Tratamiento natural para la artritis y la artrosis por Adolfo Pérez Agustí

this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of altruistic help through thought the first one we play today or the diseases know that formerly it was described within diseases rheumatic and there was a huge fan good because there still the remote logo more or less as a specialist and people know what is going on and within rheumatic diseases that we are now going to see many, there are two that its abundance and proliferation calls us the attention that happens to be human being that goes from arthritis to certain ages even in young age to end with an osteoarthritis that elevates incapacitating for your daily life which is what we do wrong or what we do not do well and if it looks a lot like the two diseases that we’re going to talk about hey arthritis and osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis as you want to call it are quite similar because mostly symptomatology and because they are affected as the word says joints of the body neither is softer than the another when they affect they limit both and the pain can be equally intense in any of the two what one what happens that one has one has a evolution that could be called degenerative and the other with luck to the over the years can be solved and I say with good luck but I do not want them demoralize anyone and why not here backwards here venice the whole world find the solution and if there is let’s see the different forms of arthritis that as its name indicates you can ask me from time to time a specific disease a product that You see interrupted and yes I know he said I hope to answer otherwise I say so sure I have no idea what he’s counting and I learned it tomorrow to say arthritic diseases that have already been explained that can affect everybody the most precocious arthritis is that now what We will write that juvenile arthritis is declared a very early age and same symptoms as the arthritis of an older person But the advantage of juvenile arthritis is that it is removed with age. that as they say the nonsense is cured with age It is true that sometimes he lets time pass and you will see that what seemed impossible to cure the years and experience makes that if it is solved even in the pains that if the heart pains here is the time the one who does the miracle not the psychologists who help us a lot but time says let time pass within a year of works like turn your heart to be little to stop good because the artist and youth in the advantage that it has is that even if someone appears it will only be resolved even without doing anything it can have influences because before it was thought that the art and said that it was declared very early will lead to heart disease not necessarily that showed that it will not necessarily generate a heart disease unless there is an infectious process attached arthritis psoriatic the word says it in which psoriasis is attached as you know is a disease of difficult precision because it can be a autoimmune disease can be when a disease does not heal I also do not believe the causes I doubt I say good autoimmune disease and because we are not able to cure the one that we do not know the best cause the psoriatic arthritis sedac is a mixture gives as to skin skin problems it acts like psoriasis but there are also article pains Ares united from complex resolution I will never say that there is no solution is more there is an axiom said when we do not know when we can not cure a disease it’s not that disease has no cure is that we do not know the cure when or someone says their disease is chronic is not correct is a wrong phrase I do not know the solution to his illness and as I do not know 4 as we already know it it’s going to stay chronic for a lifetime there are no chronic diseases that you know there are still unresolved diseases, it may still be that we die and we have not already found the cure or with what some ready I saw another way to cure so that does not mean that we are not demoralized 6 before any disease that you have all have nature cures planned the cure of all the difficult is to find the professional the remedy but difficult is not impossible is only ways to express good who has not heard about fibromyalgia now that you know why now because it is a disease of recent diagnosis because the patient had so many symptoms hurt his whole body read him globally within a billion pathologies and it was very difficult until someone actually sees the medicine started to unite the symptoms of fibromyalgia and saw that that patient was equal to the other and they all had the same minimal amount of symptoms attached to each other the name that defines the disease pain well the fibromyalgia enters we can enter also within the rheumatic or arthritic diseases the lupus the other day I was in a meeting patient I did not know there were so many I was in the patient meeting affected lupus lupus erythematosus which is the most abundant I was amazed at how many people are affected that the disease karma Well I have never had a friend affected of that but good thing is that I led was an affected friend and I the normal way until call began tell what happened to him there disease do not say that there is no cure is not It is also not a difficult disease to solve I also got sick from Aznar, criticized him, I know what you want the arthritis is just a disease and gout that you have not heard of the drop now it seems that it is in decline from drop you know that the famous site rose in those of blue blood or kings the counts suffered by the one who did not suffer from drops who thought that something bad was making life if I suffered drops that was all right that was right in those people because they ate according to them very well and therefore the people They ate poorly and did not have enough and they ate well the price they had to pay good then it was known what was the problem was in the meat that he ate mostly game meat as he had his subsidies or his tasting preserves hunting there and that’s why they had gout and the population that did not I had no privilege to eat meat because I did not suffer is a disease that is now much more widespread than we think and the drop you know where in what part of the body is detected to see in the big toe but then they begin to spread the sketch