Tofu skin salad vegan recipe 涼拌腐竹

Hi guys, here is Yi So today is my second cooking video inspired by the food ranger’s communist restaurant video where he ordered a cold tofu skin entree It uses chili oil, I have an old video in my channel I will put a link in the description It’s a super easy recipe, hope you will enjoy today’s video we will need 100g of tofu skin it says dried beancurd on the package we can take one out & have a look they are actually tofu skin pressed together to a long shape then we can break them to about 10 cm long so small enough to fit in our bowl then we can pour enough cold water to cover all our tofu skin at the mean while, we can ground of garlics Here I’m using 3 garlic cloves so ground our garlic to a paste We will also need about 1 tbsp of spring onion minced after about 1 hour, we can take our tofu skins out you can see, they become soft & bendable then we can cut them to a 45 degree angle then pour enough water to our pot add in 0.5 tsp of salt & bring it to boil once it starts boiling, we can add our tofu skin or dry beancurd it doesn’t take too long, so 10-20 seconds until they are floating on the surface then we can add in 0.5 tbsp of light soy sauce 1 tsp of brown vinegar or rice vinegar 0.5 tsp of chili oil I will put a link in the description as well as in the card then our minced spring onion & garlics then a pinch of sugar then just drizzle a bit of sesame oil about half to 1 tsp then mix it well with our chopsticks then we can cover it with a lid & let it sit for about 30 mins to 1 hour you can also just leave it in the fridge & take it out when you want to enjoy them Here is my tofu skin salad filled with chili oil & sesame oil Let’s give it a try, guten appetit the tofu skin is really soft, absorb all that flavourful sauce in it Hope you like today’s video Please give me a thumb up & leave your comments below if you want to see more videos like this one please sub to my YouTube channel & share it with others thanks for watching, see ya

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