Top 5 Reasons You Need a Liver Cleanse

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Liver Cleanse

Today I’m going to talk about the top five
reasons you need a liver cleanse. First of all, everybody’s liver, over the age of 30
or 40, is what we’re seeing is completely toxic. It’s like an oil filter in your car,
which is just completely clogged up, because your medical doctor or your doctor is not
recommending that you keep the inside of your body clean, which is the ultimate secret to
health. We have so many toxins and chemicals that
we’re exposed to these days through the food that we eat, the water that we drink, the
beverages, the parasites, the electromagnetic radiation we’re exposed to, and the list goes
on and on. Guess what? We only have one tiny little organ that is supposed to detoxify
all that stuff, and that’s the liver. Folks, if you’re not doing two or three liver
cleanses a year, your chance for disease is going to go up tremendously. As a matter of
fact, the secret to health and the secret to not getting disease is to keep the inside
of your body clean. So what I did was I compiled these five reasons. The first reason is weight loss. It is unhealthy
to be overweight, and one of the reasons people are overweight and have such a hard time with
losing weight is because their liver is congested, and the liver is what processes and breaks
down your fat. How can the liver work properly, breaking down fat, if it’s congested? It’s
not, and that’s why so many people have a problem with losing weight. My number one remedy for that is a liver cleanse,
because a liver cleanse will kick that liver back into gear again so you can easily lose
weight. The people that have done liver cleanses report anywhere between 7 to 10 pounds within
7 days of doing a liver cleanse. The number two reason is to eliminate liver
stones. Most people have no idea that the liver has stones built up in it. Most people
think just gall bladder stones. But let me tell you, with a poor diet, etc., you could
be looking at eliminating 100 to 500 stones from your body after a liver cleanse, and
that frees up the liver to do what it’s supposed to do. The number three reason you need a liver cleanse
is to detox your body. Detoxify your body. If your liver is clean, all these toxins and
chemicals you’re exposing yourself to will be able to be processed easier in the liver,
which has a phase one detoxification system and a phase two detoxification system. We’ll
be able to turn those chemicals or neutralize those chemicals and eliminate them properly
from the body. Number four, increase your energy. Who doesn’t
want to increase their energy levels these days? Look at children, 3, 4, 5 year olds,
which can just run all day. Why do you think that is? It’s because they have a clean liver.
They have clean organs in their bodies. They haven’t contaminated them enough. Although
you are seeing childhood obesity now because of the amount of garbage parents are feeding
their children. So, who wouldn’t want to increase their energy levels by 50%, 25%? You see energy
levels going down around 3 o’clock in the afternoon in adults, and then what do they
do? They reach for another cup of coffee, instead of addressing the root cause of why
your energy levels are low in the first place, which is a toxic body and a toxic liver. Reason number five, look and feel five years
younger. Who wouldn’t want to do that? I know people that are spending $100,000 on lasers,
plastic surgeries, all this, and I tell them “Why are you even doing that?” You could spend
$100 and do a liver cleanse, or $50 and do a liver cleanse and get the same results.
Folks, your skin and your appearance is exactly the opposite of what your body is on the inside.
If your body is clean and healthy on the inside, you’re going to look vibrant. Your skin is
going to be vibrant. You’re going to feel vibrant. You’re going to feel young. We get
this all the time. Take a picture of yourself before you do a liver cleanse. Take another
picture five days after you finish your liver cleanse, and see the result for yourself. So these are the top five reasons you need
a liver cleanse. I always recommend everybody does at least three liver cleanses every single
year to keep your body healthy, keep your liver healthy, and keep your body detoxified.
Thank you.


  • RobertBlakely says:

    Great video and information and exactly why I pay attention to this …. I use a water enhancement product and stay properly hydrated. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  • dragonUSMC1 says:

    Dr Group can u do a video on how to do a proper liver cleanse thank u .

  • Zakariah1971 says:

    Quick get this to Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayzee, and Dr. Sally Ride!

  • LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

    How about a "How too…" guide?

  • suwit yong says:

    Many things came out in the first few times. For the sixth or seventh it did not work as I want. Some small stones can be found by the ultra sound. But I'll do it again sooon.

  • suwit yong says:

    I have used the epsom salt before (olive oil + lemon juice)

  • suwit yong says:

    The process I've used is to fast first – drink only fresh fruit juice(without scrap) and/or water for 1,2 or 3 days as you can. Every early morning and evening of each day you remove dirty from your colon using water or coffee as you like (to show how,you may visit detoxauthority or other)I often use a 2-day fast. On the seconday you stop drinking any kind of juice after 3 pm., just water- or water with some alkaline value. At 6 pm. drink 1 table spoon full epsom salt(magnesium sulphate) cont.

  • suwit yong says:

    You have to go to the toilet after about one hour. At 8 pm. you drink another same dose. You mix 150 cc. cold-pressed olive oil with the same amount of lemon juice by shaking well. You drink this mixture at 10 pm. and go to bed with big pillow to lift you head high. If you want to invesitgate the comeout,you use a bucket to store it (only come out after 2 am.) You should clean your colon every morning -eve. for the next 7 days to avoid absorbing the comeout back into your body.Try it,will U

  • Stephanie says:

    what's the best way to do a liver cleanse??

  • fukazepe says:

    Hi I still eat white meat or fish not much just 150 g (5 ounces). I'm a bit afraid that the stones could get clogged… Ouch! I'm 23 and in my life I was a big meat eater plus I took one drug called aisoskin (smallest dose possible but for 6 months). Is the liver flush suitable for me? Thanks

  • Yoyo Ncube says:


  • miguel gutierrez says:


  • ye mgmg says:

    Yep. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

    Listen to this I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items.

    you can see it here

  • glassplotful says:

    Most real doctors don't have their own line of medical treatments, due to conflict of interest. Dr. Group doesn't seem to mind:

    Tell us more about your degrees from actual, established medical schools, doctor. Oh wait, you got your degrees from the Texas Chiropratic College and the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, two complete bullshit diploma mills. oops.

  • Gene Showker says:

    dr. group is a certified genius!

  • Dapper Daddy's Haberdashery says:

    Yes modern medicine sucks people live 40 years more for no reason. Anecdotal evidence is not what u should base medical decisions on.

  • TheMortalhuman says:

    6) Make me rich

  • J H says:

    This guy is a FAKE doctor!!!  He is a chiropractor, NOT a doctor!!!

  • jdstep97 says:

    Does Dr. Group have a video describing how to do a liver cleanse?  I so appreciate his information, and he's quite handsome.  

  • mydarling says:

    I have gallstones and sludge and I started flushing by doing the Gallblader/Liver Flush to get rid of all my stones…I have done a Flush once a month for 9 months now and have expelled roughly about 1300 stones/sludge….my question is…I am also going thru Menopause at this time and have a hormonal inbalance for which I am taking progesterone  BioIdentical once a day….am I throwing my hormones more out of balance  by doing a Liver/Gall Flush once a month – should I be doing this Flush less often???

  • Krassimir Kirilloff says:

    Dear Doctor ,I am wholly on the same mind as you  about the  liver health and the overall body health! And I also would say that when a body is thoroughly  clean on the  inside then it is not only truly healthy but also is seen by the others  as a thousand  times  more winning!

  • Spider Salticidae says:


  • Todd Sloan says:

    I'm blending turmeric and pepper in some things for inflammation. I guess ginger helps too but are lemons a slow of an approach to cleansing, since I'm concerned a lot?

  • Boaz Oakenshield says:

    Instant & safe fat loss


     Just go And Google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a mind blowing discovery made an average guy buff.

  • Tom Cameron says:

    Copy and Paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will find out why some foods 'explode' in your stomach.