on it it turns red it hurts a lot and you do not have anything else to ask the person like eating and jenson those people who say is that I like good food and clear for us that we also like good food but under another point of view the imo is that what you like is that I would not eat it never life of a plate of artichokes and you can be to the vinaigrette and little else and what I want a man cabbage steamed but like steamed but how can you leave a man title with cooked to the steam and for me this is a good meal and split the steak back we leave you lake that each one as what you want do not try to convert to nobody is a lost cause but that convince us that health is going to a restaurant of how many forks the maximum restaurant 35 I do not know 5 how the hotels do not do not believe that health is going to improve the other day I found a vegetarian center in opera all that yes that It is common that good food wonder because gout is a very disease extended that sometimes the person does not do not do not want to recognize that he has Bogota because he thinks it’s a disease of the lefties and that can not even remotely affect anyone who eats that he eats badly and especially that he has his kidneys that require an adjustment because the kidney works well does its job the drop does not have to be declared clear sense I think I have put a treatment to a friend on the phone and the first thing begins to drink water is already that mouth will see little water in summer that really is a foolishness the curious about drinking water because I’m going to say they should drink water You are doing a weight loss regimen and I did then drink water enough and such and every time you see water in abundance even vice in the metro with your bottle drinking water and you can always veragua and os you think and you have not gone down half a gram despite the diet and even fattening jce clear is that water weighs is that it has lived five liters between some things and others in full canicula as now those five liters weigh iovaisha will look at the scale the water fattening water has no calories but currently weighs with the advantage that with the same ease that you have taken can be eliminated but realize that sometimes the scale is going to tell you a child that has past of water a type of arthritis that is very very abundant and is one that few people what what arthritis called secondary secondary arthritis considers may we could define it as arthritis as a consequence of something I’m doing wrong is worth a fish let’s put a typical secondary arthritis as the secondary professional arthritis someone who works on a computer without a keyboard left doing a few things right with other little things the mouse and such and it turns out that one of the opas card almost always the right hand that handles the mouse by the position of the doll for no other reason the repetition of a movement hundreds of times during every day and only in any profession does that you can have an artistic manifestation sooner or later but that gives you in any professional but also gives the housewives to the people who are engaged in painting and gives it more frequently there is this one yes which is to alert those who practice sports to any sport they practice continuously two or three times a week where you always do the same type of movement you are going to overload some joints more than the others or you have a good monitor that they say or the body is composed from two parts left to right and you have to work them in the same way it is not so easy that I am a teacher of physical preparation I keep this in mind so that my students, at least as they pay, leave every healthiest any sport and rust some that are frightening for that is how football is tennis worth those sports end people initially as artistic manifestations that is what it does is a athlete when a joint begins to hurt, take a Anti-inflammatory new teacher reduces the burden on that part that affects you how it hurts a little begins to reduce the burden and tries to make the movement make other parts of the body if it’s a tennis where the wrist and the elbow work a lot, maybe it starts to involve more the flexors of the hand without noticing the toiles starts involves a little bit more to the good hip that will end up making that part not heal arthritis and starts to declare arthritis in other areas of the body is one thing is a very complex but very balanced element there is that work all the body parts so think about the work that you are doing I do not tell you the arthritis of the masseurs that is very habitual of chiropractors but very usual because of the position that work if you are always working with the doll in this position to do force the fingers to press and is always in this position they will end up with arthritis and eventually with arthrosis the musicians will guitar musicians it is not uncommon for the guitar to have to have that they call tendonitis that is not wrong tendinopathies but it is a artistic manifestation also actually tendinitis does not exist because the tendon is not inflamed tendons has irritated that’s why here’s the term tendonitis that was wrong and this child was well-skulking any activity that repeats continuously I do not say that you do not do it but that compensate 6 is to that is for example if you are making the mouse and is hurt doll by conace and occasionally there is a position why you do not do it once in a while this what I know out there a few times when you finish do everything contrary to what I ask your your work if you are doing a sport where a muscle is working football or hiking itself hiking can be good or bad and ximo because it can overloading an area will atrophy another trekking tends to hypertrophy the twins the twin muscles have a legit project which is what is Every 15 minutes of hiking makes a stretch session stretch your Tender muscles again and walk again if you do not end badly but mines over knee and bedoya web seen toes from walkers already fully engaged and see if it does not straighten up to see what can straighten us this of the latches sometimes the problem is in these tendons that are very long and you have to stretch them but well I will not learn much in that because I’ll accept more practical things well kiin arthritis secondary we have spoken that everyone can suffer