Tips for managing fatigue with PsA

Fatigue is a really difficult one, that a lot of my patients get with all different types of arthritis and often we find that even with the best treatment
there can be fatigue that is sort of unrelated to how well the joints are
doing. And so I actually say to people that the best way for them to treat fatigue
is really with lifestyle measures. So we know that the more exercise that
somebody does, that the fitter they are the less fatigue that they’ll be. So
the first thing I would say is to start a graded exercise program so that
whatever people are doing in terms of exercise slowly doing more and more so
that their fitness improves. I think that what people eat is very important in
terms of reducing fatigue so really cutting out a lot of processed foods and
sugars and maintaining a nice sort of whole food diet I think is very important for fatigue.
And also thinking about other stress in life and trying to reduce
stress can help fatigue and lastly probably try to improve sleep as much as
possible and often people will need help from me from their local doctor or their Rheumatologist to help manage their sleep a little bit better.

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