  • Caroline Lala says:


  • Joshua Schroeder says:

    Can we safely stack Livatrex with Latero-Flora Probiotic and Detoxadine?

  • susan spidel says:

    can a person do this when they no longer have a gallbladder ?

  • atwitsend says:

    love it….

  • Sage says:

    Is it okay to do a liver cleanse if your colon is backed up with so much plaque, garbage, and toxins that its hard to have a healthy bowel movement? Is it better to do a colon cleanse first with a supplement, coffee enema or colon hydrotherapy? I know for sure my colon is backed up because I've never done a colon cleanse. Let me know! Thanks!

  • Lori Strachan says:


  • houndjog says:

    Great  video!  I have constant right shoulder pain – will a cleanse help this pain to go away?  Thanks!

  • Nádua Garbe says:

    Thank you doc. Namaste.

  • VVvlve says:

    Do you have a suggested regime? The soapy poo isnt convincing.

  • irmina b says:

    is it too late for liver cleanse if person has primary biliary cirrhosis?

  • Global Healing Center says:

    Hi irmina b! Thank you for watching. This is always on an individual basis. It is best for those with pre-existent conditions to consult with their natural health care provider prior to adding any supplement to their daily regimen.

  • Daffy Peaches says:

    Thanks for sharing! Liver flushing is never easy 😉 I   made a video about how to do a liver flush, hope that's helpful 🙂

  • Donna says:

    be careful…I'm 40 and have too much energy, I dance for 5 hours cartwheels,etc…I bumped my head cause I can't stop moving!! every since I cleaned my liver!!!! warning…also I lost 80 pounds

  • DD who says:

    can you use coconut oil instead of olive oil.

  • smertgopam says:

    Can someone who is underweight do this liver cleanse?

  • turyaboy says:

    🙏🌹🙏 Jai Shree Mataji 🙏🌹🙏


    Here is what I have heard from Shri Mataji nirmala Devi, from various talks, direct advice to me and a sprinkling of mainstream medical knowledge thrown in

    1. The liver is represented by right nabhi and right swadhisthana

    2. The role of the liver is to

    a. Support the attention, ie right side

    b. Remove toxins from the body

    c. Convert fats and proteins to glucose for use by the brain

    3. Toxins in the body are converted by the liver into heat

    a. At a subtle level this occurs by the movement of the swadhisthan around the nabhi, during which time the fire element consumes the toxins

    4. Everything we eat goes to the stomach and small intestines where it is broken down into its basic constitutents. These constituents pass through the walls of the gut straight into a special set of blood vessels (called the portal circulation) that transport this blood directly to the liver. Hence everything we swallow goes to the liver to be further broken down and processed before it is sent to the rest of the body.

    5. When fats or proteins are converted to glucose by the liver heat is also generated, this why the liver gets hot when we eat fatty, rich or “liverish” food. It has to work a lot to process fats and proteins but not as much for carbohydrates

    6. This is also why the liver gets hot when we consume toxic stuff such as alcohol, drugs, preservatives and colouring agents

    7. The heat is then radiated out of the body by first transferring it to the blood which is then circulated to the surface of the body which then emits it via usual physical mechanisms. At a microscopic level the liver is designed very similarly to a car radiator ie massive surface area to blood exposure ratio to maximize heat transfer out of the liver cells into the blood

    8. When the liver becomes overwhelmed by toxins (ie bahdhas) it stores them in fat globules in and around the liver cells

    9. When these toxin-containing fat globules accumulate, the vibrations of the liver are reduced because it fills up with badha. Strangely enough these fat globules can even be seen with a microscope in liver biopsy samples

    10. As the toxins (badhas) build up, the liver has less capacity to support attention and hence the attention (and hence right side) becomes weak and ultimately “impure”, the person’s behavior becomes ill-tempered and “liverish”. The heat in the right side manifests as too much thinking, poor attention and general difficulty in meditating

    11. This is also why the liver overheats more quickly when it is full of toxins and the fat globules that contain them. Junk food= junk attention!