If a little and rheumatoid arthritis is a disease also described as autoimmune disease that unfortunately usually has an evolution not only Chronic but increasingly worse to people who are with arthritis rheumatoid begins with the symptoms they go evolving stops they stop immunosuppressive anti-inflammatory corticosteroids is recovered but the nurse little by little has a new outbreak but that does not mean that no have a solution means that it is evolution usual of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis but it also has its solution and we come to another chapter in the long proxies is worth in difference in that difference is not only affected the joint but is affected to the cel in the cartilage elements of filling that exists in the joint is affected the bag but road is affected the ligaments that holds that tendons articulation and involve much more to such an extent is affected that the joint tends to move out of place dislocates that enters a phase that is called ankylosing osteoarthritis and the person realizes when you want to find out an arthritic person does not have more to look at by hand I will look at the fingers and be able to evaluate how he uses osteoarthritis more than with any scanner or radios x the joints have to be aligned when there is osteoarthritis they lose the alignment has and also tend to get out one of them and the person when he wants to recover the correct position of the hand can not it costs a lot of work well that it is easy to treat osteoarthritis sleep doctors detect very quickly there is rigidity the arthrosic has a greater rigidity in the morning when getting up because in the morning yes by the afternoon will not move the article will have at any time because the synovial fluid that is the one inside the joint is reabsorbs in acts and that is reabsorbed during rest by finds better when it moves it is reabsorbed and when the person reincorporates moves in the morning there is no fluid and that liquid has a very good function because it exerts a great pressure of enormous pressure and does that pressure does not liquid and if not the pressure that is inside the articulation is separated so if they separate they can move in the moment the fluid disappears the bones of the joint tend to get together and collide with cartilage and everything and ends up leaving your site so you know a first remedy anyone who looks like arthritis to do a little exercise as soon as you get up from the parties affected if the doll is boxed like a ballerina if it is with the fingers so that I stretched that I caught a ball a rubber ball and If it is in the knees, then do knee movements as in the gyms but that work and cissé in the neck the same thing more of the same before you start moving, start moving your neck between the directions even in the bed to restore the liquid but the liquid there will be a problem in astrophysics and there are more causes that accompany it to increase your state of weakness of the muscular system begins to be affected because we limit the movement and start to atrophy begins to accuse a general weakness and begins to have no that energy that I had and the pain comes a moment that remains even when lie down lie down with pain and continue with pain in bed is the arthritic ok but I do not know now it says that you are going to see the amount of solutions that we have that we have well the the cartilages What they really do is not break the 6 what they do with the acts and be vital the headquarters you know not what it does in the castle is move away from the place where it moves in such a way that already does not exercise the pad function that you have to exercise but actually Cartilage is usually intact eroded by you weaker loses strength on one of the sides if the cartilage is to know if the club is well to continue like that the cartilage is this for example because the woman in one of the sides loses and thins in such a way that every joint that is here that can be here just paint well if I want more or less the articulation that is here because it tends this to come together with this is worth and this zone las and grasping but it moves because here you see me it has been thin the cartilage say and I think it is also possible to restore it and in fact we have several things in natural medicine that you have not heard about of the shark cartilage and these things well now we will see which of them is useful for something they ask some question some clue that you want to know, well, let’s continue like this the cane work then he has also quoted me because there is no other way but in those diminish intensity will decrease grows avoid to decrease intensity and compensate with proper movements let’s put for example have a person who will it hurts the cervicals that it is very usual to know the kayak muscles and that they are holding the sternocleidomastoid trapezius they are holding the whole head but we have one on each side some muscle groups here and others here apparently are the same but it’s you apparently know that our left and right side are almost equal but almost but they are not everyone has a function we have two hands for something not only to be able to advance but the hand more sensitive left while you are more powerful usually is like this and You both know that when we take something between the two a delicate piece is exercise the sensibility party tightens enough leads it and this one makes he transports him transporting floor dishes are essential each one his view your numbers well that the person is affected here by any circumstance of the cervicals and you should not it was just that almost always are the victims are not the culprits we assume that one of the muscles of here it has a lot of strength on the left side because it has a lot of strength strip for here and under normal circumstances the other will compensate and cds or nothing and shoot for here and with that get the column serreta but with the passage of time and the professions and the and the emotions this muscle pulls stronger and it has no strength what it does stretches it stretches in such a way that the person starts to pull from here and there in very little time the vertebrae complains because it does not hold and that happens in the lumbar Sometimes lumbar pain because the abdomen is very powerful has so much power