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is happening on this side. so today we’re going to talk about tips
cabbage because they are precious for each and every one of us and they have
hyper sensitive and very fragile skin so you have to choose the best product
to take good care of their skin; put anything on our children’s skin
or our babies So it will be unfair of us to
cause problems to come on their skin, So
I made a selection 7 oils and I made a ranking of the 7th
position at the first position but this do not force you to follow this classment
no matter which one you choose in this selection
your baby will then thank you to the seventh position I placed the oil virgin organic vegetable of apricot kernels
it is a very penetrating oil and clear a
very pleasant smell The oil is obtained by first pressure
cold apricot kernels, to keep all their virtues and use them in cosmetics
to take care of the skin: tones
feeds Hydrate
softens revitalizes
softens Organic vegetable oil of Apricot kernels takes
care of all types of European skin or African brown or black or brown, in short
any kind of skin she Nourishes deeply
Makes skin soft and supple Suitable for all the family
Its formula rich in vitamins and acid fat will make your baby’s complexion and the
your brilliant! , your baby is going
immediately sleep and do very very nice dream all night if you him
apply this oil just before bedtime we will now move to the 6th
position in sixth position I placed sesame oil
so why sesame oil because that this oil is perfect for
warm the fragile skin of babies and small children,
During an experiment at the International University from Maharishi to Fairfield, Iowa,
students rinsed their mouths with sesame oil, which has resulted in
an 85% reduction of the bacteria responsible gingivitis.
It is a precious help in cases psoriasis and dry skin.It has been
used successfully in the hair of children to kill lice infestations.
is a natural protector against UV.Used after wind exposure
or in the sun, it calms the burns. nourishes and nourishes the scalp and controls
the formation of dry films.It protects the skin against the effects of chlorine in the water
pool. Sesame oil cleans very well the
baby skin, sesame oil is very rich in acids
essential fats, it softens and prevents drying of the skin. rebalancing
and detoxifying, it helps to decrease the pain and stiffness. Very good basis for
blends of essential oils. Very used in massage. It acts against the
UV rays as an index protection oil 3-4.
At this level I mention a precaution to take the sesame oil is used with
precaution on children from 3 month let’s move on to the fifth
position I put the jojoba oil
composition of jojoba oil is the one that comes closest to sebum
natural skin so if you are an adult person you can
also use jojoba oil especially if you have oily skin or
mixed it is an oil
Regenerating and very nourishing for dry skin and for skins
fragile as the skins of the little ones children, and the skin of babies now I propose you to move to
the fourth position what oil I placed, it is kalandula oil
then this oil is ideal for soothing the skin of
children and babies we can practice a super massage in
case of children’s stomach ache this oil is also ideal for relaxing
the babies so after having a good massage your baby
he goes very very very quickly without to sleep I propose you to move to
third position I placed the oil lawyer
This oil is softener protective is very sweet she is
also regenerating and very structuring it nourishes the skin and the
protect against aggression such as cold where the
wind it also brings the softness to the skin it’s a real
protective care for sensitive skin Avocado oil can be used to
massage children and babies so if you have to have an oil in
his closet it’s of course the avocado oil
Because it is really essential ,in
second position we have the oil of coconut but choose your oil
take coconut oil first cold pressure to benefit well from
all its benefits then coconut oil helps fight
against eczema and against small redness that you can sometimes
see on your kids skin or your babies it’s oil you can
use it for the hair as well of your children that for their skin they
will love, you have to must have this coconut oil
in your closet in the bathroom to protect well feed the
small pieces of cabbage in first position I placed this oil that is close
baby’s skin I’m sure you already know the name, because I always tell you
it is the oil sweet almond, the one that had already
understood let me know in comment my love, so of course then the oil
of sweet almond applied to the skin acts in the
metabolic sense This oil keeps the skin smooth, comes back the shine
the complexion of your baby or child, she stimulates the formation of the protective film
lipid hydride of the epidermis its active agents allow it to relax,
to soften, calm and nourish the skin of small children or babies
this oil is also ideal for massage gently
child or to your babies I hope you enjoy this video
I said it if I do not have a maximum of view or like then I will understand that everything
Regarding children or babies is not welcome in this house,
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