    12. When the liver’s ability to remove heat reaches its limit, other chakras are recruited to help remove the heat, especially vishhudhi. Hence people with very hot livers also have red complexions, and “hot under the collar” behavior

    13. The excess heat travels up to the vishuddhi. When the vishuddhi is overwhelmed it travels to the agnya and radiates out of the head, hence the term “hot head”

    14. Too much heat in the head eventually puts pressure on the back agnya, making it much easier for left sided negativities to affect it despite the fact that the person is right sided. This is why an ice pack on the back of the head can sometimes help back agnya problems- because it reduces the pressure of the overheated right side on the back agnya.

    15. Excess heat can also travel down from right swadhisthan to right mooladhara, causing problems such as haemorrhoids

    16. When the heat crosses from right mooladhara to left, the whole mooladhara can get affected. This explains why very right sided people can develop “anti- mooladhara” behavior patterns

    17. The connection between overheated liver and ill tempered behavior is the basis for the old fashioned term “colicy” behaviour

    18. A liver diet and other treatments reduces the strain on the liver by

    a. reducing the amount of work it has to do on food, by eliminating fats and proteins for a few weeks

    b. increasing the amount of sugar intake, which acts like a detergent on the fat globules, thereby flushing the badha-containing fat globules out thereby reducing the amount of toxins that it has to work on

    c. reducing the amount of other heat containing foods (such as spices, salt, additives, caffeine, tanin etc) so that the liver is able to remove its own residual heat rather an accumulate more

    d. cooked food contains heat as well, so raw fruits and vegetables are the ideal “liver diet” food

    e. the ice pack accelerates removal of heat, thereby facilitating destruction and removal of more toxins and helping the liver recover normal levels of function

    f. footsoak also facilitates removal of heat from the body, helping the liver to work more effectively

    g. egg white is made from a protein called albumin. By coincidence the liver also manufactures this protein which is needed for various body functios. Therefore eating a little egg white actually helps the liver because it reduces the need for the liver to manufacture its own, therefore reducing strain on the liver. That is why egg white, despite being a protein, can be a legitimate part of the liver diet.

    h. Cooling of the liver is greatly accelerated by consumption of large amounts of water. Vibrated water is particularly good because the water molecules have a slightly different “bond angle” that allows for more heat absorption

    i. Similarly, vibrations directed into the liver area assists in cooling and normalizing liver function

    j. Cool showers, swimming in rivers, oceans etc also assist in cooling the liver and therefore improving its physical and subtle functions

    k. “craving” for rich (liverish) food is a sign of overheated liver. When the liver has cooled down and cleared out these cravings will stop. Strictly speaking, when the cravings stop that is the authentic indicator that the liver diet has been successful and it’s time to finish the diet.

    l. Generally , speaking the liver diet shouldn’t be done for more than a month or so

    19. These principles explain why the liver diet, footsoaking, ice packs and other sahaj treatments work so effectively

    20. It also explains why what you eat and drink can have such a direct impact on the quality of your meditation

    21. Hence the value of daily footsoaking, avoidance of alcohol and moderation in food intake.

    Please call shree mataji In your liver (attention) always and always

    Jai shree mataji to all!

  • WW3Revelation6 and13 says:

    I have a chronic hip pain that comes and goes. Lately it's been coming more than going. I also battle fatigue. I just ordered your Body Cleanse Advanced detox kit. Will it help me?

  • Woohoo says:

    Organic green juice fasts, coffee enemas, and Iodine. Ooh yeah, a modified Gersons protocol.

  • Fred Carter says:

    Dr. Group, I just completed your Infowars 6 day cleanes and wow what a great thing! It was fairly detailed for me because Im real busy at work and 63 years old. Thank you so much for this treatment I will preform it again in a few weeks to see how much better I feel even still. One question: may I continue to take high grade raw multivitamin and omega3 supplements during the cleanse?