that lumbar imbalance are antagonists that happened many people who go to gym wants to be marked to kilo in the abdominals and of inflection if such for mark them vital and forget that they have lumbar muscles here that are very little effective from working so much the lumbar muscle have weakened that it happens that the person ends up like this and the muscle a bar does not hold it but the body can not walk so it makes our body right as it is but he kept the vertical at the cost of doing work at the back but the human has the capacity after the months the person lasts all that lumbago lumbago area because the lumbar muscles have been subjected to a effort for which they are not destined worth solution you do not work so much this one and neither does the other that both deserve a little care as we have little time that’s why he accelerated a little abc the talk serious I would like in each of these things to devote a lot more time the exercises that are going to act on all joint-type diseases and muscular in all are the stretching exercises without them there is nothing to do you have to stretch the body you know what but what we throw is not the tendons fortunately the tendons do not have the capacity to stretch but if the ligaments the body has a tendency to shrink by gravity has a tendency to catch and crush vertebrae by weight and gravity made seated from walking that pounding has that the body tends to this the exercises of stretching the whole body should be continued daily and I’ll tell you a simple exercise and so short that it’s a pity you do not do it five minutes a day five minutes to look for them at any time take a door to the frame of a door and grab them i’ll not say no let’s swing, it’s not like simply to put your hands up the stretched body to see if I put the doors on the door so here the head and here you do here the stretched body close your eyes and think of anything but pensions of the day because if you think to the tensions of the day are going to find all the muscles what we want is that you do not contract this these in the mind the door of the bedroom before leaving to labaros five minutes a day they will correct you almost all deformities and problems more than most pills even the pills that I sent after remembering this is so simple any area of ​​the body that you have sore this to that area if they are bones there is a very simple thing that I only do people to chronicles with fingers stretched I grab his fingers and pulled them we worry it does not break that they forcefully release the joints and the ligaments shot of them with all my strength and that done every day it ends up doing more miracle what I just said now more miracles why do you think dog dogs in general when getting up from a candy woman I give you a candy and this woman good why do you think that the little dogs when they get up are stretching all the cats the felines why do you think instinct is what they preserve our whole lives because we do not take them for example when it was the last time and do not tell me that you stretch and get up in bed arm arm and leg paqui and you emphasis on but let’s go teaching all of the tonsils when to that to that that has already been lost because it seems that is not not very polite especially if the couple next door it seems that it would not be so stretch without being seen but stretch yourself It is a very good habit to throw ourselves away, it would correct many problems of that kind exactly just touching and touching you do not have to hang not not hang up not because that you enter into another action and what does not I want it to come into contradiction with the simple fact as I have seen a partner is to bring your arms back is also another way to Stretch the pectoral and pectorals 1 muscle that worked very hard you also know that the human being works a lot the inner part and the pectoral to be frontal muscle a lot of times a day how many times do we do this to stretch the chest once was it different when we drive in the car for four hours we do not lift anymore and is that the body could not anymore because the other pectorals thanking much that opening if we do not open the pectoral continuously as it has so much strength and so much movement any further exercise involves the pectoral in what you are going to do is close the rib cage therefore the lung have less possibility of expanding and the town needs a lot of space to absorb the yen then you miss asthma and other respiratory diseases and more if you smoke and in the rib cage and expand it curious the case because there One way to know how the smoker is of a serious is not to force him I will receive with the upper part because the smoker has just started to breathe with the diaphragm in the lower part that the less affected part and so goes through the life but when I say no I did not forget this this and this you’re going to breathe clavicle up the clavicle breathe can not lack the air because it is affected here well but it has remedy has remedy not you worry woman what other things we can do apart from him it has been said Stretches that are free exercises not all exercises are good probably there are highly exercises harmful and we can and do not want to get involved with anybody for harmful if they are made with maciá for example the bike ride especially the race racing bikes is not suitable for the spine and bread and we are not suited is very nice and without a whit ride the time he wandered so less one more followed like this and but with the vice to run on ground soft now Chinese have put there all madrid and those grounds special for bikes are suitable and if not for the field in swimming Obviously the swimming try to get us very cold waters that tend against the muscle and what we want to relax and that the cold will contract waters tempered right now with the warmth that any warm water makes dancing the dance is sensational but any of the fashion is already the dance because the dance involves the whole body but absolutely all parts of the body so if you like to dance do it in the control of the weight that already I’m going to tell you the muscles and bones a person wants is a little bit of water and drink some water woman until late worth checking the weight hull the weight you had at 18 years it was calculated it was proportional to your bones but with the