And when the body shows a symptom, it’s not a coincidence. You don’t stumble for nothing, you don’t fall by coincidence,
you don’t cut yourself… Nothing happens by coincidence,
Even Jesus told us: “Even the hairs on your
head are numbered”. And who has understanding
to understand, should understand what we’re saying. Let’s go on: Good. The power of perception,
what does it allow me? To know myself,
to develop a conscious unit, and to understand
that the person in front of me has a lot to do with me. To recognise others as complementary and therefore,
to reach emotional freedom. When you are uncomfortable, stop for a moment
and analyse your perception as I am explaining it. Stop positioning yourself, stop judging and stop justifying yourself
talking about others. I repeat: Stop positioning yourself, stop judging. This doesn’t mean that you don’t like
something, that’s clear. I don’t like this,
full stop, but I don’t like it… the feeling that I don’t like it,
but I won’t go against another. It’s positioning yourself,
to like something or not… There are many conditions
to your liking it or not. They are your beliefs
and you’ve been brought up like it. But you feel that you have to go
to church to pray every Sunday, but you’re not going freak out
about those wasters who don’t go. Understand? Don’t say:
“They are surely going to hell”. Because you’re positioning yourself,
shouting judgements and freaking out. You’ve failed in all three, so,
who is going to hell? You. Understand? You. Because you’re not aware that you’re projecting
and the quantum field… “Boom! Have that”. So we say:
“What have I done to deserve this?” And they tell you:
“Everything, daughter, everything”. And the work that
you’re giving me “asshole”! All the angels are working on you
so hell is made for you. Good. Symptoms are
possibilities for development. When we accept a symptom,
we accept part of the subconscious. And said by Ken Wilber: “Symptoms precisely point out
our subconscious programs”. Nothing hurts by coincidence and what doesn’t have a resonance
or sense for you, which for another it doesn’t either. The same situation can give them
a different symptom than yours and, instead, be the same problem. Shall we go on? “The body says
what the mind doesn’t”. “What annoys you about others is only a projection of
what you haven’t yourself resolved”. Siddharta Gautama, Buddha. This phrase is mine: “Listening to our bodies
implies connecting with our fears, something that
we must be prepared for”. Thank you.


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