Tired of Dandruff, Dry, Thinning Hair? – Saturday Strategy

Tired of Dandruff, Dry, Thinning Hair? – Saturday Strategy

I want to ask you a question Fitlifer.
Would you drink your own shampoo? Nope, I don’t think so. You see whatever
you will put on your skin will be absorbed, and that go the same with your hair. Well
maybe you’re wearing a bright colored shirt to help mask dandruff from falling off your
shoulders. Or perhaps you’re on a date, and the parmesan cheese over there is overcomplicated by the dandruff that’s falling from your hair. You see your scalp is very similar to
your skin, except it’s the skin on top of your head. Hopefully that makes sense. Where
am I going with this, you’re probably thinking Drew that’s disgusting! Parmesan cheese
is like relative dandruff? What does all this mean? What are you saying? When is he going
to the juice recipe? Take seat from where you’re sitting Fitlifer! Today we’re going
to be down, and dirty with those luscious locks of love on top
of that cranium of yours. You know I see a lot of shampoo out there like Herbal Essence, Pantene Pro-V, all these amazing commercial coming on. All of a sudden it looks like beginning of a movie all in
slow motion, very vivid, sexual experience in the shower. Almost turns you on a little
bit, and you’re wondering where the hell you can get one of that shampoo. Well today,
that’s going to happen. A lot of those shampoos have nasty chemicals in there. Take
for instance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. You get that on screen? This thing is a biohazard
in itself. It’s literally in 80% of the shampoos out there. Sometimes, it’s even
in your toothpaste. Imagine that, really, really gross. So what if there’s actually
a way to take care of your hair naturally for less than seven bucks. Something that
you can put on your head that helps get rid of Psoriasis. You’re probably wondering
what the hell is Psoriasis? Fitlifers, you’re probably wondering why my teeth are green?
Spirulina. Nutrex, here we go. This stuff’s amazing. Excessive flaking
may be caused to a condition called Psoriasis. What is Psoriasis? Well most people think
it’s dry skin, it’s not. It’s actually a fungal infection. Guess what a fungal infection
hates?! They hate apple cider vinegar. So I’m going to use that in the shower later.
Washing your hair with apple cider vinegar, one part water, one part apple cider vinegar.
Scrub it around your scalp. Rinse it out. Really simple, and easy to do. May you’ve
done this. If you’ve done this, give this video a big thumbs up for being part of the
movement. You can also use coconut oil instead of a conditioner. You can rub a little bit
of this in the shower, let it sit, rinse it out. Really simple, and easy. I rinse it out
with cold water; I find it leaves my hair is a little more silky, and smooth. You know
what I’m talking about. So then also once you start taking better care of yourself externally,
it’s time to take care of yourself internally. You know that we make juice recipes here.
So what are the luscious locks of love juice recipe that I’m going over today?
Two parts cucumber, two cucumbers in this. Cucumbers are loaded with silica which is great for the reproduction of your skin, and for your hair as well. We got four carrots in this
juice recipe. Loaded with Beta-Carotene which converts to Vitamin A which is really good
for your skin, and hair as well. We got a lemon, I don’t see any lemons out here but
I got a bag of lemons right here. So lemon is great for your digestion. It’s one of the only
fruits in the planet that actually helps in phase 2 breaking down the toxins that are
in your body which are going to contribute to hair growth, and your overall well-being.
Celery is very hydrating, as you’ve noticed the more hydrated you are the better your
skin looks, the better your hair looks. An apple actually sweetens it, and there’s
tons of vitamins in the apple that going to help you detox, and contribute to the overall
growth of your luscious locks of love. So let’s go on with recipe shall we. So if
you want more tips, and tricks, different information that you can use not only for
your hair, but for your skin, for weight loss, for speeding up your metabolism, for finally
getting the body that you want. Check out detoxwithdrew.com. Go there download our $7 guide.
It’s only seven bucks, small investment to pay for reseting everything in your life.
For reseting your metabolism, for reseting your digestion, everything that you need all
in $7 kit. So that out, click the link below. Go there, right now.
Let’s do this! Altright Fitlifer, Drew Canole.Let’s try this recipe real quick.
That’s really really good. You’re gonna love this recipe Fitlifer. Real simple recipe, and ingredients. To see who won the juicer, check the blog below . Leave a comment this week on the blog
in the comment section, and explain how juicing has impact in your life forever for the opportunity
to win the juicer. Again if you’re watching this on YouTube, click the link below the
video. It will take you to the blog where you leave the comment to win the juicer. Facebook,
same thing , go over to the blog, leave that comment. And also check out the 5 Day Detox
that’s really really going to help you with everything you in your system. You know if
you’re trying to get rid of toxins, you need a step by step guide to do that. The
5 Day Detox will help you do that. Small investment to pay
to change the state of your health. I’m Drew Canole.
Remember, we’re in this together! I’ll see you next week.


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    Drew, the title drew me in, but the shower scene sold me. I need to make this juice immediately 😉 I don't need a juicer, I have an amazing one, but I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and the weekly reminder of how important and easy it is to take care of myself with all natural products.

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  • marlly Orrego says:

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  • Callum Dempsey says:

    I've been studying nutrition for about 2 years now, I'm only young (18) And am so glad I've built up this knowledge because I know my whole life ahead will be one of health. This channel has helped me with all the information it provides. I would have never thought of putting my coconut oil in my hair ahah it's great. And there's a great energy to the videos. My mum went and bought me my own fridge recently to store all my juicing vegetables. At first my family thought I was a bit crazy when I dusted of an ancient juicer from the shed. But now my whole family uses it every morning. I can tell the juicer gets a workout because it rattles about these days.
    I'm so appreciative of YouTube as a tool to learn from. When I was younger I use to get home from school and deep fry some nuggets in my little deep fryer. But now that things in the bin and it's the juicer I use everyday. Thanks for the information and inspiration man.

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  • sweet ninteen says:

    I've juiced for a few years but never really seeing it thru.  What has excited me watching your videos that I know have a better understanding as to the meaning of juicing and the proper way to do so. I mixed veggie and fruit together daily but didn't see much change. I guess when you look at so many different people on  the web and they appear to be almost non-existence to normal overweight people, you believe in what you are shown. I believed I could drink 32-64 oz of fresh juiced citrus and then all the dark green veggies.  I want to try it your way and since I've lost 52+ pounds and my hair due to stress and nerves while watching the love of my life slowly fade, I  want to reclaim me in a better and healthier way.  I'm excited about the videos, information and energy you have shared so here we go.  I will start with the morning juice and eggs.  Thanks TLRH

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    After seeing this video I will try it and see how it works out for me. Also I will try the juice.

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