step over the years the bones remain the same but each time they carry more weight but that has not changed because it does not do the same thing that happens at 40 and 50 years you have gained 20 kilos of weight those that you had and it is not very difficult to gain it in those who were 18 years old our spine and your bone are going to complain so I do not tell you anything to lose weight that is also not that difficult and you have to keep sedentary lifestyle that generates diseases arthritic massage says that it comes very well I’m not saying no to the chiropractor god put in the kinesiology relocate but it has to be accompanied by your quality of life is worth as many times as you want and I will tell you another type of exercise that will go very good if we like gyms if you do not want that discipline yes yes you want to do something at home they are called isometric exercises isometric is if movement is an exercise that is and that does not overload the joints but it strengthens all the muscles that are going to act precise metric b an example if I do like that and pushed with all my might I do not move you will see this is an isometric exercise can be done to strengthen any part that is weak only to know what is to do this one that would involve if I press here the pectoral exactly over all the part of here the part of the armpit to involve pectoral is worth 16 exercising a good exercise and I’m not overloading joints but you walk tone and blood flow to that articulation simply with maximizing force but you have to compensate with the opposite muscle which was sought the antagonist the pectoral there we go to the opposite part trapezoids then I grabbed the hands here and the local push to try to do this that you will not be able to and is involving the trapeze of Havana that you are working agonist and antagonist you already have the top of the back beginning correcting and rubbing the same of him the neck that hurts his neck an exercise submits that if I put the hand here pushed with his head in his hand does not let him I am doing a great force in this part here I am strengthening and that is worth for the legs for example there are people who have legs their booty in v that does not fill you the Soviet armies tend to fill those areas that to make it more aesthetic and the whole body after can do an ethical exercise like it would take me a little bit of type you put a table as I put with my students but good that it is proof that he decided to submit something that maximal strength exercise without movement for example, if you look for what you are worth asking what is not worth lumbar muscles thinks right muscle I do not look for lumbar acts of aragon ita of the abdominal the two keeps us in seclusion while we tend to bow down this one tends to interest us is a person who has to go well the first thing to do is to forget that the abdomen why you should not work and start working right here the lumbar muscle then does the opposite if you’re here and you want to elevate is working in the place not good you have to look for some way to see an easy way that does not involve taking just because in it only it’s very easy in it, you just put on your face, not, and then what you do takes the column does here you’re lying on your stomach ok and you put on and exert maximum pressure this tout is to that movement it’s thanks to this lumbar musician and you stay there a couple of minutes so it’s enough to work lumbar yes yes I sometimes in the end if I I do with resistance I put a student who put his hand here the student put on his knees and when the person wants to leave he did not leave example there is going to touch you here you stay sitting his part made of steel in teclista climate besides now you are going to do the lumbar wants you is this way you are working almost exclusively lumbar and just that little movement if you find someone to do your little resistance you’re not doing with the lumbar brace and that sometimes we saves visits to the masseuse pills and a thousand things you’re just giving tona lumbar that is one of the most complain because life bends us you knew that the emotions go here and here and the cervical but lumbar society and when the weight of life doubles us there are literally no overruns in the concerns when it’s more than we can stand when he says this is more than I can bear, you have to see how they have lumbar acting on the muscles curiously the emotion improves in affected emotion better thus acts on the muscle and to the reverse figure emotion and muscle can improve we are body and mind to that yes I believe that yes and but body mind and spirit men that if it is not the spirit because doctors do not want to talk about body and mind it sounds more or less well but why do not you talk about the spirit that is the spirit how could we refer to space can we consider them that does not connect us with everything with what is not obvious with what is not tangible but we do not know connects us with the outside but I know connects us with universal consciousness connects us with the ether with the atmosphere with the planets with the stars does not connect with the outside and connects us with that intelligence energy that is out there that everyone defines it their God way orb it does not matter as the end and connects us the spirit that is sometimes more important than the mind itself because it really is a trap is too rational and too conditioned by experience because the spirit you have to work it as much or more that connection and I think I could define it with that word connects us with the whole and each according to your belief is worth not do not separate 6 body mind and spirit because the three are going to influence the elbow when the elbow suffers more to see think when the co2 complains the elbow is that we have an articulation here that is wonderful but so fragile that it is that the creator did not have to decide or I give you a wonderful articulation that will allow you in any position to work or have a strong joint but watch out if it’s a strong joint with the knee is more limited than practically only having a movement this has a lot and I do not tell you the wrist and the same head to the extent that a joint is very Versatile and versatile and it’s worth for a lot of movements so that fragile co2 fragile what is the