Tongue Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction | Joe’s Story

Tongue Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction | Joe’s Story

(light instrumental music)>>When I found out I had
this cancer on my tongue, my greatest fear was that
I was gonna lose my tongue and be on a feeding tube
for the rest of my life.>>As soon as we had the diagnosis of his cancer, I was able to reach out to Doctor Desai, who’s our facial, plastic,
and reconstructive surgeon to really have a
multidisciplinary discussion as to not only give him
function, but also form.>>When I first met
Joe, it was in a clinic with Doctor Mydlarz and myself. He would probably have
to remove about half of the tongue and he asked me to see what reconstructive
options were available for him. (monitors beeping)>>Dr Mydlarz: We resect the tumor itself with adequate margin so
that’s really done carefully by myself and the team
that is assisting me.>>And to reconstruct this we came up with the plan of taking
tissue from the arm and transplanting that tissue
into the back of the throat.>>Dani: This here and here
that’s growing right here,>>Yeah, ow that hurts.
>>and this right here, has become, show your tongue for a minute, part of his tongue. And they took the graft from his leg, and they placed it to
cover it as it’s healing.>>Joe’s postoperative recovery was really standard in terms of the type of procedure and
reconstruction he had. He spent about just over a
night in the intensive care unit for monitoring of the reconstruction.>>Hi guys!>>Hi, how are you doing?
Nice seeing you again, Doc.>>How are you?
>>How are you? I’m okay.>>I think it’s important to realize that this surgery is half of it. The other half is really up to
the patient and the therapist to really work those muscles of the tongue to learn how to swallow again.>>There is probably 10 or 15 doctors that were looking after me
while I was in the hospital and what ended up happening is
I’m talking to you right now, I can swallow and I can taste. So, the best things that
could have happened, happened. (upbeat instrumental music)


  • BJ says:

    It's just amazing the work that can be done now to help patients!! Awesome job!!

  • gavara raghu says:

    Wonderful work

  • PhantomLink says:

    I see the pre Med in these doctors lol.

  • Rishabh Shukla says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m from India 🇮🇳
    My brother has tongue cancer,Would you please share your contact.I wanna know how he gets well.
    Please Reply

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