  • Fred Carter says:

    Love your liver cleanse soup!!! 🙂

  • Anne Gillaspy says:

    Garbage talk!

  • Christine Mitchell says:

    Any negative side effects during the liver cleanse? Being busy, working etc.. is this something we can do while living a normal, daily life?
    Thank you!

  • Hou7226 says:

    can i just pills or supplement to cleanse my liver? pharmacists suggested those to me but im not sure it works

  • esfromec1 says:

    Thanks Dr. Group, makes lots of common sense!

  • The Band Baja says:

    Hi Dr Group

    I always over heat, as soon as I go from hot to cold I can sweat for hours, would a liver cleanse be linked to solving this ?

  • Axel P says:

    Great video! I have small gallstones in my gallbladder that is formed into a cluster. Should I do a gallbladder cleanse to get those stones out? I am afraid of stones getting stuck.

  • mrbeel Ali says:

    thanks man 🙂

  • Sabin Acle says:

    I was hospitalized with kidney stones. They sound blasted them to sand but no one told me how to prevent them! Now I'm itchy and tired and bloated to I'm pretty sure my liver is getting bad. They said I had a fatty liver but they didn't tell me what that means

  • WRR Rooeez says:

    I have psoriasis what type of cleanse I need?

  • kurojin97 says:

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    I thought I was the only one who "got it"

  • Jeremy J says:

    Can you really cleanse stones from the Liver? I have a bit of pain there.

  • VOTE TRUMP 2020 says:

    Dr Group How should someone cleanse the liver if they are on different medications ? cant that make someone sick if they do the liver cleanse since the liver filters all of that wont that all dump into your stream at once? Im afraid to do one is there a slow way to cleanse liver without hurting you?

  • Marla Martenson says:

    I just finished my second liver cleanse/flush. Very pleased, used your products.

  • bibolcs says:

    I love this video..!

  • Human Being says:

    Is there also a video about lung cleanse/detox?

  • larolimu says:

    I'd love to see Edward Group in a white shirt with some fancy print on it, like "clean liver" or something else, ha ha

  • loonylinda says:

    oooh hes gorgeous! do we do this detoxing of the liver? i am 55, with prediabetes, and high cholesterol and i want to start to help my body

  • Charmaine Van Der Rijst says:

    Hi I just did my first liver cleance and I only ate veggies and avo and healthy things but I did not get any stones come out the next day. Is that a problem, does it mean I did something wrong? I am doing the 9 step detox system from you so has been on strick diet for 3 weeks now.
    Any advise before I start my 2de liver detox next week?

  • resource playa says:

    Can you do this liver cleanse during a long term water fast?

  • Mr. W.I.P. says:

    Thank you Dr. Group. It's also true that being underweight isn't healthy either, correct? I want to put on ten to fifteen pounds if muscle without lifting weights.

  • Rob Labow says:

    Dr. Group someone said to do a parasite cleanse and a kidney cleanse before doing a liver cleanse. Is that correct?

  • AVIN HUSSEIN says:

    I made 3 times liver cleanse in one month so in the last one i felt tierd and no energy i felr may be i did wrong !..
    My question is couldn't we make so often or only 1 or 2 times in a year? Or may be i should clean rhe colon first then liver cleans. Sorry for bad English 😑

  • Dana B says:

    how could anyone not believe anything this guy says? He's sound, intelligent and he looks like his health matches what he teaches. (rare among health practitioners) he's also very attractive. I'm still going to drink my chlorinated tap water though.

  • kimberley puddicombe says:

    Would this help for someone who has a white coating on tongue

  • Sophie Evans says:

    Are high bilirubin levels a sign of a congested liver? Also been getting breakouts

  • good vibes only says:

    I love this company and I will never change it , it's best of all other I love their honesty and compassion for people to feel better ! I will keep recommending to others! I highly recommend this company!!

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