position is the way to mistreat the elbow the worst is that these movements because when we do that who you think slows down the movement and makes the arm that does not come from here go for a walk that is what makes you stay here in your place and it was not said here a lot but no longer the joint that goes all the kayak ligaments and that at a given moment when it reaches its maximum extension and each person we have our maximum extension in ligaments 66 exactly controls pulls it and what it does is slow down the last run so that it does not unlock but this done thousands of times in an activity to whatever you do in your profession, halo or sports, there is a limit then this is the most delicate movement because we could do with the elbow to strengthen it if that is the delicate we will strengthen any movement that is in this direction towards here I want to give to all this part of here that is going to hold my elbow that I have to give force since bringing arm movement here with either a weigh or raid bear is happening to me with the table in the rose up I’m holding to not lift the really this move is going to strengthen codina ajá malaise truth is this is very good is very good is working the elbow in time in this sense whenever someone or part of sole works the opposite movement ok you have to strengthen what allows me to speak to me as a tennis teacher that is today day the whole and it is here precisely to pull as well as that of my children and if it is here that in sight is fine if I did not have to be looking at this very difficult and if so, I think it’s very good I already know if it will go or elbow ligament in an effective way it is worth now strengthen the muscle is also worth any inward movement to strengthen it and of and keep playing tennis obviously because you’re going to let him play rich there are blows in tennis do not be volley something serves the technique the proper technique you know that in any sport is not only worked the dishes are worked all the body all the body should in unison I think I’m a martial arts teacher I teach my students that the body should be coordinated from here to the feet but in perfect coordination and the movement is beautiful and you do not exhaust and you get tired you have to coordinate everything you know what moves everything everything is the hip the race is the axis of the body of the movement even in tennis the good use of the hip is what is going to give the efficiency in the displacements good only you know you good already we have said the isometric exercises well do not forget sing to move any activity even if it is not sporting any activity physical that requires a warm-up but does require a warm-up previous also requires what nobody does what opposite the cooling people who after a strong activity arrive and lie down they are committing a very serious error there is a one the blood has come all the places the veins so burst the heart is very bad then it means you have to do a phase of cooling before resuming daily life and cooling down cooling there is a very simple method for people dependent on sport and some training methods not be suitable cooling work balance exercises that I thought I realize diego sure before there’s thinking that I am going to give a magic pill I will give four pills magic, but here I am asking that do something and not the central thing is everything and take a pill there I am saying rules also the balance exercises the balance is one of the faculties that the human being has to be human is a unique thing about two legs we get to have a balance and do a thousand things without falling the balance you have to restore what is worth the balance causes the body to move from one side to the other and get stay in balance without falling down, it’s worth practicing balance exercises on one leg if you go down the stairs is not race to Handrails of the helmet is to work without the handrail see is that it is not so difficult do not lose the good skills that I’m going to say spondylitis cervical that good and more or less you know what I mean and you know that this part is very delicate because because he who he designed the human body sometimes we think I say he has committed some sure mistake that the creator did not make an error but for us it does seem a mistake because he put his head so tilting forward because he made it that had more weight here than here the human being tends to fall and for what does not fall because these muscles in a continuous tension but here an error in nature I do not know if it’s my closet is giving us problem the head the human being tends to fall then it costs us nothing of once in a while barry up there is worth and force these muscles to punish if all a little bit injured there were not said in the family principle they force us to be injured but the truth is that it was not wrong customs and life if the problems also affect more but if you go for the life a little upright chin high you will see what faces and the problems very much better than going down so some balance and modify continuously or this activity if you have caught the taste of a sport to the bachata or me that is bad to go to tango you will see that other muscles are mobilized if you have been with him with tennis I will spend swimming from time to time balancing the body as a whole not leaves and our favorite sport in the activity but incorporates the other good activities we are going to put treatment because if you’re not going to be able to come and come and present then there’s something here well let’s talk about diet the diet has something to do or about the uric acid we have already said that uric acid its great enemy of joint system and uric acid requires drinking water and especially a good kidney in good shape is worth the nevertheless the people that make it unique it is only in the animals the crustaceans in it is not also in many vegetables so first there will be the same if you have uric acid because if It is not going to be very difficult to control it but you know fustic producer in the vegetable tomatoes one of the largest producers of uric steel spinach and we see there are some out there are less than boxes but also can can be dangerous so first factory control own say some foods that will improve all the artists of all joint diseases that both arthritis and arthritis