Tips to Manage Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

You know what it’s like to live with red,
itchy rashes. But did you know that the rashes you see may
be the visible sign of a deeper inflammatory disease called atopic dermatitis, a chronic
form of eczema? The real story may be happening inside your
body. So let’s take a look. Atopic dermatitis is caused in part by an
overactive immune system. In response to triggers, your body releases
substances that contribute to the symptoms you can see. Atopic Dermatitis Insider is an online program
designed to help you understand an underlying cause of your atopic dermatitis. Hi, I’m Sid, and I’ll be your guide. Through digital activities, Atopic Dermatitis
Insider helps you build practical skills that may help to manage the impact of atopic dermatitis
on your life. And research suggests that these approaches
may benefit people. These activities may help to distract you
from itching [Aaaaah… Oooohhhhhh] and reduce your everyday stress
[Ohmmmmmmm], and has been shown in a general population to help improve sleep [Zzzzzzzzz]. And you can use Atopic Dermatitis Insider
anytime, on your phone or your computer. Read some tips on how to help manage your
stress. Are you in? Sign up for the Atopic Dermatitis Insider
program today.

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