arthritis the the pami the number one anyway is the raw juice of the potato added raw take a leg za pelarla shoves the law blender and drinkers the juice in the mornings what you can is not nice does not have to knowing is nice in the morning fasting a little bit that’s usually the remedy better at least since I know more is cheaper than there is juice of raw potato is worth then the rest the beet broccoli lettuce peppers well worth that they will do us some help but as it is a potato I do not know another e in which I want atrocious arthritis conartritis Any joint problem of rheumatic type also has an effect pretty healing the juice of the potato comes to add the potato is I think after the juice of cabbage and I’m going to that is after the truth I do not know which of the two is more alkalizing and at least alkalinizes the urine and is that after seeing how it makes sense we can not change the ph blood much diet that we do the blood ph escapes from the diet but yes we can change the ph and urinate the and that goes through the kidney if we we give alkaline food if these two the juice of the potato and the juice of truth really more than the cabbage are alkaline large are going to alkalize the urine with which the kidney to work better and will contribute to eliminate uric acid let’s say things you can buy and take forgive me you come to another talk later truth do not worry that at 7.12 the site well we are going to see a trace element essential the copper then you have to catalytic copper catalytic means that it is in the same proportion that it is within our blood system the same amount that happens with the salts of your read that is also administered in the same proportion that there is blood then copper that is sold the most sell they sell it support catalytic and is in the same proportion copper has always used them you remember copper bracelets It seems silly but that people put them for the rheumatism that calls them and it’s true copper is absorbed through the skin by that made it good and the person said it was better the doctor did not believe it until he discovered the importance of trace elements including copper well so the copper is already expelled from copper if you have to collection if not because the catalytic copper and not the yeast enriched in copper that you are very much going to help us with all the inflammatory and rheumatic processes and also reinforces the immune system that does not hurt us magnesium what is the magnesium mission the magnesium that was sent the joints is not really going to act on the articulation acts on the muscles that surround this joint if magnesium is a muscle relaxant while calcium is one what it does is provoke muscle contraction magnesium acting agonist mind what that makes the muscle relax without muscles has contracted tends to that the joint to be affected by excessive contraction then magnesium helps that muscle relax also you know that is continuously contracting relaxing our muscular system if there is no magnesium to enter contracture but not in chi relaxation good and let’s see the dawn in general about fatal fatal not only see not 10 and 5 percent but sometimes it’s enough to me of everything else I do not want to contradict anyone just use two at least in the therapy explained is the magnesium chloride that when there annexed cat when there is attached a constipation problem then and also seized muscles is the best thing to go but I when requires magnesium dosage I go to the magnesium aspartate potatoes aspartate that union is what you’re going to do it’s called a process that the action is going to make the magnesium get where it should go and in this case to get to the muscles that the data takes and that’s the same effect the potatoes is a form of a magnesium ratio while that the one who take it seriously the same I do not know if it puts aspartate an amino acid in relationships are made with the union of an amino acid with a mineral but not I know exactly what the one who takes it goes the silicon that I have to talk about now looks well at silicon in practically the mineral is more abundant is both the nature and the human body and it has not been granted much importance but practically all the ligaments all all all that the collagen included the tissue connective all the tissues of the body in the weakest tissues more small tissues that form of silicon it is important that all our tissues have good silicon what can you buy also exists because everything and if not what is the best natural source of silicon we have a grass the ponytail very well said is that of magic may and is more often each and that in the tail cavalls a good diuretic and remineralizing but especially if the amount of silicon it contains is very high but you see very prepared in the joy there he says green is a wonder especially for men I always I say nothing when on board reversing aging I say males nettle green every night if you want to meet said I then comes very well for its mineral wealth above all and trace elements but it seems that nature like will be designed for males does not mean that is not worth the same as the melissa seems that the nature live and the salvia designs for women as it will also have done something good with we artiga comes to us very well in the males the more joint problems green match does not cause any harm the hyaluronic acid that you have heard about it is not always from the anti-aging treatments that there are both internally and phobia scene I externally only recommend two things to the girls the retinol and hyaluronic acid the flames that more then questioned them severely serve for more than just tightening the skin and a little bit of color but the acid hyaluronic and the reticle orsi penetrate the skin and can receive very well and in the city and the only achievement for the joints what it does is to prevent the tissues dry out that’s why it’s worth it for beauty prevents the tissue I know that now go the three main elements that you have to take them together when more of time but hey these are the most important and most effective there glucosamine and msm this that the against as many sites for their united it seems to me irrational that they are going to act on this the articulated system does not you know a spectacular improvement but the lunnis to the rest to the diet to lower of weight exercise the emotions a person with anger can have everything bad in life in anger envies their emotions maybe they banish aggressiveness well is these three things glucosamine chondroitin and msm that usually come together they are what are most used now with the intention of regenerating cartilage included that it looked like it’s not father had it been possible to regenerate the synovial capsule restore neighborhood is going to be the one that has lubricant adequate cartilage itself to tend to regenerate and inflammation marin luis the collagen I do not believe in collagen but whoever does not believe me does not mean that I do not ok I do not believe in it as I do not believe in that jelly that is given to the elders those jelly wells taste delicious they say this is pure protein was precisely I have my doubts because the pure proteins the body can not unfold it has to unfold the amino acids so that the proteins are reconstructed and I think that the body can not rebuild can not unfold a protein so pure that is my conclusion but I do not want to remove the saying because it went well for me the collagen sure that it did more than take collagen 8 life something changed but well well the only thing that can this the only thing that should rest your pocket if you weigh a lot a month but the rest there is no program that from time to time the sense of humor keeps us alive because there is no reason why there’s no why we’re not talking about medication is the one without I got tired yes same in the doctors have assumed it and glucosamine in fact I know glucosamine because I work in a pharmaceutical laboratory that we present to doctors the glucosamine and it did not make a damn case to us and we are presenting a impressive discovery was when corticoids were fashionable for their rheumatic disease we said that with this he would heal better not us he made no case other minerals like magnesium depends on the haste you have in healing and depends how your illness I threw because you already have to sometimes you go to have to take more than one can we are talking about products in the difference between a medicine and a medicinal plant is notorious what is the difference the medicinal plant is an organic product and if is recognizable organic has information and my body recognizes it as something similar to him and as he has information he recognizes he knows what to do with it knows how to take it here to metabolize it however the medications are inert they do not have information that makes the body say no I know who you are what makes the body restore the information gives you certain medication information to be able to use it but to cost of the side effects and that’s the big difference organic product inorganic proto well I have no doubt that at some point you take We are not going to do fundamentalist medicine either. take it worth man go for god if it’s a this is a sulfurous compound worth sulphurous compounds that the methyl your fonil methane notice that man has that’s why I tell you nothing but I sold them together very important others more healthy garlic garlic is a wonder and now that they sell a jewel what bought in the Moroccan Algerians to sell a garlic that does not repeat I do not know what they have done with him but he does not repeat anything he can take it as if he were a sandwich to rajoy and nothing of anything me in the hacienda of Algerians or Moroccan I do not know exactly which of the two is but bought them they put bulk – catch weight to taste delicious was not the ajoblanco this is not this all life has been used as a good antirheumatic and also makes blood more fluid is worth a good antibiotic effect remove the intestinal parasites take out the tension is not reinforces the defenses we can say more than something so cheap that it’s there to use it in raw crude to occur to us this garlic is a crime be judge pact to take even with the salads to have delicious 45 little heads like that Garlic earrings is really rich the other diet I know I came to my house who traveled they say or not under is that they sell it to you they have the same thing that sellers to the olives in bulk usually have the eyes to rne the 22 clarified takes a maceration of oil and vinegar no we are not closed today that also isabel rico and you can have a half appetizer tomás itunes take shortcuts that does not repeat but ask the couple to see love you give me a kiss I’ll see how he does not complain the macerated one comes because we need another one that we have a couple of minutes that the partners are waiting for is not different not that if I do not have nothing against zelaya but not the 1 that is a wonder the turmeric really really throw turmeric in all meals in all is the best Amative antidote known in addition to the anti-aging factor but proven turmeric and it has been proved the last one that has proven turmeric is something that no one expected to know what a stroke is and your hemorrhagic that people recover but recover more good who is recovering because everything is soaked in blood and the doctor does not can aspire to that blood and that blood fate knows what is going to happen Turmeric has been shown to tend to but has the property of reabsorbing the exudates of blood that have remained after mixed with time with two or three or four months ahead but it is a process a kind of a pity talk at all meals yes yes and in all the meals the only thing that has to be stopped more by what color it’s also also also pretty much the same as hitler sells powder and it enters and it is very difficult to find the turmeric adjustment root well I hope you think it is that it is to the companions waiting for that finished things like medicinal plant there are two one you know is the harp gofito that have the property to the payment quoted with hache that although you leave take it the healing process keep going not only act when it we take but it triggers a healing process a posteriori harp little golf and then he paid the payment he cited to the phito payment and the last one the cat’s nail is a plant marvel is a marvel that also acts acting on the immune system more or less doing as a system modulator immune can be acting when the immune system is depressed also but when this hyperactive one also has it modulate it

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